Best Gyms Open 24 Hours In Vancouver Near Me

1. Anytime Fitness - Vancouver

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Anytime Fitness
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Address: 489 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1E3, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-559-8463

Business type: Fitness center

Anytime Fitness: what do users think?
Amber Leffers: What a great gym! Has a never ending feel to it! Nice and spacious, multiple areas for free weights/stretching. Plenty of cardio equipment even during peak hours! The showers were super clean also as was the rest of the club. A lot of natural light too which is always a plus! Also staff was SUPER welcoming and friendly!
Queenzy Joi Teneza: I went here last Tuesday hoping that I could try their 7 day pass but it turns out they only do 1 day complimentary. I hope they change it on their ads or website to stop false advertising. I really had high hopes to try the gym before signing up since the fee is no joke. There are a bunch of fees you need to pay when signing up which can go up to total of $170. The lady who gave me a tour is very nice. Maybe I would sign up in the future but not right now as it’s too expensive. $44+gst bi-weekly is no joke
Kynan Suttle: Excellent staff!! 24 hours offers superb flexibility. The gym is very well equipped with just recently expanding into the next building so there are enough weights for everyone. Keep in mind, it tends to get fairly busy towards the evening (4-7pm). Price for membership works fine for me however, might be steep for others depending on their goals.Omar and the owner; Greg are always super helpful and friendly, this is my favourite location so far in Canada!
Marco Martinez: It's the largest Anytime Fitness that I have ever seen. They have a lot of equipment, racks, dumbbells etc. You can work out in what ever you want. Buuuuuuut! It's also the only Anytime Fitness that have NO parking! How can this be possible? Fortunately we arrive at 5am so we can park in the street and didn't park for it, BTW, the parking meters are free from 10pm to 8am.
Jed Spearing: Misleading marketingWebsite gladly takes your information promising a seven day trial except …… they don’t
Ana Elizabeth Carneiro Wanderley: I have used the gym 3-4 days per week since January 2023 and also have had the support from Lucy (PT). She is an amazing professional and so kind, always able to accommodate my limitations to the exercise. The equipment are pretty new, the gym is always clean and and the staff team very friendly. I really recommend them
Ron Graham: I joined Anytime Fitness about three years ago. One of the big benefits of the AF brand is their many locations scattered around the world and the unlimited access to them. I travel extensively so I really appreciate this benefit.I've probably used over 30 AF locations and while they've all been quite acceptable, the False Creek location is my favorite. It's larger than the average AF and offers an extensive selection of excellent quality equipment. Importantly, Greg (the owner) and his team keep the place well maintained, clean/tidy, and disinfection wipes are readily available. They also replace the padded cushions on the equipment when the vinyl begins to crack and expose the sponge beneath it which otherwise becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. I've seen other gyms allow such deterioration to happen but not here, and I really appreciate that. I highly recommend Anytime Fitness in general but especially this location.
Kyle: Modern equipment and a nice gym.
Tom St John: I'm not really a gym kinda guy but the staff here were really helpful so I'll def go back there
Ana Paola: I’ve been to another location in Vancouver and two in Richmond and so far this is my favorite! Very clean and spacious.
Aurora B: The place is open 24hrs yet doesn't have someone on the desk 24hrs. The stairwell going up looks pretty beat. At night they request you wear a necklace alarm (which they provide) however, assistance is not immediate. It contacts the manager (I wasn't told how close or far away they are) and the fire dept. I was looking primarily for a gym that had later hours on the weekend so I could workout after work. I wouldn't feel safe here.
