Best Shuffle Courses Vancouver Near Me

1. iDance Mt Pleasant - Vancouver

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iDance Mt Pleasant
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Address: 119 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-558-4622

Business type: Dance school

iDance Mt Pleasant: what do users think?
XQ Y: I feel so lucky that I found Idance when I first moved to Vancouver. There are different styles of dance to choose and the instructors are so kind and talented. The environment is very super supportive and you can meet a lot of creative dancers and beautiful souls here. It’s like a big family.
mike S: No regard for the people who live in the buildings surrounding this studio. Many people have reached out to have the music turned down, and yet she refuses to be considerate or mindful of the community her building surrounds. Would not recommend supporting a business who can’t work cohesively with its community.
Tanya: I like visiting this place! Dance teachers, visitors and cozy ambience perk me up! I’ve managed to try different dance directions and different approaches to teaching. It’s very valued experience for me!
Indraja Mostaviciute: Welcoming atmosphere! Amazing instructors and friendly community. Definitely recommend to everyone!
Kumar Praveen: I absolutely love this dance studio! The instructors are knowledgeable, passionate, and make classes fun for all levels.
Rene Khazaee: I recently had the pleasure of taking classes at iDance and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. The studio's commitment to diversity is evident, from the range of dance styles they offer to the diversity of their instructors and dancers.One thing that really stood out to me was the fact that they have BIPOC immigrants instructors which is something that is unfortunately not always common in other spaces in Vancouver. It was really refreshing to see such a diverse group of people coming together to share their love of dance.Overall, I would highly recommend iDance to anyone looking for a welcoming and inclusive dance studio. They embrace diversity and provide a space where everyone can come together to learn and grow as dancers.
shannon elmitt: SOOO FUN BEST PLACE TO DANCE! I love idance it’s such a great and welcoming space. As a newbie to dance Leo + Gios classes have been incredible :)
Giorgia Ricciardi: Coming to this studio as someone with no dancing background but who was so keen (and so shy) to start was the best decision. It is warm, welcoming, encouraging, and safe! A variety of fun classes that make it hard to choose from, too! I love it here.
Denise Blanch: Love this place! Best instructors, great environment and the friendliest staff ❤️❤️❤️
Anh Tang: Amazing teachers, variation in genres, diversity, and overall vibe. Highly recommend for adult learners who are new to dancing. Don't get scared by the levels they offer. Lots of folks who are new to dance doing intermediate classes and are very comfortable in their own skins doing so, unlike many other professional studios.
Michael Mwanzia-Leff: A beautiful community orientated and affordable dance studio. It has now become my favourite place in Vancouver :)
Zandrew Claveria: As someone who danced readily 10 years ago, there was a lot of pride to get back into it. I started coming more frequently a month ago and got the best value out of the introductory unlimited month.Like other reviews, I can say this is a community focussed studio that is very inclusive of the many types of dancers that are out there. Each teacher I’ve found concisely debriefs the class, breaks down the moves and is available for any questions. There is camaraderie amongst the students and I have created new friendships. Each person wanting the best for themselves and others.It has helped me break out of mould of keeping regimented, rigid and feeling formatted from past dance experiences. Each class promotes that sense of critical thinking and understanding of what feels good for your body. I highly recommend taking several classes as a new student or beginner, as there are many ice breakers to meet others in class.A great first class to take is Stu’s open level grooving class on Fridays. He has the ability to connect with the class as a whole all at once, to bring out the best in everyone. Also recommend Jesse if you want to learn foundational hip hop dances like popping. If you want to be challenged, I enjoy taking Kiara, Leo, Chris or Kyle’s classes as well. Lisa has a great yoga class on Saturdays that is fun and energetic but also restorative.Thank you iDance for revitalizing this love for dance and keep up the great work.
Olivia Boehmer: Had an amazing time doing a class here for a group event! Our instructor was so kind, helpful and fun and the studio was great. Highly recommend!
Anushka Kashyap: Love idance! Amazing instructors and environment!
Angel P.: Ashleigh's fats only dance class was amazing!!! I'll be coming back for sure. Thank you for having such a class.
Blake A: PLEASE STAY AWAY. Please refrain from supporting the nasty owner of iDance Studios Mount Pleasant , who under a fake facade of friendliness advocating for community and inclusivity has zero empathy for the atrocious unliveable environment she and her inconsiderate instructors have created for the community right behind the studio.The extremely loud noise emanating from the back studio spills out into the quiet courtyard late into the night every single day.After copious pleas to lower their music/shouting; they feel completely entitled to brazenly continue ruining the peace and quiet of families in the neighborhood.If you have an ounce of compassion and common sense please DO NOT SUPPORT this disgusting business.Amanda‘s level of audacity is despicable. As someone guilty often does—she prevaricates and falsely preaches about “respect and kindness” to unsuspecting customers.Meanwhile, she is intentionally wreaking havoc one lives of dozens of neighbours like a true hypocrite.
Jordan Halligan: I live in the building facing the dance studio and the noise is horrendous, we have tried to communicate to the owner about this on multiple occasions but have been met with rudeness everytime. She has zero regard for anyone living in the surrounding area. she preaches about how community driven she is but Cleary does not care about the community at all. If I could give less than one star I would
Liss Petrelli: The class was good and the teacher Clarisse was so kind and patient. It was my first class. They give you a nice welcome.
Celine Pio Roda: What a safe space for learning dance, I felt such belonging here and met a bunch of wonderful people even though I’m new to the community. Out of all the dance studios I’ve been to, the reception/front desk here is by far the friendliest!!
Linda H: I have been coming here on and off for about two years now. The owner, teachers, fellow dancers, and front desk staff are very kind. Great customer service and accommodating to students of all levels. Not intimidating at all.I would recommend iDance to anyone looking for a good workout, looking to improve body confidence, or just a great community to be a part of.
Fernanda Mattos: Inclusive, fun and amazing teachers!

