Best Castanet Shops In Vancouver Near Me

1. Loblaws City Market Vancouver - Vancouver

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922 reviews
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Loblaws City Market Vancouver
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Address: 3185 Arbutus St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3Z3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-736-2835

Business type: Grocery store

Loblaws City Market Vancouver: what do users think?
ken Hong
ken Hong: 物美价廉
Anne-Marie Tremblay-Alvarez
Anne-Marie Tremblay-Alvarez: Pretty good deals, decent variety and has a couple of actual Mexican products (La Costeña beans and adobo, Mexican Coca-Cola, charras Tostadas). Also have some tomatillos (green tomatoes) and chiles (Serrano, Poblano, etc). Check them out in the photos!
lube libya
lube libya: Great place
Wei x
Wei x: Nice shop near the bike trail. Perfect place for a break!
Frank Floster
Frank Floster: Good and friendly staff here. No complaints here.
Zack Major
Zack Major: Decent selection, but not up to adequate standards of hygiene. I bought a prepackaged box of 9 chicken tenders, and when I got home, I opened it up and there were 9 tenders in there with a 10th piece that was half eaten sitting in there. Disgusting. I hope i don't catch any diseases.
Anjelina Smith
Anjelina Smith: Poor customer service!
K-Juan Chan
K-Juan Chan: I like shopping here although it's a bit pricy.This review and low rating is for the chicken. See photo. They used those elastic bungee cords instead of twine to tie up the chicken for BBQ.I'm pretty sure these aren't food grade and definitely not as environmentally friendly as twine.
Kyree R
Kyree R: Great staff but incredibly expensive and not many options
Mark Liti
Mark Liti: Just good
S Hall
S Hall: Meat is not fresh. I was forced to throw out more than $50 worth of chicken and salmon. My cat scoffed at both because the meat smelled truly awful once the packages were opened. Cheaper prices come with a bigger built-in cost.
P: Fresh food. Excellent quality. Great service.
Stephanie Benskin
Stephanie Benskin: Nice store layout. Enjoyable shopping experience.
Adriana Lucia
Adriana Lucia: I like to use the self checkouts as I know I can ring my groceries up in peace and do not have to interact with anybody unless I need help but… there is a woman, looks like the manager as her uniform is different from the cashiers, that stands at the self check out and constantly hovers over customers. Not sure if it’s because she has nothing better to do, but I think this is very bad practice. Makes customers very uncomfortable. Stop watching my every move as I am ringing up a dang box of cereal lady.
Ji Shin
Ji Shin: Lots of western stuffs
McAllister Pulswaithe
McAllister Pulswaithe: Usually a pretty good place with competitive prices, but I saw their Silver Hills bread selling for $7.99 a loaf compared to IGA at $5.99 a loaf (regular price). That's 33% higher. Spoke to the bakery manager and she passed the buck, saying the prices are set at "head office." Loblaws has been facing media scrutiny over price gouging, and this is an example.
Albert Saravi
Albert Saravi: Discount are good
YC Kim
YC Kim: This store has a really good selection of grocery items and they are reasonably priced.
Zohreh N
Zohreh N: Clean, friendly and helpful staff
Peter Rodgers
Peter Rodgers: Excellent service and choices available.
Lisa Hawk
Lisa Hawk: I experienced an unbelievably unprofessional encounter with this employee at this store. She was incredibly invasive and rude possibly due to her own personal issues. I was scanning items at the self-checkout and she hovered over me and grabbed my bag of grocery items for no reason. She tried to tamper with my items and became irate when I politely asked her not to. Other shoppers had to step in to confront her because of her behavior. She continued to harass and follow me while I went to a different cashier. Loblaws head office has been contacted regarding the issue. I have video evidence of the incident that I may release if necessary.I would like to add I have never had any problem beforehand with any other employees at this store. They have all otherwise been a pleasure to deal with over the years I have shopped here. One rotten apple spoils the barrel.

2. Nordstrom - Vancouver

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Address: 799 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V7Y 0A2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-699-2100

