Best Roller Skating Rinks In Vancouver Near Me

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1. Rolla Skate Club - Vancouver

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Rolla Skate Club
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Address: 2183 W 45th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5M 1H9, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-706-1006

Business type: Roller skating club

2. Roller Dance Owl Productions LTD. - Richmond

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Roller Dance Owl Productions LTD.
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Address: 8280 Gilbert Rd., Richmond, BC V7C 3W7, Canada

Telephone: +1 778-989-8844

Business type: Roller skating rink

3. Kitsilano Rink - Vancouver

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106 reviews
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Kitsilano Rink
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Address: 2690 Larch St, Vancouver, BC V6K 4K9, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-257-6976

Business type: Ice skating rink

Kitsilano Rink: what do users think?
Jerry Ladovsky
Jerry Ladovsky: Who doesn't was t to learn to ice skate while visiting Canada
Derek Meng
Derek Meng: Really good place to skate around and have fun. Usually not a lot of people in the beginning so it’s probably best to come first. The design looks very nice and (currently) it offers skate rentals for those who don’t have a pair! There are vending machines that are a bit tricky to operate but you can still get yourself a quick snack!(probably not during Covid though…)
Jogdish1000: Nice community rink with a small town vibe.Good ice!
jordan: Vaccine for skating ? Can't have fun here
Robin Rivers
Robin Rivers: Our favourite local skating rink! This gem is hidden away in the heart of Kitsilano and is one of those true community spaces. The staff is kind and the rink is always in good order.
Robin Ritchie
Robin Ritchie: Nice cashier.Helpful skate rental man.
Kam bansal
Kam bansal: Nice place for exercise
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson: Smallwr facility but very well kept rink.
Bryan Berndt
Bryan Berndt: Amazing community center staff
Nexionate: Great place to skate
Anssi Puhakka
Anssi Puhakka: Nice staff and inexpensive place to skate
Ryan Montgomery
Ryan Montgomery: Old style rink
Rita Soni
Rita Soni: A good range of programs available here, a nice sitting area with heat when it's on
Jean: Gem show August and DecemberSelenite wand! 5.00 dollars, perfect size and cut
David Grant
David Grant: Cool place for a Hockey rink.
Ron Aloni
Ron Aloni: Needs a refresh. Happy we have a rink.
Quinn Duffy
Quinn Duffy: Old, but the city finally replaced that dark ages tech they called lighting with some nice bright LEDs. I can see! I can see! Also, parking is a gong show when the Farmer's Market is on.
Aria Thompson
Aria Thompson: Great family friendly place with a clean facility
Nomad Traveller
Nomad Traveller: Great sports venue
Simon Warrington
Simon Warrington: Good old Canadian community rink
Bradley Gagne
Bradley Gagne: Grant, was there due to school field trip.

4. InLine Skate Vancouver - Vancouver

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3 reviews
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InLine Skate Vancouver
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Address: 700 Chilco St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2R1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-603-5126

Business type: Personal trainer

InLine Skate Vancouver: what do users think?
Joyce Lin
Joyce Lin: Jan’s a great instructor who’s patient and goes with the flow depending on the students. He was prepared and sent us an email with instructions ahead of the class on what to bring and wear, and where to rent. For the beginner class we practiced on the grass falling, getting up, jumping, balancing, walking forwards, walking backwards, walking sideways and much more. We moved onto the pavement and he patiently repeated pointers and helped us micro adjust as we get used to being on the skates. He’s an excellent entry into the world inline skating so long as you come to the class prepared. Thanks, Jan!
John Cringan
John Cringan: “I enjoyed my lesson with Jan. It was one of those situations where I did not really get what I wanted but I got what I needed. What I mean is that Jan brought me back to the basic skills that I was avoiding and did not know how to work on in order to become a better, safer 72 year old skater. I think I am now on track for this.”
Leib Moshe
Leib Moshe: Thanks again for a great lesson. I learned a lot, you are definitely a pro! - Leib
Sue W
Sue W: Jan is a patient inline skating instructor who took the time to answer all my questions. He showed me how to safely skate over uneven terrain. I also learned the importance of skating on the outside edge for maximum efficiency and speed. I look forward to practising these new skills.