A: So apparently based on their website this gym is completely free. You don't need to pay for any memberships. Apparently I got to do is pay $1 and that's it there's no monthly cost. But it's also difficult to check on these details in person cuz I went there and there's no staff during the night time. Which is rather strange if there's ever an emergency with people utilizing the gym. It's highly dangerous actually since guests have no idea how the facility is built or organized.
Kart Tanya: More than 5stars!I give them 10000stars!!This fitness gym is amazing!!!!All the staffs are so kind and nice.Especially Greg, he's a store manager. He's the best person I've ever met.He's been helping me with payment from outside Canada. It was super helpful. For sure I'll come back here when I'm back to Canada.Thank you so much for your help my friend!!!!!
Logan: Best Anytime location I've been to. Spacious and filled with everything you need + included storage lockers. Multiple lifting racks and the nicest stair-machine I've ever used. Treadmills are also really nice
Navin: Awesome gym! Clean and Very well maintained. The personal trainers are always willing to go out of their way to help with 2 complimentary training sessions included. Overall a great experience!
Hussain Senior: Clean gym with newer equipment
Yassaman Malek: Been a member here for almost 2 years and I have no complaints. Staff is so helpful and accommodating, gym is clean and has all necessary equipment. The recent expansion provides more space and area which is awesome!
Dan Gibbs: Only take credit cards no option for cash month to month
Mike Mangan: I am a retired lawyer who rarely writes online reviews. Earlier, I wrote a positive review about the Anytime Fitness gym at Olympic Village. Their very recent expansion prompts me to comment again.After the large appliance store next door vacated their premises earlier this year, the gym expanded into their space. After months of construction, the gym’s new addition finally opened a few weeks ago. It feels like the gym has doubled in size.I use the gym late at night. Invariably, there is a pleasant, uncrowded atmosphere.The changing rooms and washrooms are spacious and clean. There are plenty of stations with hand sanitizer and pre-soaked wipes for cleaning equipment after use. The new cleaning person does a terrific job cleaning the facility every night.I’m sure that this expansion was expensive; in addition to incurring inflationary construction costs, the gym’s owner acquired more equipment. In the new addition, there are plenty of treadmills and strider-type machines, all with comfortable space between them. In the new addition, there are now two, large multi-function rigs, and racks with weight-lifting bars. There are lots of free weights and moveable benches. Much of the equipment is high quality, “Hammer Strength” brand. The weight-lifting areas have thick rubber flooring. It may be that some of the recently acquired equipment is not brand new, but that doesn’t matter to me. The equipment that I use is well maintained and in good working order.The club has only a few rules. I especially appreciate their rule against talking on one’s cell phone in workout areas. It’s so much more pleasant to exercise without having to listen to someone at the next station loudly conversing on their cell phone. I like that the gym’s owner enforces the rules.During construction of the addition, there were some inconveniences when areas were closed or equipment set aside or put in storage. On some days, there was visible dust from the alterations. I see that roughly one month ago, a person named Ertulgrul gave the gym a negative review after apparently visiting the gym during construction of the new addition. He wrote,I've been here a couple of years earlier and everything seem to have gone downhill since then. No towels, bathrooms were dirty, machines are now somewhat run down, the area is too small, though they are expanding?It’s unfortunate that Ertulgrul didn’t visit the gym a few weeks later, after the new addition opened. I’m expect that he would have had a much better experience.I am in my 60’s and I have nothing to gain by writing this review. I have regularly used gyms for roughly 40 years. I’ve been a member of the Anytime Fitness gym near Olympic Village for the last 15 months and I use the gym at least three times per week. I've never seen a gym so well managed and kept as this Anytime Fitness gym.
Ankush narwal: I didn’t get find parking here rest everything is amazing! Can you please tell me where I can park my car here?
Andrew Stevens: Excellent gym, super welcoming, clean, spacious and great equipment. Love the style and atmosphere

