Best Buti Yoga Classes Vancouver Near Me

1. STRETCH - Vancouver

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Address: 180 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1T3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:30 PM

Telephone: +1 778-819-6488

Business type: Yoga studio

STRETCH: what do users think?
Boyd Thomson
Boyd Thomson: By far my favourite place to practice in the city.
Rosemary Winks
Rosemary Winks: My favorite studio in the city! Been coming here for years now and love all of the teachers and staff here. Such a beautiful open space with floor to ceiling windows and pretty lace curtains. I love the bike rack placed inside the studio where you don't need to worry about your bike. Also love the free street parking if you attend the 7am classes (bonus!). There's a wide range of classes from Rocket to puppy yoga, you will love it here as much as I do. ♥️
Ghazal: I had a great time at Vanessa's inversion and arm balances class. Vanessa went over the fundamentals of the postures and taught us prep work for each one. We practiced many different poses over the course of two hours.The studio is beautiful and spacious. They have a large changing area but no lockers. However, the entrance to the studio is kept closed to ensure the safety. They also have a bike rack, which is a big plus!
J Bloom
J Bloom: Beautiful space, amazing instructors, exceptional classes and caring local owners. Its the best!
Tom St John
Tom St John: Nice studio , handy for me, took a flow class which was great!
Bridget O'Reilly
Bridget O'Reilly: I attended the studio while I was visiting Vancouver. The team are incredibly talented, instructors are knowledge and caring. The space is beautiful, and it really feels like a community. Thanks so much, STRETCH
Alicia Shields
Alicia Shields: I came to Stretch for a puppy-yoga class. The environment and the ambiance were fantastic, and all the staff were kind and helpful. Plus of course the puppies were so cute!They played music throughout the class using a portable speaker. The music added to the ambiance, but I was right next to the speaker and at times had a bit of a hard time hearing the instructions. The yoga was beginner level, so it gave a good stretch but had nothing too challenging for someone like me who doesn't really know what they're doing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a mental boost, or just wants an excuse to hang out with puppies for an hour.
David D
David D: Intro class was a great experience. The room & facilities are immaculate. Alia a class flow instructor. The owner & staff are so warmly welcoming. I would recommend you try here!
Melinda B
Melinda B: Spacious inclusive studio by main street offering yoga classes with live music- very healing experience!
Madeleine Kipling
Madeleine Kipling: Beautiful studio, friendly staff, great variety of programming….and the live music!
Stephen Ewashkiw
Stephen Ewashkiw: There are so many reasons that I love STRETCH.The studio is rooted in a scientific approach to yoga and within that framework teachers have space for their own styles and approaches. This leads to great classes from a range of teachers.As a cyclist I really appreciate their indoor bike rack. I don't have to worry abut my bike while I practice, which is a rarity in Vancouver.When I first started practicing here one thing that struck me was how welcoming the team and space are. A lot of care has obviously gone into designing a space that welcomes you and makes you feel safe and at home; the staff are all very open and helpful.There is a lot of space in each of the change rooms (which continue with the design of the rest of the space) and they are always spotless and well stocked. They also have showers so if you are heading off to work or play after class you can always freshen up.Full disclosure: I like the studio so much that once I was taking classes there I wanted to teach in their community (I'm a yoga teacher). I am now on their sub teacher list and once in a while I teach classes there.
Lili Tessier
Lili Tessier: The team at Stretch goes above and beyond in providing a safe space in which to practice. The community is welcoming, this studio is a positive space.Each of the teacher's personal teaching and cueing styles are integral in creating a multifaceted approach to mindfulness and overall well-being.
Daniel Crough
Daniel Crough: I love this studio. They are a wonderful group of people and have the best teachers in the city. Hands down the best yoga in Vancouver
Marina Guy
Marina Guy: One of my favs. Chill, welcoming, peaceful space surrounded by the busy city. Such a hidden gem.
Sara McNay
Sara McNay: Love! love! love! my time here at STRETCH. Beautiful space, great teachers and I never have to worry about forgetting a mat!
R. A.
R. A.: Beautiful studio and first rate instructors. Great showers too!
Jasmine Peardon
Jasmine Peardon: I love this studio. The staff is kind, it’s clean, everyone who goes is very welcoming and the staff are extremely talented. I always felt challenged in the classes and miss this studio now that I’m back on Vancouver Island!
L N: Fantastic and welcoming studio. I love how bright, open and CLEAN the space is. It's a slice of zen right downtown. The bike rocks upstairs are an added bonus that I can ride my bike to the studio and have it kept safely inside while I stretch. Great classes with a diverse crowd where everyone belongs.
Delphine Marion
Delphine Marion: You’ll be in great hands here :)
Sherry Hsu
Sherry Hsu: It’s a great independent studio that is well run, inclusive, and clean. The instructors are experienced and know the students. It’s a beautiful space and there are different types of classes to choose from
Ryan Schebek
Ryan Schebek: Stretch studio has been a lifeline for me! Especially Risto's Yin classes. They have made me more resilent to stress and tension. As well improved function and decreased pain in other parts of my life. I thought I had chronic back pain until these classes! Much appreciation, life changing !!