2. Harbour Dance Centre - Vancouver

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Harbour Dance Centre
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Address: 927 Granville St suite 301, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-684-9542

Business type: Dance school

Harbour Dance Centre: what do users think?
isabelle t: rachel ginter is quite rude and unhelpful, don't recommend her at all. very unprofessional
jennifer brouse: I feel like I found my mother ship. I have lived in Vancouver almost as long as Harbour Dance has existed, but for some reason, I never took the leap. A few years back tried a couple of intermediate classes with Nathan (so fantastic!) after he subbed hip hop at my gym. I was mostly able to keep up with that level, but I ended up injuring my foot (because I did it in heels the second time and wasn't ready for that!) and then the pandemic happened.I have returned to HD this month with much trepidation and anticipation. The intro classes are challenging, but they are doable and engaging, with cool, current choreo. All the instructors are very supportive and encouraging of intro level students. The pace is brisk and the classes are full, but I am meeting so many new people. In a city that can seem cold and unfriendly, this studio is an oasis of like minded people passionate about music and movement. I don't have a formal dance background, but have danced all my life, been active with fitness and yoga and fine art modelling. Choreography can be intimidating, but I am going for it!I am so excited to have begun this journey and life long dream. My favourite classes so far are Intro Keep it Sexy with Trey on Mondays and on Thursdays with Carlo. I am also taking as many classes with Eric as possible. The staff are so kind and friendly. You will learn moves and have fun here! Don't be shy! Everyone is self conscious, if you chat you'll make friends so easily here. Even the experienced dancers are super friendly to beginners.
Celine Pio Roda: For everyone saying HDC isn't for beginners, do try Laura Kirchner's Heels class or Heels Progressive Workshops as they do a good job teaching you the very fundamentals of jazz funk/heels/femme dance styles. For Hip Hop, do try Ken Yung or Ritchie. Speak to the HDC staff to figure out which beginner classes would be a better fit for you as not all beginner classes are the same in difficulty level. The great thing about HDC is you grow exponentially fast in your dance journey when you train here.
95 Stoney: be sure to never be late for classes here for whatever reason. The receptionist is so nice that she would just hung up the call while you are explaining the reason for being late.Amazing customer service.
ZHEN CONG: Pretty nice to have this place to learn dancing. Real beginner friendly. ❤️
D C: Echoing other reviewers that this studio is NOT beginner friendly. Purchased the intro offer but only went to one class because of the stand-offish and judgmental vibe. For the record I took the intro class with Mary Gavilan. If you're a true beginner who feels shy and intimidated, I recommend trying Formation Studio instead.
NONO SHEN: Best dancing studio i have found in Vancouver. All teachers are so friendly and amazing - they made me not only fall in love with dancing, arts but also life.
R Pono: I can't emphasize enough how much of a gem this studio is in the city. There's really no comparison with other dance studios. They have the best classes, incredibly talented and skilled teachers and really aligned with the current industry. Whether you're a professional seeking to upgrade or polish up your skills or an absolute beginner looking to explore the joys of dance, there's a class and teacher here for you 💕
Olivia Boon: Amazing, amazing, amazing - this studio is my home away from home. My dance journey has been filled with love and positivity thanks to the wonderful teachers, owners, and staff at Harbour. Try a class or a training group, I promise you won’t regret it!❤️ Thank you Harbour, for everything! ❤️
Ingrid Oliveira: TLDR: Unfortunately, the reviews stating that this place is not for beginners are true. It is also not a place for people who only dance as a hobby. It feels more like a place for very experienced dancers to practice their skills rather than a place to learn.I bought the "new student" package to take ballet classes and, after my first class, I don't feel like coming back. I've danced ballet for a few years in the past, but only as a hobby. Since I didn't want to start from zero (beginner class), I booked the intermediate class which is described as "for dancers with anywhere from one to four years experience who enjoy a slower-paced class with less complex dance steps."While the dance steps aren't very complex, the class is really fast-paced. Most "students" are actually professionals or highly experienced dancers or have been taking classes with the instructor for a long time. So it is easy for them to memorize long and fast sequences, but if you are new to HDC, you just stay there trying to catch up while feeling lost and dumb. In addition, because the class is so full, the instructor is unable to do hands-on corrections, and there is also no interest in the new students' backgrounds to make sure that they keep up with the class. The least that could be done is to place the new students near experienced dancers at the barre so they could have a reference during the barre exercises. Even giving the new students slower variations to get used to the instructor's style would be enough to make us feel more comfortable in our first couple of classes.I also asked about the beg/intermediate class, hoping that it would be a better fit. However, the instructor said that it was basically the same as the intermediate class. So what's the point in giving it a different name? As the schedule for the beginner classes* is impossible for me, I've decided not to use the other classes from the package that I bought. It was a highly uncomfortable experience for me, I've never felt more out of place and just wanted to leave the class asap.*The beginner classes are clearly not for beginners, since they would be more of my level and I do have previous ballet experience.Note: the instructor, staff, and dancers were all super friendly, the music used in class was great, and the choreography was beautiful. However, I'm just too dumb to pick up fast-paced sequences after a 5-second explanation in my first class.
Sizhuo Qi: I’ve been taking ballet beginner class at UBC and I find the ballet beginner class of HDC isn’t for beginner students.The instructor didn’t teach any basic hand positions or feet positions, she just did all techniques combined directly assuming everyone is familiar with the terms and movement. I felt like it’s a more intermediate class.I noticed most of students in the class can already dance well and they could follow and memorize the practice movements with no problem even the instructor went through what we need to do for the practice really really quickly, the students don’t look like beginners to me.Anyways, it’s hard for a real beginner with no dance background or experience to follow the class.
Candice Zhang: Great studio but my only problem is that it is not necessarily beginner friendly - for context, I’ve been dancing as a hobby for around 2-3 years now (on and off), and the beginner classes are still pretty difficult for me! It also doesn’t help when a lot of the students in beginner classes are obviously professionals who can do full splits and very advanced techniques! It would be great to have more true beginner classes.
Reene Weston: My daughter went and she really enjoyed the variety of the attendees
Ann: TLDR: Great studio for confident dancers, not great for beginners.(Context: I danced from when I was age 5-17, and started taking beginner Hip Hop classes at Harbour Dance during university. So I have a lot of experience dancing I was not professional or particularly exceptional. I took Harbour Hip Hop beginner classes for 3 years, on and off.)Fantastic staff and instructors. Some really fun classes to take with incredible niches being represented. There's a lot to be desired, though, in terms of overall infrastructure and accessibility (though I don't blame them directly, finding real estate in Vancouver is difficult at best, but I think it's important to mention as it affects your experience).I think they are victim to their building's restrictions as it does not fit the number of people coming to the classes. Both the change rooms, classrooms, and reception area are incredibly cramped. You are also always brushing shoulders with professional dancers, which is quite intimidating when new to the studio. It's hard to dance full out when your classmates are only a meter away from you. The classrooms get very hot and stuffy, especially the downstairs studios.There's a particular gamble you take when paying for a class. Eventually, I had to stick to one teacher because it wasn't clear what kind of music/style other teachers were going to teach (likely a common gamble when taking a class broadly called "Hip Hop"). I once got stuck in an hour class with a teacher who was especially harsh to beginners (the most anxiety I've ever experienced in a dance class).It's hard to bond with an instructor because of how many students attend a class and the instructor is often racing off to somewhere else after class (home or another class) so there's a lack of rapport unless you push your way into talking to them. I mean, I can imagine how hard it is to connect with the hundreds of students they teach alongside providing quality teaching, I deeply sympathize.Another thing that was very stressful was how the seasoned company dancers would join beginner classes. It has the same effect as graduated students visiting their high school teachers, it's very off-putting and defaults the spotlight to them. I imagine they envision themselves taking on a sub-teacher position so more dancers can see the choreo (wouldn't be necessary if they had smaller class sizes) but their relationship with the instructor can make attendees feel othered.If you're used to dance culture, you likely won't find any of what I've said off-putting or anxiety-inducing. Having experienced dancers join your class could be fun and exhilarating if you don't experience insecurity about your own skills. But I think overall when you're catering to beginners, having everyone take humility in their ability is really important. You sign up for a beginner class to be surrounded by people like you, equally unsure and vulnerable. So when a very experienced dancer comes in it can be upsetting and unexpected.All that being said, I've moved on from Harbour because the amount of anxiety and intimidation I felt from being jostled around in the cramped and stuffy reception area to professional dancers joining beginner classes was too much. Unfortunately, Vancouver has a meager selection of quality Hip Hop Drop-In Adult classes and leaving has left me with very few options (Culturally Defined has been one option I've thought about due to their more restrictive registration, individualized growth focus, and beginner friendly progressives). What was inaccessible about Harbour can't truly be changed unless someone buys them a gigantic studio and encourages a more welcoming environment to new dancers of all ages (though professional dancers coming to class + the high school graduate metaphor seems like an issue that far exceeds a dance school and is a personal ego problem). I wish the best for them and all the dancers there, it was a fun couple years but I am far too tired to cope with the roller-coaster of anxiety this studio is.
Mia November: Absolutely love Eric malapad's grooving class
Terri Critchley: Groovy vibe, excellent selection of classes taught by reputable professionals, fun from start to finish! Highly recommended.
Yunduz Rakhmangulova: Tried ballet intro class. It was quite fun, good energy, good speed.
Kirsten Thomson: I have really enjoyed coming here and it has reignited my love for dance! The teachers are are very talented here and have great choreography, and the studios are quite large and nice.My reason for 4/5 stars is because some of the Intro level classes are truly beginner friendly, and some are not. I think once you find your favourite teacher (for me it’s Sydney!) you can have the most fun, because even within the same style of dance the classes are really different depending on the teacher.
Symone Dhariwal-Verma: Welcoming, challenging classes for all levels and styles. Had a fantastic time
Tim Hu: Harbour Dance Centre is my favourite Vancouver dance studio! Every teacher is so friendly and I just loved the open and welcoming atmosphere of the studio. Definitely a great place to dance and meet people in the dance community. Incredible variety of classes. Lots of great year-round and summer programs for dancers seeking more of a commitment. The location is great and very transit-friendly.
patrykaj: Salsa dance teacher is a good teacher and very funny

