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1. Vancouver Luxury Rentals - Vancouver

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117 reviews
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Vancouver Luxury Rentals
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Address: 2590 Granville St Unit 204, Vancouver, BC V6H 3H1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-899-0220

Business type: Property management company

2. Yaletown 939 - Vancouver

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Yaletown 939
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Address: 939 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3C1, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-681-0939

Business type: Apartment rental agency

Yaletown 939: what do users think?
Ella Green
Ella Green: Very nice!!!
Brendan Gallagher
Brendan Gallagher: Management and staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Very positive experience living here.
seyedmohammadmeh tabaeian
seyedmohammadmeh tabaeian: The best building management ever😇
Julian Bell Music
Julian Bell Music: The building and amenities are well-maintained .The administration, staff and security are top notch.Great gym, fast elevators and generally quiet neighbors.Overall positive experience.
Lisa P.S.
Lisa P.S.: Fantastic experience with QuadReal. The Community Managers in the office were amazing with all questions and logistics with moving in. All requests have been handled very quickly as well. The building is quiet and clean. Greta location in Yaletown!
emilija todorovic
emilija todorovic: Excellent place to rent. The building and townhouse was well-maintained and any requests (for repair or maintenance) were promptly fulfilled. Excellent management team who really made the experience enjoyable.
Jorge Rincon
Jorge Rincon: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessManagement, attention, facilities and building are just great. We are very happy living here.
Alvin Chung
Alvin Chung: A very quick response from the time I submitted the ticket to when Leo called me just before coming over the next morning..
Jeniffer Bain
Jeniffer Bain: Positive:ProfessionalismUsed to live there very nice people.
Peter Zimmer
Peter Zimmer: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueThis is a great place to live! Very convenient, in the middle of Yaletown area. The building’s management team is very professional, helpful and friendly.
Ricardo Baeza
Ricardo Baeza: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueHonestly the worst experience I've ever had in Vancouver... not recommended at all!
IAN MACLEOD: Positive:Professionalism,Responsiveness,ValueVery convenient process.
Besher Al Maleh
Besher Al Maleh: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Value
Reza Alipour
Reza Alipour: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
Paola Espinoza
Paola Espinoza: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueIt was super fast and efficient
Frank Yong
Frank Yong: Positive:Professionalism,QualityWell organized move-in day
M H: Critical:Responsivenesstried to contact the building mangers by email and phone call to inquiry the building. no response at all.
David Lee
David Lee: Positive:ProfessionalismVery good customer service.
Aya Constantini
Aya Constantini: Positive:ResponsivenessThe prompt response to our service requests
Jimmy Quach
Jimmy Quach: I had the pleasure of living in this beautiful boutique building in Yaletown for a year. The management team is truly professional and easy to deal with. The care that the staff put in really shows through the building’s cleanliness and their smiles. If you ever had any problems, you knew that someone would deal with it as soon as they can.Things I enjoyed about the building/my unit:- newly renovated gym- quiet outdoor bbq area- nice views of BC Place, False Creek- QuadReal connect mobile app for payments, service requests, community bulletin, etc.
Eric Baar
Eric Baar: Quite possibly the best management I’ve ever dealt with during an apartment rental. All the staff, caretakers and security were extremely helpful, kind, and professional. Lived here for about a year and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for making my stay a memorable one.

3. Shoreline West End - Vancouver

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18 reviews
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Shoreline West End
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Address: 1763 Comox St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1P5, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-970-7368

Business type: Apartment building

4. The Duke - Vancouver

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48 reviews
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The Duke
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Address: 333 E 11th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 0H1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-721-5800

