Best Radiology Technician Schools Vancouver Near Me

1. UBC Radiology Department - Vancouver

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UBC Radiology Department
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Address: 2775 Laurel St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-675-3665

Business type: Radiologist

UBC Radiology Department: what do users think?
Ana Lorenzo: You must make an appointment for most of the services they offer. I had to call in advance and was answer by an automatic respond, and thought it was going to take forever for them to get back to me, but it was the following day. I got my appointment quick, and the service was great. Staff was extremely professional and nice.
Kat: They have had my referral since November 2021, this I was able to confirm after non-stop calling them and very luckily getting through one time. Otherwise they never answer the phone. It’s practically impossible to contact them. My call was redirected to the booking desk, which eventually goes to a full mailbox. Is there nobody that works there or checks voicemail? It is now almost February 2022, roughly 3 months of them having my referral and I still haven’t heard back about an appointment for a time-sensitive procedure. This is completely unacceptable and disorganized.
Jessica Mu: My specialist actually specifically asked me to book either here or at Royal Columbian hospital because he said their results are the most clear and reliable.I called and left a voicemail outside of business hours and my call was returned the next day to book my appointment for the following week. Parking was easy and close to the hospital and the Radiology department was clearly labeled and easy to find. My appointment was running on-time and the reception and medical staff I encountered were all friendly, patient and respectful. Dr. Legiehn was phenomenal and I would recommend him to any loved one in a second.

2. British Columbia Institute of Technology - Burnaby

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British Columbia Institute of Technology
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Address: SW 3, White Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2, Canada

Business type: University

British Columbia Institute of Technology: what do users think?
Sean J: If you love torturing yourself and trying to be someone, this place is perfect.
Kevin Sun: Just go here too hard to study
1 234: They really don't care about creating problems for international students, completely fabricated by the institution itself, because of their lack of organization -and compassion. Then, they leave them to fend for themselves in the face of complicated bureaucracy, washing their hands of any responsibility
Nadeem: Great interaction with instructors and students. The flexible option is nice.4 stars for the long class after 6
Gary S: Gorgeous building!!!
Huda Anwer: I don't recommend this institute to ECA report. Very bad customer service and no respect to people
Terrence Yellowquill-Hill: Inaccessible accessiblity services
Betty Lauren: BCIT is the school for international students to get study permit, even the students dropped all courses after getting the study permit, BCIT not care… IRCC should do audit on BCIT
Moisty Meyer: Still trying to scam students with online courses (equivalent to youtube videos) and the courses still cost just as much as courses before the pandemic… The costs before the pandemic included the classroom and various other facilities available to students. biggest SCAM. Whoever is in charge should be fired immediately for their negligence.
Nalaka Illuppella: I am Microsoft certified student :) from BCIT
Simon Lambert: Hardly any TAC accredited programs, only Provincial (now ONE TAC accredited program, CTAB accredidation ended in 2014). Difficult to transfer credits to other insitutions, even within BC.
Ryan Fletcher: I work as a contractor here , the staff and students respect your work space , and it seams everyone is happy .Also there plenty of options for food and relaxation spaces .
Mark Brown: It’s okay
Yuriy Shevchuk: I attended an FWR Program for three years. In the RENR classroom, close to the end of the third year, in the cabinets that were under students desks, once opened for the first time, there were very old moss balls and what once were stuffing of birds; though, stripped eaten to the bones by larva and crumbled up dry over a very long time. That old crumbled animal matter with moss ball chemicals was getting air born into the classroom through the large openings of loosely closing cabinetry doors. They also had this black humor stuffing on the wall, which was a rabbit with skillfully glued antlers and ears from a goat, or something alike, showing how serious they were about animals. Though, not much is worse than the false globe doctrine they kept failing me on. They drained large aquarium with fish during year two, one wonderful feature in the class, though, it was theirs. The cashier reception desks were floor down, where receptionists collected digital card payments.
K J: I like this building. Very quiet during the evening.

3. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

4. InFocus Film School - Vancouver, BC - Vancouver

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InFocus Film School - Vancouver, BC
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Address: 554 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1J5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-915-6900