2. One Yoga for the People - Vancouver

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One Yoga for the People
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Address: 150 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Sat

Telephone: +1 604-710-7267

Business type: Yoga studio

One Yoga for the People: what do users think?
Monika Reinhold
Monika Reinhold: Thank you 🙏
J I: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityOne has been my happy place for five years. The front staff is warm and sweet, the instructors are brilliant, and my fellow yogis attending practice are always lovely.
Christopher Szado
Christopher Szado: This is my favorite space in Canada to practice. The instructors are all great. Even the newer instructors have a very high standards of practice and the best of the best in Vancouver congregate at this studio. Could not appreciate and value the space and people more. Highest recommendation possible
Jenny Yao
Jenny Yao: Dubious honor of delivering the worst digital classes that I have ever attended: 1. Zero effort put into the set-up (instructor's upper half was cut off - can probably find better streams on YouTube); 2. Verbal cues only for a good chunk of the class - not really beginner friendly; 3. Felt like you didn't matter if you weren't a regular - where's the community feel?
Tomoko Mikuriya
Tomoko Mikuriya: My favourite yoga studio! I highly recommend their in-person and virtual classes.
Brainy Bungler
Brainy Bungler: Tried a few studios in Vancouver. This one has the best vibe.
Amin Rezapour
Amin Rezapour: Best in town
Josephine Greene
Josephine Greene: Love this yoga studio
Kyle Wisniewski
Kyle Wisniewski: Excellent.
Mike McLean
Mike McLean: Great classes, space and teachers.
Cristina W.
Cristina W.: One Yoga is my favourite yoga studio in town with, in my opinion, the highest caliber of teachers.Most of these teachers have devoted their lives to this practice and are the kind of teachers who teach other teachers how to be an amazing teacher.Check out Christine Price Clark for a beautiful and intentional sequence. See Clara Roberts-Oss for unique and enlivening breathwork and forms. See Mari Dickey for a vinyasa class that will leave you feeling like a new person. See Risto Duggan for a rocket/vinyasa class that will encourage you to reach your full potential. See Shelley Tomczyk for her spiritual energy and heart-lifting sequencing. Those are just the teachers I can remember off the top of my head. Go find out for yourself how awesome they all are!Sliding scale payment system makes practice more accessible, which I am very grateful for. Wonderful space as well, red brick walls, deep brown wooden flooring. Homey vibes.
Sarah D (EatEnergizeEvolve)
Sarah D (EatEnergizeEvolve): I went to the 10am and it was packed, but spaced out well. Fantastic class, fantastic instructor and the front desk staff were super nice.
Ralitza Dimova
Ralitza Dimova: The studio is very new and modern and all the staff are fantastic. The only reason for the 3/5 stars is because the last three 4:15 classes I have attended have been so packed that the space between the mats is limited to 40-30cm, and they’ve run out of equipment every class (blocks and/or straps). So I’ve had to hold my leg up instead of using straps for a large portion of the class, which has been frustrating and has left me feeling like they care less about ensuring they are providing enough equipment for the poses in that class and more about selling as much space as possible. I found this wasn’t the case over the summer but it’s gotten worse since fall started.
T ngg
T ngg: Amazing instructors. Beautiful space. Hidden gem.
L Klein
L Klein: Home away from home :) The teachers at OneYoga are, in my opinion, the best in town. The atmosphere of the studio is relaxing, yet professional. Perfect mixture. Caters to many different needs- classes are taught pretty much morning-night on most days, with varying types of classes being offered. Can only recommend.
Anirudh Kansal
Anirudh Kansal: The staff and volunteers here are suuuuuper nice! They have a really strong community feel and the culture of service is really obvious when talking with anyone there. It's a beautiful studio, one of the best in Vancouver!
F. Dini
F. Dini: Great yoga studio. The noon classes are a perfect lunch break option if you want to relax and calm down for the rest of the day.
Andreas Lerch
Andreas Lerch: Great staff with a nice open clean space
jmhughes: Wonderful space and friendly staff. The class I took with Clara was superb - she focused on alignment and working at your own level within a well balanced flow class.
LAZER HAWK: My favourite yoga spot in van,really great vibes in this studio.
Terezie Strnadova
Terezie Strnadova: love this studio, teachers there are so inspiring, fun and have so much experience. staff is friendly and helpful and the studio is beautiful. my favorite in Vancouver.

3. YYOGA Downtown Flow - Vancouver

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72 reviews
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YYOGA Downtown Flow
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Address: 888 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1X9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:05 PM

Telephone: +1 604-682-3569

Business type: Yoga studio

4. Vancouver Corporate Yoga - Vancouver

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9 reviews
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Vancouver Corporate Yoga
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Address: Royal Centre Mall, 1055 W Georgia St #134, Vancouver, BC V0N 1V0, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-267-9642

Business type: Yoga studio

5. YYOGA West Sixth - Vancouver

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13 reviews
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YYOGA West Sixth
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Address: 1569 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1R1, Canada

Schedule: Reopens at 4:20 PM

Telephone: +1 604-428-2523

Business type: Yoga studio

YYOGA West Sixth: what do users think?
Ghazal: I went to a Flow class with Emily and I absolutely loved it. Emily is really knowledgeable and she guides the class really well. The room was spacious and we had enough room to move.The studio is cozy. They have lockers by the entrance and a nice changing room with washroom and showers.Overall, I had a great experience. I do recommend YYoga West Sixth.
Tyler Standen
Tyler Standen: Fantastically clean and pleasant facility. The sauna is a nice touch before class!
Chris Ho
Chris Ho: Just my favorite yyoga studio
Jo P.
Jo P.: The front desk on duty on 3/23 was very helpful. She was patient, detailed and very efficient. I look forward to go back to studio practice now!
Sera A
Sera A: I have been to many different YYOGA studios and while I love the studio and chloe who was teaching, I was concerned about the cleanliness and health and safety during my entire class. The front desk did not check vaccinations, there was DUST, HAIR, and foreign DEBRIS all over the floor.. so while I was trying my best to get through the class..I cannot help but be annoyed and grossed out at the floor. It literally takes 30 sec to take a swifter duster if anything. This was definitely not the experience I expected from YYOGA as I have always thought of it as being a luxurious studio.
Teresa: I really like to show my appreciation for Quynh Mi who takes the pandemic seriously, probably one of the few with my experience with Yyoga classes. She reminds the class to nose breathe and because she is talking she keeps her mask on. She is already a great instructor but my regard for her is definitely increased because of how mindful she is during this difficult time. Thank you, Quynh. I have been with Yyoga for years and, unfortunately, will not be renewing when my membership ends because I find it really frustrating instructors are not more vigilant.
Andrea Lyman
Andrea Lyman: Fantastic studio! This is a hidden gem.
Amy S
Amy S: Haven't been since covid started but love this yoga studio!
Rebecca Neild
Rebecca Neild: Beautiful studio space, the props and mats are wonderful quality. The instructors are great, I cannot recommend Lisa enough. The demographic of the people is very particular therefore I don’t always feel welcomed in the space with my tattoos and bright hair. Because of this I’ll move on to YYOGA at home.
Mehdi: Just fine.
Jean Robson
Jean Robson: Great classes, polite staff and nice studio, but the floor in the studio was terribly dirty, covered in hair and dust bunnies - pretty disgusting.
Taste Creativity
Taste Creativity: Very small studio. Great class. No bike storage but was able to leave my bike inside after a struggle.
Coral Lewis
Coral Lewis: My favourite yyoga studio, small and quiet with a beautiful peaceful yoga room.