Business type: Department store

Nordstrom: what do users think?
Gilda Loreto Aceituno C.
Gilda Loreto Aceituno C.: Mall con tiendas, una gran tienda po4 dpto con muchos productos en mitad de precio. Buena accesibilidad, coneccion con expolina y Canadá line
Andrew Baucom
Andrew Baucom: So sad to see Nordstrom leave Canada. I hope for the best for their team members!!!!
Olesia Trubnikova
Olesia Trubnikova: It's too messy, probably because of the sales, but there's a wide range of brands to choose from.
A.M. Wolf
A.M. Wolf: Everything must go!!!
André Harold Dancs
André Harold Dancs: Great store, it’s to bad its closing. I bought some nice Tom Ford sunglasses here and thought the experience was great, the washrooms were superb and the waiter at the restaurant was nice and chill too.
mehrsa raeiszadeh
mehrsa raeiszadeh: The best place to shop in town!
Victor Law
Victor Law: Sadly, this Nordstrom is closing along with the company itself across Canada. Too bad as they occupied a niche that provided luxury items from just above the Bay to Holt Renfrew.This Nordstrom had very nice items and a great location. It was profitable, too, but the other ones dragged it down.We came during its last days, and the sales were basically 50 percent off. They still had plenty of women's shoes, including ones that my wife spotted for $1000 each before the discount. However, the sheer volume of traffic meant that getting help requires receiving a number and waiting for your number to be called. Plus, the displays have literally been ransacked, and you shop by looking everywhere, including around couches and under tables.We will miss this Nordstrom when they close.
Pam Struwing
Pam Struwing: Very messy. Overpriced - items were over priced even with the clearance/ closing sale
Nancy Ho
Nancy Ho: I will miss this place so much. The most friendly sales people, welcoming environment to shop, great deals, and an array of price ranges. Devastated as there is no comparable option in Canada.
Lillian Sun
Lillian Sun: Got a new bag with 30% off discount!
Nico Harvey
Nico Harvey: Clearance sale..not much left
Geoffrey Abubakary
Geoffrey Abubakary: Wednesday, May 17, 2023.
Carrie Jeffels
Carrie Jeffels: I realize that the store is closing but staff could be a bit friendlier and the discounts could be a bit better.
Elsie Sands
Elsie Sands: Nordstrom is great, but the Vancouver location is closing. All the fixtures and mannequins are for sale.
Chi T
Chi T: How disappointing! When I was checking out the clearance sale, I laughed! Even with their so-called clear out sale, i still couldn't afford to buy anything. Come on, Nordstroms! You can do better.
Steven Snidal
Steven Snidal: Went for the closing sales got some good stuff kinda sad to see it go.
3 1 5 7 3
3 1 5 7 3: I shop for cosmetics. Some staff helped.
Jose Antonio Fernández Asensio
Jose Antonio Fernández Asensio: Curioso
vishal gandhi
vishal gandhi: So called "clearance " prices are still ridiculous..
Md. Nurul Afsar
Md. Nurul Afsar: Crazy price. Not enough instock products.
Neda azouji
Neda azouji: Good bargains, it’s so sad to permanently close

3. Fresh Is Best - Vancouver

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127 reviews
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Fresh Is Best
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Address: 2908 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 778-737-2442

Business type: Mexican grocery store

Fresh Is Best: what do users think?
Jesse Sims
Jesse Sims: Incredible selection of hot sauces and all Mexican food! Amazing owners — Carl & Maxine!
Peter Rodgers
Peter Rodgers: Excellent service and a wide variety of Latino products 👌.
Bing Z
Bing Z: My togo local Mexican grocery store. They have everything I need.
Stewart P
Stewart P: Large selection of hot sauces (mild to extreme hot and mild sweet and maybe hot sweet), a selection of chips and dips, even pinuatas, be a go to place for the Super Bowl stock up. Prices are very competitive. Employees are very helpful and they use their own products. Been coming here for over six years now.
Cary Chan
Cary Chan: Great selection, lovely store setup and super friendly owner! The next best thing to actually shopping in Mexico!
Javier Etcheverry
Javier Etcheverry: Amazing
Jami Koehl
Jami Koehl: The owners are friendly, dedicated and thoroughly knowledgeable about their extensive offerings. A must-stop for array of Mexican/Latin food products.
Paul Brokenshire
Paul Brokenshire: If you need Mexican ingredients in the neighborhood then this should be your main stop. Of particular note is that this is our main source of convenient and good mexican style chorizo. Check it out and enjoy.
Moises T
Moises T: You will find everything you need . Nice well arranged store and great customer service
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown: Absolutely wonderful store!Staff are ever so friendly, more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for, good selection of products.
Leon Hui
Leon Hui: Great place to get Mexican food
Mohamed R
Mohamed R: Many great hot sauces!
Gabriel Cardenas
Gabriel Cardenas: Good place to get Mexican treats like candies, hot salsas, nachos, tortillas, and other latino ingredients. Their hot/spicy sauce section is great. They have Mexican soft drinks, queso fresco, and other prepared/frozen dishes in their fridges. Also, they sell some utensils like lemon squeezers, tortilla presses, etc.
Gregory Bullard
Gregory Bullard: Fantastic specialty foods store with wonderful hot sauces and all the ingredients you need for great Mexican food. Friendly staff, great at answering questions.
MIGUEL MARTINEZ CEJA: Great place to get some Mexican and Latin supplies, snacks and other things.
Scarlett: Used to come here for speciality ingredients. Drove out for their opening at 11am today. Well I waited for 30 minutes for them to open the store and they never did. No calls answered. Between this and the overpriced items, it’s obvious they don’t care about customers. I’ll be ordering Mexican items elsewhere from now on.
Octavio Rodriguez
Octavio Rodriguez: Our go-to place in the West side for REAL Mexican groceries including La Chata and La Costeña products, as well as corn tortillas, tostadas, and other staples. Owners are super friendly, doing a very diligent job in terms of following all Covid-related protocols so that you can shop safely here.
Nick Pizza
Nick Pizza: Great locally owned Mexican Grocery store. Has everything you'd need!Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Chad C.
Chad C.: What a FANTASTIC Store for Hot Sauces and Fresh Salsa!!Lots of cool stuff here, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that everyone shop here!!Friendly Staff that are always in a GREAT mood!Fresh Chips & Fresh Salsa = GOOD TIMES!!
J T: Do they have sabritones here?
Rox Ortega
Rox Ortega: Amazing selection of authentic Mexican products and the owner is super nice! Highly recommended!

