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1. Urban Tactics Burnaby: Krav Maga - Self Defense - Burnaby

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Urban Tactics Burnaby: Krav Maga - Self Defense
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Address: 3916 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC V5C 6C1, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2:30PM Sun

Telephone: +1 778-919-2795

Business type: Martial arts school

Urban Tactics Burnaby: Krav Maga - Self Defense: what do users think?
Paul-Amreen Dhaliwal: Fun place to learn self defense
Bernardo R: Jon, the instructor is amazing. He really train you for real life situations. Great staff all experienced with lots of knowledge on many different disciplines! Highly recommend the Krav Maga classes.
Allison Chow Allison: I did the trial with Jon and really enjoyed it! The space is encouraging, quick-paced and really practical. I recommend it to anyone curious to try something new or to pick up some practical self-defense.
lisa lee: Jon is a great instructor. My teen girls love it! Everyone in the classes are great and want to be there so it makes the classes enjoyable.
ashwin naresh: Had an incredible experience learning Krav Maga at UTKM. The school follows a modern approach to Krav taking in principles from other martial arts as well. The curriculum also focuses on military style stress training and critical thinking through “warrior” classes. The instructors Jon, Petra and Karch do a great job teaching different techniques and holistically tuning you on how to approach the concept of practical self defense. The “warrior” classes also expose you to controlled sparring where you can learn how it feels to be in a fight in a controlled environment. Sparring is included from beginner classes itself and that is very crucial to self defense in my perspective.Overall, I had a great experience and would absolutely recommend UTKM for anyone interesting in training Krav.
Vv X: I have been training at Urban Tactical Krav Maga for the past 6 years. Technique we learn here is very practical and the learning environment is amazing. Being an Asian female, with a teenage kid, I love the feeling that I have the skills to protect myself and my kid when I have to.
Hannah Shim: It's been about 2 months and we've learned so much! Jon is practical, real and authentic, teaching us good foundations! KM community is respectful and everyone is supportive of one another. Each session we come out having fun, challenged and drenched!
Trina Rose: I have now taken two firearms courses with Jon and found him to be very knowledgeable and a good teacher. His military experience and training, as well as his Krav Maga expertise, enable him to provide a specialized training which he presents in a way that I found easy to understand. In the short time spent in his courses, I felt my understanding of firearms safety and confidence in handling them improved dramatically. I won't hesitate to take courses from Jon in the future. If you are looking for someone who really knows their stuff and will give it to you straight, you will enjoy Jon's classes.
Petra F: I have been training at Urban Tactics Krav Maga (UTKM) since 2016. Not long after I started I was approached if I would be interested in teaching, I mulled it over and agreed to go through the incredibly extensive assistant instructor course and started teaching soon afterwards. What I really appreciate is the supportive community - no matter if you just started or if you have been with the school for a longer time - we always support and respect each other. Our tests are hard but there are always people there to cheer you on. For a woman it is not easy to check out new gyms or self-defence schools by yourself but the people at UTKM are so welcoming and fun to hang out with and I never regretted it to have stepped foot into this school. I really enjoy training and teaching here. Everyone is welcome and I always look forward to new people joining us and to seeing them grow.
Danny Y: UTKM is about providing you the skills to back up a conflict-avoidance mindset. The self-defense classes give you the confidence and techniques to buy you 2-5 life saving seconds during an unwelcome and unavoidable encounter. There are no egos here; everyone is there to learn. The atmosphere is one of learning and supporting one another. There's a whole range of people, from teens to the older set from all walks of life.I enjoy learning KM from this particular school because of their pragmatic and no-nonsense approach. Self-defense is one of those things you spend your whole life hoping to never use but you're all the better for having practiced it physically and mentally.
Patrick Beattie: If you want to learn what true self defence is like visit urban tactics.
David Proulx: John has been an excellent coach. He has helped to motivate me, provide me with quality training in martial arts, and also given me a great amount of fitness and health advice. Plus he’s been a fun guy to train with! I’ve been doing classes with him for over six months now.
dietmar gassler: I’ve been looking to join a martial art or self defence class to further my learning and skills and came across Urban tactics Krav Maga. From the first class on I felt welcome and part of a bigger family.I’m very impressed with the curriculum and how it’s being taught. Everyone is welcome regardless of their fitness level and skill. Jonathan and Petra encourage you to go beyond your limits and ultimately help you to become more confident in your ability to defend yourself and “walk in peace”.I encourage anyone who feels they need to build their confidence or just plain want to get fit to give it a try.I will be training at Urban Tactics Krav Maga as long as I am physically able to.
Nathan de la Feraude: Great instructors, great curriculum. I have recommended this school to all my friends and family.
David Collins: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueVery knowledgeable instructors. Great communication and always helpful.
Karis M: Great training, knowledgeable instructors, friendly people
Corey Owens: Teaching the practical aspects of self-defence, as well as the concepts, mindset, and critical thinking that will keep you out of harm's way, Urban Tactics is a great place to learn Krav Maga!The instructors are both knowledgeable and approachable, employing real world scenarios and examples to demonstrate the application and function of each technique.At Urban tactics, anyone can learn the skills to identify/avoid dangerous situations before they develop, and be prepared if they do.
Eugene Cheung: Awesome community to learn from. Everyone is super helpful. Great help from instructors to fellow students.
Evan Jex: This is a great school, having trained at other schools in australia jon is a great and knowlegable teacher and offers a compleat course i would highly recomend this school for eaither beginners or some one with expierance who has moved to the area or just looking for a new school
Jo Jo: I love the classes at urban tactics because the instructors care about the development of the students instead of just working up a sweat like most other martial arts school. Don’t get me wrong, I am drenched in sweat after most classes (I lift almost everyday at the gym and I ampretty healthy). Sometimes I don’t sweat as much in a technique heavy class but it’s okay. Everyone is super supportive to each other and it feels like a family when we do our group events! I would recommend you to try this school if you are looking to conquer your fears and learn Krav Maga.
Marwan Kanj: Salut à toutes et à tous,J'ai découvert le Krav Maga grâce à une vidéo postée sur Facebook. L'efficacité hypothétique de cette discipline m'a directement attirée. Dans la perspective d'avoir un corps d'athlète, et en complément de mes deux à trois jours de musculation par semaine, j'ai tenté le coup sans avoir d'attentes réelles outre mon but exclusivement sportif.Pour dire vrai, le côté pratique et le côté sportif du Krav Maga ont largement dépassé mes attentes. On se défoule, on dépense des calories et on apprend à être sain d'esprit, mentalement solide et physiquement en bonne forme. Après quelques cours, on sent une grandissante confiance en notre capacité à assurer notre propre sécurité car ce qu'on apprend est d'une efficacité qui la rend pratiquable à tout moment..Ce sport ne s'arrête pas à l'art de pouvoir se défendre mais aussi on joue à des jeux pendant les séances d'entraînement, dans le but d'améliorer notre capacité à comprendre notre environnement. Pour ainsi résumer, je peux dire qu'on s'amuse beaucoup aussi.Urban Tactics est une école à taille humaine où on apprend, d'une façon vraiment solide, à se défendre.L'ambiance est amicale, respectueuse et l'enseignement est procuré avec finesse et en considération des capacités, du physique et des besoins de chacun d'entre nous.Je recommande cette discipline et surtout Urban Tactics comme école si vous cherchez, comme on dit, à joindre l'utile à l'agréable.Le premier cours est gratuit et le premier mois est à 80$ seulement. Après un mois, jai eu le droit de participer au WARRIOR CLASS, et franchement je peux dire que le niveau est multiplié par 10 ainsi que le fun.