6. Oxygen Yoga and Fitness-West End - Vancouver

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26 reviews
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Oxygen Yoga and Fitness-West End
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Address: 1777 Haro St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1H2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-995-1286

Business type: Yoga studio

Oxygen Yoga and Fitness-West End: what do users think?
Scott W
Scott W: We are big fans of this Oxygen location. The only problem is that it's criminally underutilized post-Covid. You have some absolute rockstar instructors like Francarlos, Kristina, Carla, Maya just to namedrop a few, who all deserve to have jam packed classes.If you want a unique way to put down a fitness base in the West End, this is your spot. Ownership cares, is communicative and accepts feedback graciously and openly.Quick story: I showed up here a few years ago with a destroyed lower back, cancer and extra weight that was dragging me down with no viable way to lose it. With a combination of yoga and core fitness classes, I'm stronger and fitter than I've been in years, my back is so good that I can run and move without pain for the longest stretch in almost 9 years and my health is steady. One very large contributor to this is the team and facilities at Oxygen Yoga West End. You deserve better than 4 stars here on Google, keep doing what you're doing.
Asher: Good classes but please open the doors so people can go change and don’t rush into class in 5 minutes..
A&D Critical
A&D Critical: More of a 2.5 star review.Some classes are excellent, don't get me wrong. Some of the instructors are fantastic. Other instructors go over the class time and don't care about other people's time.What bothers me most about this studio is the cleanliness. I have a hard time believing they clean each piece of sweat-drenched equipment in between classes, especially when the workout bands are all just tossed in a basket. A diffuser could go a long way as well.The heat can be great, but for me I think that the heat makes the workout feel harder than it is, and after I started going to a regular gym I noticed far more improvement than I did in these classes.Not to mention it is of course overpriced as well.Great for some people, but not for me!
Bean Macbean
Bean Macbean: Love the staff here- so friendly and really do try and help you out when and however they can! It is expensive, but if you use it often enough and sign up during one of their offers, it is more than reasonable! The instructors are incredible! When I attend classes, I am not all that friendly, I am just looking to work out, but there is a really nice and warm community atmosphere that I enjoy in the space! The only downsize is that it is small, classes can get booked up and the timings are not always that ideal for me, although I tended to always find something to do with my free time.
Jessica Richmond
Jessica Richmond: Having visited for the first time, 3 times this week on a 7 day trial, I have to say every class, teacher and workout have been truly incredible! I’ve been training various different styles of exercise for about 12 years now, this is the best all round circuit/HIIT/full body/toning/conditioning/fat burning/motivational place I have been to for a VERY long time. Classes are full (understandably) but not rammed. Couldn’t be happier that I’ve found you, and I’ll be sticking around for sure! Thank you for offering such fantastic classes with such a range of talented teachers 🙌🏻
daina bader
daina bader: I spend most of my evenings here attending their fitness classes and love every second of it! They have a variety of different teachers and classes to suit everyone's interests.
Natasha Narayan
Natasha Narayan: I have been going to classes here consistently over the last 6 months and have been really impressed with the quality of the instructors. It's a great neighbourhood yoga/fitness studio that is clearly well managed and I hope they stay around for a long time.
Bryson Young
Bryson Young: Overall, not that much different than any of the other corporate yoga studios in this city, where the whole phony, leotard-wrapped package of “namaste” culture is merely a “fake af” cover for a business model that is faceless, opportunistic, deeply unfriendly to its own membership and clearly devoted only to the bottom line - but still disappointing and shabby. The initial experience was, showing up for class 20 minutes before (“Late comers will not be admitted!”) which meant being made to stand outside in the freezing winter rain in shorts and tank top, while the front desk person scowled at you from behind the window, refusing to answer inquiries as to why we couldn’t wait in the lobby - “It’s our policy here. It’s safety issues. The lobby is being cleaned” (the lobby was not cleaned). Emerging from a class sweaty and uncomfortable to find the showers STILL inoperative, STILL out of bounds; and when