Business type: Apartment building

The Duke: what do users think?
Praveen Samuel
Praveen Samuel: I am a current tenant. The Duke is a great place to live. Megan and Mohsen and their team are fabulous and have taken excellent care of me. The location is so convenient- everything is close by. I would certainly recommend living here.
Hannaneh Sobhani
Hannaneh Sobhani: The new management made this place such an amazing place to live in!!! I lived in the Duke for 4 years and it had a rocky start with the old management but since the Realstar stepped in we had a much nicer and more well organized building! It is truly a special experience to live in this architecturally unique space, also thanks to Megan and Mohsen for their amazing management! 100 % recommend it!
Pierre-Marc Patenaude
Pierre-Marc Patenaude: Fresh start in new city and province. Megan, Mohsen, Colin and Maryanna have made moving and getting this place from almost 5000kms away much easier. Also they get things done.Buses to downtown, stanley park and Burnaby at corner. 2 skytrains 15 min walk, and they are building a 3rd a block away. Bike share outside building. Car share in building. Walk to False Creek/Seawall in 10/15mins.Im debating selling my car...The view is on the roof...speechless.Appartments are soundproof, I don't hear my neighbors....Main street 5mins away...Almost every other tenant in the building has a dog...making me miss one....I can keep going....
Jose Valentí Muelas
Jose Valentí Muelas: Moved here only a couple of days ago and the process was very smooth. Megan and Gabriele were very helpful throughout the process. The building is clean, secure and with plenty of utilities. Beautiful rooftop views.
Farid Darvish
Farid Darvish: The new management is great!
peyman Haghani
peyman Haghani: Cool building! Love it !
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson: I was one of the first people to move into this building, and unfortunately just had to leave to downsize costs. If not for going back to school, I would have never left. The new management is amazing, Megan and Mohsen go out of their way to keep the building running smooth, and are always available to help. You can tell it is a passion for them, by all the small extra details they lovingly do to make this building a home; decorate for holidays, put out goody bags for children at Halloween, etc. The buildings architecture is stunning, the views from the apartments and roof are insane, and the location is a rare find. I was super happy staying here, and very sad to leave. Would highly recommend living here.
Yasi Tabatabaei
Yasi Tabatabaei: A friend of mine has been living in this building for over two years and she was never happy with the previous management, she was planning to get a new place but then RealStar started and she immediately noticed the huge difference. So i got my own place here about 2 months ago and i couldn't be happier. Megan and Mohsen are so friendly and helpful. They fix any problem asap.
Kas: Beautiful building with an amazing view on rooftop. Fantastic management since Realstar has taken over the property. Very professional service and always helpful!
E T: Beautiful building.
Tiana Whitney J.
Tiana Whitney J.: Experience with management:I usually don’t give reviews, but my experience here has been terrible. I’ve only had people over twice since moving in and the second time I had friends over for a chicken dinner and board games night on the rooftop. The management discriminated and filed a noise complaint against myself and a few guests stating that we were making noise til the early hours of the morning. We left by midnight, by our own choice before the security and manager told us to we had five minutes to leave “because we were clearly drunk and disregarding the warnings” which was untrue. After the first noise complaint from the building manager at 10:10pm, we made an effort to be quiet. By 11pm security asked only us to keep it down, even though we weren’t the only group on the rooftop, there was a family beside us playing jenga (quite loudly) but my group of friends (who are all Indigenous women) were being accused of being loud and disrespectful to our neighbours. None of us were drunk, and I was completely sober.Building and community:As someone who just graduated, I feel like this building is a dormitory style, except there is no community to it. The sound waves travel up and down because of the open concept rooftop and centre of the building. Dogs can always be heard barking, there are lots of police, ambulance and fire truck sirens (especially between the hours of 11pm-2am). The kitchen spaces are small, I live in a two-bedroom, the only bright side is the patio which has a view of south van (which is as long as the unit). The rooftop also has a nice view, but it’s an amenity for few to enjoy. The elevators when working are quite fast, but waiting for an elevator if one of them isn’t working can take a while (one elevator is nearly always out of order).
Alistair Heys
Alistair Heys: Updated:The Duke is a much better building to live in since Real Star took over, the building is now being proactively maintained and improved. The fix anything immediately and are really friendly and reasonable. The elevators are working. The BBQ has been replaced.Original postDo not move in here until Rhapsody is no longer "managing" the building. The elevators are constantly out of order and they will not deliver on the promises they make you when signing a lease.
Alis Xu
Alis Xu: I rented here from Dec 2019 to May 2020. Move in was great. Maintenance guy helped to install wall shelves etc. The small studio was new and had a great view of the city. I didn't mind the broken blind pull cord and the bent metal frame of the washroom mirror. A couple months in, manager asked me to pay $250 for a noise complaint, when I did not cause the noise. Then, the management company changed from Rhapsody Living to Real Star. Staff from Real Star was very friendly and they helped to provide a great reference for my next rental place. When I moved out, things were smooth except I found out that instructions were unclear with regards to the water and heating account. I paid all six months of utility at once and they progressively increased from $52.62 to $145.11 per month, not counting internet and electricity. With that being said, roof top view of Vancouver is amazing, I enjoyed sitting there to watch the sunset with friends.
Yi Zhou
Yi Zhou: Glad to work with Rihannon when looking for a place to stay long term in the Vancouver area! Being from Toronto & because of the COVID-19 crisis, we encountered a lot of property management staff that did not want to do remote viewings or tried to benefit off our inexperience renting in the area. But Rihannon was friendly and knows exactly what we need to get started and processed our application extremely efficiently. Thank you!
Kirsten Palmer
Kirsten Palmer: I have had GREAT EXPERIENCES while living here at The Duke. The management staff, and everyone working in and around the building, are so lovely, kind and helpful. I've lived in other buildings with different strata/ management services (FSR) where you can't get ahold of anyone for help whether that be in-suite or outside issues (emergency and non-emergency), and where the on-suite and off-suite management just don't care at all about upkeep of the structure or the tenants. My experience here at The Duke 100% the opposite! It's wonderful! Issues (if there are any) are attended to in a timely and efficient manner. The building is beautifully kept and clean. And everyone working in and around the building is so nice! I also find the building safe and secure. I love where I live and I know that I am taken care of - that is if I ever need anything all I have to do is ask! Its a GREAT PLACE TO LIVE and the management is awesome!
