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1. Eton College Canada - Vancouver

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Eton College Canada
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Address: 333 Terminal Ave #706, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-677-3866

Business type: College

Eton College Canada: what do users think?
Becky Vu: I’m currently a student enrolling in the flight attendant course and I’m really enjoying it so far. My instructor Deepa Sagar is an amazing instructor, she takes her time to explain every procedure in detail and is extremely patient with us. She’s interactive and makes sure her students are comfortable at all times and teaches us valuable lessons.I’ve learned a lot in the last two weeks and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who’s looking to get into the flight attendending
Maje Abad: Grateful to have studied in Eton College, Vancouver, BC. The Staff and my Instructor Deepa Goel are very supportive and understanding especially for our learning and career goals. They gave us useful and practical tips in the flight attendant preparation program. I highly recommend this school especially to those who wants a career in commercial aviation industry.
Miyu Oya: What I learned in Flight Attendant Preparation Program is very helpful in becoming a flight attendant, and 'm satisfied with that. However, if I have to say one of the points that is not good, the content was not enough for the class hours even though the instructors are very nice.
Kathleen Valeroso: Currently studying FAPP and learning a lot about aviation, I'm happy to have Deepa Goel as my instructor she teaches so well and always makes sure that we understand the lesson.
abc: The classes are pretty good; my teacher always gives us presentation opportunities and enough education. What I hate most is the management. They don't give us a schedule until the first day of the semester although we've been asking for the schedule for a week. I didn't know that I have afternoon classes until today; which is the first day of the semester. Work on management and give enough info to all the students, please. That's the main part of the office job and it's not functioning at all.Edit;What a collapsed management. PLZ DO YOUR WORK, OFFICE PPL. Update the ampeducator. How do I know I am supposed to have classes if it's not updated.Their management is awful recently. It seems like they don’t even know how to reply back to students’ email. This school is only giving us frustration, just avoid spending so much money here. Trust me.
Heather Pace: I absolutely loved the program and would highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting to become a flight attendant. Joy is an incredible instructor. She makes learning fun and entertaining with all of her flying stories. I like that the program covers every single aspect of the job from customer service to how to prepare for the interviews, to safety, plus a basic history of aviation, procedures, and much more. I feel confident and ready to apply for a job.
Sharni Kc: Eton College canada is currently offering many online courses due to CV. The physical college itself is in downtown Vancouver near the sea and science centre. A train station is also at a walking distance. Eateries n Starbucks too. A very convenient location but courses are conducted online for now. They have partnership with universities in a few many countries abroad too. More on the way. Please check Eton College website for details.
Hannah Romano: If you're looking for a school in business ad, travel and tourism, hospitality management and flight attendant preparation program then Eton college is the perfect school for you. I'm currently taking up hospitality management and flight attendant preparation program, so far it has been a wonderful experience. They have amazing instructors and friendly faculty staff which made it easy for the students to focus and learn.
Camille Rhexene: I’m currently a student here and the instructors are wonderful and friendly!
Megan Taylor: I’m currently enrolled in the Flight Attendant Preparation program, and so far it has been a wonderful experience!
Li Michael: This place is sucks!!! after I paid the registration fee and everything they’ve been asking me if I m capable of taking the course and then they said that Did not pass the entrance exam so I clearly asked them to return my money back but they Refused to return my money back $250 plus $100 and then if I’m not qualified or Fitted to the cours that I have chosen they have to return my money back
Zaya Roma: Exactly what bill said below. I "studied" here 3 years ago, it was the most expensive waste of time of my entire life. Still paying back student loans for a Diploma which is completely meaningless. They are not there to "teach" to you anything, they are strictly a business (in disguise as a school) looking to scam money out of (mostly international) students.
Eileen Zhang: It is too expensive!
K Crosby: Very unorganized & untruthful school. Rude, condescending instructors hired from Craigslist. A favouritism hierarchy is placed on students. Great for international students however, who dont have to do a practicum to graduate. School states they are in it to help students, when only want the tuition (plus tge extras tgey charge you in cash through the year)
Anonymous Anonymous: Everything has a price, you cant eat in class, with projects you have to buy all your material. everything is common sense. expensive school. I personally did not like the school.