2. Hit and Run Self Defense - Richmond

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Hit and Run Self Defense
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Address: 7191 Granville Ave, Richmond, BC V6Y 1N9, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-447-4357

Business type: Self defense school

Hit and Run Self Defense: what do users think?
Megan Ong: Don't consider taking lessons from Hit and Run Self Defense. I learned only skills that I can acquire from YouTube videos. What a waste of money.
AR B: I first decided to sign up when I wanted a way to stay safe after working those later-evening work shifts (I'm petite, and safety is always a concern), but I was hooked after a few classes. Sensei James and Sensei Louisa are awesome at what they do - they don't shy away from reality and letting you know what can happen on the streets, but they also give you the tools to empower yourself. The classes themselves are very fun, in both the different techniques that we learn, and the collegial atmosphere. I take the class not only so I can learn to defend myself when necessary, but also for the exercise component (you'll see what I mean after the first 15 minutes of class). People are close knit and friendly, and classmates really help one another improve their technique and cheer each other on.I absolutely love the combination of exercise, fun, and being around some great people, all while learning a useful and potentially life-saving skill. This works for me.
Lawrence Gaillard: I have nothing but positive things to say about Hit and Run Self Defense. Sensei James and Sensei Louisa are highly skilled Combat Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga instructors. I have never taken a martial arts course before because I didn’t want to waste my time learning techniques that don’t work in real life scenarios. The techniques and principles I’ve learned at Hit and Run Self Defense are extremely effective and have increased my ability to survive an attack exponentially. Classes aren’t overly cardiovascular (Exercise at your own pace), but you still get a great workout. I would recommend to anyone who wants to prepare to survive an attack from anyone anywhere anytime. I would not recommend to someone who wants to be the world’s toughest or the next ultimate fighter. Hands down, the best option in the Lower Mainland and maybe BC for real self defense!
Tine Rossing: I start taking the Krav-Jitsu classes last Fall and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these classes - so much that I have now signed up for classes twice a week. Sensei James and Sensei Louisa are wonderful, friendly and very capable instructors, who have put together a very practical approach to self-defence based on their own extensive knowledge and practice of Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. I am having so much fun in the classes, as we get to practice a lot and all students help each other to learn. The class atmosphere is so non-intimidating and non-competitive - there is room for everybody and it is all about learning in a safe manner. Most importantly, my self-confidence has sky-rocketed. I would not want to be an attacker attacking me in a dark alley anymore.......
jennifer morgan: My husband asked me to join a self defense course with him. I was very pleasantly surprised at the speed we learned new techniques and the welcoming of the senseis and the other students. The senseis give positive feedback as we practice and are always motivating us. The senseis (teachers) are always professional, yet personable and approachable. They remind students to practice within their own physical limitations. Everyone can benefit from this training to feel more confident and less like a potential victim. I highly recommend this self defense program as it is quick to learn.
Carmel Cinco: From the first class I attended with Sensei James and Sensei Louisa over a year ago, I was hooked. As a stay-at-home mom of a 2-year-old boy, safety and protection are high on my list. Outside of the martial arts taught at Hit and Run Self Defense, I've taken karate since I was a child. The years of karate taught me self-discipline and proper forms, but I still felt vulnerable if I had to protect myself from a larger attacker. Since I'm just 5'4" tall, it'd be likely any attacker would be larger than me! Just after one class with Hit and Run Self Defense, I came out feeling more confident and excited to learn more skills that could protect me from any-sized attacker.In addition to learning life-saving skills, I've been able to overcome my fears of tumbling, breaking falls, and throwing (attackers). Frequently, I leave class on a high from learning and accomplishing things I didn't know I was capable of. Sensei James and Sensei Louisa give detailed and clear instructions and always pay attention to safety as students learn each new technique. The Sensei are enthusiastic about their work and truly care about their students which are major reasons why students continue to join, stay, and grow with the club.
dmn: If you have ever thought about taking a self-defense course this is the class you need to take. Sensei Louisa and Sensei James have created a fun and collegial environment in which to learn practical and effective self-defense techniques and skills. Their passion to teach is evident from all of the classes and workshops they hold, and I am inspired to learn more from them as a result. I have met many great people from participating in this program and I would highly recommend it to others. No matter your age or physical fitness level you can do this!
Erez Harel: Sensei Louisa and Sensei James truly are master teachers in every sense of the word. While they are extremely knowledgeable in multiple martial arts disciplines, what's more important in my opinion is that they are able to share their knowledge in an easy-to-understand way and they genuinely care about each individual's progress. I feel I have grown tremendously in the past 9 months and very much look forward to continuing my development in the program they have set up. Thank you Sensei Louisa and Sensei James!
Paula Yong: Hit and Run Self Defense is an awesome way to learn how to defend yourself effectively while also having fun and exercising. I really like how we always practice like it's real and how Sensei Louisa and Sensei James are ready to answer any questions we may have. I definitely feel much more confident now that I know the basic techniques to protect myself and I feel capable of taking down any opponent with dangerous intentions. I definitely recommend this class to anyone and everyone, no matter what age, gender, or size!!
Christina Weizmann: I had the pleasure of participating in a Hit and Run Women's Self Defense workshop with Sensei Louisa and Sensei James. My mother (63) and I (39) thought it would not only be a valuable to have self defense skills but it was a fun, interactive activity to do together. Everybody in the class had so much fun and we couldn't believe the power and vigour Louisa had beneath her sweet and friendly demeanor and small frame. James was very clear in his instruction and together they were an expert team with useful demonstrations. The course taught us valuable tools that we could use to be vigilant on a daily basis with regards to general safety and it evoked a sense of confidence and power within us should we need to take action if the opportunity presented itself. It was also a great workout. We highly recommend it to every woman we see. We know of several women in the downtown Vancouver core who have been attacked which is unfortunate. The skills we learned and the awareness we have now is enough to deter any potential threat. I recommend this as a great investment in yourself and for your friends and family.

3. Vancouver Martial Arts - Vancouver

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Vancouver Martial Arts
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Address: 494 W 39th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2P7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-321-3454