4. Pacific Arts Market - Art Gallery - Vancouver - Vancouver

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105 reviews
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Pacific Arts Market - Art Gallery - Vancouver
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Address: 1448 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 1H4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 12:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-216-9063

Business type: Art gallery

Pacific Arts Market - Art Gallery - Vancouver: what do users think?
arshia azadi
arshia azadi: Good
Troy Tyrell
Troy Tyrell: Cool place and great art
Jenny Carnegie
Jenny Carnegie: Fantastic place if you like to buy directly from the artist! The variety of art and the quality of crafts is incredible! Very friendly and inviting environment!
Clare Taylor
Clare Taylor: An excellent showcase of local artists
youcef benaissa
youcef benaissa: I have dealt with many art galleries in Dubai, France and Germany, but this art gallery is unique in terms of the services it provides to the artist and the artistic publicI wish you success and as an artist I support you and hope that every internet user who visits Vancouver will visit this wonderful artistic place.
Maddock Rosie
Maddock Rosie: It’s been great to discover this wonderful emporium of West Coast creativity, offering a broad range of work, and a city venue for supporting and building the arts community in Vancouver. New artists show their work regularly, so a good gallery to check out often for art and artisanal gifts.
greta smith
greta smith: What a gem of a place, something for everyone. Local art with a west coast vibe
Eileen Fong
Eileen Fong: Lots of Arts!
Jennie Gonzalez
Jennie Gonzalez: It was a very lively place! And the arts displayed at the walls were so impressive and eye-catching. You will surely spend a few minutes appreciating each art. It inspires people to engage to art as well. I love the place because it makes my creative side awakened by each painting I saw.
Jessica Chan
Jessica Chan: I honestly dont know why Time Out recommends this as a top thing to do in Vancouver. With all due respect, the art was amatuerish.
GalaxyB0Y306: Amazing store!!😀 love the basketball card crystal!!!🏀
Jeff Gerard
Jeff Gerard: Very good
Alexander Bender
Alexander Bender: Helllo the gallery west broadway and granville over 2 years now. Thanks to family and friends. Since February solve solution to outstanding issues.Sorry to Sam fantastic artist. Laura since the fall really cool friendly and great help to gallery and Crystal. The amazing artists and most of all Crystal all on her own working hard to keep the gallery running in this tuff times. Plus the construction Broadway line train to UBC. How anyone along Broadway can manage not easy as we remember the Canada line how affected Cambie street. Now sumner almost here. Important sapport local business and local Artists and sapport wonderful Crystal...God bless.😎 Ive added example of al local buisness at TandT food court in Guilford Surrey. Wondeful lady doing a doc film on here buisness YL"S CURRY BOWL....share family friends and city Surrey Vancouver...just be cool. Be left wing or right wing or centre....thank you..😎👌 the Covid Pandemic caused alot trouble thanks to those made alot money from thanks to NDP and Liberals not caring dividing people. Thank Crystal and YLS CURRY HOUSE bring people together...important Small buisness is...😎
Veronica W
Veronica W: Such an amazing place to experience! Always new art from local artists to view and a friendly & welcoming atmosphere! My new favourite store in Vancouver 😉 You've gotta come check it out!!!
Anna Morozova
Anna Morozova: The salesman was sooo incredibly rude that it was astounding. The selection is very small on the lower level.
Maria Schumacher
Maria Schumacher: Wonderfully welcoming little market-style shop featuring loads of local artist and crafts. There is always something new and I love spending time, looking at the paintings and browsing the wonderful creations.
Ana Farzan
Ana Farzan: Very professional and great rates. Shahab was very helpful and knowledgeable.
ilana: Great space to check out local art! You never know what treasure you’ll find.
Deborah Coggles
Deborah Coggles: A wonderful selection and variety of art by local Artists & Artisans!! A must see!’
Sharmay H
Sharmay H: A good selection of many talented local artists' paintings, drawings, photos, postcards, furniture and other art and crafts. Prices are very reasonable. A great place for gift shopping or for personal collection. Friendly customer service.
Susan Martin
Susan Martin: This is a community of artists who sell a great variety of good work that changes all the time and now there is more gallery space. I'm really glad I found this space. Chrystal is great to work with and is welcoming.