asking, as a paying member why this is? You can guess the reply - “It’s safety issues. We don’t know when showers will be available again.” Instruction competent, but just as corporate and devoid of any authentic engagement with the class as the front desk welcome might lead one to expect. But then, just try canceling your membership. Weeks of unanswered phone messages, no means of executing it on the website, of course; the rare moment you find someone actually there at the door, your inquires are met with looks of indignant dismissal and irritation at the obvious microaggression of someone demanding actual answers to actual questions. “Someone will get back to you”; door shuts in your face. No one gets back to you. Meanwhile, they’re still taking your money. After eventually resorting to direct threats of stopping payments oneself, you get an email protesting that this unbelievably poor customer service is simply the way things are done here - “because of the high volume of emails received we aren’t able to respond to everyone in the most timely fashion”. Uh huh - but you’ll still take my fifty buck biweekly. My advice? Just find a small studio, non-corporate, where there’s less phony “yoga love” and instead alittle basic respect and at least an attempt at customer service and care.
Mike M
Mike M: I Ike the studio, it is clean and nice. The classes are the best, book with Dolores or Anastasia.
Adam: Lovely studio and great teachers!
Nicole A
Nicole A: Nice studio, a little small but staff and instructors are very friendly. Super comfortable padded floor too.
Maya Grant
Maya Grant: A clean, welcoming, studio adhering to all the current safety protocols. The front desk staff are friendly and helpful and the teachers are some of the best in Vancouver. The whole space is a haven to get away from every day stress/anxiety!
Brainy Bungler
Brainy Bungler: Why didn't I go sooner. The infrared heat is cozy-warm and very good distancing protocols.
Tammy Trice
Tammy Trice: Great, welcoming, clean studio in the heart of the West End. Accessible for all levels and a wonderful mix of class offerings (yoga, fusion, and strength). Rebecca, Olya and Molly are some of my faves :) Their COVID safety protocols make me feel very comfortable too. Book a class! You won't be sorry.
Vlad: Great place for hot yoga.Clean and organized place with some awesome instructors.Shout out to Neil and Rebecca!
Haley M
Haley M: My favorite infrared yoga studio!From the owner Teena (she is the sweetest) to the studio instructors Molly, Francarlos, Faye they are all really great and always mix up the high intensity workouts with great music.I love the mix of doing yoga to great upbeat killer workouts.Really missing you guys during Covid!!!
Aini Bhatti
Aini Bhatti: I really enjoy the instructors and space. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I signed up for a years membership and can't wait to go back!
Brittany Laven
Brittany Laven: There was a flood and they did not let new comers from classpass know that the classes would not be heated. When I reached out to ask for an opportunity to try a class in the hot room I was rejected. Poor customer service. I would recommend going to a different Oxygen instead!
Kieran Dhaliwal
Kieran Dhaliwal: This is an absolutely awesome yoga and fitness studio. I started over 6 months ago and since then there has been a change of ownership which has transformed the service and faculties 10 fold. The new owner, Tina, is a star, remembering everyone’s name, added new equipment racks, improved studio organization, and added perks like snacks and drinks for reasonable purchases. The teachers are also awesome - never been to a class of one I don’t love. The yoga classes are for all levels - they offer great modifications if you are new or experienced. The fitness classes will beat you @$$ in a great way and you’ll have fun doing it. They’re also expanding and offering more classic hot yoga classes which is awesome since I did miss that from my old studio. They have everything which makes the money totally worth it. You get real variety, great teachers, and an owner who loves what she does (and it shows!). Without hesitation I recommend Oxygen west end and am excited to continue my practice there!
Karl: Today is my two month anniversary since joining Oxygen in the West End, and all I can say is wow!!Since my first hot yoga class to my HIIT class today, to exploring Kundilini to deep stretch and relaxation, Oxygen is the cat's meow.Everyone is super friendly, the owners are open to comments and suggestions, and all the instructors are top of their game.If you are looking to get fit, lose weight and meet new people who are awesome, check out Oxygen on Haro and Denman.Thanks to all who work there. You've helped me grow in ways you cannot imagine.Namaste 😍
Nastya Solo
Nastya Solo: Love it!! ❣️Amazing studio!! Great instructors!! So clean & bright!! Everybody super friendly! ❣️ My favourite yoga & fitnes place in Vancouver!!🙌