Business type: Martial arts school

Vancouver Martial Arts: what do users think?
Jess Bobby: Had to put in my info just to see the class schedule and since then, have been hit with a multipronged attack of text msgs, emails every 2 days, and phone calls. I was interested before, but not feels too desperate.And yes, i know the text msgs and emails are automated...but it just creates more work for ppl to actively unsubscribe.
Anne CZ: I only got as far as inquiring about this place so my review is solely based off this experience. I submitted a request through their website to get info about their programs. Shortly after submitting the inquiry request I received both an email and a text message from the instructor Alan. He was quite prompt with his responses and suggested that I drop by the facility to get a tour of the place and more information then. He was also accommodating as his suggested times didn't work for me and he was able to suggest alternate times that worked around my schedule. During this time of figuring out what times would work, I received another email from Vancouver Martial Arts in response to my inquiry. I was a little confused as to why I also received this email but I shrugged it off thinking that maybe it was an automated email that gets sent out to those who inquire from their website. Unfortunately, I ended up changing my mind as I had decided to go ahead with another facility (decided I wanted to do something other than Taekwondo) prior to the tour we scheduled. I gave Alan a heads up that I had changed my mind and he was appreciative of me letting him know. Probably a week after, I received a call from Vancouver Martial Arts asking if I had time to talk - I'm assuming about the programs they offer and I let them know I had went with another facility. I was a little confused as to why I received this call but I have a feeling that there is a lack in communication between the instructor and the people who manage inquiries from the website. I also think that it would be nice for the name of this place to include Taekwondo in it as I was under the assumption that this place offered a variety of martial arts.
Tania Perzoff: My son enjoys his classes with Master Alan and the environment is supportive and inclusive. The bonus is the leadership training students receive in addition to physical fitness. Great, well-rounded approach to teaching Taekwondo.
ada: Eh, not that good tbh. It's worse quality than tkd u could at a community centre.EDIT:If I was able, I would give this dojo 0 stars!Alan is unprofessional - he gives attitude (sighing after helping students that he dislikes) and uses the lower belts as instructors. What I mean by LOWER BELTS, he uses the second to third (so yellow belts to orange belts) least experienced belts. Also, he does not pay the instructors, which is completely unethical!In addition to what was mentioned above, he expects you to learn poomsaes/patterns, kicks, and weapons without teaching you. He gives off an "If you don't learn this, it's not my fault but yours" attitude. Like how dare that I don't know it!He gets mad at you for not coming to ONE teaching day and being late. He expects you to explain why you didn't come. He says he 'understands', but he doesn't.He is the worst instructor in the place. The higher belts (red-black to any of the black belts) are amazing as they can actually teach and their enthusiasm is evident.It completely frustrates me how I can't give 0/5 stars. Please, go to a different dojo.
Lynn Wee: The moment our daughter showed interest in Taekwondo, we looked online and found this place.We had an introduction meeting with Master Alan and he was detailed and experienced based on the number of awards he has received.It has been almost 3 months and my daughter has received her yellow belt and leadership badge. She has also become more focused and listens better. It has also built confidence in her.Master Alan takes note of his students improvements and where needs improving. He treats them as students, our future and not just clients.We as parents love everything about it and definitely would recommend Vancouver Martial Arts to anyone and everyone.
Rylie Chew: I have been going to Vancouver Martial Arts for about 9 years now. I can say that Vancouver Martial Arts teaches more than just punching and kicking. It teaches you leadership, respect, and gives you self confidence. Master Alan has a lot patience, especially when it comes to the younger students. I don’t think my life would be the same without Vancouver Martial Arts!
The a & b Sandhu: Both of my young sons (6 & 4) attend the youth classes here and I feel fortunate to have discovered such an incredible school close to home. Master Azizi is a remarkable teacher of Martial Arts, instilling life lessons of respect, dignity, discipline & perseverance through pearls of wisdom. His classes are highly organized and his level of firm patience with children offers a level of structure all youth require in order to prosper on their journey through life. It’s wonderful to witness my boys experiencing something transformational that I wish I had when I was their age. I highly recommend to all!