3. Stanley Park - Vancouver

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36400 reviews
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Stanley Park
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-681-6728

Business type: Park

4. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park - District of North Vancouver

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Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
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Address: 3735 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-985-7474

Business type: Tourist attraction

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park: what do users think?
Pong Pong Fu: Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sureMore
MarDie: Diesen Walk kann ich bestens weiterempfehlen. Ein tolles Erlebnis und eine Natur zum bestaunen.
Dave Yu: greatVisited on Weekday Wait time 1 hr+ Reservation recommended Not sure …More
John: Unique experience that’s well worth the admission. Went on the nature tour with Jana and learnt plenty about the park and the trees. Would recommend a visit when in the Vancouver area.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
Bob Watson: Great day out...not for those who hate heights!!! Although I don't like heights but did it anyway. Fun for all the family. Plenty to do and see.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
임관택: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended YesMore
Jose Carlos Bartolome Barahona: Marvelous place. If you like Nature, visit It.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Aashish Dhawan: 65 bucks? Seriously? I challenge anyone to justify that amount.
OnlyOnemore Hour: Was definitely a nice experience but too expensive. For 40$ I’d say for there but for 75$ it’s just too much. I wouldn’t do it again for that priceVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure …More
Elaheh Matini: Nature is calling you
Christine Raymond - Kichwapanikuna: Fabulous place to visit, wonderful walks, a wonderful shop, and a wonderful experience walking across the suspebsion Bridge!I was part of a small group.... it's better to cross the bridge when there are fewer people so you can relax and enjoy the moment and take photos or video your exoerience.Inevitably, there is always someone who relishes trying to swing the bridge, which makes it very difficult to video or take photos of the beautiful river below.Take your time here, and enjoy the experience - breathe in the surrounding energy of nature - walk one of the circuits, when across the otherside, and read some of the wonderful and inspirational information plaques at various locations - make the most of your visit, and try to go across with the bridge with the least number of people! 😊
Jag Khangura: BC residents can get an annual pass for the purchase of a single admission. Avoid weekends.Visited on Weekend Reservation recommended Yes …More
Alireza Hezaryan: One of the must go places of the city! It was really nice. Must go more than once!Visited on Weekend Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended No …More
Tim Worthington: Cute little park to walk around. Takes about 1.5 hours to complete. If you time it right you can get around with no crowds and avoid shuffling through the single file parts while people take pictures. Is pricey to get in if ur on a budget.Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
NullPointerException: Très surcoté, surtout si vous ne le faites pas la nuit vous ne verrez pas les lumières.Le prix est exorbitant pour ce qu'il y a réellement à voir.Si vous visitez la région, je vous recommande de faire le pipeline bridge à la place, le sentier de randonnée commence justement par capilano bridge.Le sentier longe la rivière, vous pouvez même descendre tout en bas, bref largement mieux que le capilano bridge et c'est gratuit.
กฤษณะ อรัญญามิตานนท์: Recommend to come here on Christmas event. 🎅🏻🎄Visited on Public holiday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended Not sure …More
waren: The suspension bridge, tree top and sky walks are very well maintained and offered some unique viewsVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
Stéphanie Félix: Tres beau parc. Nous avons pris la navette gratuite à partir de Canada Place. La trajet est de 15-20 minutes. L'entrée est assez dispendieuse +65$. Nous y étions un mardi donc le parc n'était pas trop achalandé. Nous avons passé environ 2h30 dans le parc. Je recommande
Pietro Biondo: Consiglio assolutamente di fare questa esperienza, oltre al ponte ci sono molte altre attrazioni carine. L'unico problema è il prezzo, non molto basso.