7. YYOGA Kitsilano - Vancouver

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73 reviews
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YYOGA Kitsilano
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Address: 1915 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7, Canada

Schedule: Reopens at 4:50 PM

Telephone: +1 604-336-4599

Business type: Yoga studio

YYOGA Kitsilano: what do users think?
Eddie Kibicho
Eddie Kibicho: I really enjoy going to this Yyoga location! The staff are very warm, friendly, kind and helpful. All the instructors I have had are clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about their craft as well as have a very keen sense of engagement with what is going on with every student in class. The other practitioners I have met at Yyoga have also been generally warm, kind and engaged in their practice. There's a sauna which I absolutely enjoy to sit in and relax after class. Overall the premises is very spacious and well laid out, the patio is really nice to sit in, relax and soak some sun either before or after class. The teas they provide are always delicious and refreshing. All these things make for not only a great yoga experience but a really soulful, peaceful and enriching human experience that always leaves me feeling nourished and more connected to something larger than myself.
Rachel McAdam
Rachel McAdam: It was fantastic! The space is beautiful and everyone is warm and welcoming. I tried the pilates fusion class for my first time and my experience was great! Thanks so much everyone :)
Chris Martin
Chris Martin: Regular hot practitioner. Monthly pass holder. Talented instructors from a variety of backgrounds with different approaches to what is essentially the same series means I can pick the teachers I vibe with, and always be deepening my practice whether I want to sit back a bit, or feel the fire. I am a more mindful person, stronger, and more balanced IN class, and bring that out with me into the "real world". Clean facilities, friendly staff. Five stars, Google? I say SIX.
Melanie L
Melanie L: Like the instructors, class variety and Harrison the supervisor is nice but overall do not like how corporate their studios are run and front desk have poor customer service—the way I am spoken to by them makes me not want to return. Creates the opposite feeling of what you’re seeking from a yoga studio.
Lily Rogers
Lily Rogers: Such a friendly and warm atmosphere, clean facilities, and top notch instructors.
Megan: As someone who yard been practicing yoga for 10+ years, I have never had a truly worse session. The studio was absolutely filthy and had obviously not been cleaned in some time with hair, dirt, and who knows what else all over the floor. They shove so many people into one space you can barely move without hitting your neighbours. I had signed up for a yoga Pilates fusion class, but this was neither of these. The instructor was clearly not certified as she gave very poor instructions and the flow between movements could actually be dangerous to one’s body. About a quarter of the class was just stepping to the best of the music. I will never be going back.
lisa leo
lisa leo: love this studio, staff is always friendly and the space is clean and inviting.
Sarka Malochova
Sarka Malochova: The worst experience ever. Parking nightmare, staff don’t even let you in even if you come 1 minute before class. Because they have strict rules. I wasn’t let in to class which started 3:30 and I came 3:29!!!lost my money and lost my interest to this studio. Don’t recommend, place should try harder because I see now bad reviews are just from me.
cm: As good as a yoga studio gets. Good instructors, friendly staff, in a clean and chill facility, at fair prices.During the pandemic, I bought their discounted class passes fully knowing I may not be able to use those passes for a while, and I did so just to support this local business. Yyoga kept their word and let us pass holders delay the activation date of those passes for more than a year (if I remember correctly), and kept us in the loop with periodic email updates on the studio re-opening schedule. Even though Yyoga's nearest location to me did not survive the pandemic, this location is a great replacement for me!
Gregg Peacock
Gregg Peacock: The studio is decent, but as a business I am extremely disappointed with this company. The membership options are designed to take your money.You have to dig around for the ridiculous terms (why would passes expire???) for each membership and you can't easily cancel or alter your membership without having to go through an extensive email exchange.Clearly, they're more interesting in having people's paid classes expire than they are about providing wellness services. I use a similar business in the neighbourhood who is not only flexible but will even give you a free class if you didn't have a good experience.
Azin Z
Azin Z: Friendly, caring and supportive staffTalented, encouraging and passionate teachersClean and beautiful studioWish they add early bird classes starting 6:30 in the morning 😍
Toly Vasilyev
Toly Vasilyev: At the beginning of the year I put my membership on hold because they couldn't offer hot classes. Today I decided to reactivate my membership with a few paid classes remaining & was very excited to attend a class. Unfortunately their website wouldn't allow me to login, none would pick up the phone (several attempts) and when I showed up 20 min before the class to reactivate it in person I was told that I have to wait for 72hrs. In the meantime I'm more than welcome to buy another membership to attend this class. Super nice & sweet humans working at the front desk & teaching classes, but the bureaucratic red tape is absurd...
Starleigh Grass
Starleigh Grass: Beautiful space, great teachers, wide range of options. Pricey but you get what you pay for!
jason p
jason p: tried a hot yoga class for the first time the other day, staff at the front desk were nice and helpful. Would come back again.
Liza Deyrmenjian
Liza Deyrmenjian: The space is always very clean
Dean A “604dna”
Dean A “604dna”: Great studio.
Karolina: Great and beautiful studio with knowledgeable instructors and several locations to choose from.
Henry Phan
Henry Phan: Don't sweat it, or do!
Maryel Sparks
Maryel Sparks: Critical:Communication,Professionalism,QualityDon't bother coming here anymore. It used to be a good place but now if you don't show up exactly 10 minutes before the class starts and not a minute later they will lock you out and waste your money and your time.
Ryan Chisholm
Ryan Chisholm: Amazing. I’ve practiced at the 4th Ave YYoga location for 5+ years. Highly recommended. Atmosphere, teachers, room lit with Sunlight, sauna, patio. When I’m mentally, physically or otherwise needing energized this is my favourite studio. Always clean, always friendly. I’ve been to a few dozen yoga studios in a dozen cities across the west coast in US and Canada over 10 years and this one is the best. With the new Covid street patios along 4th, you can finish yoga and walk outside 20 feet to enjoy friends and a taco. Well done YYoga.
Maria Yoma
Maria Yoma: I would put 0 stars if I could. I arrived exactly at the time of the class. 18.30 and they had the door locked. I called as now one answered the door. And they said they opened 10 minutes later and that there was nothing they could do. That they couldn’t let me in as they have “straight policies” I had booked the class via the ClassPass so I they didn’t let me in I would have to pay extra 15cad on top of the class.They didn’t care.After I complained with the ClassPass, they were the ones that apologized and refund me. The studio didn’t do anything but closed the door on my face. Awful experience after having worked 10 hours and driving 30’ to get to this class. Never ever coming again

8. Form Body Lab - Vancouver

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22 reviews
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Form Body Lab
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Address: 1152 Mainland St #310, Vancouver, BC V6B 4X2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-687-6870