Rick Dhanda: I have been attending VMA for the majority of my life now, since the day my mother drove me to the school and signed me up. Since then, I've grown a tremendous appreciation for the martial arts and the way VMA teaches and inspires students. I received my black belt 13 years ago and haven't even considered stopping since. Martial arts is a lifestyle as much as a sport and Dragon Temple is a 5 star school to empower students. VMA is one of the fixtures of my life and I can actually feel the difference from taking even a week's break. In my over 20 years of being a student, I have seen my fellow attendees get healthier, happier, and more equipped to deal with the rigours of adult life. I cannot recommend this school and practice enough.
Dominic Chiu: Master Azizi has a tremendous talent for teaching and bringing out the best in his students. His professionalism and passion for martial arts is what inspires others. From him I have learned martial arts not only as a sport but also as a way of life. The potential he sees in his students is clear and he uses that vision to help them become leaders. He easily and accurately identifies what his students need to improve on and effectively communicates this to them to become better. His discipline and dedication to martial arts is what students can learn from him. Thank you for all that you do and for all that you have taught me.
Princes May Bartido: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueBest place to bring your kids! Master Alan is very welcoming and so professional. My daughter is having so much fun on her class and is always excited. She just started on March 2021 and I can already see some positive impact on her like always being positive in everything she does. 100% recommended!
Essentially Motivated: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueMy son has attended VMA for the past 3 years. His personal growth in terms of leadership and focus has been exponential. He enjoys learning as well as helping to teach Taekwondo. This has been such a positive experience for us I would recommend VMA to anyone!
Yellow Wonder: My son is 5 years old, he goes to Vancouver Martial Art for over 3 months. He is very happy and grateful in learning Martial Art with Alan.Alan give great guidance and patient toward his students. My son respect his master a lot, he doesn’t want to miss any lesson. I am very proud to see him practicing at home. I can see it in my son’s eyes that he is very proud to be learning Taekwondo.Special thanks to Master Alan 🙏🏻
Semiha Bahar: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityVMA is a great place to discover the capability of your body.Master Alan provides a welcoming environment for everyone who is interested in martial arts. First time in my life, I am exercising regularly. Contrary to every other attempts to include physical activity, this time, it is not boring.
Shreya K: Vancouver Martial Arts is a place where leaders are born and it is exemplified in both words and action. Taekwondo is world consisting of so much more than just kicking and punching, and I was able to realize that at VMA. Some aspects such as self-respect, perseverance, and leadership qualities are equally valuable as the physical techniques you get to develop here. I would definitely recommend VMA to anyone looking to send their kids or learn taekwondo for themselves, as there is no age limit for partaking in this magnificent art of life.
CDN Mountain Rider: Vancouver Martial Arts is a school that inspires you to become a master of you own body’s capability. Master Alan's teaching extends beyond just the class itself. His school and his focus on developing one’s self to the maximum of their potential quickly translates to all aspects of your life. I 100% recommend VMA to all who want to challenge their body’s ability, and personal capacity to grow into more than you are today.The Cook Family
Ahmad Rasouli: My son is an old student in Dragon Temple Martial Arts. Master Alan teach my son self-confidence and Self-discipline .I appreciate him to help my son to know himself well.My son is always excited for going to class.
Niayesh Rasoli: Mr Alan is amazing . At the beginning I thought that I can just learn kicking and punching. But now I learned self discipline too and I appreciate him . Thank you for all those amazing words and thoughts . You changed my life Mr Alan .
Nima rasouli: Great atmosphere and a great teacherMaster Alan taught me how can I be confident and become a good leader
D0D0BIRDIE XD: I attended Vancouver Martial Arts from 2012 to late 2019, and after around seven years of consistent training and practice, I can say that my overall experience was an overwhelming positive one. The instructors are all very kind and cared deeply about my success the and advancement of my martial art abilities, whilst my fellow students became some of my closest friends. Vancouver Martial Arts not only kept me fit, but in the process, I also learned valuable life lessons and the importance of self discipline. Greatest Martial Arts studio ever!
Ritchie Le: 2 words to describe it? Second home. a place where I was able to relax and just practice the art of martial arts. A very comfortable environment and a great community to be surrounded by. Even after absence, they still care about you and are always welcome back. Not only did I learn Martial arts, I learnt how to better myself in life and others around me.

