Best Iyengar Lessons Vancouver Near Me

1. Bayayoga - Vancouver

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Address: 2275 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 2J1, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-733-9807

Business type: Yoga studio

Bayayoga: what do users think?
Alison Hill: Studio is peaceful and Baya is a very helpful, clear, precise and welcoming teacher.
Maya P: This is a great place for new and experienced yoga practitioners. The teacher is very informative and patient.

2. Studio-be yoga - Vancouver

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Studio-be yoga
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Address: 3361 W 3rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 1L3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-736-1428

Business type: Yoga studio

3. The Yoga Root - North Vancouver City

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Address: Pro Arte Centre, 1225 Keith Rd E, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1J3, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10:30AM Sat

Telephone: +1 604-971-6160

Business type: Yoga studio

The Yoga Root: what do users think?
Darcie Klatt: Magical hidden gem full of talented dancers and athletes
Omar Khalid: Amazing facility, great instructors and just radiates positive energy! #movementismedicine
Grace Phinney: Great staff, wonderfull students!
Frances Brodhead: Great Community. Ideal place for young people. The faculty is very qualified and caring. The three directors are progressive and forward thinking individuals.

4. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness North Vancouver - North Vancouver City

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101 reviews
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Address: 1524 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2J3, Canada

Schedule: Reopens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-306-9642

Business type: Yoga studio

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness North Vancouver: what do users think?
Lucy Moger: love this studio!
Torq_or_Morq: Awesome! I’ve gone to a few of Mika’s classes and each time she has been fantastic! If you’re looking for a place to workout in North Vancouver look no further. Highly recommend you check this place out!
Sarah Kormendy: Serena by far has been the best owner of this studio! The classes and instructors now are fire 🔥 and its the energy they bring to each class that makes it extremely motivating to attend every day . There is so much to choose from and so many options for times that sometimes it makes it hard to decide which awesome classes to go to!
Marta C: My new favourite spot!
El Gol: I went to my first ever hot work out class this past week. I didn't know what to expect, but wow, did I ever sweat! It was such a fun class, great workout, and SADAF is an amazing instructor. She had a great energy, and pushed us for the full hour 💪🏻I would highly recommend Oxygen Yoga with Sadaf!
Sahar Mirfakhraei: Love what the new owner Serena has done since last year! Such an amazing studio with great classes and awesome teachers! Absolutely love the fitness classes led by Sadaf and Carla so inspiring and motivating and changing the exercises weekly is such a great bonus! Vanessa’s Pilate fusion is definitely a class you need to try!!! This is only a few classes that I have mentioned here! All teachers are absolutely trained and very knowledgable and the infrared heat is definitely the cherry on top!Thank you Serena for creating such a great studio and community so we can all stay motivated and healthy! Love you all
Travelwithzen: I’m glad to be back to my favourite Cardio Fitness yoga studio. The newly renovated Oxygen Yoga & Fitness North Vancouver owned managed by the new owner. Super welcomed clients and new comer. Elegant newly renovated locations uncles changing room, spacious comfy floor, towels and mat rentals for your convenient needs. This location offers the best happy services that will suit in any throw of yoga and fitness you Need. Fitness for life. Fitness for love. Fitness for happiness. Fitness for health. Fitness for relation and loving yourself is the best of all.
Kyra Crookbain: I have a wrist injury which limits my ability to put pressure on it. During a class with Vanessa we were doing burpees into pushups. As a modification I jumped then went into a chest press to mimic the movement without wrist pressure. I was told that I was being distracting and that when the class is up I should be up. I told her my wrist didn’t allow the movement and was offered no other modification. The movement the class was doing was half on the ground and half standing, as was my modification. The message was clear they do not allow modification even for injury. This was not the first time Vanessa has been abrupt verging on rude, she is not kind in her approach and is the reason I will not return. I have been doing classes at this studio for 2 months 6 times a week and have had no issues with other instructors. In fact Lisa the instructor teaches with a shoulder injury and has even offered me modifications for mine during classes. I do not expect a instructor to offer me modifications during a class, but I would like to work out in a studio where this is allowed without feeling shamed and uncomfortable. I love the classes and it truly has been an amazing workout but I canceled my membership.
Negin Salahi: Amazing classes. Not an ideal location or design for a yoga studio. Getting in and out of the studio is a mess. The change rooms are in the back and everyone runs into one another going in and out of the classes. Given the high demand, a bigger better studio location would be ideal.
Nina Campbell: I love Oxygen North Vancouver! Serena the owner has created a wonderful community of instructors and members (and she is amazing herself).Great classes, excellent teachers and a wonderful hot infrared has been a bonus for my injuries and skin. I’ve been to a few different studios, but I honestly feel (for me) this studio is fantastic, doesn’t push your own capabilities and everyone goes above and beyond.
Rozhin R: I have been going to this location for workout & yoga classes since 2015, and I can’t emphasize enough how fantastic this studio is. The owner Serena is so kind and understanding, and there is truly no better feeling than walking out of classes that challenge yet motivate you at the same time (shoutout to Lisa & Carla). Would highly recommend Oxygen North Van to anyone who is looking to get into the hot studio!
elan Bailey: I love this place. For context, I tend to lean more towards the fitness and strength training classes as that’s what works for me. The instructors are committed, compassionate and masterful at helping you connect to your body, your physical strength and your mental resilience. They work you hard so you get the results. And as a major plus, the owner has figured out how to generate that magical quality of community that is so often missing from fitness studios.
Joey Coupland: Easy registration process. Love the app. Awesome instructors. Intense work outs. Clean facility always organized and greeted promptly
Mikaela Stewart: Great energy, supportive instructors, love the diversity of the community. Very clean studio
Katherine Cornelius: Such an amazing studio and fantastic owner. Always a welcoming hello from all the staff, and easy to get ahold of. The studio is really friendly too…. Everyone brings good energy and I always look forward to spending my time there!
Ouadia S: The overall experience at Oxygen yoga is a 9/10.On the instructor’s side, I would give Lukas a 10/10 (just because I can't give 11/10). He is amazing!
Travis Arcand: Amazing renovated studio. We just love Carla’s yoga and fitness classes and all the rest of the amazing teachers!! The new owner Serena is top notch. Highly recommend this studio!!
shweta sidhu: The class is amazing and fully of energy and positivity. Full of motivation and peace of mind with amazing trainers. I attended mami class twice and she is a really amazing trainer.
Yue Xing: Great place to work out!
Shakibasadat Banifatemi: I never thought that I could enjoy yoga practices until I attended Sahar’s Freedom Flow session last Friday. Sahar is an amazing teacher and I love her dedication and knowledge about yoga. She has implemented an amazing flow within her routine and her attention to movement, body and sprit is impeccable. I would highly recommend attending her classes.
Julia Linford: I absolutely love Oxygen fitness, so fun, amazing varied classes, great vibe and such a good workout. So happy you are open and I can enjoy the community feeling again. Best fitness studio ever!!!!!