Sarah Wilkinson
Sarah Wilkinson: One Star - Renter BewareI don’t generally write reviews, but I feel compelled to share my rental experience at The Duke. I lived in this building for over 18 months in a studio unit. I would highly NOT recommend living here. The management does not have your back as a tenant, and the cost of rent is honestly insane for the square footage. There are other, much better rental properties in Vancouver with better amenities for this price!PROS: East-facing views of the mountains are amazing. Communal lounge is nice and easy to reserve. Building is modern. Good location. In-suite laundry. Aussie guy who works for The Duke is very nice and friendly!CONS: High resident turnover, which says a lot. I think I had at least 3 new neighbours on either side of me in the span of 18 months. No sense of community - very “closed-door” feel to the building, everyone just sticks in their apartments. Extremely expensive rent for what you get. In my unit, there was no oven, tiny sink, tiny fridge, barely any counter space - definitely not ideal for anyone who likes to cook. Tiny patio - could not even comfortably fit a small bistro set. Management will raise rent at every opportunity to do so (I moved out and they increased the rent of my unit by over $400 for the next tenant). Management is very unresponsive, and very unfriendly. Emails to management always required a follow-up phone call. Not always quick to notify tenants when packages have arrived - there were instances when my parcels were just sitting in the office, even though there is a Parcel Pending system that should be used. You will probably see this in many reviews, but the elevators were completely unreliable. There was a period of about 8 months when one or both elevators were not working. Very unacceptable for an 18-story building, especially for residents with accessibility needs, children and older pets that can't do a lot of stairs. The communication from management was TERRIBLE on this ongoing issue, there was no timeline for the repairs, it was always "we're working on it" and then “we’re still working on it”. As an effort to boost morale, The Duke tried to host tenant appreciation “events” (if you can call it that). They said they would provide breakfast in the courtyard one morning for residents to grab on their way to work. This ended up being a table in the courtyard with Timbits, cans of Pepsi and water bottles... Probably should not have bothered. Rooftop amenities were also quite sad... I had my entire family over for a BBQ one night only to find out the BBQ was broken, with no notification from management. No gym or pool facilities that you would expect for the amount rent you pay.
Jenny Xiao
Jenny Xiao: I just moved to Vancouver and found this beautiful apartment. Management (Jasmina) went above and beyond making me feel comfortable and helping me through the application process. Additionally, they assisted me with some other issues I was having with another temporary living situation which are well beyond their job description. Very happy to be here :)
Jena Jacquot
Jena Jacquot: The people who live here are lovely and the architecture is phenomenal. The staff who work here (excluding the 2 maintenance guys who work very hard) are all incredibly unprofessional. They are probably not qualified to manage a building of this size and lack compassion and empathy. Infant, they just raised the rent and the elevators never work.**Update: After many weeks of both elevators not being in service, this morning the elevators are not working. As I carried my recycling down to the basement my calf injury flared up and I have to take the day off work to deal with it. No, it's not the buildings fault I have a pre existing injury, but when I moved in here, I thought that we had 2 working elevators. We are lucky if we have 1 half the time.
Mitchell South
Mitchell South: I live in this building and it can be an absolute nightmare. The building has had one elevator out of service for over two months, and the only remaining elevator has been experiencing similar issues.The staff onsite do their best, however upper management seems to not care about the building. The only time I have heard from them is regarding forms they want me to sign, which have often gone against laws or my rights as a tenant.I would strongly advise against moving into this building.UPDATE: Second elevator has been shutting down frequently, and as I predicted, is headed the same way as the first. I was trapped in the second elevator for about five minutes a little over a week ago, and it has been making increasingly louder screeching noises. Avoid the Duke at all costs.UPDATE 2: The second elevator has been repaired, which is great to see. On site staff have continued to do their best in making this a good place to live, which I do appreciate. At this point, the first elevator (which has been down for months) continues to not work, and I still question how these elevators were deemed safe upon opening. Improvements being made, but still a long way to go here.
Joanne C
Joanne C: HORRIBLE building...from the way it was constructed to the people that manage it. Been here for about 6 months and walls and ceilings are starting to crack. Other residents also had major electrical and plumbing issues.Elevators don't work. Since I moved here, only 1 out of the 2 elevator worked (but only worked for 2 months). At this moment, elevator repairmen have deemed both elevators unsafe to use. Management has changed maintenance companies several times and the elevators are still regularly out of service.Security has been a major issue for every resident. From stolen bicycles to car break-ins in the underground parking lot. The garage gates are constantly broken and left open. Since there are so many blind spots in the parking garage, no one has been caught for all the theft/damage that's been done.The design of the building also has a major flaw. The hollowed centre creates an echo chamber so all noises from the streets are amplified throughout the entire building. No matter what floor you're on, you will hear other people talking on the roof top and sirens from the streets are extra loud because of this design.Check out the facebook group "Residents of The Duke" and you'll see how bad this building is. Read other reviews left on Google. $2000/month for a 1-bedroom...I would NOT recommend renting this building.
Kelly Easton
Kelly Easton: Pros: nice views, nice roof top patio to use, en-suite laundry and dishwasher, nice overall community/living environment.Cons: elevators down more often than not, no oven in 1 bed and bachelors, rent has gone up significantly since first move-ins, parking extra $200 a month (with many issues of break ins and theft), building materials were the cheapest available (flood issues, noticeable unavoidable wear and tear, cheap things that fall apart), building design creates an echo chamber and you can hear almost everything through your door happening in a building of 200+ residents, overall general feeling the upper management does not care about keeping us happy - just to keep us paying and increasing that anyway they can. On site management is nice and friendly but they can only do so much.Would not recommend living here unless they get serious about keeping it up to the standards of what we pay in rent.