Business type: Vocational college

InFocus Film School - Vancouver, BC: what do users think?
Elena Rois: Hight quality teachers! Giving you tips and material from the real world as a graphic designer, you will work on projects where you will apply all the theory learned and you will see your evolution if you keep practicing and making an effort. The teachers are very attentive to any doubts you may have or if you have any problems during the course that need special attention. They also create a healthy work environment among classmates where you receive constructive feedback, where group work and learning other styles is encouraged. My experience in this school has been very good and I am grateful for everything I have learned to each of my teachers and classmates.
Alex Mcghie: With so many schools to choose from I'm extremely thankful I decided to attend InFocus. The staff at the school are incredibly kind and helpful making the process easy from start to finish. I was in the Graphic + Digital Design Program and the instructors were absolutely hands down the best you could ask for. They are available outside of class hours to help with any problems, and truly go above and beyond to help students succeed. There is extensive feedback for on going projects and hands on, in class work throughout the entire program that facilitated learning and continued improvement on skills and projects. Each project is unique and correlates to skills and knowledge required in the industry. I can honestly say this program rivals many degree and diploma programs as the amount of skill and the projects gained upon graduation is incredible. I have never felt so proud of the work I've done and have had so much fun doing it. I can't say enough good things about the school and I recommend InFocus Film School to anyone who is looking to learn and succeed with a career in graphic design.
Haley Vowels: I enrolled in the Digital + Graphic Design Program and graduated spring 2023. This program is an absolute gem. I was the youngest to ever take this course at only 18 and had no idea the career path I stumbled into. Words cannot describe the abundance of design knowledge I learned in only 6 months, it makes me feel like I've finished a 2 year college degree.This is big props to the incredible and carefully chosen instructors that are teaching from passion and sharing their design secrets from their own careers. You'll be pushed and challenged the entire way but it will all be worth it when you leave with a professional portfolio, resume, business card, website, and a graphic design family.This course sets you up to not only keep up with people that have gotten degrees and been in the working field for years but also excel. Thank you Leila my graphic design mother.
Ed Alexander: The 1 year crash course on film production was great - everything I needed to prepare me for a career in the film industry! InFocus has an excellent group of instructors and support staff who go the extra mile to support our learning.
Grace Wang: Had a very good experience in the Compositing for VFX program. The instructors and mentors are all very knowledgeable and supportive.
Aidan Tong: Very hands-on school with really solid instructors. Instructors that are accomplished and are still working in the industry. Great way to learn while doing.
Victor Lee: My friend made a deposit of $1300 and decided to not start his studies due to school policy and personal issues. He tried to get his deposit back, but the school told him that they wouldn't refund him anyway.This information is not in the contract, and is such a lack of respect with not just all the students in the school, but with the population struggling during the pandemic.
Jelica Rojas: This is an amazing school ! My experience here is extremely good. People are very nice and instructors are very helpful! Coming to this school is one of my best decision to pursue my career as a filmmaker ! I would definitely recommend Infocus Film school. 🤗
Nessie Blanes: Super friendly staff and such an amazing experience.Their Film Production Course is such an amazing experience. Definitely recommends this school over V*S.
Olga Grigoreva: I took their compositing program and it worked great for me. I came in with literally zero photo/video editing experience (not even Photoshop), and a month after graduation I got a job as a compositor in VFX studio here in Vancouver. The course was substantially cheaper than VFS/Lost Boys/Langara's VFX programs, fully online and short-term. I could still work part-time. The best thing about InFocus is that it's small and humble, so everyone up to the director of the school are very approachable and ready to help. They are really there to make sure you succeed, it's great. Also, I got plenty of industry connections and insights through mentors that teach evening classes. Overall, I'd highly recommend this course! And yes, the VFX industry is booming now, so it's a great time to get in.
Zedar Thom: My career started long ago on a communications path and was more of left-brain thinking but with the recent training at Infocus Film School Graphics & Digital Design, I finally had the opportunity to get my right brain cranking in design thinking. It's not all fanciful stuff. With designing, you learn all your life. I had professional instructors with real experiences, plus tons of hard work on my part to complete interesting projects. After graduation, if you are not from Vancouver, you are quite on your own as emails are often ignored. Infocus lacks in post-training strong alumni relationship, as this seems to be done selectively for PR.
Francisco Calvo Tudela: Ha pasado ya un par de años desde que estuve en Vancouver. Me metí en Infocus Film School para estudiar un curso de guión. Por el curso en sí no puedo decir nada, por motivos personales me tuve que ir del país y abandonar el curso casi desde el principio desafortunadamente. Como había estado tan poco tiempo, en el contrato que firmé tenía todavía posibilidad de reembolso de una parte del coste del curso. Aquí es donde me encontré el problema con esta academia, pasaba el tiempo y no me llegaba nada. Fue una desilusión grandísima ver como caducaban los deadlines y todavía no recibía el dinero del reembolso.Tuve que empezar a enviar mensajes al encargado de esta gestión para pedir por favor que me devuelvan la parte que me tocaba, siempre me decía que más adelante, más adelante. Pasaron meses tras el deadline del reembolso, meses. Yo asustado de que no me devolviesen el dinero dije que iba a contactar con un abogado allí en Canadá, no funcionó, sentí que se estaban aprovechando de que yo estuviese en España, muy lejos, y por tanto difícil para mi mover hilos allí. Puse una reseña negativa en Facebook en el grupo de Españoles en Vancouver contando esto mismo y me contactaron super rápido: o quitaba la reseña negativa o no me devolvían mi dinero... Real. Tal cual. Con esto creo que ya lo he dicho todo. Por ir de buenas, sin complicarme la vida, quité la reseña y me devolvieron el dinero en cuestión de días, actuaron rápido, lo hicieron de forma extraña, como en dos partes y con algunas dificultades, pero llegar llegó.En fin, o se estaban aprovechando de mi, de ser un extranjero, o tenían problemas de liquidez y sacaron el dinero de debajo de las piedras, ni idea de cómo se gestiona esta gente.Tras tanto tiempo, y aunque ya tenga mi reembolso, esto tengo que escribirlo para que se conozca la situación que viví con esta escuela, al menos para los españoles que vayan, que tengan mucho cuidado... En caso de que se me responda a esta reseña, tengo emails que confirman todo lo que he dicho, que no os vendan ninguna moto.