2. Canadian Tourism College - Vancouver

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Canadian Tourism College
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Address: 1111 Melville St #200, Vancouver, BC V6E 3V6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-736-8000

Business type: Educational institution

Canadian Tourism College: what do users think?
J K: Paid waaay too much just so the instructor could read to us from a book. Not worth it!
Jason Arnold: My wife and I were very disappointed in this collage. They certainly did not put our daughters best interests in mind.Spending thousands of dollars just so that our daughter could do her practicum cleaning rooms in a hotel. That is not tourism. We had much higher expectations.I would recommend looking for a more creditable collage to invest your money in.From one parent to another.
Queen 62x: i just recently got admitted and what i could say is that the staffs were very approachable, great programs and courses for those who are interested in the travel and tourism industry with a reasonable tuition fee. definitely recommendable
Rafaela Jacqueline: Edit: How am I supposed to contact you? There's no email address on the website. You have all my information.Absolutely shameless "director" who charged students over 600$ in "cancellation fees" because the school was unable to provide jobs in the industry. Constantly used the global pandemic to their advantage. I paid 4000$ for a co-op and was sent the EXACT same jobs that were listed on Indeed for FREE.I asked the director repeatedly, she never acknowledge or responded to my question, yet had the nerve to say "as I've already said a few times" because she kept repeating the same policy that was written before Covid.Everything about this school is crooked; have to pay 200$ for a manual that you have to return ? "Expert" teachers who copy and paste their exam questions from online quizzes? 300$ for a uniform made out of the cheapest polyester? Never got a single piece of paper or work back with a feedback or explanation, all you see is your grade online.Teacher will give the same grade to students who did absolute nothing in a project as the student who put in hard work. Teacher didn't even grade on content, only made comments about the font and spacing of an assignment.Apparently the "Business Management" part of the program referrers to them teaching you how to use Word and Outlook. Unbelievable.I was contacted by the school asking for pictures for social media after I already told them I was not working in the industry. Director will interrupt classes to make sure everyone has their uniforms on nicely, yet can't be bothered to set up a simple "out of office" email response. Basic professional emailing etiquette. I wish I never signed up for this joke of a "school". If you want a legitimate and serious education, avoid this "college" at all costs.Enjoy paying off 20K for coloring maps and making PowerPoints.
aunjanue reyes: I am writing this on my very last day of being a CTC student. The process of applying to the program can be done so quickly. If you made up your mind, I recommend applying right away because seats can go fast for this course and I believe because of the great instructor we have, Mrs. Christina. You will be enlightened through out this course, you feel feel empowered because you will have to dress like a Flight Attendant (Blazer,Knee length skirt, the shirt underneath has to be white and it has to have a collar) etc. Given the time of 3 months only, don’t fret because your brains will be filled with information you will need to pursue your dream job, it’s very fast pace but she gives you plenty of time to do your homework, projects etc. so use it wisely!❤️ I would definitely recommend taking the Flight attendant- Diploma course with Mrs. Christina.