5. Dilly Dally Toy Store - Vancouver

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217 reviews
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Dilly Dally Toy Store
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Address: 1161 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3X3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-252-9727

Business type: Toy store

Dilly Dally Toy Store: what do users think?
Olivia Moon
Olivia Moon: Beautiful, thoughtful range of toys, books, activities and games. Great service too! One of the best toy stores I’ve visited.
Beate Winkler
Beate Winkler: high quality toys super friendly stuff. We go there often and drive 30 minutes plus just to buy there. Great store and friendly stuff.Still think the same years later :) love love this place!
megan ge
megan ge: The biggest and most gorgeous selection of quality toys for babies and kids!
Sabina Ficociello
Sabina Ficociello: I ordered a jelly cat stuffed animal, the little bear one, and not only was it shipped expeditiously, they wrote “there’s a bear in there” and put little bear stickers on the outside. It’s so cute I can’t even throw the box out. I’m from Ontario but will definitely be ordering more! ❤️
Kiki E
Kiki E: Immensely thankful for Sean who helped pick out a birthday gift for a family member today. Also very happy that they finally started a rewards program; more incentive for me to continue shopping here!
Jordan smith
Jordan smith: Checked out a few items for my boys. Couple wooden spinners and I also purchased a mini telescope. Whole time in there I felt like I had ten people watching me. Profiling and following customers around isnt customer service done right in my eyes . That's the whole difference between my$ 20 dollar sale and a $ 💯 sale. Anyways I love the maileg and I yearn the matchstick mice . Please, please hook a customer uppp? At least lighten my mood or ease up on the spies cuz I don't want to come In w disguise. Lol pip pip
Katelyn Roberts
Katelyn Roberts: My go to for children's toys in Vancouver! They have a high quality selection of gifts that always please the babies in my life! Plus, super friendly service and they do gift wrapping.
Paige Sorger
Paige Sorger: The best toy store around! The staff are always so kind and helpful. I always go in without ideas and the staff always find me the perfect gifts! My go to kid gift store
Demian Mcrae
Demian Mcrae: Amazing selection of great toys for a small store. The staff is super helpful as well, there are books and a lot of sustainably built toys available. I have also used their online ordering a number of times and it was great, their stock system is pretty accurate as well.
Cecilia Mok
Cecilia Mok: An excellent toy store with more traditional and high quality gifts. They carry an array of wooden toys, board games, dress up costumes, books and gifts. Staff are lovely, knowledgeable and very helpful. It's a wonderful and delightful shop to browse through. Some fantastic options for gifting youngsters - and perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays!
Victoria Marius
Victoria Marius: The most adorable shop (especially Maileg) with the most helpful & friendliest staff xo
Brian Salls
Brian Salls: Great selection of toys, crafts and books. Staff are very kind
Stephanie Brennan
Stephanie Brennan: Incredible toys, wonderfully helpful staff. My favourite toy store!
Gerrit van Rensburg
Gerrit van Rensburg: Wow, is this a great store to find a toy. Their online selection is great and ordering online with in stock pick a very smooth process. Staff is very wonderful and knowledgeable. The store itself is a whole different ball game! There is a lot of neat toys here.
Vanessa Marshall
Vanessa Marshall: I could spend hours in here shopping for the kids in my life. Excellent selection of books, games, art and science supplies. The staff picks are always a good thing to check out. The staff in general are friendly and knowledgeable if you need help or advice.
Anson Li
Anson Li: Lots of European toys, which are often of higher quality.
Brogan Duyndam
Brogan Duyndam: Great range of toys and books! I especially liked the toys and books designed by indigenous artists and authors.
Cathy Hz44
Cathy Hz44: Beaucoup de choix
Grace Olson
Grace Olson: Such a great selection of toys here. The staff are so helpful and knowledgeable. The store is beautifully laid out and fun to walk through.
Darryll Robertson
Darryll Robertson: Excellent staff fantastic items for the unique idea and gift for kids and their development
_-_ jet
_-_ jet: I always order toys for my little one every month since i’ve known this store.Fast delivery services is strong point.I’ve never been here before but somedays, I’ll look forward to going with my baby😍

6. Famous Foods - Vancouver

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1034 reviews
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Famous Foods
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Address: 1595 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 2R8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-872-3019