Business type: Pilates studio

Form Body Lab: what do users think?
C Z: Good environment. Bad service. I went to the lab for a massage appointment but they told me the appointment was canceled. They said they’re sent me emails and called me but I didn’t get any of it. Two hours of my life has been wasted for this.
Carol Deyong
Carol Deyong: Sarah is fabulous, as always
lok ching yeung
lok ching yeung: Michelle is extremely helpful and professional! She saves me from my neck pain within half an hour. Happy patient :)
Mary Disher
Mary Disher: I have been a client of Michelle for over a year . She is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with . I have made tremendous strides towards better health and mobility. I highly recommendForm Body Lab.
Stephanie Bonn
Stephanie Bonn: Very knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapists with a focus on pilates, I refer my patients and go myself!
Paloma Comas
Paloma Comas: Such a beautiful studio with great design details and friendly customer service. The space gives a general feeling of tranquility. Small Mat pilates classes, which are great for groups of 6. Check it out if you are in the area
Paulina Chua
Paulina Chua: Tiffany is the best teacher!
Jmgar: excellent RMT
Farah Faruqi
Farah Faruqi: I appreciate both Kat and Katherine's patience, persistence, encouragement and corrective methods to ensure I am using the correct posture to prevent injury and obtain better results. This is my first time engaging in Reform Pilates and I did not know what to expect or if I was even capable of participating. They have both made my feel very welcome and given me hope that I will successfully learn this form of Pilates training and achieve the results I want.
Felix Louis
Felix Louis: Sarah , Tiffany and Kath are amazing instructors and have helped me. I have been able to learn and apply the exercises that they have given me. Highly recommend!
C M: RMT massage was really good!
Kianya Agustina
Kianya Agustina: I heard a story about Form before I decided to live in Vancouver in 2019. It’s the first place I found on google and I make note to come here when I arrive in Vancouver, but story change. I live in NorthVan & drive 28 minutes to Form, but after more than one year’s wait I still follow my plan. In my first session I fell in love with everything in here and I love it so far. They have great Pilates reformer, not only in the picture or website, more for real with my own eyes.I have been trained by Kaitlin and she is an amazing trainer.Thank you so much @formbodylab you have peaceful wonderful place 🙏🏽#pilates#pilatesreformer
Ariel Cummings
Ariel Cummings: Great instructors!
Jennifer Rhodes
Jennifer Rhodes: Discovering ELDOA with Sarah changed my life. Sarah is a fantastic instructor. The studio is beautiful and everyone is very professional and knowledgeable. Then I discovered someone trained in both Pilates and the ISHTA yoga lineage will be working here! Between Sarah and soon Salma, my mind and body will be super happy. Thank you Form Body Lab!!! You clearly know what you are doing!
Historia Lee
Historia Lee: I've been getting chiropractic services for years and it was my first time getting physio therapy, so I decided to go to this place.They have horrible customer service, very bad attitude and didnt aware me on how much was going to be charged on my credit card..They also didn't mention about cancellation fees so I had to call an ask if I could cancel, because I was so sick, but they just said it was noted on the contract sheet that I signed and that I needed to pay full amount of the session even if I wanted to cancel it.I just decided to not go to that place anymore and I cancelled all the future appointments I had with them.. I wasn't asking for money back, but maybe next time the recepetions could talk with little bit of generosity for long lasting customers.Definitely not a place to go for if your looking for a friendly-family vibe..I just felt like I was money to them, not a person that they actually cared for, which is something they should be starting to do now :)
Carla Chiang
Carla Chiang: I first started going to Form Body Lab summer of 2014 and have loved it ever since. The instructors are very knowledgeable and attentive; they focus on the form of each student so you can really tell there's high quality of service! Highly recommend.
K G: The staff here are all super friendly, knowledgable and professional. They really are wonderful people that always made me feel that they genuinely cared about the patients. Really helped me in my journey towards recovery. Thank you Form Body!
Noha Tarek
Noha Tarek: They are extremely nice and accommodating! Highly recommend them.
Natalie: I first tried Form Body Lab over 2 years ago and it's become my #1 choice workout destination in Yaletown. The staff and instructors here are incredible. It is the place to go to if you are rehabbing, trying to get in shape, trying to get stronger or all of the above. There is a variety of classes from private pilates, to reformer classes, mat pilates, and more. The studio is also beautiful!
Norma D
Norma D: Highly recommend this studio. I'm past retirement age and new to pilates. The studio is beautiful and so comfortable and non-intimidating. There are no pressure tactics or hard sell. Just incredibly qualified and talented practitioners. Having physio onsite is a distinct advantage. I've been working with Jane Osborne for about seven months and am astounded at the improvements we've achieved. I am stronger and more aligned, my posture and balance have improved dramatically, and I feel strong and confident. Fewer aches and pains. It's easy to give this place a try.
Geoff Peters
Geoff Peters: As a software developer, I have the daily stress on my body due to long hours sitting at a desk. The physiotherapists at Form Body Lab have been amazing in helping me maintain health and cope with this stress and tension in my body, and have helped me with my posture and relieving my tight neck, shoulders, and upper back. They also helped me work through some injuries due to running and cycling that I recently experienced. I highly recommend the Physiotherapy services that are available at Form Body Lab.

9. The Yoga Bar Yaletown - Vancouver

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38 reviews
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The Yoga Bar Yaletown
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Address: 1050 Homer St Unit 280, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-264-1759