5. Robson Square Ice Rink - Vancouver

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921 reviews
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Robson Square Ice Rink
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Address: 800 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3B7, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-646-3554

Business type: Ice skating rink

Robson Square Ice Rink: what do users think?
ticklemy fancypickle
ticklemy fancypickle: Classic Vancouver spot
吉盛: This area have heavy urine smell and unclean stairs with injection kits, vandalism public properties during the maintenance time is feel outdated open plaza.
Beatriz Vasconcellos de Barros
Beatriz Vasconcellos de Barros: I loved this place! Skate rentals are just 5 dollars and you can stay as much as you want. I recommend going on weekdays as soon as it opens as it’s not too crowded yet.
Grace: Wonderful outdoor skating rink! It only costs $5 to rent a pair of ice skates, and it’s super fun. There are lockers available to store your stuff for 25 cents, so make sure to bring change. Even on a weekday, there were a decent amount of people, so I imagine it must be way more busy on the weekends.
Terence Li
Terence Li: This is a very good place to visit
수완: It was so nice to skate in 🇨🇦‼️ The ice condition was quite good. There is a place to rent skates. The size of the ice rink was quite wide and nice. If I can visit this area again, I would like to visit here again!
Google Guide
Google Guide: Awesome place for public skating. There are other various public events in the Square by the Art Gallery too. #letsguide #covid
Carl “Budd” Stymiest UE
Carl “Budd” Stymiest UE: Experience ice skating in Vancouver City. A great place for family fun.
A G: All systems, GO!
Christina Fong
Christina Fong: This little covered free outdoor public ice rink at Robson Square in the middle of downtown Vancouver is great for kids & learning skaters to try or practice ice skating in winter when there's ice. There are more than enough plastic skating support frames for the beginners to push around & concrete bench seating on one side for spectators. The ice was resurfaced only once while we there there for about 2h, so it's not the smoothest of rinks out there, but I believe the rougher surface is one of the benefits for beginning skaters providing then with some grip. There's a convenient economical skate rental with several staff offering really decent lace up hard boot skates with an adjoining small cafe for drinks & light snacks. Being so small, there isn't tons of space if it's crowded, but we went on a Tues evening so it wasn't too bad. Our group on the ice ranged from 4 to 40 & the kids had so much fun, they have told me we must return! Get your skates & get out there.
Mark Philip Magtibay
Mark Philip Magtibay: Free if you bring your own skates, $5.00 to rent at downtowns only outdoor covered winter skating rink.
Orpheus Vavvas
Orpheus Vavvas: I was having a bad day came here was happy again
Rebecca Ramlugun Ünal (Beckie)
Rebecca Ramlugun Ünal (Beckie): Super friendly staff and fun activity in the heart of downtown
Kumari Soni Umesh
Kumari Soni Umesh: So good, rink is small but for free it's really good
Peter Brett
Peter Brett: Still a great skating experience after all these years. Cheap fun in the heart of downtown Vancouver.
Darshana Prachi
Darshana Prachi: Loved skating here, the lines could be big though
Jan Sandberg
Jan Sandberg: Great staff--snack bar was handy, fast rentals, fun playlist
Choy Lim
Choy Lim: Fun, Small but good enough for new skaters
Marcos Julio Dominguez Acero
Marcos Julio Dominguez Acero: De lo mejor
Anibal Pitoll
Anibal Pitoll: So small, too much people, but the price is definitely good
andre viajera
andre viajera: Horrible ice but free ice rink

6. Central City Fun Park - Surrey

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195 reviews
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Central City Fun Park
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Address: 11125 124 St, Surrey, BC V3V 4V2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 2:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-498-4897