5. Stanley Park - Vancouver

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34906 reviews
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Stanley Park
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-681-6728

Business type: Tourist attraction

6. Metropolitan Towers - Vancouver

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70 reviews
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Metropolitan Towers
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Address: 930 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1B4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-685-7368

Business type: Apartment rental agency

Metropolitan Towers: what do users think?
Anna Krymskaia
Anna Krymskaia: The apartments we lived in were really the best in my life. Spacious, light, with huge windows from ceiling to floor, and a tremendous view on downtown Vancouver and the mountains nearby. We had a 2 bedroom + 2 bathroom + flex apartments. More than that we had an unbelievably big and beautiful terrace where we had rest after working days with a glass of wine and sometimes threw parties with friends. I am very thankful to all Quadreal staff for their support and quick response to every little question we had. When I had a problem with my dishwasher it was repaired the same day!!! We also rented a parking slot, a bicycle room and a parking lot. It was not that expensive but very convenient. I’m really sorry we have to move out of these apartments, but our time in Canada goes to an end as we are moving to US. If we stayed longer in Vancouver I would definitely keep these apartments.
Muffin LeFallen
Muffin LeFallen: Dragan is such a nice man. He works quickly and efficiently.
Fernando Benza
Fernando Benza: Amazing place to live in, but what really made it amazing was the Staff!
Dulce Ramirez
Dulce Ramirez: Metrotown area is a very well known place because how huge it is with the mall but also so many places around here. For example, there's a Walmart, a couple of restaurants around, some walk in clinics, food stores and the sports complex which is known as Bonsor recreation complex.Another very significant point of metrotown is the business area which is called the "metro towers", that are 3 buildings with around 50-60 stories each and you can find here services mainly from law firms and migration stuff as well.This last area is in front of the skytrain and a nice spot for taking pictures. During the summer, a good thing to do is going to sit at the food area from outside the mall, eat some chipotle food and walk around the metro towers. The green area where the fountain is, is a good spot just to sit over, relax, it might not be much for some but you definitely can get some good photos from around and behind, close to the bonsor recreation complex.And next to this last one, there's a spot for skaters and a soccer field surrounded by apartment buildings. In case you want to do some exercise, you are going to enjoy it too.
Olivia: Been living here for almost two years now, and can’t imagine living anywhere else! Special shoutout to the maintenance extraordinaire, Dragan, and the entire Quadreal team for making the building a peaceful, positive, quiet, clean, and welcoming place to live. As a property manager myself (completely unaffiliated with Quadreal, I might add), I can confidently say that this is one of the best purpose-built rentals you’ll find. 10/10.
Cindy Liu
Cindy Liu: I don’t really write reviews but I have the urge write one for metropolitan towers! Great building, location, amenities and more than great management team! I would totally say my Vancouver life wouldn’t be as lovely without living at metropolitan towers!
Iulia Munteanu
Iulia Munteanu: Would gladly recommend this building to those who have the budget for the area this building is situated in. The amenities and suites are very modern and the on-site staff is stellar.
Guilherme Lindner
Guilherme Lindner: I never had any problems in my apartment, the Metropolitan Towers team is always ready to help and answer questions. I strongly recommend them!
Leah Whalen
Leah Whalen: So organized! A friendly welcome and quick signing of papers on a stressful moving day :)
Jade Ornelas
Jade Ornelas: The lease process was fast and easy
Marcus Karpoff
Marcus Karpoff: One of the best rental experiences I've ever had. Great management, clean facilities, maintenance is fast and effective.
Atlas: There are few years I call this place as home. I actually love everything of the building and I'll say they have very good securities in Vancouver downtown. I'm giving 3 stars due to a woman called Ivanka.All people from management team is polite, nice and gentle except this Ivanka. I don't know if there's anyone from leadership team related to her, and I won't be surprise if that is true, since Ivanka is so unprofessional but still stuck here for a lot of years, clearly those guys allowing and agreeing with her to treat tenants like her prisoners.Ivanka is very emotional, not flexible, hard to communicate, shows no respect to people and prefers to judging everyone, plus she take all common utilities and rooms as her own treasure instead of tenants resources. All my friends living in this building hate her and try not to deal with her.My company is keep hiring new people to Van, I would like to refer all of them into this building as long as I heard Ivanka is not in the office anymore.
pradeep kumar d
pradeep kumar d: The Staff and the processes are very trustworthy. I feel safe in here and the people are awesome!!
Christy Pratt
Christy Pratt: I lived at Metropolitan Towers for close to 15 years, first in the A tower and then in B. It is an extremely well-managed building, and the management, leasing and security staff are friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this building for anyone who is looking to make it their next home. You won't be disappointed.
S H: Every one of the QuadReal team that I had dealt with, from leasing to operations/management and security, have been so fantastic to deal with! I was so impressed with how knowledgeable, thorough, helpful and accommodating everyone has been to ensure my move in was flawless!
Jonathan Yao
Jonathan Yao: We lived here just over three and a half years. Our experience at Metropolitan Towers has been excellent throughout.Everything from payment options and package systems are streamlined and modern. Building managers are quick and responsive and maintenance issues are usually addressed within minutes.The only downsides are associated with typical downtown living - the neighborhood can be noisy, and the cost-to-space ratio isn't for everyone. That said, it's still the perfect location if you're looking for somewhere that's high-energy and incredibly convenient.The only reason we're moving away is that we need a much bigger space for our new baby, otherwise we would happily stay longer. Highly recommended Metropolitan Towers as a great rental option.
Rob Hoff
Rob Hoff: Excellent display of environmental consciousness. Lots of stores to choose from something for everyone
Sheila Matano
Sheila Matano: I've been living at Metropolitan Towers since 2018. I would have stayed but unfortunately have to move to another province. My experience has been wonderful staying here. From my initial contact with the Teams at the leasing and management offices, the customer service has been excellent. They have gone above and beyond for me, and I couldn't have asked for more. I have never had an issue here where I wasn't heard; any problems in my apartment have been dealt with almost immediately. They are that fast! Just yesterday, I had an issue with a beeping smoke detector and a problem with the microwave handle, I put in the request at 8am, and it was fixed by 10am.We know that downtown has been a bit of a mess during the pandemic, but I've never felt in danger living here. Although there have been some break-ins in the building, I feel pretty safe as a single woman living in this building. The security guards are great folks and have looked out for me, especially when it's late. They do their best.There are many pros. My apartment is relatively large compared to other buildings in this price range, and there's a Starbucks and grocery store downstairs. The amenities in the building are also excellent; the gym is pretty decent, there's a lovely cinema, social lounge, and study. Honestly, we've been in a pandemic for the last couple of years, and this Team has done the best they can. And I have genuinely loved living here.
Lori Forrest
Lori Forrest: We lived there for almost 8 years and probably would have stayed if they would have ripped out the carpets. It's a rental - it's exactly what you think. Elevators were out enough to annoy. The on-site staff were nice. Neighborhood went downhill during and after COVID.
Vienna Page
Vienna Page: This apartment was a terrible experience for my sister. The apartment management treated her poorly. I do not suggest registering to that apartment. This apartment is very unprofessional for treating their costumers badly.
Angel Wong
Angel Wong: Rented in this apartment building for one year. When moving out, a room inspection was required. I was charged 400 dollars for dusty blinds that had been wiped down one week prior. Was gaslit during the situation. Was told that if I argued with the charge, the inspector threatened to do a more “thorough” inspection and was sure she would find other things to charge me on. She told me that she was already being nice about the whole situation.