Business type: Grocery store

Famous Foods: what do users think?
Ian Twa
Ian Twa: Famous foods is a Vancouver health food store staple. Their butcher is amazing. Best quality steaks at the best prices in Vancouver. Located on Kingsway.
R & R
R & R: The best grocery store in Vancouver! Just feels like I am not lining the pockets of another Billionaire grocery store owner. Excellent bulk products with a focus throughout the store of organic and natural.
Lorraine Baker
Lorraine Baker: Aisles are a bit narrow, but the selection and quality are worth it.
Tim L
Tim L: Awesome shop for hard to find grocery items. They also carry a full range of regular groceries. Amazing selection of herbs and spices, baking ingredients, and fresh food.
Kevin Rinfret
Kevin Rinfret: Vancouver's best grocery store with great selection and prices.
joe smith
joe smith: A big selection of health food and groceries. Reasonable prices.
Saeed Azarie
Saeed Azarie: Vancouver's Organic Food hub. Lots of different varieties at good prices.
K C: Best variety of groceries and decent prices
Jesse McIver
Jesse McIver: famous foods always has a nice ambiance. it's a bit niche but it's always reliable if you want something that's hard to find!
Michel Cote
Michel Cote: Lots of selections, plus they are keen to serve people
ewan quirk
ewan quirk: A Vancouver landmark since circa 1968? best place to find dried herbs and odd spices, top quality in dried fruits and nuts, seeds and grains. baking supplies etc. what a good grocery store should be. Every foodie should visit here just once, you will return. General Store? Grocery Store? Neighborhood Food Store?
Tony Enright
Tony Enright: Been going in lately for deli goods and juices.
Pat Fung
Pat Fung: Shelves are stocked well. Prices are usually fair. Watch for their weekly flyer that starts every Thursday.
Katherine: Great , local grocery store. Awesome selection! I come here for their huge bulk foods selection. They have a ton of products that I cannot find elsewhere. Bonus? Great staff and free parking!
main Allan
main Allan: 直到現時為止, 要購買有機食材和食物, Famous Foods都是我和太太的首選地點。雖然我們不是買很多產品, 但那裏真是品種齊全, 地方整潔, 分類清晰, 店員有善。當然最重要還是價錢合理, 更偏便宜。
Nour: They exploit their customers by overcharging for Buddy's Mandarins. While the same product with the same weight is sold for $4.99 elsewhere, Famous Foods charges $6.99. I will not return and i am sure they overcharge most of their ware, I'm unsure why they add additional charges to their other products.
Joe Patterson
Joe Patterson: This a really old school healthy food store, staff are all friendly and helpful, still helpful as ever.
Jerry Thomas
Jerry Thomas: Good selection of items that one cannot normally get at other stores. They have many types of rice but not may organic options. I would still recommend it.
Valerie Russell
Valerie Russell: Great selection of foods like flours or other items usually found in bulk. I was able to find all that I needed and a bit more. Great selection, friendly people. The variety of items is very good. Employees are very helpful and friendly.
SUNG SOO Im: 매장은 그리 넓지 않아도Organic 식품을 전문적으로취급하는 곳입니다
Javier Etcheverry
Javier Etcheverry: Amazing

7. BETA5 Chocolates - Vancouver

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1013 reviews
new review
BETA5 Chocolates
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Address: 409 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2P8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-669-3336