Business type: Amusement center

Central City Fun Park: what do users think?
Shahid Mehmood
Shahid Mehmood: Nice place to bring young kids. Lots of games. Parking was a challenge, but it may be because of the long weekend. Staff is helpful and the place itself was not very crowded. Music was a bit too loud in there, which may be something that the management should look into fixing.
luke godin
luke godin: The most funnest place to go since chucky cheese
Sharon Lin
Sharon Lin: My kids love it! It's a great indoor place to go when the weather is bad!
Ian Shao (电影电视动画一站式频道)
Ian Shao (电影电视动画一站式频道): 值得带孩子来玩一下
James Lubowa
James Lubowa: Loads of fun for all ages who are into vrs head sets and the like, and the cost of a movie each the whole family can have some fun.
Saiyad Khan
Saiyad Khan: Expensive. Took 20 credits for bowling and didn't let my daughter complete even a set. Rip off.
Fox Lightning (FMC)
Fox Lightning (FMC): Decent
Candy Wang
Candy Wang: Great family event spot. They have recently added some new games.
Linda Marie
Linda Marie: What a fun place to go! We also did the mini golf which ran quickly and smoothly!
Najmudin Najm
Najmudin Najm: Very funny place for your kids I recommend you to visit and take your kids one time
R N: Nice place, clean, reasonably priced
A. G.
A. G.: Really fun arcade games, ticket system with prizes. Small little mini golf course as well. Mini bowling and skate rink as well. Air ventilation and airflow is fantastic; not sweaty or muggy despite it being crowded. They have pizza and hot dogs and drinks also.MONEY/TOKEN/TICKETS: Card system where you put money on a card and you swipe the card on machines and such to use those credits. Your ticket winnings are counted on the card as opposed to physical tickets. Prizes range from candy to stickers to small toys and trinkets to bigger things like large plushies and kid skateboards.ARCADE (5/5): Lots of really fun games. Some classics, some new, vr shooters too. Most if not all reward with ticket credit I believe. 2 crane games, one type has ticket rolls (25-100 per roll) and another had hand balls. I do hope they add more machines in the future. Their selection is decent though it could use more.MINI GOLF(3/5): Very basic and minimal, 8 courses, a fun addition nonetheless. It is sectioned off behind a barrier but may have an issue with unsupervised children that run through your courses or kick your golfballs. It's blocked off by a paywall and an employee but kids can use their credits to enter without knowing how to play or knowing what they're doing is not right, unfortunately.MINI BOWLING(4/5): The lanes are just a bit smaller than your average bowling lanes and the weighted balls are small, similar to skee-balls if not a little bigger. 4 Players each with a screen to log the rounds, points, and names etc. There is an issue with the ball getting caught behind a barrier behind the pins, you'll have to ask an employee to assist. Other than that, very fun with long rounds.SKATE RINK (1/5): I would NOT waste your credits/money here. I don't know why it is but all the skates/rollerblades are poorly fitted or malformed. There is no grip around the ankles for any size. It was apparent that we were not the only ones as 80-90% of those skating were clinging to the rails or visibly trying to keep their ankles straight (we were a group of 8 of mixed genders and heights and we all couldn't use our pairs of skates/blades. 2 of us regularly skate as well) I did notice one brand/design of rollerblades out of the 4 total types of skates/blades were useable by others.
Mansoor Ahmed Siddiqui
Mansoor Ahmed Siddiqui: very close to our palceand very good and cost effective
Priyadarshini Barot
Priyadarshini Barot: We go here everytime there is rain or the whether is not good in weekends. Its the favourite pass time for our family.
Jessica Trottier (Jessytrotts)
Jessica Trottier (Jessytrotts): Very small, went on a Saturday it was insanely packed with tones of unsupervised young children running around. As an adult I'd defeat return but on a school night😶
Liz Sanchez
Liz Sanchez: The place is so dark, dirty, lot of weir people around. We went for a kits bday celebration. But I will never go to that place again.
Byron Acosta
Byron Acosta: Ta chido es mejor q las máquinitas del mol de Metrotown
Geronimo Che
Geronimo Che: Fun for kids and adults. Still gotta try the roller skating 😊👌🏽
Neil: Lots of fun for kids ! An arcade in every sense but they figured out how to make it work cashless. Pricey but good quality games that all work. Pizza and hot dogs available at a reasonable price. Free parking but it is limited.
Kavahn: Over priced and there's nothing to do there
maria malinis
maria malinis: Go to place not that crowded and lots to do

7. Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena/ Play Palace *See website for schedule & age restricted times* - Vancouver

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125 reviews
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Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena/ Play Palace *See website for schedule & age restricted times*
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Address: 5670 East Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6M 3V2, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-257-8121

Business type: Ice skating rink

Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena/ Play Palace *See website for schedule & age restricted times*: what do users think?
Crystal Mount Tannehill
Crystal Mount Tannehill: So many bouncy castles (during summer)! My 9 year old & 6 year old loved it!!
K Cee
K Cee: Review of Kerrisdale Play Palace:Booked a party in the skating lounge for about $115. You are allotted 2 hours for the party including 30 mins to set up and 15 mins to clean up at the end. This rate includes up to 20 admissions for the kids. It's an amazing venue. Wish it was like this year round. At least 4 bouncy castles, soft play space for toddlers and ride on toys. There's also space for basketball, foosball, table tennis and free play space.Only one star deduction for the space we rented. The area smelled like stale urine, because we are right next to the men's bathroom. Not only that, but there was a lot of foot traffic to the bathroom so we felt like our space wasn't really ours as they bee line to the toilet was next to our kids table.Parking: plenty enough around the street and this little gravel lot.Food: no snack bar but you can bring in food from restaurants on the main strip. McDonald's is a 5 mins walk away.Bathrooms: not pleasant but I am a germaphobePrice: very affordable to come play anytime. They also sell 10 admission pass, I believe.
Peter Gill
Peter Gill: Awesome indoor play palace to the point we booked our kids 5th birthday party. Private party so the whole place to himself and his friends
Carl Brewer
Carl Brewer: Ripper little rink, good rooms, weird and awkward benches.
Tracy Dinh
Tracy Dinh: Staff are super friendly. The rink is not crowded. We always have good times here.
Chris McGuinness
Chris McGuinness: Daughter had a skating class with her school. Staff was fantastic.
Bradley Jones
Bradley Jones: Kerrisdale Arena is a historical ice rink in the Kerrisdale neighborhood of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was built in the 1920s and has been a beloved community center for ice sports and recreational activities ever since. The arena is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere and has been a gathering place for generations of families and friends to enjoy ice skating, hockey games, and other activities. The facility is also recognized for its unique and classic architecture, which adds to its charm and nostalgia. Despite its age, the arena has been well-maintained and modernized over the years, making it a popular destination for both locals and visitors to the area.
Eshin Chand
Eshin Chand: Dressing room floors aren't good for your skates
Felix Hutnyk
Felix Hutnyk: Pretty solid. Also pretty old
casper ho
casper ho: Cold
Vinz T
Vinz T: My daughter and her friends enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in the play palace. It has several bouncy castles and some with two-to-three-storey high slides. There are also some areas for toddlers and some facilities for teens or even grown up.What a pity that it only opens in summer.
Allen Chan
Allen Chan: Very large play palace. But not enough time to enjoy as they are ushering in new party groups one after another
Benny Kwok
Benny Kwok: Kids love the bouncy castle
Kevin Luk
Kevin Luk: It's fine
Gal N
Gal N: Great place for children, excellent for rainy days. Good price of 4$ entry. The place has inflatables, a basketball hoop and balls, small cars for children, books, slides and more. They are required to wear SOCKS and do not allow parents to stand barefoot on the mattresses. They sell socks for an expensive price. Highly recommended.
Jarrod Connolly
Jarrod Connolly: Great fun for the kids.
Anson Li
Anson Li: Clean arena. Parking lot will get full quickly.
Misagh Sadeghi
Misagh Sadeghi: Google map shows open 24 hours but it's not. Today is Saturday and 9 pm I come from long distance for it, but it's close
Aman Darred
Aman Darred: This is an aging Vancouver facility but good enough for public skating and the odd ice rental for a pickup game. I would not want to play a league game here that's for sure. There is a huge hop to get onto the ice from the benches. Not sure what this is all about. The evening ice man is super friendly.
Craig Tugwood
Craig Tugwood: Nice clean rink, good parking
Ahmad Mokhtar
Ahmad Mokhtar: A nice rink for ice skating!

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