5. iDance Kitsilano - Vancouver

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iDance Kitsilano
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Address: 2083 Alma St #102, Vancouver, BC V6R 4N6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-336-9522

Business type: Dance school

iDance Kitsilano: what do users think?
Eliza W: Awesome! I go to the other location more since it's closer, but iDance is awesome - from the instructors to the community. It's the place to go when learning dance. :)
Sulaiman Akram: Amazing place for zumba, Mondays at 5:20 pm
Hasti Rabierad: Awesome place to learn dance! Everyone is super friendly and involved and you’ll get the attention you need. They break everything down easily and you learn stuff you can use outside the studio. Once you take one class here you are absolutely hooked the teachers are incredibly kind and caring. I will never ever forget my first house class feeling absolutely terrified and overwhelmed thankfully teachers like Fran make the environment so welcoming. My first ever class being with Tereza not having a clue about SOCA she provides such an important background on the what SOCA is and where it comes from. When I first came to iDance lyrical & jazz wasn't available then recently Amanda's classes were added into the schedule at the Kitsilano location and I absolutely LOVE her classes and look forward to them each week hopefully there will be more of her class to book in the future. 1000% recommend this dance studio worth every dime.
Ash Outadi: Frans house dance classes are amazing! I will follow her to every studio she teaches house.She hits the perfect balance between instruction, repetition and just letting students dance and vibe to the music.
Jeanine Fahlman: Just had my first group dance class since ZUMBA was a thing 😂 it was a lot of fun and I really loved seeing how passionate the instructor, Serge, was about the dance style roots and the Jamaican dancers he had learned the dancehall moves from. It’s really different from any dance I’ve tried, and so creative. I’ll definitely be back to work on my moves!
Kira Loeb: Jojo's classes are always amazing! He his so fun and upbeat, and the classes always feel very inclusive and safe. The studio space at iDance is really lovely, clean and tidy with nice big mirrors. The staff are really kind and seem to have a really good system to keep things safe for covid. Definitely going to be taking more classes throughout the summer!
Joanna Michal: LOVE this dance studio! Super positive, kind, friendly instructors and some of the funnest choreography I have ever danced! REALLY enjoyed Casielle's gorgeous choreo tonight. Also a big fan of Sophie's classes 3, and Carla's modern/contemporary (awesome warm up) is another of my favs. Luxurious amount of space to dance in classes right now with the limited class sizes due to Covid ... just have to sign up for classes quickly when booking opens to snag a spot before they get full!
Jojo Zolina: It's a welcoming environment. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
Ashley s: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueJust finished the Virtual Party Grooves with Jordan. My girlfriends and I did the class together! Such a fun way to keep moving :) Jordan was a great teacher!! Informative, breaks the moves down, and good music choices!
Alyssa Sager: Oh my goodness is this review is long overdo! As a 39 year-old woman, I have to admit I was intimidated to join a 90's hip-hop class. Even though it was my teen / dance era, I hadn't danced in a class for something like 20 years. I was SO nervous, but a friend convinced me that I had to do it, and I am SO glad that I did!Not only was the place welcoming from the moment I stepped in, but the class instructor then causally eased us into the warm up and first steps without it feeling overwhelming. It was so much fun! She was hilarious, cracking 90's hip hop jokes while busting a move, which made learning the moves less intimidating - especially if we didn't pick it up right away. She went over the hard parts again and again until we got it, and was watching everyone, ensuring they felt comfy enough to move onto the next steps. By the end I was SHOCKED that I actually learned a dance to an entire song! I for sure thought it would be impossible.It was honestly such a great experience. I know idance is doing some online courses now given the new Covid restrictions, and I imagine they're still awesome. I'll be signing up for another soon. Thanks to all the instructors for keeping people fit during this wild time!
Alexa Milne: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueThe staff and instructor (Carla) were so welcoming and friendly. They made what could have been an intimidating experience into a comfortable, energizing and fun space! Great for all ages, all levels - Carla made learning the routine easy and rewarding. Will definitely be back!
Jessica Cochran: Ive taken three different classes and I'm happy with the variety of dance styles and quality instructors that the studio boasts. I'll try a few more to take advantage of all the different styles that include influence from jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, hip hop, and more.I felt welcomed, empowered, and safe in the classes. The studio is nice and sufficiently spaced for covid protocol.
Tom Yoo: iDance Kitsilano was a great studio to learn many types of dance and one I would consider signing up with again. The instructors were always encouraging and very energetic that for some I wondered how many cups of coffee they drank before class. What made classes enjoyable were that some had games and activities which I would have liked to see in more.This is one dance studio I would highly recommend to anyone even people with no dance experience since all classes are beginner friendly. It is definitely worth trying out. First class is only $10!Second Review: I had mostly a positive experience the first time so I decided to sign up a second time after a few months. I did not give a 5 star the first time because I felt that there was something missing. Dance is a social activity but the studio lacked community and I found the environment to be unwelcoming. The setup was not in a way to encourage mingling and the staff there were unfriendly and detached. During the pandemic, this behavior is understandable but the studio has been practicing social distancing even before. I was there to have fun but was disappointed which discourages me from continuing. Plus this was the only fitness and dance studio that didn't ask me (twice) whether I wanted to continue after my pass was done which gave me the impression they didn't really value my business there. The classes itself were mostly enjoyable but the only thing was there were instructors, especially new ones that did not respect the concept of "open level" and forced students to do moves they were not physically capable of doing. I was also thinking, why not split up the popular classes into different levels since there are a lot of people.
Keith, Christine Tam: Taking the kpop open class and Nancy is fun, professional, and keeps it real! Good for beginner dancers or higher level! I enjoy it enough to keep going. Includes classic hip hop steps with current kpop hip hop!
Mae Boudreau: I am so happy with IDance Studios! Both the Mount Pleasant and Kitsilano studios are great! I just joined their VID (Very Important Dancer) for unlimited dance classes with both studios! And if I can't get enough I could also dance online with their recorded dances and also virtual classes if I wanted to too! I just love the friendly people and a place where I can just dance so freely! There are so many different types from Contemporary, Street, Hip Hop and K-Pop! I am so happy to just be dancing and enjoying my free time at the studio!
Carla V: Awesome variety of classes and instructors! I have zero dancing experience and have been successful in every class. Studio is clean and the staff are super nice. Highly recommend if your looking for a fun, active, indoor activity this winter!
Soy Bean: I dropped in one of their classes on their grand opening day, Oct 1st. Since then I can't stop loving this place! I tried all different classes, Jazz Funk, Jazz, Sexy Street, K-Pop, Hip-hop, House, Party Grooves, R&B... Oh I can't say which one is my most favorite one as I love all of them! All the teachers here are so amazing with not only their great skills but also with their being so kind and patient. Here you would not feel embarrassed to raise any questions, as the teachers always encourage you to do that. Most teachers here can even remember us students' names right after one or two classes. Owner/receptionists are also very nice and sweet! They make us feel so welcome and warm. Oh, almost forgot to mention, I also met new friends here. After my boring job and my boring studying, this studio really brightens my evenings and brings me so much fun!