7. - Vancouver

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44 reviews
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Address: 1601 Bayshore Dr. Suite 1A, Vancouver, BC V6G 2V4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-593-3020

Business type: Condominium rental agency what do users think?
Anne Cunningham
Anne Cunningham: Wow, I was so amazed with all the great info, advice on fair market rent and tools provided. As usually I have to this all on my own.
Patty Ren
Patty Ren: It’s very good web for both landlords and tenants
兔子王: It’s helpful and trusting web
Sunny Yum
Sunny Yum: Nathalie provided excellent service in explaining the features and functions of the website through the complimentary information session. She was helpful in providing a little bit of listing insights for my particular listing. Highly recommend using this website for a one stop shop to manage your rental property.
Anna Lai
Anna Lai: We have recently become landlords and in the business of renting. It has been an eye opening experience to learn about the various aspects of the rental processes. The process of Dual Identity Verification establishes trust between renters and landlords. As a landlord, I could reach lots of verified renters upon my identity being verified. In this regard, we have become familiar with LivRent and in particular with Leanne Cheng (2 listings). Leanne has been very helpful and super patient to guide us throughout the listing process from start to finish and evaluation of potential tenants. Leanne will go above and beyond our expectations to match what we looked for in our tenants. Leanne is very professional, concise, knowledgeable and offered a number of suggestions without leaving us in grey or dark. She suggested we use the feature listing which was very efficient with a very good price. Leanne always responds to our emails promptly. LivRent we found is a very thorough ONE STOP PLATFORM starting from the proper application, evaluating potential tenants (Identity verification, Trust Score, Credit Check, Trustworthiness, Income to rent Ratio & Court Record Verification), and the details of Tenancy Agreement with Addendums. Electronic signing is very helpful. We are really thankful to work with Leanne, very outstanding customer service and appreciate all her dedicated efforts. We will certainly use LivRent in the future (Stress Free - we will give another 5 more stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ to Leanne & the LivRent Team) and highly recommend their amazing service.
juan c arteta
juan c arteta: At the beginning I was a bit frustrated because I provided all my information and none was replying to me, however, I wrote on the support chat and the manager Paula Azevedo took the time to replied and also called me to answered and clear all of my questions, she’s so committed with customer, love the way she treated me.
Felix Chow
Felix Chow: Jackie W was extremely helpful and provided great customer service on a smooth listing process.
Rachel Green
Rachel Green: so far, so very good. i just got three info sessions rolled into one (which opened up my afternoon) and there was no wasted time. the graphics were good as were Nathalie's explanations. i appreciated her fact-based review of my listing and her recommendations, which i will put into action today. the service itself seems a godsend to landlords, of whom i am one, and maybe to tenants, too. i look forward to seeing if the site actually brings me a tenant!
Aurore: The application requires the picture, age and name of my pets....really?! Is this the best use of a tenant or owner s time to go through this type of info?
SteZen Nguyen
SteZen Nguyen: Great & Fast Response Customer Care. Highly Recommended for Landlords and Tenants Alike. Paula spend 45 min on advising me how to do my best to rent out my room.
Robyn Burton
Robyn Burton: I am a Landlord that owns a unique property with comparatively higher rental rates, looking for niche market tenants. Liv.Rent's representative, Jackie Wong has helped me by bringing her experience and problem solving skills to the table. Highly recommend the Liv.Rent platform and resources available.
J D: They ask for a bunch of personal information. Used the website per agent's request and was helping my retired aunt who moved from a different province apply for a unit. We supplied everything that was requested and received a request to resubmit a different document because verification failed. Sent three different documents in total to verify income and all were rejected. Did not hear back from agent. Waste of time. They have all her info and she doesn't have anywhere to go...
Braden Nakonechny
Braden Nakonechny: Useless website for rentals in lower mainland of BC.
Carl Meadows
Carl Meadows: This was the first time I used and it was amazing. It was very seamless and allowed me to get a sense of the person applying to be a tenant. The customerservice was excellent. I can’t imagine ever going back to other rental sites. Leanne was amazing and walked me through many processes that were new to me. The ability to vet suitable renters and produce contracts that reflect your specific unit was incredible.
Farhad: I used for the first time and it's wonderful experience. It's not just a business to left you on your own alone, it's all about support and sharing. Jackie guided us in details, helped to understand the market and compare, it's not just limited to the time that you need to rent your property but also about extra support which you receive later too, it's beyond a regular business, with you are always welcome, that was the experience which make it absolutely different and fantastic.
Vania Tse
Vania Tse: I'm a first-time landlord, and decided to try this out, as I felt it might help renters feel comfortable knowing they weren't walking into a scam, and for me it was comforting to know that applicants' IDs were verified and credit checks easy as a press of a button. The fact that I couldn't show my place until 3 weeks later and now with so many people applying remotely, this app was invaluable! I ended up renting my place out within 9 days of posting (without even having to show it), and the electronic contract signing was just a critical part of the process I couldn't do without.However, a BIG part of the experience was the personal attention and guidance I got from Curtis, who did a whole hour Zoom walk-through with me, answered questions within hours if not minutes when I asked by phone or email, and even followed up on my experience unprompted to arrange another zoom call to hear all the feedback I had from using the app! I am beyond impressed with the customer service!There are definitely improvements that can still be made to create a more seamless experience, but I find the core functionality of this platform absolutely crucial to being able to find a tenant with confidence, in addition to giving me an instantly professional platform from which to operate. There is nothing else out there like this, and with this kind of reach in Vancouver, and I really look forward to some of the new functionality (like PAD payments) and improvements that are sure to come in the future!
gabbassov: I'm a landlord, and I used for the first time. I appreciate how simple it was to manage all applications and communicate with applicants through chat. The fact that the platform offers a pre-made tenancy contract and addendums was another thing that I liked. Overall their platform works pretty well. I think my life would be much more stressful if I just managed everything through email and phone. Their Zoom info session was beneficial and friendly. Customer service is excellent. Shout-out to Jackie and Nathalie at, I also have to point out that the mobile app is rather slow, and I hope they will improve it at some point. As of now, it is barely usable. The platform also features a tenant score ranking system. The score computation rules were not very clear, and I feel like more explanations needed to be included regarding the scoring logic and criteria.Although there are minor issues, I still give the platform five starts.
静静: Thanks a lot for all the information and help for the renting procedure.
Johanne Larose
Johanne Larose: We just joint LIV and such delight working with Paula and the team. We felt really supported and such a easier way for marketing, contract, finding tenants. Less time and less stress. Such amazing site for investors.
S SES: First session with Curtis was great. Very informative. I would highly recommend.
Pravin Vagh
Pravin Vagh: I had the pleasure of using Liv.Rent for the first time and the total experience has more than surpassed my expectations. I have had great support from Curtis and his team towards setting up the online ad for my Rental Property and guidance with Rental Inquiries on the platform. My property rented within 3 weeks of publishing and the background checks for prospective tenants was a great feature for me. I look forward to using it again when the need arises.