Business type: Chocolate shop

BETA5 Chocolates: what do users think?
Pooneh Ashja
Pooneh Ashja: Their cream puffs are Divine. It's incredible how they manage to blend flavors that you'd never expect to work together, and yet, they create pure magic.Whenever I want to treat myself or surprise someone special, Beta5 is my go-to destination.Strongly recommended.
Lizzie S
Lizzie S: Very cute dessert and chocolate shop. Can't wait to try new season puffs
Chun Yang
Chun Yang: Top tier
Sean K
Sean K: Variations of chocolate, Vietnamese coffee, and blackberry mojito - delicious!
Abhishek Das
Abhishek Das: So, I stumbled upon this place called BETA5 after falling into the mesmerizing Instagram vortex. Let me tell you, it was like entering a world of pastry wizardry. I couldn't resist trying their strawberry Rhubarb cream puff, and boy, oh boy, it was a flavor explosion!Picture this: a delicate cream puff with layers upon layers of heavenly goodness. The strawberry baba in the center was like a fruity surprise waiting to be discovered. It was like a party in my mouth, with different textures and flavors dancing around, making every bite a delightful adventure.Now, here's the catch. These cream puffs do come with a bit of a price tag. They're not your everyday affordable treats. But hey, when you're indulging in such beautifully crafted and unique flavors, sometimes you've got to splurge a little.So, my friends, if you're up for some whimsical pastry escapades and you're not afraid to embrace your inner sweet tooth, BETA5 is the place to be. Take a leap into their world of delightful cream puffs, and let your taste buds go on a wild and delicious ride. Trust me, it's worth every penny!
Alisa L
Alisa L: One of my favourite places in Vancouver. I love the interesting flavours combinations of the chocolates and cream puffs, and the fact that the polygon chocolate bars tend to have a fun texture component as well. The seasonal treats are always great too.
Ellie Pham
Ellie Pham: One of the best bakery in Vancouver! All their cream puffs have dynamic and new flavours.I tried their Valentine's set and the Mandarin Orange. Depth of the orange flavour was amazing; perfect texture with good sweetness of the orange and also had some tartness. Passion had a fresh passionfruit taste. Teddy Bear had a strong and high quality chocolate flavour. Red Velvet had a very creamy cheese mousse that went well with the red velvet cake.I end up always order their 3 pack of their monthly specials because Beta5 creates new flavours that goes well with each other. I can tell from the presentation and taste that the chefs at Beta5 have expert knowledge and experience with baking all around.If you like cream puffs, these will be your new favourites! I will be coming back here!
Bespoke Happier
Bespoke Happier: The presentation of the cream puff at Beta5 Chocolate is delightful and looks like a work of art! The exterior of the puff is delightfully crispy, and the inside cream is as light as a feather - it simply melts in your mouth. Needless to say, the only issue with these puffs is that they're almost too good to eat. One could easily devour the entire collection, but alas, my stomach is simply not big enough to handle all this indulgence!
Paula Gamio
Paula Gamio: Una delicia, de lo mejor que he probado en la vida en postres, vale completamente la pena
Amy Kim
Amy Kim: Vancouver is so lucky to have a place like Beta 5. Cream puffs are so good!
Sara Haddadi
Sara Haddadi: I give it a 5 star because of it's salted chocolate caramel, it's the best I've ever had!!!
Alfred Tsang
Alfred Tsang: I know complaining too sweet doesn't make sense, but I suggest to reduce a bit of sugar...haha
Grace Pan
Grace Pan: Lovely bright clean store with yummy cream puffs! Latte was way toooo hot, ouch..…… but You MUST try their unique flavors of chocolate & puffs. 🏼
Michaela Mai
Michaela Mai: What I can say? Fantastic!
Paul C
Paul C: Yea it’s a bit expensive at $7 a cream puff, but man do they taste delicious. Literally can’t go wrong with any of their flavours.
Alan: The place is quaint and cute. The service was good and so were the cream puffs. I personally wouldn't say they are worth the high price but they're definitely something I would occasionally splurge on.
monturbo: great pastries, not so great customer service.They lost some of the records of my purchase history and my points. And no apology at all. but they do make good chocolate.5 star for their products. 0 start for their effort to correct mistakes.
Vanessa Chang
Vanessa Chang: Variety of chocolate and puffs.Not too sweet. Want to try different puff next time 🏻
Peter Masternak
Peter Masternak: Tried a variety of things here and it was all good! The cream puffs were amazing and the recent Valentine's chocolate special was great! Will continue coming here!
Sandra Chan
Sandra Chan: We were gifted some holiday creampuffs. What a delicious treat! Even half of one was enough to fully experience the bold flavour, sweetness and fluffy creaminess of these special puffs. Each is large in size, so pace yourself.
Christoph Ortner
Christoph Ortner: There is no other chocolate shop like it in BC. Pricey but well worth it.

8. DAVIDsTEA - Vancouver

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Address: 701 W Georgia St #038D, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1G5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-669-7718

Business type: Tea store

DAVIDsTEA: what do users think?
Lin Ez
Lin Ez: Love this store, staff is great 💕
Shini N
Shini N: I got 2 sets of teas as a gift for my birthday and it came with an exchange gift receipt. Today I went to exchange the teas because Im not a big fan of herbal teas. The staff working there told me I cannot do an exchange because this was on sale when the person bought it. This is very frustrating, what's the point of giving a gift exchange receipt when I couldn't even exchange the gift? Very poor customer service
William Watt
William Watt: Lottsa tea.
Michelle R
Michelle R: Sassy customer service.
Laura Keane
Laura Keane: I have always loved going to David's Tea, and it was usually down to the service that made me come back. I had been away for a few years so when I finally came back, I was so excited that there was at least one store left in Vancouver. But the service for me was not it. Honestly, I felt I was bothering the girl when I went to pay. I thought it might have been an off day, so I did come back a few weeks later and there was more staff and again, the serivce was not good and they didn't even acknowledge that there were customers in the store.
Adam Lien
Adam Lien: Davids tea? More like Jenn's Tea because WOWZERS! I came in with no knowledge of tea since I'm a big water guy myself but after my consultation with tea maestro Jenn I came out with a newfound passion for tea! I guess you can say it was tea-riffic!
Alissa .R
Alissa .R: I'm not a tea drinker, but my husband is, staff helped me save some money when I stopped in to stock up on his favorite tea. Thanks!
S Q: Service is not professional and some products are not in stock. Staff is undertrained and is not knowledgeable. If you don’t like your job then get a new one or just quit. If you stay at this position at least show the right attitude. They could do better than this.
Sam Stacey Murchison
Sam Stacey Murchison: I don't drink tea 🍵 but this place makes me drink tea 🍵100 ***'' ****'
JJJ: Super friendly staff. So glad that David’s Tea has kept a store in Vancouver. Would love one in Park Royal too!
Marcus Antonation
Marcus Antonation: Chanel was an amazing help, patient, and went above and beyond to make sure we had a great experience in the store.
Ray El
Ray El: Best place ever amazing staff great place
Paul Yang
Paul Yang: Service is great, but their tea is just meh. I am a tea person that drinks tea everyday, their tea quality is just not good.Service: 5/5Tea: 2/5
Jadranka Pavlovic
Jadranka Pavlovic: Extra helpful staffGreat tea lovers place
Ken S
Ken S: Excellent tea!
Hayley J
Hayley J: My first visit to DavidsTea was a success. Chanelle helped me find what I was looking for and couldn’t have been friendlier! I can’t wait to go home and try my new teas out
MIKE “Checking in” BENNETT
MIKE “Checking in” BENNETT: Seems to be less organized than on previous visits
Donna Marie
Donna Marie: They need to have more staff on shift especially on weekends
Lily Habiba
Lily Habiba: This is a great place to go for flavoured and herbal teas, or to try a new tea in an unintimidating environment.Their straight black, green, white, and pu'er teas are pricier than you'll find at chinese tea merchants and asian supermarkets in the city, but you can ask questions, smell, and get a small amount to try. The staff is knowledgeable and awesome, and the flavored blends are fun and tasty.Also a great source for fashionable travel mugs and accessories.
W: Won't accept cash!!! 😡
Elisa Eugenia Sierra Castañeda
Elisa Eugenia Sierra Castañeda: I went there for the first time ever. Nobody greeted me or bothered to ask me if I needed help with anything. I was gonna get a gift for someone and was hoping to get recommendations, obviously that didn’t happen.They didn’t have the boxes you can use to make your own bundle but they “could offer me a bag if I wanted”.I got a bag of tea as a gift for signing up which is delicious. Product is good, staff was awful.