4. VANCITY KRAV MAGA - Vancouver

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Address: 54 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Sun

Telephone: +1 778-302-1496

Business type: Self defense school

VANCITY KRAV MAGA: what do users think?
Aaron Silver: I'm a martial artist (black belt in Bujinkan Ninjutsu) who has tried other Krav Maga schools. Thomas has been teaching Krav Maga for over a decade, and it shows! His instruction is uncomplicated, easy to follow, and fun. I have been a student for a few years now.
J Kim: I was always interested in taking self-defense classes for no obvious reasons, and attended the first class at Vancity Krav Maga just to see if I would learn anything useful. Yes!!! I knew right away it would be extremely useful and absolutely necessary for anybody. I went back there the following week, and it has been over 2 months now. Thomas is a very competent and approachable instructor; he always makes sure everyone is on the same page, and always encourages us to ask questions (of course, he always has clear answers). Also, he covers so many different aspects of self-defense during class; it feels awesome to know something you’ve never even wondered. Vancity Krav Maga is highly recommended and you will never regret learning the effective techniques along with the right mentality that will save your own life someday.
Ludovic: I met Thomas when I arrived in Vancouver in 2020. He is a really good instructor and I learned a lot of things from him. I highly recommend his Krav Maga club. He manages it perfectly and there is always a good ambiance!
Jo Withers: Everyone should come to these classes! Thomas is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor who is really passionate about (and good at) teaching useful skills to help people keep themselves safe. He's like a 10 foot mean machine with a soft spot for the underdog. Each class covers a good range of skills and gives lots of time to practice with other students/instructors. A completely non-judgemental space - they really mean it when they say everyone is welcome.
Russ Jones: Thomas offers a great place to train, with practical applications being taught day one. Near the end of each class he opens the floor to questions in regards to scenarios, then gives a few strong solutions that can be added to your arsenal. Wish this option existed when I started training years ago !
Amy Moore: Love this place! Thomas and Alex are awesome, I have always felt comfortable and welcome to be there. The schedule is also really convenient to drop in around my schedule and I feel like I learn something practical every class.
Jesse Hill: Absolutely loving Krav Maga now, solid vibes within the entire class, as well both instructors are very informative.I would definetly recommend 💯%!!!
aron keshow: The instructor is very passionate in what he does and will make you feel very welcome in every class.I am proud to be one of the first students with VanCity KM in Vancouver and 5 years later...I continue to look forward to every class.Well done Vancity KM for creating a no nonsense TECHNICAL environment to learn KM, and develop a more confident better you
Andrea Lo: I’ve always wanted to take a self-defense class and I’m glad I found Vancity Krav Maga. Thomas is a great instructor and so far I’ve learned a lot of very helpful tactics for real-life scenarios. Everyone should at least have the basic knowledge of how to protect themselves!
Mike Jespersen: Almost 2 months into training with Thomas and others at Vancity Krav Maga, it has become the highlight of my week. While each class is fun and enjoyable, I walk out with new and better skills to better protect myself and my family.
Yuka Takemon: Thomas is a great instructor and creates a friendly and welcoming environment for first-timers. His explanation of techniques are clear and quickly identifies issues with form.
Clarence Ransaw: No hoops to jump through, just good training. 👍
Bodhi Nolin: Thomas is an excellent instructor that is receptive and supportive towards his students. Classes like the ones offered by Vancity Krav Maga are incredibly applicable to real world self defence.
Keenan Anthony: Hands down the best of the best in Canada for Krav Maga. Look no further ... Thomas is an expert and a superior instructor. Sign up for a private or group lesson and you will see for yourself.
Alejandro Calle: Awesome, and friendly place to train! Everyone welcome! Highly recommend
Tiffany Wun: This review is for all the ladies out there who might be on the fence about learning Krav Maga as self-defense --- 100% DO IT!I trained with Thomas and Alex (the instructors) for approximately a year, and I can say that it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made.Thomas is a professional with decades of experience teaching Krav, who is passionate about teaching people REAL and PRACTICAL self-defense techniques. You get to spar with others and learn the techniques in a really fun and engaging atmosphere. The classes are comfortable and welcoming towards everyone who wants to learn and improve their knowledge of Krav, while also being easy to keep up with. You will learn a lot very quickly.And if you ever do need to use these techniques in a real situation, then wouldn't you be glad to learn from the best instructors here in Vancouver?
Rami Elsanady: I've been going to IKMF Vancouver for the past 4 months and here is my opinion.The instructor (Thomas) is phenomenal, very knowledgeable and experienced in Krav Maga, genuinely cares about the wellbeing of his students.Very friendly and fun environment to learn self defense techniques that ACTUALLY work in real life situations and yet does not require physical strength.Definitely the most recommended place to learn Krav Maga in Vancouver.
Richard Stefan: I’ve been training at IKMF Vancity for a couple of months now and right from the start felt very welcome there. Thomas, the instructor, is extremely knowledgeable and has a vast background in Krav Maga as well as real life experience to draw upon. He conducts his classes very professional while at the same time cultivating a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere. The classes are very focused on technique while also being varied enough to make it easy staying engaged and keeping up with training; it’s a great experience and highly recommended!
Eduardo Franco: If you’re looking to learn practical and real stuff, this is the place. Thomas is a great instructor and makes classes being as up lifting and as real as possible while teaching the proper Krav Maga techniques; everytime. I’ve been taking classes with them for a few months now and highly recommend!
Arvin Khamseh: Alex and Thomas show up fully for us every time. Their work-ethic, responsibility and passion for creating powerful and independent men and women is admirable. They don't hold back in teaching the hacks and secrets they gathered through experiences and studying KRAV MAGA.
Elie Khoueiry: Best instructor to learn the accurate techniques from.. I used to train somewhere else and I can see the difference and the quality of the training we get. If you really wanna improve your skills, Thomas would be the best trainer to learn from.