Samantha luong: Studying at CTC really open up the door to the tourism industry, the college not only teaches me the knowledge and skills necessary to be in the industry. The work experience provided also gives me a hands on usage of all the things I have learn in class. I would definitely recommend CTC to those who are interested to learn about travel and tourism!
Ana Caroline Silva Freitas: I am studying Travel and Tourism Business Management and it has been great so far. All subjects are very interesting and really linked to the job market, making the course very complete. Christiane is a great teacher, who transmits the contents in an accurate and light way, making the classes very pleasant. I recommend the course to everyone who wants to pursue a career in the tourism industry.
Megan Anderson: I recently graduated with my Flight Attendant diploma and couldn’t have picked a better college to go through! Canadian Tourism College is phenomenal! Application process was easy, and I had access to any help I needed! My instructor was absolutely amazing! 10/10 recommend!
Clara Jankowiak: I cannot recommend CTC enough to anyone who is interested in or pursuing a career in tourism. I took the Flight Attendant Diploma Program and can say with confidence that this course has prepared me professionally and with the foundational knowledge to pursue my career as a flight attendant. I absolutely loved my wonderful instructor, Christina. Christina is very invested in the growth of her students and her passion for aviation flows into her engaging teaching style. I did not expect to be challenged as much as I was, however I have gained so many life skills through this program that have inspired me to challenge myself in my future educational pursuits. Christina and the CTC team have done a phenomenal job adapting the curriculum to the online platform. Thank you CTC!
farnoush fm: Friendly staff and very competent instructors. But please make sure that your advisor has enough information at the consultation session. I had applied for hospitality course and my advisor ensured me **I could pick up my co-op at any one of my favorite hotels on his list.** But finally I figured out that there was no guarantee to do my co-op at a hotel. Doing a co-op at a hotel without being interviewed first, could be a good opportunity for anyone who is seeking for an experience in hospitality industry. That turned out to be frustrating.
Teng Youngs: Good
Adrian Arvin Guray: Perfect school for those who wanted to take travel and tourism, hospitality and flight attendant program.
vanessa blake: My time spent at CTC changed me in many ways! I learned how to persent myself professionally, which has guided into my new career. My instructor gave me many amazing opportunities in and out of class to practice my interview skills. The training my classmates and I received have given us the tools to further ourselves in the professional working world. I have also gained a great group of life long friends.
Nathan Elander: The small class sizes and amazing instructors and friendly staff really made it easy for me to focus and learn. I have been so successful in graduating and becoming a Flight Attendant! THANK YOU CTC! :D