2. Anytime Fitness - Vancouver

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Anytime Fitness
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Address: 1433 Cedar Cottage Mews, Vancouver, BC V5N 5Z2, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-558-1551

Business type: Fitness center

Anytime Fitness: what do users think?
Mitchell McCallum: One of, if not the most, cramped gym experience you will ever have.
Erfan Forghani: It has everything: a huge parking lot, mobile application for workout, various equipment and great rates and ii is 24/7. I couldn't expect more!
Alfred Tsang: Visitor from Hong Kong, happy to visit Vancouver anytime, the traffic is ok from 9pm, I really enjoy it
Esteban Omar Guisado: Brutal gym… over-capacity, free weights need replacing (and there aren’t enough of them), poor layout.
Sofía Durán: Excellent gym
gusanchi53: They don’t respect the cancellation policies, I moved and presented the proof but they still want to charge me the “remaining balance in my account “ also I hope I can get the FOB deposit back when my contract ends.Is a small and overpriced gym that I had to use just because I didn’t have any other option near by.
Roy sanchez nebre: Big and clean ❤️
Ajoy Jayan: Amazing gym recommended for any category from beginners to advanced levels. Affordable price and 24hrs!
Bruce Komakech: Great gym to go and workout. It’s in a convenient location which is close to where I live. The staff is super chill and great to be around!
yogesh balbehra: Amazing staff and great gym
diana le: This gym is awesome 🙂
Rodrigo Portillo: Greatest GYM ever
Will: This location is the best! I love the staff here and they make a great environment to work out in
Chantelle Wacchan: Although AF has several gyms in BC, Kensington AF will always be the one that helped me start my fitness journey. Always loved the staff, the energy, the equipment, and the community. It definitely has its peak busy times, but it just goes to show how much people enjoy working out here despite it being so busy. Everyone is courteous and respectful to others while they workout!
Mona Lee: Love this AF location! Friendly staff, clean location and they are on top of maintaining/updating their equipment. A bit small but I time my workouts during times that aren’t peak hours (when I can) so I’m not waiting or waiting long for equipment during my workouts.
Thushanth Gopalarajah: A gym that you go do cardio, weightlifting, etc at any time of the day or night
Jimothy James: haha big muscles
Bryan Dao: I've been a member of Anytime Fitness Kensington for a couple years now, and I'm thrilled with my experience so far. The staff is incredibly friendly and are always going out of their way to answer my questions and help me reach my fitness goals. The facilities are clean and well-maintained, with a wide variety of equipment to choose from. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and take the time to ensure that I am using equipment properly and performing exercises safely. They are always available to answer questions and offer advice, and their positive attitude is contagious. Overall, I highly recommend Anytime Fitness Kensington to anyone looking for a supportive and inspiring fitness community.
Adam Ginther: I’ve been coming here for just over a year now! While the staff here is great and friendly, the gym is often crowded and I’ve often been left waiting way longer than what’s felt necessary to do some workouts (today it was 20+ minutes for a bench when I was there at a time where it’s not as busy).While I do think this is more of a problem of not having enough gyms in the area, it still feels extremely frustrating to be paying $80 a month for a membership to consistently have to be waiting 15+ minutes each workout session for certain areas to not be as busy. With all this being said, my experience with my personal trainer, Rhonda was very valuable and would recommend her.Edit: I've since been going to classes F45 Fraserhood and found it to be a much better option for my personal needs (rather generic goals of remaining healthy while needing a sense of motivation to go without spending as much money on a personal trainer) and would recommend anybody reading this review to look into that location as an alternative! It's a shame there aren't more fitness centers in this area.
Jack Colt: Shortage of change/washrooms and back equipment. Like lat bars et nice for chest day though. Lost a star because of a big Asian dude that can’t stop filming him self sweat gear out.
K R: 24 hour gym so that's G. Kinda small so when it's empty that's awesome. Try and avoid between 4pm and 8pm tho

3. Train on Main - Vancouver

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Train on Main
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Address: 4827 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3R9, Canada