5. Elements Academy of Martial Arts - Vancouver

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Elements Academy of Martial Arts
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Address: Carnarvon, Vancouver, BC V6L 2S6, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-831-7803

Business type: Personal trainer

Elements Academy of Martial Arts: what do users think?
Bowie Kung: I have always wanted to but felt intimidated by taking a self-defense class. My worry was quickly dispelled. Mysha and Elizabeth (the instructors) made it such a safe space, and taught techniques that were practical and simple. I don’t ever want to have the need to use any of these techniques but I certainly feel more confident if I ever need to!
Sinead Neary: Mysha was awesome!! She taught in an informative, trauma-informed, enthusiastic, and engaging manner. The self defence techniques were also really helpful to start with and I cannot wait to learn more. My sister and I left feeling incredibly empowered!
anita mahinpei: I attended the self-defense workshop hosted by Elements Academy at the cmd-f hackthon at UBC. Despite it being a 1 hour workshop, the instructors were able to teach us various moves and give us insight into how the basis for these moves can be transferred to other self-defense scenarios. I also really liked that the workshop was beginner friendly and did not require the use of any special equipment. Instructors were also super friendly and did not hesitate to answer our questions!
Shakiba Inside A Screen (Shakibzz): Mysha is wonderful - I took self-defense workshops with her at SFU. She's funny, skilled, knowledgeable, and welcomes questions. She's also a great instructor. I've loved learning from her and if everyone at this academy is similar to her even a little bit, I definitely recommend!
Tara Cannon: I have been training in the Ladies Kickboxing Class for almost 10 years. Both Emma and Mysha are extremely dedicated instructors, running a class that is both physically challenging and a lot of fun. The class whipped me into shape after my second child and has kept me fit ever since. I look forward to training with them for many years to come.I should also mention that both my kids have attended Elements martial arts classes. Neither one loved team sports, so it was a perfect way to keep them physically fit and confident.
Liz O: Knowledgeable instructors, fun classes, chill atmosphere. Kids' classes, women's classes, coed classes. Learn to defend yourself while enjoying a hard workout that's never the same twice.
Rachel Nixon: Elements is an inspiring and empowering place to train and get fit. I've been training with Mysha and Emma for four years now and am grateful for their positive, encouraging approach that infuses not just the classes themselves but the way they run their business and create connections across the Elements community.Training sessions are rightly challenging but never impossible, and are grounded in the instructors' deep knowledge and experience. The sessions are well tailored to each client's individual fitness levels, and no two sessions are ever the same. Each time I go to Elements I leave feeling that I have learned something new and that I am becoming progressively stronger and fitter.
Kathryn Lim: I first took a self-defence class at Elements a couple of years ago for as a work team event, after an incident at our work place that made us feel unsafe. Mysha is an amazing teacher and not only taught us escape moves, but catered the private class to our unique situation. We all left feeling more confident and capable. Fast forward to a couple of years later, I went back with my friends after my friend expressed feelings of vulnerability in a hypothetical situation. I quickly looked up elements to see what classes they would provide, and ended up they have a free self-defence class for women! We went as a group of 4 and, once again, was impressed by Mysha and Kate. Everything was so clearly explained, hit home and was fun too! They really provided a safe environment for us to learn, practice and even sent follow up notes. Thanks, Mysha and Kate. You're truly inspirational women. Thank you for taking time out of your lives to help women rid themselves of our feelings of vulnerability and helplessness.
Crescendo Dental: Best kickboxing class in town. Both coaches, Emma and Mysha, are awesome.
Marcelo Mora: One of the best kids programs in town!
Tracey Hirsch: Elements is an amazing place to train, to learn and to connect with a wonderful community of people. I've been training there for almost 8 years and have gone from being completely out of shape to feeling strong, fit and able to push myself more and more, even as I move deeper into my 50s. The instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, supportive and all around great people. I highly recommend!
Braden Haggerty: Love working out at Elements. I get a great fitness regime and am learning at the same time. I never have to make myself show up to train. Alwayslooking forward to the next class as not two classes are ever the same.
Chantelle Ingram: I have been going to Elements for four years now and absolutely love it! The classes are fun, accessible, and engaging but the community of members and coaches are what makes them shine. Everyone is very supportive which makes for an awesome class experience.
Jen Z: Elements is a great place for both beginners and experienced people alike. The instructors here are incredibly welcoming and inclusive, and are very patient, friendly, and experienced. If you are nervous about joining a kickboxing gym, this place is perfect as they don't have that meathead vibe that other places have that can scare off newcomers. If you want to feel like part of a community with amazing people, this is the gym to belong to!
Kelly Rattanee: I love this place!!! I always feel strong and empowered when I leave!! The staff are all amazing, as are the fellow members!