3. Pacific Professional Flight Centre - Delta

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Pacific Professional Flight Centre
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Address: 4340 King St Unit 6, Delta, BC V4K 0A5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-952-4635

Business type: Flight school

Pacific Professional Flight Centre: what do users think?
tim c: To be more specific with my review:The previous owner, John Montgomery and his wife left a few years ago. It used to feel like a family owned business but as a student, you'll really just feel like a number. If you want to feel ignored then this is the school for you! If you want to bring up a concern with the CFI or the "assistant cfi" good luck because theyre apparently "too busy" which just tells me that they have wayy too many students!! I would stay clear and look elsewhere if you want a positive learning environment!This school used to be good but like others have said, it's declined ever since new management took over (around 2018ish). The clerks at the front desk aren't very helpful either. I got my PPL there but wouldn't go back.
Nirmal Babu: Best place to learn how to fly. Flight instructors there are just 🙌🏻
Vinutha Cheruku: Had a great experience! Looking forward to many more! ✨
Alissa Hassan: If you want to be MILKED for money and hours and not get your license for a good year and half and help your instructor get pic hours and have them over charge you for briefs they didn’t do then this is the place to be!But wait it doesn’t stop there, the instructors may in some cases even physically and verbally assault you in the cockpit (speaking from personal experience) and make you aimlessly build dual hoursBut guess what the cfi knows but does nothing about itThey just care about money and the instructors see you as their personal atms.Also honourable mention goes to their dispatch staff straight up rude and act like they run the place (they’re students at the school as well but put themselves above the other students like they’re higher class citizens of the school) its as if they get paid to goof around and attend to their personal agendas rather than attend to the students need or address the concerns of potential customers.You can stay up till 12 am to book your desired aircraft a month prior only for dispatch to change it last minute because they or one their friends want to fly that specific aircraft and be put on standby and believe me (as a former student) it was hardly ever changed cuz of maintenance or for a flight test.In conclusion, yes they are a really big and famous school but dont live up to their previous reputation at all they have a plethora of issues but it would make the review far too long so save your money and time and look into other BETTER schools. I absolutely do not recommend. I would give it zero stars but they don’t have that option.PS before they comment this is false claims made by a competing school id like to say, yes this is a burner account because i would like to remain anonymous as i was victim of said assault at this school but will gladly name check if need be.
Adam Robertson: This is a very professional and wonderful place to do Flight Training. Everybody is helpful, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. They have a well maintained large fleet of Cessna 172s and 152s. Looking forward to fly the Cirrus this summer. I would highly recommend them to anyone that's looking for flight training.
Poul Go: I finished all my pilot training including instructor's rating at Pro. Extremely grateful of my time here with them, from being a student pilot to becoming a flight instructor. They molded me as a person and as pilot throughout those years, and easily were some of my most memorable flying experiences. When I moved on to become a Medevac First Officer in Manitoba, I can finally attest that the IFR training I received from them was top notch. Never a doubt it had the branding of "Pro IFR". Pro has some of the best methods, lessons and instructors in the industry. It helped me transition and become a good First Officer, hand flying a Metroliner Aircraft. I will be forever grateful. Those in the know, train with Pro!
Waleed zafar: Hello!I'm a new international student here, but I haven't started my ground school yet.But I must say staff was so helpful, whenever I mailed them they replied to me and helped me and guided me properly that's why I'm here in Canada.
Abbey Moore: Corrupt organization. If I can rate zero stars I would.. This place discriminates and is the most Unprofessional place. The owner needs to reign in and handle what goes on at this "school".
Khush J: Great flight training experience!!
savio sabu: One of the best flight schools in lower mainland with an amazing fleet of aircrafts.
Ijas Naraparambil Najeeb: The staff were really professional and had fun flying to Campbell River.
Zafrul Siddique: It used to be a good place for learning to fly, BUT……It quickly deteriorates since 2018. The dispatch at this place have way too much power, beyond that all what they do is gossip, judging students at the back, and some instructors do not play very positive roles here, including overcharging students on ground, play preferences over certain students.A portion of students, such as Louise, finished all his trainings in really short time, where all other student who started way earlier than him, cannot even get a training slot at all!The management team serious have to do something, the dispatch has really messed everything up.
SSMustafa 267: I did email them a few times and they did respond promptly, the management seems friendly.
Walter R: What an amazing experience. Three of us did the introductory flight here. It was such an amazing time flying the Cirrus aircraft. Thank you for giving us a taste of the pilot life! Some of us will be getting our training soon I’m sure!
If Yuchil: The training costs are getting higher and higher.
Shreyash Patel: Really great for flight training, I've done my cpl and ppl training from here. The fleet for 172 and 152 are sufficient.
Amirhossein Samimi (Amir): My great flight school
Kenneth kosi Etukokwu: Best flight training school ever..thou I am yet to start my flight training in the school..I wish they give half scholarship and my parents will do the I can start my training ASAP..
RJ Kaloti: Critical:Communication,Quality,Value
Anam Hussain: Had fun flying thier Piper Warrior. Fun experience.
Mehdi Haloui: This school has been running for years. From what i've experienced, Staff is Friendly and helpful ! I believe they have good instructors although quite young, mine is one of the best ! It is also a busy school, but if you are serious about your training you will progress fast and get Valuable skills.

4. Canadian Aviation College - Pitt Meadows

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Canadian Aviation College
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Address: Hangar 72, 18300 Ford Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 0C6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-299-7777