Melissa Peterson: I completed the Writing for Film and Television Program at InFocus Film School a week ago and I'm excited to share that I feel fully prepared to find my way and work within the film business. All of the instructors are industry professionals with a deep commitment to story. I left the program with a much better understanding of structure than I went in with and a solid idea about which route will best serve the career I want to build.
Jesse Parker Hart: I had been wanting to go to InFocus Film School for years, and when I finally had my chance to go, it actually exceeded my expectations. Despite having to do the program during the pandemic and mostly over Zoom, the instructors and faculty made it so that we still had an amazing educational experience. I love that we got to dabble in all aspects of filmmaking, and really had the chance to try everything out, beyond just a superficial level. The instructors were all very experienced in the industry and had valuable insights to pass along. The program challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone but always within a healthy and reasonable limit. The program is set up so that it's really what you make of it: all the tools are at your disposal, you just have to put your mind and hands to the task, and learn how to work as a team. You are really given the opportunity and support to make award winning short films before you even graduate.
Terra T: Great faculty and nice staff, my learning experience was amazing!I took their 3D Animation and VFX program.I had no prior knowledge to 3D animation and vfx other than I was passionate about the cinematic world. Every mentor had great patience and was able to teach me from scratch. The teachers truly care about the success of their students.The staff continue to help even after my graduation which truly makes me feel like part of a family and community.InFocus gave me the tools and knowledge to pursue my passion!
Amanda Heredia: I have been to a few exciting events organized by this school, supporting their students and the community.
Vadim Venedyukhin: I had a wonderful time at InFocus. The small class size allows students to connect with each other and with instructors. The majority of the lessons involve hands on exercises with careful in-depth guidance from the teachers. There are many projects throughout the program that always include one-on-one meetings with instructors that give support and valuable professional feedback. Both international and domestic students of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs are treated with equality and understanding. Some instructors also come from different parts of the globe such as Russia, Brazil, and Europe, so chances are you will be able to speak your native tongue with someone in the school. Located at the heart of Vancouver it's a great place to meet industry professionals and get inspired by the big budget movies being filmed on the streets nearby.
Hadeya Dominic: L’école de infocus film était très méchante enver ma mère. Infocus avait un conflit avec ma mère et aulieu de le ressoudre ils ont décider de répandre des mensonge sur elle. Pendant que notre mère nous preparait notre repas elle a reçu un appel téléphonique. La personne sur l’autre bout parlait avec ma mère dans une manière très méchante. Quand ma mère voulait l'ui poser des questions la personne sur l'autre bout a simplement racrocher le téléphone sur sa face. J'ai seulment 15 ans et s'était triste voir comment méchante cette école est envers ma mère.
Jake De Pedro: Having no experience with 3D but always being something that caught my interest I decided to take the 3D animation program at Infocus Film School. I have learned so much, and was given the right advice for my portfolio- from industry professionals!Miguel is an amazing coordinator that ensured that we always were taken care of! My modelling mentor Arturo along with my animation instructor (Selman) and my Lighting instructors Kiruthiga also spent countless hours giving me constructive criticism and ensuring that the end product was worth showing.A few months after graduation and after applying I was offered a position at Mainframe Studios. I want to thank the entire staff at infocus for working their magic and rolling out their online program in record time!I am still to this day very thankful and highly recommend to work hard !
Adam Dien: I did the 3D animation & VFX program and had a phenomenal experience. The instructors are clearly not about it for a salary, they truly care about you and your success. To name name's the instructors I had at the time were Miguel Rodriguez Suarez, Arturo Baccio, Kiruthiga Mahalingam and Selman Kantarci. No matter who will be your instructors I am confident they will continue to hire and find kind and capable industry professionals.If you truly give this program your all for the year they will help you get you to your entry level dream job. I thought many times that I could teach myself since you do most of the hard work and self teaching, but having a mentor to guide you really makes the difference and found myself learning something I would never have thought to google or made a connection from my modelling class to be useful in animation that I wouldn't have necessarily got on my own. They teach you from the ground up and once you know the basics they give pretty much strictly feedback on what it is to look for. The way they do feedback is exactly how it is done when you get your first job, and I felt I was well prepared when I got my first animation job. I look back and think about how a year ago I was working part time at the grocery store and now I am a junior animator from my 1 year at Infocus.Give it your all, give that whole year, no distractions dedicated to the schooling as much as you can. Always want to keep learning and don't take the criticism to heart because they know what's expected to get a job and only want you to get better is my advice. I am very fortunate to have gone to this school.
Grecia Paez: I was in the Film Production Program. It's intense but very useful, as someone who didn't know anything, I learned a lot. The teachers are all very caring and ready to guide you in whatever you need. The school is small but has more than enough (equipment, etc) to offer its students through their program. All in all, a good investment for the start of your filmmaking career.

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