9. Westcoast Guitars - Vancouver

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186 reviews
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Westcoast Guitars
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Address: 2741 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 12:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-682-4422

Business type: Musical instrument store

Westcoast Guitars: what do users think?
: I recently ordered a custom Tom Anderson guitar from Vancouver Westcoast Guitars for the second time, and I am extremely pleased with their excellent service and high-quality products. The staff was professional and passionate, ensuring my custom order met all my requirements. The craftsmanship of the guitar is exceptional, and the overall shopping experience was fantastic. I highly recommend Vancouver Westcoast Guitars for their outstanding service and top-notch guitars.
Ronald Driscoll
Ronald Driscoll: From out of town, called at 2:50pm on a Saturday cuz need a few things, dude said closing at 3 but what are you looking for? Said never mind. But happened to drive right by the store at 3:15 or so, ppl inside said “Just slide the gate aside” and let me in. Cool ppl. Cool store. Bad Cat head and cab lookin inviting, then Glen (owner) shows me a row of Custom Shop LPs in cases, *all* 59s. Said he went to Nashville and picked them out. Nice. Wish I had more time and brought something to trade. But next time I’ll be ready! Seems like a pro clientele, but friendly to whoever comes in. And the ppl hanging out in the shop after hours was just, well, like musicians do. Highly recommended.
Mike Rae
Mike Rae: Brought in my headless silent acoustic for a difficult setup as the bridge needs to sit perfectly flat with the mic in the guitar. They were honest with me that they didn't have the immediate ability to do it but offered to take my guitar to someone with the specialized equipment needed. They had it back to me within a week and it plays perfect. They went over and above to help me out, I'll absolutely come back.
M D: Bought my bucket list guitar from Glen and Shannon. Had some phone conversations with them. They sent me pics of guitars through email. Based on my preferences they recommended a specific guitar. I listened to their advice. Received it in the mail and I could not be happier. Will definitely do business with them again.
Trista Liu
Trista Liu: Amazing staff! Partner and I went in today to purchase a Gibson Hummingbird, not only did we get a great deal but also had very personable service from Glen and Shannon ! 100% recommend ! Thanks
R L: Great place to buy guitars! I bought my last 2 here and you know you are getting a quality instrument for a great deal.
bonar harris
bonar harris: Some of the nicest, most knowledgeable and genuinely helpful folks in the business anywhere. This shop is a treasure. Top drawer.
the zakis
the zakis: I've been buying guitars and amps for longer than I care to say lol. Glen and Shannon were great to deal with and responded quickly to my emails. I received the guitar and it's an amazing addition to my family. I wouldn't hesitate to order from Westcoast. Thanks so much.Greg
Mark Joseph Rebmann
Mark Joseph Rebmann: These guys are totally on point. Excellent customer service and attention to detail. I bought a beautiful Mosrite from them and let's just say that,"it was all good."
Almar Nijholt
Almar Nijholt: Good shop with very nice people. André was very helpful and interested in what suited my needs. He took all the time in the world (it was not busy, Glenn :-). Glenn and Shannon are the kind of people you wanna have as friends. Love the 2nd hand Nash 52 tele I bought there. Great guitar!
Gabe Nacario
Gabe Nacario: I bought some strings here a while ago and when I was restringing my guitar I broke a string. I called and told what happened and he said to come back and see what we could do. He was then able to find a singular string for me. They were super helpful and nice.
Tony Dong
Tony Dong: Nice owner, an amazing price and great service, happy to had a guitar there.Love my Cordoba C7 CE guitar.
Margaux Fonteyn
Margaux Fonteyn: Incredible service !Definitely the best instrument shop from far we've been to in BC ✨We found the perfect guitar, thanks for everything
Kyle McDonald
Kyle McDonald: Best Guitar Store ive ever been too and amazing service. Overall just a really cool and chill store.
Vishal S
Vishal S: My experience was AMAZING. I wish I could give more stars. Especially for Glenn and Shannon. (I hope I got her name right, forgive me if I didn’t. I am so bad at remembering names😅.) In fact, them and everyone else over there treat customers like family.I had just arrived at Vancouver and wanted to get myself an acoustic-electric. I am more of a beginner-intermediate player, but knew absolutely squat about getting a good guitar along with accessories. Glenn was more than happy to show me around, like the different price ranges, types etc.. and was more patient than my late 92-year old grandfather. I chose one of the mid-range Alvarez and it sounds simply amazing.They made coffee for me, and since it was Glenn’s birthday, Shannon also offered delicious icecream cheesecake! Oh and Glenn threw in a guitar bag and some picks gratis. They even invited me over for lunch etc. anytime. Even my mom hasn’t shown me so much love.Again, I was more than happy and would be dropping in sometime. It’s hard to find good people in life, but the people over there are definitely them. I am so glad I went there and if you are thinking about it, you should definitely drop by too.
Dennis de Ramos
Dennis de Ramos: All my email inquiries were answered promptly. Went to the store to pick up my order and was amazed on the cool guitars they have. Owners were very friendly and made me feel welcomed. I felt their passion on what they do. They even offered me something to drink. Great overall experience.One word to describe Westcoast Guitars Vancouver - "Wow".
Robbie Chen
Robbie Chen: Great staff service and probably the best prices anywhere in Canada! I live in Toronto and Glen was able to get my to guitar me in no time with free shipping.
C C: About 20 years ago someone asked my dad to throw away a guitar for them, he thought it was cool so instead he kept it in the basement for a couple decades.Since it turned out to be a 1978 Martin D-18 I brought it to West Coast to see what could be done about the body cracks, twisted neck, broken tuners and messed up frets. Thankfully they were able to save this guitar and make it play like new while keeping the "rescued from the dumpster" style I wanted to maintain and they pulled it off under budget! I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and I will definitely be bringing all my guitar repair needs to them.
Marshall Reid
Marshall Reid: Super friendly staff who know their stuff! Got a great acoustic at a great price. Couldn’t be happier that I decided to check them out.
Will Rascan
Will Rascan: Came into town and picked up a Fender FMT HH…beauty flame top in Amber color. Friendly service from both Glen and Shannon. Super hot day out and brought my dog in…no problem and gave her some water which was greatly appreciated 🙏🏻
Doug Carr
Doug Carr: Great, selection and staff.