8. Sunbelt Rentals - Vancouver

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9 reviews
new review
Sunbelt Rentals
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Address: 520 Raymur Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 3L2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-424-9018

Business type: Equipment rental agency

Sunbelt Rentals: what do users think?
Adrian Larkin
Adrian Larkin: Excellent service, no request too big or to small never struggle to get a hold of someone on the phone
Welsh Bros Contracting
Welsh Bros Contracting: It is a pleasure to write a review based on Excellent: Service, Pricing & Customer Service. "Jansen" (Manager) was very nice to deal with from my initial phone call, though booking and all details. I highly recommend this company (Especially this branch office). Thank you for making all aspects of my RENTAL a great experience! I will definitely be doing Future business and will refer to others. Blair Welsh - Owner Operator of Welsh Bros Contracting. I Needed a HOT WATER PRESSURE WASHER for a large 4 week contract, including Delivery & Pick Up.
Neda Atefat
Neda Atefat: It's easy to find forklift rentals but it isn't easy to find a company that will go above and beyond for their customers. Sunbelt was able to deliver a forklift on short notice, which completely saved the day. They have excellent service and great products. Thank you again for everything.
Fredy Sanchez
Fredy Sanchez: I highly recommended this company. From the time I called to the last minute I was there I was treated with respect, professionalism & courtesy. They had the equipment I needed & when I showed up a few minutes after they were closed Jensen saw me, got out of his car & let me return the equipment I rented when It meant going out if his way for me. That is excellent customer service & I will return when in the area if I need to rent any equipment. Thanks Jensen & the rest of the team....keep up the great work guys!
Suede Tourney
Suede Tourney: Excellent service, great tools! A little off the path but not hard to find.
pouroverlord: Fast, well priced, great inventory.
Base Camp Mark
Base Camp Mark: Top notch equipment and staff. Best rental place.
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith: Good selection of tools and equipment. Friendly staff
In The Bag Enterprises Ltd
In The Bag Enterprises Ltd: Great service

9. Vancouver Extended Stay - Vancouver

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36 reviews
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Vancouver Extended Stay
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Address: 101-1288 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6E 4R3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-891-6100