Telephone: +1 778-549-9992

Business type: Gym

Train on Main: what do users think?
Yosh Kasahara: Neighbourhood gym offering group fitness classes and full body transformation programs. Owners genuinely care about their students and create a strong sense of community through positive support and frequent motivation. High quality equipment and facility with easy street parking. Highly recommended!
Lisa Chiang: Awful support during a Spring Cut. Trainer was never available after many attempt to connect with them. Was told I was in the lead but our group never found out the winner. Total money grab. Do NOT join!
Casey Gressel: Train on Main is exactly what I was looking for. Finally a gym that prioritizes strength training and more importantly - proper form! I felt so welcomed there on my first day. I was intimidated to try this style of working out but it was so worth it. All of the instructors are amazing and I've already learned so much. I love how you are taught not to rush through the exercises, you are motivated to increase your weight and overall are provided great quality workouts. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to improve their overall health through strength training! I would give 10 stars if I could.
Amy Medard de Chardon: A super supportive community gym owned and run by trainers who believe in you more than you believe in yourself.
Colleen Finn: Best gym in Vancouver!
Agne Ziuraite: I’m not easily labeling something as “the best”, but I would say it this time! Train on main is really my best place to work out in Vancouver so far. Haven’t been there for a while, because don’t live close enought atm.Highly recommended for any fittness levels, as you’ll get profesional care and attention from trainers. So don’t worry about your form.Martyna and Mark are real pros in their field and they know what they’re doing. And that’s what impressed me the most! They know what they do and they love it. I was surprised how much I learnt about all aspectes of work out in just 3 months. It doesnt matter that gym isn’t equiped with latest machines, as you’ll break a sweat and get stronger without it.Workouts are hard and challenging, but that’s what you want.The only small detail you might feel like a bit of an outsider when you come in first few times- dont worry, it’s just because it’s all neighbourhood and everyone knows each other. On the other hand, I believe, it says a lot - if people come back for so long and form a real comunity.
greg cumby: Top notch gym and trainers.. they know their stuff, and know how to motivate you to try harder. I am really enjoying the group training and the community here. Not only do they know what they're doing but they also love what they do..
samhitha Chepyala: Loved the gym, staff where friendly. They are always ready to correct your posture which not many gyms do, happy to support local business
M K: I've been working out here for the past 4 weeks and love it so far. I feel stronger each day. The coaches are friendly, welcoming and accomodating to new clients and varying abilities. This is one of the only gyms (or maybe THE only gym) around that offers 5am and 6am classes 5 days per week, which is so key for busy people that want to get their workout done before the day's activities (or in my case before my kids wake up!)
Shannon Dixon: I'm so glad I found this gym! I haven't felt this strong since I was a competitive swimmer in my late teens. I've only been taking classes for a few months now, and I have really seen and felt results. I was not at all intimidated walking into the gym the first time, as all of the trainers are incredibly friendly. They push you to your limits, and the classes are always varied. It is so empowering to feel strong, and I thank Martina for reminding me of this. :)
Arashveer Brar: Fast service
Kenneth Kirkey: Train on Main is a fantastic place. The gym has a great vibe. It's very clean and tidy. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. And the place is open 24 hours (secured access with a key fob) which is the key reason I joined just over a year ago. As a busy professional I have a limited time window in which to work out and access to cardio and weight facilities at any time was paramount for me. Recently, I completed the Fitin10 Challenge, the 10 week exercise and nutrition program, and have never felt better physically or mentally. Plus, all of the X-Train Boot Camp and Lift Camp classes will push you to your limit. Train on Main is run by professionals with a personal touch.
Alison Argent: I can't say enough good things about Train on Main. The trainers are so nice and approachable - they go the extra mile to help you work out safely and more efficiently. Really friendly atmosphere - you'll get to know the people in your classes. It's an all around great gym experience.
Angela Luu: I've never been to a gym with a community quite like this one. Vancouver gem.
debra miller: Best place to get strong fit, and feel great! Warm and welcoming atmosphere. My 5 star gym forever!
Jstance Wstance: Never been here, and never will.Their pricing model is laughable.$300 for 3 months (just to walk in and train yourself) is the only option on their site.Based on pics gym looks cramped and average, no better than a recreation center / school gym. I've paid $30 a month for better... NEXT!
Crystal Roche: Fantastic gym. The staff here are amazing and eager to go the extra mile to help you reach your fitness goals. Don’t be intimidated by the equipment - they made sure I knew how to use everything and the results have been great! They are also very kid and dog friendly!
Grazyna Chrobok: Great place to train and meet people!!!
Michelle Quinn: Love everyone there they are amazing
4 mwGagel Gagel: Great people

4. Lagree West- Gastown - Vancouver

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Lagree West- Gastown
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Address: 437 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1L4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-620-9378

Business type: Fitness center

5. Lagree West- Kitsilano - Vancouver

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423 reviews
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Lagree West- Kitsilano
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Address: 2625 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1P8, Canada