10. Bosa Foods - Vancouver

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Bosa Foods
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Address: 562 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 4E2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:30 AM

Telephone: +1 604-216-2659

Business type: Italian grocery store

11. Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery - Vancouver

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425 reviews
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Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery
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Address: 3385 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-873-9993

Business type: Bakery

12. Jackson's Meat & Deli - Vancouver

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75 reviews
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Jackson's Meat & Deli
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Address: 2214 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 4S2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 11:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-738-6328

Business type: Butcher shop

13. Nemesis Coffee Gastown - Vancouver

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1071 reviews
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Nemesis Coffee Gastown
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Address: 302 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2N4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Business type: Cafe

14. Rufus Guitar Shop - Vancouver

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290 reviews
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Rufus Guitar Shop
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Address: 2621 Alma St, Vancouver, BC V6R 3S4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-222-1717

Business type: Musical instrument store

15. Edgemont Floors Inc. - North Vancouver City

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38 reviews
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Edgemont Floors Inc.
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Address: 930 W 1st St #116, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3N4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-985-0011

Business type: Carpet store

16. Ladurée - Vancouver

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438 reviews
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Address: 1141 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1B5, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-336-3030

Business type: Cake shop

17. OK Tire - Richmond

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122 reviews
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OK Tire
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Address: 1006 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V6P 5Z3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-261-6304

Business type: Auto repair shop

18. Vintage Iron Electric Cycles - Electric Bike Vancouver - Vancouver

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83 reviews
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Vintage Iron Electric Cycles - Electric Bike Vancouver
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Address: 2212 Clark Dr, rear entrance, Vancouver, BC V5N 3G8, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: (888) 431-4612

Business type: Bicycle Shop

19. Canadian Tire - Burnaby

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1676 reviews
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Canadian Tire
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Address: 7200 Market Crossing, Burnaby, BC V5J 0A2, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +1 604-451-5888

Business type: Department store

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