Business type: Furnished apartment building

Vancouver Extended Stay: what do users think?
Phil Bergman
Phil Bergman: Very nice apartment with a fabulous view. Well equipped with everything we needed. Top notch service, very friendly and ready to help.Nearby activities: close to lots of restaurantsSafety: Secure parkingWalkability: close to seawall
Multi Digital Industries
Multi Digital Industries: We flew to Vancouver from Australia and stayed here for 30 days over Summer 2022. The apartment was clean, with a spectacular view. There is no better location in our opinion to stay in the city, with all the conveniences right there. The team was easy and friendly to book with, and we look forward to our next stay.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Rossana Llenado
Rossana Llenado: Best location in town. I never get tired of the views of the mountains, water, and city.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
LAJU NANWANI: If you are looking for a place that reflects Canadian hospitality and politeness-DONT book this place! A nightmare to deal with and behaviour bordering on harassment. Stay away from this place. I don't recommend them at all.
mark raven
mark raven: I’m staying at VES for the fourth time in 18 months. Each time the apartment has been clean and well equipped and the staff have been excellent, Susan, Melissa, Wendy and Bailee all very helpful and friendly. Super value if you can commit to a months stay. Location is excellent, very central
John Hollister
John Hollister: We visited our family and stayed at VES for a month.The condo was fantastic and the location was perfect.The thing that made this trip even better was how we were treated by the VES team. Thank you Susan for understanding my needs and getting us the perfect unit.Wendi thanks for answering all of my pre arrival questions. Bailee you were so wonderful - you made us feel special. Melissa thanks for taking care of some of the details during our stay. You made us feel like family!We will definitely stay with you again!
Flona Tauro
Flona Tauro: Had a superb time staying in an apartment through Vancouver Extended Stay. Being fully furnished, our place was extremely comfortable, cosy and convenient. The housekeeping staff too was efficient and understanding to our family of four including kids. The maintenance personnel showed up promptly for any issues within the apartment. Had a memorable stay here and would like to come again!!
BJ Oudman
BJ Oudman: When we found out we were moving to Vancouver, we knew we wanted to be in the city to look for a place to live. Vancouver Extended Stay was a wonderful place to call home for a month! The location was perfect to access the peninsula on foot, enjoy the seawall and Stanley Park. The accommodations were well equipped, clean and efficient. The staff were responsive and helpful. The building was quiet, professional and well maintained. I would highly recommend VES to anyone looking for a longer term stay.
Norm Gill
Norm Gill: I can't say enough about the quality service I received from the time I moved in to when I left. The team at Vancouver Extended Stay were amazing, Bailey and Melissa went out of way to make sure my stay went well. I would highly recommend staying here if get the chance, it defiantly was my home away from home.Norm
RodRozen Designs
RodRozen Designs: I can't say enough about the quality service I received from the time I moved in to when I left. The team at Vancouver Extended Stay were amazing, Bailey and Melissa went out of way to make sure my stay went well. I would highly recommend staying here if get the chance, it defiantly was my home away from home.Norm
Lavonne Meyer
Lavonne Meyer: Would highly recommend Vancouver extended stay to everyone. Immaculately kept apartment. Great and friendly staff. The best all around.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
berokh B
berokh B: AVOID AVOID this place at any cost they overcharge and have Susan their i’m assuming manager is rude and inconsiderate. I spent over 26 thousands dollars there when my parents has to stay there for months because They got stuck in Vancouver during Corona do to unforeseen circumstances!! First of they moved apartment from one building to another , tried to charge them extra for random things and at the end charged them extra 500 dollars after they left !!I AM ALSO REPORTING THIS BUSINESS TO BBB!!Stay away!!
Mike Nuss
Mike Nuss: We needed a furnished apartment to stay in for a couple of months after landing in the city until we had a permanent home. The location was great, the building is professionally managed, and the unit (1 bedroom plus den plus solarium) had the perfect layout! Highly recommend.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5 …More
Gary Froats
Gary Froats: We just completed a 2 month stay in a 2 bedroom/ 2 bath unit, and can't say enough good things about the property. It very quickly felt like home. VES staff were amazing and very helpful. Cleaning of the room every 2 weeks was a nice touch even though we had in suite laundry. Location is amazing as you can walk every where, with lots of shopping & restaurants nearby. Hope to be able to return again soon!Highly recommend!
robert granholm
robert granholm: Very nice suite and great location. Good amenities, and the cleaning staff was meticulous. The VES staff were always helpful. I enjoyed my stay very much!It was pricy however. There also seemed to be repeated issues with the elevator, which entailed fairly long waits at times. Perhaps they will iron that out shortly.
Yves Staheli
Yves Staheli: We had a really nice stay. The apartment was well equipped and we quickly felt at home.
C M: Fantastic stay. I stayed here with my family for one month over the summer.From the beginning on I received excellent service. My emails were answered swiftly (despite the time difference) and all my questions were answered.Prices were also reasonable and excellent value as we did travel in peak season. Downtown is one of the most expensive areas in Vancouver city and combined with the views you get as well as parking spaces, furniture and maid service the value is second to none.The apartment itself is stunning (please see my photos attached!) and a 5 minute walk to the seawall. All the furniture were extremely new and clean. It literally looks like the photos on the website (and that is rare these days!)Canada place is a 15 minutes stroll, both Grouse mountain and Capilano Bridge has a free shuttle service right by the apartment as well.There is so much to see around the area by foot and bike, you will save $$$ just from taxis and public transport otherwise!We even requested a non stick pan to cook with (as there were many high quality stainless steel pans provided, but we were used to teflon ), and within a few hours brand new one turned up free of charge! Any small issues we had were solved around 1 hour and latest within the day.It is the details in the team's efforts such as this and eagerness to please which makes the stay so pleasant. Everyone feels responsible to their customers which is fantastic.Do not waste your money elsewhere with staff who have 0 sense of responsibility after you have paid. It also works out way better value than Airbnb, hotels and other rental companies with apartments in the same building. For the same or even less money, you have luxury, space, freedom and a sense of security with the amazing team behind VES.
Alexandre Seibel
Alexandre Seibel: Best location in the city!
Patricia Labatut Serrao
Patricia Labatut Serrao: Best location in the city!
S Z: Best location in the city!
harshim malhotra
harshim malhotra: Nicely furnished Apartments with small rooms. All the possible amenities are already in place. Lacks a bit in hospitality.

10. Rent It Furnished - Vancouver

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285 reviews
new review
Rent It Furnished
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Address: 1020 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2T5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-628-3457