6. Ballet Lounge - Vancouver

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72 reviews
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Ballet Lounge
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Address: 1340 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1M7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:30 PM

Telephone: +1 778-379-7543

Business type: Ballet school

Ballet Lounge: what do users think?
Yuqi Xiao: I just started dancing here and it's been so great! The teachers offer lots of corrections and encouragements. I'm so glad that we have a local ballet studio specialized for adults who want to learn proper techniques. The prima membership is a great deal for their unlimited dance and conditioning classes.
Anushka Kashyap: Love the Ballet Lounge! Beautiful studio and space!
Angelica Yee: Positive:Communication,ProfessionalismProfessional and fun instructors who offer a variety of styles for dancers of all levels. They also offer fun conditioning and HIIT classes that I love and I'm not even a "workout" person. Personally I appreciate how the studio is always clean and the instructors put your safety first!
Anita P: Wonderful place to take a drop-in dance class. So much fun. Very friendly staff and students. I have attended several different classes and enjoyed all of them. I have now been attending for 6 years and have notice a huge improvement in my dancing and overall fitness.
Alex Kim: I recently started taking ballet classes at the Ballet Lounge, and I am thoroughly impressed by the level of professionalism and passion displayed by the instructors. They are knowledgeable and experienced and make the learning experience enjoyable for all skill levels.Excellent facilities: The dance studio is spacious, well-equipped and has everything you need for a great ballet experience, including barres, mirrors, and a comfortable waiting area.Encouraging atmosphere: The ballet lounge creates a supportive and encouraging environment for students of all ages and abilities. I always leave feeling motivated and inspired to continue improving my skills.Convenient location: The Ballet Lounge is conveniently located and easily accessible, making it easy to fit into my busy schedule.Affordable prices: The prices are very reasonable and affordable, making it accessible for everyone to enjoy the art of ballet.I recommend the Ballet Lounge to anyone interested in learning ballet or improving their skills. It's a fantastic place to be and a great way to stay active, healthy and happy!
Theresa P: I’ve been dancing at Ballet Lounge for almost five years, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about it. The instructors are professional, knowledgeable, encouraging, and most of all, making every class enjoyable and fun. They offer a variety of dance/fitness classes at different levels. The inclusive environment welcomes everyone, and the warmth of the BL community is contagious. I genuinely feel empowered not only physically but also mentally over the years by dancing with and meeting all those fantastic people at Ballet Lounge.
Sheena Lee: I love taking classes at The Ballet Lounge! I have been coming since the very beginning and recommend the BL to everyone. It's inclusive, body positive and has the most wonderful instructors. I can't say enough positive things about The Ballet Lounge.
Tia Rambaran: I have injuries that have been very, *very* difficult and discouraging. Hiking, running, and most forms of exercise aggravate me. Chronic pain has worn me down over the years.I used to dance when I was younger, and recently, a friend told me about Ballet Lounge.I took two private classes with Suzy (and Gizmo!) because the pressure of a group class isn't something I can handle right now.Not only is it a wonderfully happy place with light-up bars, you get some animal therapy with her sweetest little yorkie.Ballet is a magical art form that allows you to connect with your body. The mind-body connection is more intense than other forms of exercise, as you need to become present even with the tiniest muscles.Not only do you work up a sweat, but the self-expression that dance provides is emotionally healing.Suzy is very generous with her time. She makes sure that my body is okay. Her encouragement is a refreshing treat in the ballet world. I am used to teachers barking orders and/or shaming my errors from when I was a kid and teen. This is why I didn't return to ballet for so long.Ballet Lounge is a most welcomed and *needed* change in the dance world. Honestly, it's the most uplifted I've felt in three years.Thank you, Ballet Lounge! :)
Morgan Thompson: Suzy is an amazing teacher and everybody is so patient! There hasn’t been a day where I wasn’t having fun!
Leah Shin: An amazing place to get your sweat on! I was so nervous about getting back into dance after over 10 years of not doing it but the team at the Ballet Lounge gave me the most encouraging welcome. A great way get introduced to dance and to improve your fitness!
Grace: This place is so lovely, every person I’ve met at the studio so far have been amazingly supportive and friendly. So happy to be dancing again and couldn’t have been at a better place! ♥️
Emily Murphy: I temporarily joined this studio and would have stayed had it not been for a move away. The atmosphere and friendly approach are definitely highlights. You feel so welcome here. The classes I took were awesome and pushed me without making me feel inadequate. I would highly recommend taking a class here and joining if you enjoy it as much as I did.
Naba Mukhtar: Omg I CANNOT hype this place enough! Very friendly and helpful community/instructors, nice variety and frequency of classes, and so much fun! It is very hard to find a good ballet studio specifically for adult learners, so Ballet Lounge is a very rare gem and Vancouverites are lucky to have it. The studio experience is ideal, but now that I don’t live in Vancouver anymore I dance with them via zoom and that’s nice too :)
Nitecraft: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueIf you want to dance ballet, this is the place to do it! Suzy is the best and all you need to do is go and you'll know exactly why :)
Helaine Boyd: This place is the best! The owner and instructors are so positive and supportive. Great for both beginners and advanced dancers
Moj Noroozi: I couldn't start my Saturday morning better than this! A love ballet class for beginners full of energy and joy, Suzi and Miss Neid are both so kind and helpful
J E: Ballet Lounge has a cancellation policy which is fair. However, sometimes life calls for some flexibility. I cancelled my class less than 15 minutes past the cancellation cut off because of a sudden flare up of a pre-existing injury that the Ballet Lounge was well aware of before my first class a month or so prior. They refused to budge on the policy other than offering to let me take another class in the next couple of weeks. Obviously, that wasn't going to work since I was cancelling due to an injury. That's not just bad customer service. It's bad business.Edit: The lies below aren't even worth debating. I cancelled at 23 hours and 47 minutes instead of 24 hours. All I asked was that they give me 13 minutes of grace.I've also unsubsribed from their email list at least 20 times and yet I receive a minimum of 3 emails a week!
Amelie S.D.: Positive:QualityThe lovely instructors are all top notch, so friendly and awesome. The environment in the studio is always welcoming. Thanks for making my dance dreams come true :)
Rogues West Actors Studio: The moment I walked in to Ballet Lounge I felt welcomed. The environment Suzie and Natalie create is inclusive, non-judgmental, a love of dance and a passion for teaching their classes. There are a lot of dance studio's that feel intimidating - The Ballet Lounge feels like a creative home where the instructors truly care about their dancers. The Ballet Lounge is a place of joy and transformation.Christiane Hirt
Pamela Vio: Joined in May via zoom links due to Covid and brought back the motivation and fitness needed. Made me feel so welcome and noone judges you. You can go at your own pace and modify as required. Everyone is so engouraging. Definately give it a try :)
Michal Tk: I have always wanted to be really good at ballet and be able to move to music the way I could in my mind. But being an adult I thought that dream was over since I have only ever had one year training in my life. Then through an internet search for best adult ballet classes in Vancouver, I kept coming across the Ballet Lounge. It had the highest ratings wherever I looked and sounded really cool.I started taking drop in classes as I could (with young kids) and they even let me bring my 3 year old so I could dance while she sat on a blanket near me. I couldn't wait until the kids were in school so I could take more!Then Covid hit and all business were forced to close. The Ballet Lounge quickly set up on-line classes in the same format the regular classes were in. You could pay for a single drop in class or pay a flat fee per month for a limited or unlimited amount of classes. You could come and go from any class and try them all, which I thought was amazing.I admit I was slow to get on the on-line class sign up. I had my family all at home all of a sudden and was a bit overwhelmed. But I have slowly started taking classes with them from home. (This after trying all sorts of free on-line ballet on you-tube). I have to say for a non-studio class, it is pretty good. You still get the same excellent teaching, tips, and corrections, you feel a part of the class and community, and you get that great self-effacing, sweet humour of Suzy's, the founder and owner of Ballet Lounge.As we go into yet another lockdown and the studio doors are closed to the Ballet Lounge (on-line keeps going), I began thinking how devastated I would be if it closed for good. I actually want Ballet Lounge to stay open more than any other small business I know. I have plans! Plans to become as good a dancer as I can! Plans to become flexible and touch my toes (I actually am really inflexible)! Plans to stem the flow of aging and stay in shape! Plans to improve my posture, core strength and eliminate problems I have had since childhood with a bad back. And the Ballet Lounge's online classes are my route there during these Covid times. I absolutely recommend them to anyone of any age anywhere in the world! All ages, shapes, flexibilities and levels are met with an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher. Suzy and the other teachers I have had the chance to take a class with there are all so encouraging and make me want to be a part of it all.