Business type: Yoga studio

The Yoga Bar Yaletown: what do users think?
Ghazal: Edit: TYB has changed a lot since 6 months ago that I wrote this review. I decided not to go back there anymore because the prices have gone way up and their standards have dropped…———————————————Love love love this yoga studio! The vibe is amazing here and they have pretty awesome classes! I regularly go to their aerial class and I love it. I’ve practiced with Masha and Sara and both of them are amazing yoga teachers. I love how Masha adds variety to her classes and teaches new things every time!The LAAB class is intense but rewarding and the Deep Stretch class is healing and relaxing.Definitely recommend checking out classes at The Yoga Bar Yaletown!
M R: Typical bougie yoga studio in it for the money than for the yoga/the people. What kind of studio charges a $50 "enrollment fee" when registering for a month-to-month autopay membership? The monthly rate should be enough of an "enrollment fee." It's a shame that the clientele would never complain about it though - gotta keep up appearances, I guess.Nice enough studio. Too many people bring their phones into the practice space. Enjoy the hot classes. Injured my back during Aerial Yoga - cool experience, but won't be taking it again, personally.
Liyang Zhang
Liyang Zhang: Very clean studio, has shower & lockers. Very cute vibe studio! Yoga instructor Ellen is great!
Chloe Booth
Chloe Booth: It's a cult but I still give it five stars
Brylee Sawyer
Brylee Sawyer: Space was beautiful, clean, welcoming. Hot yoga was hot for sure, but not unbearable. $5 to rent a mat or towel so best to byo. Gabriel was fantastic, really helpful, patient and kind, particularly for me as a beginner. Would reccomend to a friend.
Nadine: The girl at the front desk was unwelcoming and fairly rude. It's weird to have someone with such a bad attitude at a yoga studio .....
Alex Fournier
Alex Fournier: Thank you Victoria for the great pilates class. The front desk staff is also very polite and accomodating. Cheers.
Grace Everett-Jarema
Grace Everett-Jarema: I had not done pilates in years and was new to the city and wanted to find a studio exclusively for everyone, especially during these strange times. I came across this beautiful yoga studio, which happened to be a few blocks from my condo. The studio itself is absolutely stunning! There is so much natural light streaming in with tropical plants everywhere. The studio strives to be environmentally friendly in every way possible and has everything you need in house to support your healthy lifestyle when it comes to exercising. As soon as you walk through the doors, you can feel the amazing energy from the staff and instructors and you know once your class is finished, you will not be the same person you were when you first walked Victoria Maybe always says :P Do yourself a favour and become part of the Yoga Bar family, you won't regret it. :)XX
os kar
os kar: Nice place and experience
Laura Bees
Laura Bees: I had the best time at TYBs aerial yoga class. As a first timer I didn’t know what to expect and had a fantastic experience. The instructor was so supportive and helpful on more challenging moves. She initially went step by step which allowed me to succeed quickly and feel very confident!! I can’t wait to be back for more!!
Sky Edge
Sky Edge: Love this place
Luz Alvarado
Luz Alvarado: Tried the aerial yoga a few times and loved it! Unfortunately I dont live in Vancouver anymore but will definitely book a class when visiting.
Chi Chi C
Chi Chi C: The staff are always really kind and Victoria is a phenomenal yogi/instructor/human being. Highly recommend checking it out.
Mária Močková
Mária Močková: Excellent yoga studio in the heart of Yaletown! Super clean, the atmosphere is incredible with professional services.I love hot yoga and I have found what I wanted.
Salina Siu
Salina Siu: Just signed up and I’ve been going every day almost! I love aerial yoga which is rare to find at other yoga studios. It’s one of the main reasons I joined here, they have unique class offerings. The restorative yoga class also uses the aerial hammock and I love how much my strength and flexibility has improved.
Darnell Kebo
Darnell Kebo: I travel for work so it's difficult to get regularly Aerial Yoga classes. I was excited to see Yoga Bar offers aerial yoga classes. The studio is very nice and clean. They offer mat and towel rentals, as well as lockers to store your belongings. There is also shower facilities. Staff is very friendly, I look forward to returning for future classes.
Lev, Natalya Gabuzyan
Lev, Natalya Gabuzyan: I don’t know why I waited so long to try Aerial Yoga. Wendy made my first ever antigravity yoga session such a wonderful experience. It was challenging, but she walks you through the whole practice. I felt deep stretch, stronger muscles, and better blood flow. Wendy is such an amazing and professional Aerial yoga instructor for so many years.And couple words about THE YOGA BAR YALETOWN: wonderful teachers, beautiful, lovely place, and a variety of classes that are perfect for anyone. Highly recommend.
Diego Trazzi
Diego Trazzi: This studio in the heart of Yaletown is absolutely the most charming and heartwarming to practice your yoga rituals. I used to come here years ago when was still branded YYoga, but I recently rediscovered they have re-opened as part of the Yoga Bar and wanted to try all their classes.I have been practicing yoga for a long time and I absolutely felt in love with aerial yoga, as the silk can be used as a prop to deepen the stretches of your asanas, or can simply be used to perform cool inversions.All teachers have different styles so I would recommend to try all the aerial classes then decide which style/instructor you like best.I also tried Inferno Hot Pilates, Barre, 26/2, restorative and more. I loved the energy of hot pilates: it's an intense workout and you'll definitely feel the (good) burn on your muscles. Barre is a great workout too to complement with ballet technique and if you want to tone up your glutes and legs. 26/2 is the same Bikram series, but compressed in one hour, so some asanas are only performed once.Victoria, all three of them, and all the staff is super nice and wonderful.If you decide to try this studio try to attend a couple of different classes to find out what matches your style and level.I can't wait to go back
Renata Gabuzyan
Renata Gabuzyan: All there is to say is that this is the cleanest, most relaxing/peaceful atmosphere and the service is top notch. There is an amazing selection of classes and the people are wonderful! I highly recommend checking this place out because I have nothing but good things to say about it :)
Brett Vilcu
Brett Vilcu: The Yoga Bar Yaletown is amazing. I signed up for a year and I haven't looked back. The instructors are great. As this was my first yoga studio experience I didnt know the correct positions but the instructors show you and teach you and really makes you feel like your part of the group. The new heat panels that are installed throughout the room makes it next level. Love it?? YESSS!!!
Azadeh Goudarzi
Azadeh Goudarzi: TYB is a charming space and has a serene atmosphere in the heart of the Yaletown. They offer versatile classes from high intensity fitness classes with weights, to Ariel yoga (where you hang like monkeys from the ceiling via a silk fabric and let the inner child out) and at last but not least: my favourite class: hot Vinyasa yoga. All teachers and staff are amazing (to name a few of the teachers whom I tried their classes and liked: Oxana, Marcus, Victoria Maybee, Kimmy, and Rebecca).The highlight of my week is the Tue Vinyasa class with Rebecca. I’m pumped with so much good energy when I leave, I feel ready to face anything that life might throw at me. Very highly recommend TYB!