Business type: Real estate agency

Rent It Furnished: what do users think?
Bumblebee: Disappointed in this service. We emailed and called about listings we were interested in and no one got back to us. I spoke with someone on the phone when I called, and they told me they’d be in touch. Still nothing.
Jonathan Ma
Jonathan Ma: Finding rental units in BC is much more difficult than in Toronto. Thanks to Rent it Furnished for helping find my new home.
Carla Tr
Carla Tr: Do NOT use them for property management. Something simple like getting vents cleaned is taking months (even with the strata arranging the service they did not show up or flag they missed the appointment) for months I've given them the chance to rectify various issues and made no progress. Even the billing is incorrect. I have no idea what my property management fees are covering at this point I assume the fee covers nothing and it is a scam. (We've been with this company for years, pre-covid they were wonderful, past that the negligence and inability to get a straight answer/anything done has been mind boggling).
Ján Jakub Naništa
Ján Jakub Naništa: Super happy with the process overall - Michelle was great, supported us and accommodated our needs throughout the whole application. Must recommend!
Morgan Ross
Morgan Ross: This was my first experience with Rent It Furnished. My leasing agent (Michelle) was very kind and helpful. She found me a place in no time and was able to answer all of my questions. Thanks Michelle!
Ryah Rondolo
Ryah Rondolo: We really appreciated Michelle's great customer service - she provided clear and helpful explanations, took the time to find out answers to our questions she wasn't sure about, and was prompt and responsive. 😊 We’re looking forward to moving into our new home!
jarif Mayat
jarif Mayat: I rented an apartment through rent it furnished and the process was so smooth and apartment was exactly as it looked in photos.Kelly was very helpful.
Florence Lockhart
Florence Lockhart: Kelly Winton did an excellent job in choosing a tenant for our property and looked after all of our interests extremely well. We will definately continue to use Rent it Furnished services and work with Kelly!
Penny Manzouri
Penny Manzouri: I've been working with Rex and the experience so far has been great. We got our place rented out in a couple of weeks, and Rex has been very communicative throughout the process. We'd definitely use Rent-it-Furnished again!
Rhonda Cooper
Rhonda Cooper: Kelly Winton at Rent it Furnished was great to work with. She made renting my place easy and worry-free.
A S: Great selection of furnished apartments in Vancouver, and excellent service from Kelly Winton ! Kelly was in touch during weekends and odd hours with our queries, we whole heartedly recommend her and the RIF team for your Canadian stay ! A+++
Amy Robertson
Amy Robertson: We’re using RentItFurnished and they consistently make a barely bare minimum effort. They collect the rent and do accounting and nothing else….my tenant gets tired of not hearing from them and comes right to me. When we flag the issue they essentially shrug…because they know that if we fire them and keep our tenant, we still have to pay them a monthly finder’s fee. Oh, and the property manager changes every few months so we never know who to talk to. Use a smaller company.
Stephen Chuang
Stephen Chuang: Another success on finding good quality tenant for me. If you are looking for professionals renting your unit. Definitely work with Rent It Furnished!
Harish Manikantan
Harish Manikantan: Had a great experience with Kelly, who found me an apartment in Vancouver. I was able to view the place and finalize it, all remotely!
Catherine: I would not recommend this agency to anyone trying to find an apartment in Vancouver. The agent I dealt with Katie stood me up at a listing and while I waited 30 minutes outside in the cold she ignored all texts, phone calls and email. She only reluctantly apologised weeks later after I followed up with the organisation but took no accountability for ignoring texts and phone calls while I waited outside for the viewing. After a half-apology (no apology or explanation for ignoring multiple calls, texts, and emails while I stood out in the cold) she never followed up with any other listings. My experience with this agent told me this organisation is only interested in high end clients where the rental commission are high and will leave others waiting out in the cold.
Mourad Eldeeb
Mourad Eldeeb: Never pay any despite not matter what, just the damage deposit, I repaid 3 months rent and have to get legal counsel to claim back my money after they company took the unit, and most likely rent it to someone else, very likely double dipping with my deposit.It is my mistake to trust that I would get paid back.Unfortunately some matters have to be brought up to the BC Residential Tenancy Branch and have to deal with it through the legal way.It’s pity to have bad experience twice from a company with high rating.This comment to help others avoiding my mistake!
Daniel Adam
Daniel Adam: Kelly at Rent It Furnished has helped me several times to find a home in Vancouver and has always been timely, professional, and helpful! Will work them again for sure
Joel Kaar
Joel Kaar: This is my first experience with Rent It Furnished and I was extremely pleased overall. The listing agent (Michelle Blanchard) was very responsive and helpful, and took the time to answer all my questions. Michelle was also extremely accommodating of my situation not being able to view the listing in person. I would very strongly recommend this site and Michelle in particular.
Mat B
Mat B: Useless, unprofessional uncommunicative. Twice I have emailed these people through the "inquire" button on their listings and been ignored. I then tried a general email address, got a response, and was told by Michelle she would email me with potential listings. 9 days later and I've heard nothing back. Don't bother with these time wasters.
Yana Bhatia
Yana Bhatia: I had a great experience with Rentitfurnished! Kelly helped with every step of the process and was very quick and efficient with answering any questions I had, highly recommend her!! Found the perfect furnished apartment for a short term rental period. 10/10 experience! :)
Neill McCaffrey
Neill McCaffrey: Advertised with parking, but when lease agreement provided this was not available. To be fair to them, I had told them I didn't require parking as I had no vehicle at the time, but no adjustment was made to rental price and now the landlord is renting out the parking space. This part of the agreement should been explicitly mentioned or the parking space should have remained. Additionally the hydro covered by the landlord advertised was not the same as what was on the lease.

11. Wesley Place - Vancouver

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4 reviews
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Wesley Place
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Address: 1022 Nelson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 4S7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-682-1022

Business type: Apartment building

12. False Creek Residences - Vancouver

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2 reviews
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False Creek Residences
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Address: 75 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 0C4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-449-4886

Business type: Apartment building

13. Grouse Mountain - District of North Vancouver

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9791 reviews
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Grouse Mountain
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Address: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-980-9311

Business type: Tourist attraction

14. Spokes Bicycle Rentals - Vancouver

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505 reviews
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Spokes Bicycle Rentals
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Address: 1798 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2V7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-688-5141

Business type: Bicycle rental service

15. EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals and Tours Vancouver - Richmond

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90 reviews
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EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals and Tours Vancouver
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Address: 8910 Shaughnessy St, Vancouver, BC V6P 3Y5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 778-379-2453

Business type: Motorcycle rental agency

16. West Haven Group - Vancouver

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132 reviews
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West Haven Group
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Address: 1286 Homer St #400, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Y5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-999-6261

Business type: Real estate agency

17. Granville Island Boat Rentals - Vancouver

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249 reviews
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Granville Island Boat Rentals
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Address: 1699 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-682-6287

Business type: Boat rental service

18. Level Vancouver - Yaletown Seymour - Vancouver

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65 reviews
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Level Vancouver - Yaletown Seymour
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Address: 1022 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0G1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-685-3835

Business type: Hotel

19. Sunset Beach Park - Vancouver

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6729 reviews
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Sunset Beach Park
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Address: 1204 Beach Ave, Vancouver, BC V6E 1V3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-873-7000

Business type: Tourist attraction

20. Westpoint - University Endowment Lands

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1 reviews
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Address: 6005 Walter Gage Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T 0B3, Canada

Business type: Apartment building

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