7. D2 Dance Studio - Vancouver

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65 reviews
new review
D2 Dance Studio
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Address: 55 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 6:30 PM

Business type: Dance company

D2 Dance Studio: what do users think?
Stuart Ho: Nice atmosphere and great dance floor
Dan B: So much fun here! And really nice little space!
Albert Saravi: Good place, very clean. Good air ventilation
BJClayden: Latin dance events for years. One of the best spots in town
Tom De Pauw: The Sunday night salsa and bachata and kizomba dance was well attended, very friendly, clean and spacious. I will surely return.
More Memorable Events: The Danceys are such a wonderful support for the local dance community. They are thoughtful and kind and run events that are inclusive and loads of fun. I smile so much when dancing at the ballroom that my face hurts. The dance instructors are talented and very good. Had an excellent bachata lesson with Carla and Javi. Wonderful experience for my neubie friend. He left with some useful skills and confidence to keep trying and having fun. Can't ask for more than that. And dancers of all skill levels enjoyed the lesson because everyone learned something. Can't wait to return.
Omar Serry: Amazing staff, studio and vibes. Special thanks to Patrick, Lily and Kebera!
Greg Dombowsky: Modern space with a good sound system. Relatively good parking nearby. Great instructors and owners. Their parties are often busy as well.
Farah S: Great managers and great teacherWill be back for many many other classes for sure.
Nathalie F.R.: I went there for wine and cheese night. Laid-back (I.e. not very intimidating) environment! I danced 4 hrs without a break. Was it the music? The dancers? The fact that I haven't danced in ages? The vino? Idk. Perhaps all the above. But yet one thing stands-- the staff here are down to earth and pleasant ^^
Greg Slonina: I'd say this is one of the best dance studios in Vancouver
Beth Mac Donald: I finally got to experience Salsa lessons. I am so thankful that I got to experience it here! The instructor was friendly, helpful, hands on and made lessons FUN. Great way to spend a Friday evening.
Paula Bruna Victória Ferreira Schutt: Dance school with great instructors! I took salsa lessons with Patrick and he is the best! Love their socials, very friendly environment! I just wish it could be more spacious like the old Dancey Ballroom, but I understand that Vancouver rentals are crazy expensive.
David Maud: Not only a great place to learn Salsa, but I love the social element of it as well. The best dance group I've joined!
Marni MacLeod: Great studio to learn all kinds of new dance styles. Taking a Salsa refresher right now and the instructors are great, the people are welcoming and over all it's been a wonderful experience.
Anton Lobashkov: Nina is a great teacher!
Rolando Hernandez: Nice space, central and easy to park.
Arturo Luna: If you like to Dance this is the right place.
Bill Cheung: Nice to see so many new dancers and many coming to dance Salsa and Bachata.
Francisco Mauro: Nice place to dance and meet new people
Linda C: Wonderful studio to learn dancing.