Telephone: +1 236-521-4080

Business type: Gym

Lagree West- Kitsilano: what do users think?
Mahsa Di Placito: I wish I could give this a better review, I was so excited to try it. It's probably a great program is you've done pilates and are comfortable with using the reformer. A reformer for first timers in a group setting where the instructor gives you basically zero guidance is cause for concern and injury. I took my first and only class 3 months ago. I asked two friends to join me, both said they have take the class before and got hurt! I ended up going with a friend who is intermediate/advanced in pilates, was familiar with the machine, and she enjoyed it. I got very little support during the class, just a very rushed and quick intro to the machine that lasted all of 30 seconds. A few hours after class, I noticed my right knee was sore, and then it just progressed from there and got worse. A week after, I went to my doctor who sent me for an MRI and it turns out I tore my miniscus during the class, in my opinion from not knowing how to properly use the machine and getting no guidance. 3 months later, I'm in weekly physio and still can't do anything weight bearing on that leg. My advice is that this is a great way to get cheaper pilates in a group setting if you've done pilates before. I wish management would enforce that the first 3 classes have to be one-on-one to avoid injury. I would never recommend this to new comers and after speaking to a few people I'm not the only one who has gotten injured. Turf is a much better studio for beginners looking for a similar type of workout.
Leslie H: 🎧 It’s a really Good workout but you have to wear their bulky over-ear headphones while working out and sweating which seems like it’s just asking for an ear infection. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Nicole Fu: Mega Cardio Tuesdays is my favourite part of the week. I always get such a good workout in and I’m slowly starting to see myself improve :) highly recommend!
Camila: Great studio. Love the instructors and headphones. Challenging but fun workouts. Rad vibe!
Veema Chellen: Lagree West is beautiful studio! Very spacious. The team is super friendly. You are always greeted at the beginning of class and get a personal check in with how you are doing. The workout is challenging!! But in a good way ;)
Sage Livingstone: Obsessed with how I feel after working out at Lagree. All the instructors are great and they each put a different spin on their teaching and techniques. I always feel like I get a good workout and come out feeling stronger every time!
Gigi Peters: I’ve been coming here for years. Kits is my primary studio. I love the location, the intense workout, the results , trainers, staff and their non-pretentious vibe.
Sophie Baker: I love the energy at Lagree. It's the perfect balance of calm as you walk in the door, while also knowing you are going to get a fiery workout. Everyone who works at Lagree is a joy - I highly recommend a private with Ariel!!
allysa: Absolutely love Lagree! All the instructors are so kind and helpful. They will definitely push you to your limit. A 40 min class feels like 5min.
Talia Jorgensen: I love Lagree West! After not working out for about two years, I was super insecure about getting back into group classes. Still, as soon as I stepped into Lagree, the instructors and the staff made me feel super comfortable and welcome. I also love that you have the instructors constantly correcting posture and ensuring you are performing the exercises correctly! 100% recommended!
Elsie Blackman: Takes a few classes to get the hang of it but once you get the hang of it the 40min is perfection for a full body workout + stretch! Instructors are awesome.
Meleah Mckee: Absolutely love it here! I don't typically like pilates-style workouts but the reformers and classes are so fun. Couldn't recommend enough.
Rachel Pigeon: I have been going to Lagree for about a month now and I can thank them enough for everything they do! I have been absolutely loving Kiki's class! She's incredibly helpful if it's your first class and is always very encouraging!
Tatiana Borunova: I love Lagree❤️ I’m new to this place and instructors helped me a lot. I would recommend this place. It took my a while to find something that I really enjoy
K: Great workout and works at building lean muscle. Can’t wait to go back.
Gagan Cheema: Honestly love lagree a lot. I’m still very new to it and it’s been so great. The instructors are so helpful and will provide me with feedback when I need support. The staff is so helpful and I feel like I get a new workout every time I go!
Queenie Cheung: always a great workout at Lagree! All the instructors are very professional, front desk is super friendly and patient. also, their socks required for class are absolutely gorgeous and amazing quality. I would highly recommend for anyone who wants an effective and quick workout!
Aitziber Pérez: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityI started three months after having my baby and it’s been amazing! Teachers are very helpful and supportive and the machines make exercising challenging and fun! Love it
Rose Ga: My first ever class at this location. Very spacious facility. Clean! The instructor was excellent! She was very attentive.
Lammie Cheng: Weekly work out spot on Main street! Love the workout which is great to stretch and strengthen without high impact on joints! Recommended by my chiro too!
Allie Meeres: Love this place!

6. Boxerfit - Fitness & Personal Training - Vancouver

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41 reviews
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Boxerfit - Fitness & Personal Training
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Address: 1620 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3K1, Canada