6. Vancouver Kfitness - Vancouver

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121 reviews
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Vancouver Kfitness
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Address: 2674 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G3, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 1PM Mon

Telephone: +1 604-298-5425

Business type: Kickboxing school

Vancouver Kfitness: what do users think?
corey lapell: My wife and I tried a free class at K-Fitness on Broadway for our date night and she was instantly hooked! We have been enjoying our weekly kickboxing date night for over a month now and it has proven a great couples' activity and a highlight of our week. The instructors and our classmates are all fun and friendly. After a rough day, a good kickboxing workout leaves us feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. Who knew date night could be this fun?
forouzan usefi: Awesome instructors, a clean facility and great instructions for kids, and women
Farhad D: Perfect instructions, supportive instructors and Clean facility
Alannah Hatch: My kids love going to class and have been attending for years . Instructor is great with kids and makes it a lot of fun. Not a competition class , my kids have not attended any , but they come home sweaty and happy which is all I want
Pedro Sodre: Excellent kickboxing gym. Extremely qualified instructors, good quality equipment, and a very supportive community tooI have been training for just a few weeks and feel like I’ve learned so much already. Highly recommend
Julien Rousseau: J'ai commencé les cours a KFitness début janvier et en suis très satisfait.Je n'avais pas d'expérience en sport de combat et recherchais a travailler mon cardio d'une façon plus fun. Je prends beaucoup de plaisir a suivre les cours du coach Acesta. Il sais adapter les exercices au niveau et aux attentes des étudiants.Je recommande si vous chercher à vous défouler, a travailler votre physique, votre concentration le tout dans une ambiance conviviale et studieuse.
Matt Sims: Our son has absolutely loved being part of the KFitness Gym programs. Supportive and fun instructors (Avesta is great!), nice people in the classes, and fantastic workouts and skills building.Well worth it, highly recommended.
Wesley Parker: Great location, staff are friendly and motivating, and there is fantastic community developed among the students. Our daughter (15) has loved it and grown in her confidence and skill.
Daniel Baraghoush: Awesome staff and overall great experience! Learned a lot in a very quick time. The instructors are very knowledgable.
Annie Lee: I like their program in KFitness because it's a combination of kick and boxing so it is a more balanced training than just kicking. They offer flexible training schedule as well so it is easy to fit training in a busy week. Best thing about it is everyone is enthusiastic at training, from the professional coaches to every learner. It''s also a very welcoming and encouraging community that any learner can enjoy.
Nicole So: This place is amazing! I’ve been coming here for a couple of weeks, and I already feel stronger and more confident. Avesta makes lessons really fun!
Laundry Bear: This place has legit become one of my happy places, the perfect and friendly enviroment to get a great workout in. Ive been going since May-ish and have seen great improvements physically but especially mentally. Avesta is an amazing and helpful coach, also veryyy funny to chat with. The people ive met also are amazing, even if im having a bad day at work or class, I always end up leaving with lifted spirits :) 100000% recommended!!
Ghassane Chehbouni: Great atmosphere. Friendly staff. Good gym to learn kickboxing and boxing.
Gabriel Chua: Great class. Highly recommended.
ASSASSIN OF THE UNDEAD: The instructors are friendly and experience. The quality of service is surprisingly great as it fits the need of a variety of clients from aspiring pros to casual fitness personnels.
Yasmina Seifeddine: I've been going here for almost a month now, and honestly it couldn't be a better environment. Avesta makes you feel comfortable even when he's pushing you and reminds you that not doing things 'perfectly' is part of the process, so I never feel a pressure to always feel like I need to improve or do things flawlessly. This place is great for students because it's close to UBC campus, affordable, and soooo much fun. I've been going with a few friends and I've never looked forward to exercising and getting exhausted before. Highly recommend, a super safe space for newbies!
Hanna Yang: We are excited that this place has reopened and my daughter has been taking classes there for a few months now. She loooooves her class so much that she always ask to extend the time at the end of each session. Her coach Avester is very engaging. I can see that he loves teaching kids. Super happy with my daughter’s fast progress too! Highly recommend this place.
Simran Kaur: I have been training here for 2 weeks now and I love it! The trainer is very nice, professional, supportive and most importantly makes you feel comfortable. Moreover he pushes you to do the best you can while not pushing too hard (unless you want to lol). Also the atmosphere is really nice, supporting and encouraging which is really nice for a beginner like me. I am excited to learn more on how to fight and defend myself while also getting a workout in! Also there is a trial session, which is really nice if you are not sure if it’s for you and a 10% discount on students ;)
E David Klonsky: My 7 year-old is loving his training here. He describes it as “really fun but really tiring” and says that “the instructor is great” 😊 Personally I’ve been impressed with the instructor’s ability to teach a young child the basics of kickboxing, and also to push him to keep going and do the techniques correctly even when my son seems tired or like he’s losing focus — all while ensuring my son feels comfortable and is having fun!
Wade Alkazaz: Just completed my first month and looking forward to more. Total newbie to kickboxing. Avesta is a great instructor. Gym is clean, affordable, equipment is top notch and training is 👌
Twoo Nguyen: The most supportive and encouraging trainer ever.I used to have commitment issues with many other gyms and personal trainers until i came here. Avesta, the trainer, has been always very supportive and makes everything fun and enjoyable. He pushes us to do the best we could but always makes sure his students are comfortable with the moves.With the plus of open training hours when you go in and practice by yourself, it’s the same or even better price in comparison with going to the gym.Tl;dr: if you are considering, do it.