8. Science World - Vancouver

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9327 reviews
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Address: 1455 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-443-7440

Business type: Science museum

Dave Yu: Visited on Weekday Wait time 1 hr+More
Andrey Soubbotin: Visited on Weekday Wait time 30–60 min Reservation recommended NoMore
Tyson Kliem: Kids loved it, staff are amazing, lots to do… the place and activities are starting to look a little tired
deedo hk: Endroit sympa avec plein d'expérience scientifique à expérimenter !Très bien pour les enfants !
Emily Greco: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
Henry Chen: If you have a kid, it’s best to just buy a family pass so you can take your kids here regularly.So much to do and see here. It has lots of interesting interactive installations as well as some cool gallery. Throughout the day, there are different science shows.Spending half day here is easy and you and your kids can learn a lot.
Dustin Garvey: Awesome!Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Yes …More
michael gray: Was expecting more, I've been to better science center.
kurtis Hartwell: Always a fun visit to science world. My kid loves all the activities and talked about it all the way there telling us what we were going to do. Very busy as we were there on a long weekend. Bring your own food if you are there during peak time waited 30mins for whitespot. Skin exibit was neat and seemed small compaired to other exibits in the past.
Christopher G: An absolute must see if you are in Vancouver! Great time for both the kids and the adults with something for everyone to see. Located right on the ocean, there are plenty of places to have a nice picnic when visiting or take a walk on the sea wall. Accessible by transit. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. It can be a little expensive to visit so keep this in mind when doing so.
Connie Ono: This was my first visit and I'd have to say it's not what I expected. I was looking forward to their Reptile World Exhibit where you can "feel" the skin of the various cold blooded animals but was disappointed, since most of them were interpretations to the real thing... It felt like the Telus Science Centre in Calgary but with more space and things to interact, but in all honesty, this is more for the younger generations to explore and build a love for science.As for parking, I HIGHLY recommend going early to get a parking spot, especially if it is near the science centre because the space is really crowded that if you are driving one of those big Ford trucks, you wouldn't be able to park if it's jammed packed to begin with. Otherwise, it is best to take a subway or sky train, or the aquabus to get here.And yes, purchasing a ticket in advance is always best to avoid waiting in line.
Pietro Biondo: Il museo è sicuramente ben fatto. Lo consiglio per famiglie con bambini. Agli adulti potrebbe risultare un po' troppo bambinesco per i miei gusti.
Barbara Leao: It is wonderful for kids because there are lots of fun games that can teach them science, but not as much for adults. I thought it was more a museum type of thing, but I was mistaken. I think it is an amazing place to go if you have children between six and 12. They will enjoy it for sure. It is not an adult solo activity.Visited on Weekday Wait time 1 hr+ Reservation recommended No …More
Selene Wong: Visited on Weekend Wait time Up to 10 minMore
Renlee Weir: Visited on Public holiday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended NoMore
Christine Styles: It was awesome to seeVisited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended No …More
Olufikayo Olowoyo: Lots of activities to occupy the kids and curious adults as well. Prepare to go early so you can explore most of the activities.Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure …More
Stan Watt: Awesome Adult Date Night every 3rd Thursday of the month. Friendly efficient staff and a safe secure time with exciting performances by entertainers.Visited on Weekday Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended Yes …More

9. Baza Dance Studios - Vancouver

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98 reviews
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Baza Dance Studios
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Address: 1304 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3P3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-379-2292