Business type: Flight school

Canadian Aviation College: what do users think?
Balin P: I'm 17 now , when I turnover 18 I'm going to join this flying school. I'm just confused about the accommodation in Vancouver.
Max Tremblay: Who doesn't like planes
ALICIA GUTIERREZ: Please classes Pilot Comercialhelp me
Lee Corin: They arbitrarily charged me admin fee of $250 without any notice or explanation during the process of receiving the balance back, the ‘admin fee’ was not stated in an agreement. Beside, it even took a month to receive my balance after several emailing and calling (no reply for the email). They take time forever when it comes to returning your money.Instructors are nice but just keep this in mind, just in case.
wendy chin: Nice school with supportive instructors and friendly president. Thanks to my instructor Belinda for makes my dream come true!!
oh james: Glad to be a part of team! Staff is very friendly and professional. Happy to work in a healthy work environment!
alano ling: Very responsible and patient instructors. They have great time flexibility since you can make your own schedule.The facilities and equipment are well maintained, and the general area is a beautiful place for flying.
YueRen Zhuo: Well let me tell you guys it is a very awesome place for you who interested in wanting to be a real pilot! Professional instructors and nice school mates also. Nevertheless they have nicely maintained single and Muti Engines aircrafts which are well enough to bring an excellent career for aviation!
Omojibola Azeez: It’s an amazing school, very nice staff and great instructor, My instructor Tom😎 made the journey to my PPL license a breeze. Planes are very well maintain chronologically.
En Yu Fan: Great instructors that teach constructively, only taking over when mistakes go too far. Everyone knows when to be serious or when to have fun and never compromising on safety or clarity. A great atmosphere for prospecitve pilots from any background and with any goal.
Kristina Dicdican: It’s a great school with kind and helpful instructors. (Shout out to my favorite Tom!) They are very professional and was happy, I was able to get my PPL license as fast as possible. Planes were also well maintained and there are enough fleet for us students to use. Overall, could not have asked a better school to help me start my aviation journey.
YG Liu (YG): Having a nice fam flight with this nice and clean aircraft today. The experience is very joyful and exciting. Will definitely try again during snow season.
Thais Bittencourt: I sent an email on the 15th of September requesting information about a course, they didn’t replay . Afterwards I called for an answer twice, I never got back. The school must be good, but the first contact with the client is bad.
ashfaak ashkii: Hi, i am from india. I would like to know that, how many written exams i should clear in order to gain CPL in canada. It would be really great if you could name all the subjects in below comment.Thank you.
Tim Sheehan: Had a gift for a 1-hr flight sim from my wife. Had a blast with a great lesson from Saadeq and by the end of an hour I was basically solo’ing take-off and landing loops in a Cessna. Highly recommend this but watch out you might get hooked and end up going for your pilot’s license! Great way to test the waters of flying without going all-in for flying lessons.
Harry Yu: Atmosphere - ★★★★★Aircraft - ★★★★☆Instructors - ★★★★★Itinerary - ★★★★★Tuition - ★★★★★
ishwarya vardhan: what about the job recruitment after completion of the course??
T O: I am a current student with CAC and I have nothing but great things to say.Everyone there has treated me very well and has been accommodating to my schedule. As I also run a company my time is very valuable to me so this was of huge importance to me.My flight instructor has be absolutely amazing. Going out of his way to help me build the skill and confidence (thank you Sadiq!).I currently have 2 bookings a week and the school is able to accommodate even more if I can find the time. This was a huge plus for CAC. All the other schools I looked at said 1 maybe 2 booking is possible per week. In practice, after speaking with many former and current students at these other schools I found that they were lucky to get 1 or 2 bookings in a MONTH! So if you want to fly and you want to build your skill and hours quickly CAC can make that happen.My hope, as a part time student, is to get my PPL, IR, Multi, Night and finally CPL and I will look to CAC for all of it!
Siyuan Shing: Excellent instructors and responsible school staffs. Highly recommend
Rahul Chaudhary: I think I can't find a better school than this and there are reasons why I am saying so. Firstly there are ample of aircrafts. I have been flying here for two months and until now my flight never got delayed or cancelled because of someone else using the plane. Secondly the staff is really supportive. Over the last two months it feels less of professional place and more like a family. The President, the Instructors everyone helped me out whenever I had some doubt. Many of my friends are doing cpl in New Zealand, Africa, America, India etc. and when I share my in flight experience and my experience with my instructor, I found out that I am being treated in the most friendly manner. In last two months I have learned a lot from my Instructor Saadeq. It really get easy when your Instructor interacts with you as a friend. I can experience betterment in all of flying skills in very less time. To tell you about the flying slots, it's available whenever you want. I literally did 10 flights in 10 consecutive days. Now you can take an idea how supportive the school and instructor are. And the last, the natural beauty around Vancouver, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge is simply outstanding. I regularly fly among the mountains and do most of my practice over Pitt Lqke. It feels so relieved when you get to enjoy astonishing views over a natural lake while performing stalls and spins. For me this is the best place I can choose to fly.
Nic Lindeque: Excellent flight school! Staff are very experienced, friendly and always helpful. Aircraft are well maintained and in good condition. Awesome clean and modern facilities.

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