5. Om Prem Yoga Studio - West Vancouver

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Om Prem Yoga Studio
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Address: 2442 Haywood Ave, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1Y1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-922-9642

Business type: Yoga studio

Om Prem Yoga Studio: what do users think?
JBF: This is a fabulous studio, really beautiful instructors and space . Extremely good vibes for all ages .
Susan J Weeks: I joined the Om Prem community in May 2018 after a terrifying accident that left me needing a lot TLC. I started off slow and over time, worked attending class into my daily routine. I have also attended many workshops and learned a lot about calming the body, mind and soul. Today, my body is stronger and I feel less pain in my back. I sleep well. My mind is calm. My balance is much better. I am more flexible. My immune system is very strong. If I miss a day or two of yoga, I can't wait to get back. I love it. I owe a debt of gratitude to OM Prem for helping to restore my overall well-being. Yoga is a way of life for me now and something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Not all yoga studios are as nurturing as OM Prem. If you are looking for a yoga studio that you can call home, OM Prem is a good place to check out whether it's in the studio in Dundarave or you attend classes in the virtual forum. There are all kinds of classes. Something for everyone. Check it out.
Heather Carter: Om Prem yoga studio in Dundarave West Vancouver is a real gem. From the warm, welcoming entrance, to the gorgeous studio - the environment they offer is exceptional. The teachers are great and provide encouragement and support. I highly recommend this studio!
Alex E: I've been doing yoga at Om Prem since I got a introductory deal in Feb and have since enrolled on their month-to-month special pass. Their teachers are very helpful and patient and make me feel welcome as a beginner.P.S. It broke my heart to read the comment about frontdesk's son here as he is so helpful with setting up props for all and brings a fun energy to the studio. And I miss him and her mom as they are not coming to the studio during the day anymore.
P Dale: The front desk staff was incredibly rude and unhelpful when i had issues with a class that I had cancelled. She was not willing to assist me in resolving the issue. On top of this she brings her young son to the beginning of each class and he is boisterous and loud which does not lend itself to a calm and relaxing start to your yoga practice. I would not recommend this studio.

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