Telephone: +1 778-558-9569

Business type: Physical fitness program

Boxerfit - Fitness & Personal Training: what do users think?
John Jahangiri: Pouyan is my personal Trainer for over 2 years now. Pouyan has a unique way of training; he is a trainer with a wealth of knowledge.He knows how to design complete programs, which includes Boxing techniques, cardio, weight and flexibility training.He always bring fresh perspective and new ideas to challenge my body and my mind.I had an ankle injury when I first met him. Pouyan created a fitness program that worked really well for my body despite my ankle injury.I will recommend Pouyan to anyone that is looking for a Trainer that can have immense impact on their body and mind.
viviane gosselin: Pouyan’s boxing classes are incredibly fun and are an excellent workout. The sessions are well designed with a great mix of aerobic, strength, and core exercises. I’m learning tons about the basic boxing moves, punches, and combinations. It’s also an amazing cross-training - my running time has improved significantly since I started boxing. I highly recommend Pouyan!
Sasan Tehrani: Pouyan is fantastic. Been training with him for close to 3 years. He is super technical and can help get you in shape. I have and will definitely continue to recommend his services to people I know. If you want to become a professional boxer or just have an awesome work out Pouyan is your guy!
Sam Badiei: I’ve been training with Pouyan for over 3 months and can’t rave enough about my experience. Pouyan makes the sessions fun; he changes up the workouts and includes boxing for additional cardio and strength training. He is extremely knowledgeable and focused, I highly recommend him and his team.
Eric Gold: Poughan's boxing acumen and expertise in conjunction with his personal training experience gives him a huge advantage when training individuals of all ages. Being athletic, I have noticed a huge improvement with my footwork and muscle tone which has translated into higher performance in other sports that I participate in such as Golf, Tennis and Baseball. I would strongly recommend his services.
YF D: I started to train boxing with Pouyan after I came to Vancouver. He is really a nice and professional coach! Strongly recommend him if you want to learn boxing!
Esha Mashhour: Pouyan is a compassionate client centered personal trainer. Not only will he provide you with the guidance and encouragement that you need on your journey but he is also flexible, understanding and truly cares for his clients well being!
Shervin Asadi: One of the best places to learn how to box and stay fit
Arman F: If you want to learn the fundamentals of boxing from a true master - Poyan is the coach for you
Navid Zanganeh: Poyan Abedini - best boxing coach. Help me win BFL title! Thank you bro
mona rajabi: Awsome experience!Pouyan, is professional yet, fun, kind and understanding, with the right amount of push and encouragement!Highly recommended!
Irene Jay: I've never felt SO dead after having so much fun working out- it doesn't even feel like a workout until you leave and realize you're drenched in sweat. Highly recommend.
forough shiraz: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityAn excellent trainer, I really recommend Poyan as a personal trainer. Good job. Keep up with the good work. Pouyan is observing your moves and through his communication skills, guides you for betterment smoothly and professionally, then when the fitness is becoming easy, he makes changes accordingly to get you in the best shape.
Raed H: Great coach, great training. Helped me alot with my cardio, strength, self defense, and it's a great community too! Highly recommended!
Nathan: Pouyan keeps you moving and motivated with a fun and boxing forward workout. The atmosphere is positive and I'm sweating for the full hour.
Pris: Pouyan is a great trainer and motivator! Left to my own devices I wouldn't work nearly as hard. The workouts are varied and move quickly so you are never bored! Good playlists and music too!
Leila Mazhari: My experience with Boxerfit has been and continues to be perfect. That definitely took my fitness to the next level.The class is designed by an experienced Personal Trainer and boxer so it’s a great combo of real boxing skills and conditioning which makes the training challenging and fun.the instructor knows how to push you to the limit in the best way possible and pays close attention to corrections and modifications based on your needs and fitness level. You will not leave disappointed!
Romina Moazami: I started exercising with Pouyan as my trainer at Boxerfit about two months ago. Not having exercised for a long time, I was apprehensive. When I met and got to know my trainer, I knew that he was the perfect coach for me. He is professional yet kind, patient and understanding.His encouragement has given me the confidence that I needed to reboot my fitness journey.After one short month I was pleased with my progress and felt assured that with his continued training I would be able to achieve good results and attain my personal fitness goal.He has just the right combination of push and encouragement & is also very adaptive to my individual needs. Also, the music is always bumping & a great motivator!Thank you!
Za Hra: Positive:ProfessionalismPouyan is an amazing coach for endurance, conditioning and boxing. He really knows what he’s talking about and I love working with him!
Samira Hodania: Boxerfit is hands-down the best group class I have ever been to. It’s the perfect balance of cardio, strength training, and boxing. Pouyan the coach knows how to motivate and inspire his class and always has the best music. Doing his classes during the week and personal training on the weekends is an unreal combination. Highly recommend!
Jana Bizzarri: Positive:ProfessionalismPoyan is such a great trainer! Every lesson is a boost of energy and fun!

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