Business type: Dance school

Baza Dance Studios: what do users think?
Jonathan Chawla: Tracie remembered my name the second time I was at class. Great community!
Solène Prud'homme: Amazing dance school in Vancouver for salsa bachata kizomba! I took kizomba classes with Tracie & Cesar last year and they were just amazing! I learnt a loooot with them and I miss those classes so much. Also took some bachata lady styling classes with Krystal, loved her dancing style, and learning a routine as solo, which helps a lot for confidence on the dance floor. Also they have the best socials in town, with 3 rooms (salsa, bachata, kiz) Looking forward to going back there when I’ll be in Vancouver again 💜
Jessica Villavicencio: I love their classes👏🏾 salsa, bachata and reggaeton🔥 I find all instructors super friendly
Fraser McGee: Welcoming atmosphere with great instructors. Tracie is an awesome teacher- she’s both fun and committed to helping the pupils in her class learn and improve. Very positive experience with this studio
ozan ateşmen: Wowww absolutely fantastic dance studios, they are so talented and Tracie , she is wonderful instructor, I love you ❤️
Reagan Bradley: Karima was everything we needed in a dance teacher for our wedding dance. She customized a dance to our personalities and skill level and made every moment learning it total fun. The end product was gorgeous and everyone’s highlight of the night! Forever thankful for this Bollywood QUEEN!
Wil Iturrino: Excellent dance studio. The staff is wonderful..Always a great time
Brandon Thornhill: The Baza Dance crew are all AWESOME! So inclusive and welcoming to people of all levels. We LOVE our dance classes!
Karen Swaffield: This is a very welcoming and friendly dance studio. The Latin Fusion class is awesome. Salsa lessons with Wayne & Kristal are also a lot of fun.
Two Sheds: Robson free dance had not enough follows so some of us had to watch from the sidelines until we left from humiliation.
Flora Gordon: Baza is a great dance studio. They are very friendly to beginners as well as those who may not be able to come to the studio frequently. I have taken Zouk, Salsa, Latin Grooves, and Latinsanity. I enjoyed them all!
Nat Pliner: I’ve just started classes at Baza Dance with John and Celina and they have been so much fun! The studio has a really positive and safe environment and everyone I’ve interacted with has been incredibly helpful and friendly. I haven’t always felt the same with instructors at other studios so I’m really glad I signed up at Baza. Also appreciate that there is an option to take a bachata class that is not immediately over sensual and that some Dominican bachata moves are sprinkled in!
Stephen Smith: I had such an amazing experience at this dance studio. I've been taking Latin Dance classes for over 15 years, at multitudes of different studios from countless teachers -- so it is not without comparison when I say that the instruction at this studio is world class! Jorelle , Monica, and Kristal were such amazing dancers AND teachers. It's one thing to dance well, but to be able to break steps apart and explain thoroughly, that's another. I had some major breakthroughs with my dancing here! Also, the vibe was extremely welcoming and kind. Much love for Baza Dance Studios!
Shanda L: Love this place for bachata and salsa! Always friendly and inviting. I recommend this place if you want to learn how to dance You will be dancing in no time!
Leanna Boyer: I am thrilled that Baza is offering virtual classes, otherwise I would not have access to high quality, fun instruction!!
Lydia Klemensowicz: I've fallen in love with dance classes again thanks to Baza! I've been attending Latin Pop with Lauren since January and I feel so good in class - I literally look forward to Monday evenings every week! I love the choregraphy style class and Lauren is an amazing, energetic and approachable teacher. Her classes are very beginner friendly, but also a bit of a challenge - and tons of fun and laughs are had along the way!
Karen Lee: I’ve been trying various dance studios for the last few months. Thank Gawd I found Baza! It is a safe and welcoming environment, especially for beginners.Jojo and Clement give me life!
Rebeca Hatamian: We love Baza Dance Studios!!My son is 5 yrs old and is very entusiastic about going to dance class!His confidence has improve and his joy of life overall.. priceless!Now is learning to follow instructions and follow a choreography :)
Ala Wroblewska: Taking a beginner level class and I'm really enjoying the format and vibe. Can't recommend the instructors and class enough!
Suzanne Rushton: I love Baza!! I've been only three times so far but the classes have all been a delightful blend of fun, learning and community. The instructors, Javier and Carla, are AMAZING. I can't say enough about how great they are with beginners (like me) but also at working with varying levels of students. They are true professionals, they kept us on track but also kept us laughing. They have really made dancing seem accessible to me. I'm excited to continue the journey!
Arash Khodadadi: Well-maintained dance studio and friendly staff. Enjoyed the beginner Salsa dance class with John as drop-ins. Later we signed up for more classes with Arely and the classes were super good and strongly recommended for whoever starts Salsa.

10. Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Vancouver, Canada - Vancouver

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4 reviews
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Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Vancouver, Canada
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Address: 505 Hamilton St #200, Vancouver, BC V6B 2R1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:15 PM

Telephone: +1 604-684-2477

Business type: Dance school

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Vancouver, Canada: what do users think?
Adam Watson: Fantastic service, so helpfully and friendly, great dance lessons and could not have asked for better experience.
Kenny B: We are a 60+ couple who went for our wedding first dance lessons here. We were lucky to get Julia as our instructor. She is amazing. She quickly choreographed an impressive routine for our off-the-wall songs. Shout out for Arthur Murray and Julia!
Andrew: Sheryle and her staff have been absolutely delightful, professional and completely accommodating towards my partner and I who are raw beginners - five stars for customer service!
Deepika Bharti: Its a place where you get kind ,patient & lovely people as your trainer/Teachers, Even overall everyone is really warm.....They are like International Champions but you can never tell as they are just so humble!! If there is any iota of doubt or you're perturbed about the price and wanna go elsewhere, Let me assure YOU WILL GET TRUE EXCELLENCE!!......I highly highly recommend Anthony (kind, super fun, TRUE PERFECTION!!) & Curt (Soooo Patient, Fun ,YOU'LL NEVER BE BORED WHEN HE IS TEACHING )........Now go and start dancing :)
Dana Christopherson: Studio and teachers are really great. We have the intro package which teaches you a few easier dances to see what you like. There are social distance classes as well as zoom based ones (we have seen those for groups) and everyone is wearing a mask which is great.
Jenny Graham: A wonderful space, with wonderful students and wonderful teachers. Whether you’re a beginner or have danced for decades you’ll find a community of people waiting to welcome you and some of the best dance instruction you’ll ever receive.
Peter Kostka: Amazing instructors who focus on teaching you how to lead and follow first. We'd gone to a lot of dance schools before, and this is the first that really taught us how to dance as a couple.

11. One Yoga for the People - Vancouver

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41 reviews
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One Yoga for the People
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Address: 150 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Sat

Telephone: +1 604-710-7267

Business type: Yoga studio

12. Dance Vancouver | Salsa Lessons - Vancouver

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4 reviews
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Dance Vancouver | Salsa Lessons
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Address: 55 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 6:00 PM

Business type: Dance school

13. Boogaloo Academy - Richmond

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25 reviews
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Boogaloo Academy
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Address: 8410 Ontario St #101, Vancouver, BC V5X 3E8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-227-0773

Business type: Dance school

14. The Landing Dance Centre - Vancouver

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28 reviews
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The Landing Dance Centre
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Address: 270 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 2R5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-325-8653

Business type: Dance school

15. The Happening Dance Co. - Vancouver

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14 reviews
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Address: 5460 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5W 2Z3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 3:30 PM

Telephone: +1 778-379-3577

Business type: Hip hop dance class

16. Vancouver Tap Dance Society - Vancouver

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1 reviews
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Vancouver Tap Dance Society
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Address: 2775 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z8, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 3:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-253-0293

Business type: Non-profit organization

17. DanZa Productions - Vancouver

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39 reviews
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DanZa Productions
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Address: 6468 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5W 2V4, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Sat

Telephone: +1 604-505-7198

Business type: Dance company

18. The Ellis - Vancouver

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408 reviews
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The Ellis
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Address: 2204 York Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1C6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-428-2456

Business type: Bar

19. The Portside Pub - Vancouver

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830 reviews
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The Portside Pub
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Address: 7 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Business type: Pub

20. North Shore Academy of Dancing and Ballet Bloch Canada - North Vancouver City

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32 reviews
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North Shore Academy of Dancing and Ballet Bloch Canada
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Address: 275 Fell Ave #108, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3R5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 3:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-987-3814

Business type: Dance school

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