10. The Bar Method - Vancouver

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218 reviews
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The Bar Method
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Address: 111 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 4Z8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-681-6188

Business type: Physical fitness program

The Bar Method: what do users think?
Rena Lawrence
Rena Lawrence: The support you receive at The Bar Method is above and beyond the value of membership. No matter what is going on with my body, the instructors continue to help me find ways to still get an amazing workouts. I’ve had multiple times in my life with back and neck pain that I was so afraid to workout and make it worse but this workout is actually so therapeutic that taking breaks is what makes my neck/shoulder/back pain worse. I can’t believe how much stronger I am because of this place. Highly HIGHLY recommend fully committing to this program and “Embrace the shake” 😌
Ekaterina Krivosheina
Ekaterina Krivosheina: Best barre studio in Vancouver
Ericka Emes
Ericka Emes: I love this studio! The community has been incredible since day one. Each instructors commitment to the classes they teach is incredible and inspiring.
Sara Del Conte
Sara Del Conte: Love this studio and workout!
Tella Vega Carolina
Tella Vega Carolina: I thought I wasn’t made for exercise/workouts but “The Bar Method” prove me wrong! I’m in love since my first class, it’s incredible how fast your body starts to change. I’m more confident, strong, flexible and of course very happy!
Cassandra Knight
Cassandra Knight: The bar method is WONDERFUL! I'm so grateful that I took a chance and signed up for a one month trial - I will definitely be continuing with them! The best part of the studio is hands down the instructors! They are all so kind and friendly and supportive! I was in a really serious car accident and I've been really insecure about my body as I was mostly on bed rest for about a year and have never been this out of shape as an adult. The welcoming attitudes of every single person on the staff have made me feel confident coming in and trying my best, even though I struggle with lots of the exercises and have to modify them due to my post accident pain and limitations. All of the teachers have great personalities and lots of technical skill - not to mention eyes in the backs of their heads! The exercises are also very effective and follow a loose structure so you can get more confident over time and improve your technique. I'm noticing a big difference, I realized today that I fit my pre accident jeans again after a little more than two weeks! I am forever grateful to the whole team at the Bar Method! I only wish they had more classes so I wouldn't have to miss any days!
Karen Wong
Karen Wong: I have been doing the Bar Method since 2014. What drew me here was experiencing decreased strength, endurance and body awareness after an Achilles tendon repair and having 2 children. During this time, I have gotten to know the wonderful Bar Method owner Carolyn and the knowledgeable and very client centered instructors! This has become my happy place and a space where I have met personal goals with the many classes offered, getting exercise modifications when I needed, encouragement when I was feeling unmotivated and have met many friends who lift and support one another! I strongly encourage beginners to advanced exercisers to join Bar. When I started, I couldn’t do pretzel without tons of props, a heel lift without cramping or a push up on my toes! Now I can!
Linda S
Linda S: I have taken 5 Bar Method classes for now. First time I entered the studio, I liked the clean, bright, spacious and loft-style studio right away. People are very friendly and teachers are super helpful to new comers. The workout routines are carefully designed, very efficient and effective. I did or am still doing weight training, hot yoga, zumba, HIIT, etc. At the beginning, I have my doubts, but those exercises do make my legs shaking. With small weights and small movements, muscles are toned and strengthened. I also feel my poses are little bit more elegant now (still a long way to go)
Raiane Salles
Raiane Salles: This is the best barre studio I tried in Vancouver! Been going for a couple months now. Super friendly staff and instructors, great atmosphere! Very welcoming! Also, classes are challenging and fun. This workout won my heart!
LS Tanguera LS Tanguera
LS Tanguera LS Tanguera: Enjoying the 45-min Bar Express workouts. Every workout is exactly what I am working on particularly strengthening core for better posture, toning upper arm profiles, leg. Great instructors are amazingly patience and guiding the class to a great workout. Thank you Bar Method...
Kiah Hampton
Kiah Hampton: Wonderful studio, workouts, and staff! Each instructor was genuinely kind and wanted everyone to get the most out of the class. I was so happy to see how my strength, flexibility, and stamina improved over just a few weeks! Definitely recommend!
Debbie Lu
Debbie Lu: Great service and classes! Love the vibe here. They have a new member special which allows you to try out the classes. The staff are so nice.
Ekaterina: Very beautiful, spacious and bright studio!I really loved the class and the teacher was awesome! Great customer service!
Sarah Morbey
Sarah Morbey: The best workouts ever! Everyone is so kind and welcoming :)
Sam Griffin
Sam Griffin: Great people. Great workout. Great time.
Leila Kavishi
Leila Kavishi: Bar method is one of the best places that I can recommend.The body shape after a few months is amazing.My experience at bar method West Vancouver location is more than 5 starsThe trainees are great,the staff are friendly also they know everyone’s name which is unbelievable
kakui ho
kakui ho: They are awesome. Instructors are great and staff are great. Always care about every singe one and correcting right forms and call our names. Congrats on 12 th anniversary. We had a little surprised celebration at the class. Every single class is always very warm welcome and great work out. Make me happy. Thank you!
Tereza: The first exercise that I enjoy and decided to stick with. Instructors are very nice and will help you adjust your position if incorrect while pushing your limits so that your legs shake. User-friendly app to book classes. Very nice, clean, modern studio and equipment (you don't need to bring anything besides non-slip socks). Membership for $200 a month is reasonable since you usually attend 3+ classes a week. Since the first class, I felt very welcome by the staff, and they followed up and were interested in how the experience with The Bar was for me. Very happy so far.
Muna Hawwa
Muna Hawwa: 🔥
Divya Tugnait
Divya Tugnait: Groupon clearly states you can buy another package once current package runs out but the company is trying to scam double the amount. Groupon states the package doesn’t expire, I come back from vacation and 10 sessions left have magically expired. This place is a true scam, get your moneys worth elsewhere. If I could add screenshots of the Groupon page to prove my point I would, I’m positive this business will claim otherwise but I have screenshots. Fine prints mean nothing when in bold it states it doesn’t expire and can be repurchased by the same customer, scammers :)
Kim Forrester
Kim Forrester: Amazing place for prenatal and postnatal fitness! The team here is so supportive, it’s a great community to be a part of. Low-impact but challenging workout, so rewarding!

11. Open Door Yoga - Vancouver

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3 reviews
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Open Door Yoga
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Address: 175 E 15th Ave #4, Vancouver, BC V5T 2P6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:30 PM

Telephone: +1 778-371-8179

Business type: Yoga studio

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