7. Krav Maga BC - Vancouver

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6 reviews
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Krav Maga BC
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Address: 278 E 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1A6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-683-2446

Business type: Self defense school

Krav Maga BC: what do users think?
Dan Kasal: Krav Maga BC is one of the top Krav Maga schools in Canada and likely the world. The instructors are top notch and focused on helping you become the best krav practitioner you can be. Many long term students here. I have been training in KM for 8 years and have trained at a variety of schools as I have moved around from city to city, this school is the real deal. What better thing to spend money on than improving your health and physical fitness while simultaneously learning a skill you hope you never have to use.
Stefan Austen-Tacious: I send my son here. The coaches are absolutely top notch. Everyone associated with this place has become like family. I can't recommend it enough.

8. Modern Warrior academy of self defence - New Westminster

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17 reviews
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Modern Warrior academy of self defence
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Address: 428 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3L 1B1, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-353-5627

Business type: Martial arts school

Modern Warrior academy of self defence: what do users think?
Adriano Alencar: This is great dojo!Amazing instructors that make you feel at home and completely comfortable.Currently practicing wrestling, Boxing, BJJ and Kickboxing on the self defense program. If in doubt, give it a try. Highly recommend!
Boston Bruins FanBoy: Excellent place with genuine, responsible people. This is a legit dojo. You will be taught real practical skills you can use throughout your life.
Thalia Flores-Slegers Cabrera: They’re helping my husband Theo improve and I’m thankful to them.
G: Modern Warrior academy is one of the best dojo in the entire lower mainland. Owner Sasha is an amazingly kind human being who is dedicated to creating a community of martial arts practitioners rather than just running a classes mill that many seems to revert to. Their focus is on self defence, irrespective of the classes you attend. All the instructors are highly qualified and fairly advanced in their respective martial arts practice, whether its Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, BJJ, Wrestling or Kali.
Theodore Slegers: I have fought and trained in a variety of martial arts gyms across Canada and can honestly say you won’t find a more positive, supportive environment with this many options. Sasha has done a stellar job of making this gym a place that you can train a wide variety of skills and have the flexibility to get practice time on your schedule. There are classes every night during the week and a few on Saturday. They have, karate, kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, jujitsu and more - all with top notch instructors who are passionate, experienced and approachable. When you walk into this gym they welcome you and invite you to learn. It is also super clean, spacious, and with a separated and adequate weight room. Do your self a favor and make this your home base!
Vitor Kunrath: Very nice place to train. People are very friendly, the training is great, and the space is awesome! Definitly I'll recomend it!
Daniel Dezmeu: Modern Warrior Academy of Self-Defense is a bastion of martial prowess and physical fortitude. The instructors, all seasoned warriors in their own right, pass on their knowledge with fierce determination and an indefatigable drive to sharpen their pupils into ferocious combatants.Each lesson is a master class in the art of self-defense with instructors who are always eager to provide suggestions and critique to benefit students in purifying their abilities.The training at the academy is rigorous and demanding, but it is also exceptionally rewarding.
Brayden Holbrook: Exceeded all expectations. Amazing environment for a young fighter looking for a competitive atmosphere and equally amazing for a regular everyday person to work on self defence/physical activity. Classes everyday of the week , full weight room, couldn’t ask for more. High level coaching separates this gym from others 100%.
Susan Liebreich: Very amateur not the program they advertise, teachers are unorganized I was so disappointed
Arthur Gao: Modern Warriors is the best martial arts gym in New West, I have been training there for a year. They are not only training partners, but more like a community. Lots of fights, lots of fun, it brings me a lot of confidence as well. Feel really good to know them.
Ben Cleroux: Positive:Communication,Quality,ValueFantastic, high quality self defence curriculum covering a multitude of disciplines. Coaches Cruz, Cody, and Maz are very skilled and great teachers, and head coach Sasha changed my life perspective for the better. Overall great experience!
Gagan Roop: Just shut up and sign up. Its an amazing place to grow, learn and improve. :)
Jerry Tang: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueAmazing training environment for self defence and martial arts. Lesson plans are structured, prices are fair, and your instructor and fellow students are respectful and responsible.
Geoffrey E.: Critical:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueWe made a payment, and he pretended he didn't get paid, just to try to get more money from us, 1 star not trustworthy.
HMoreno Design: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,Value
Dustin Poon: This place is better than going to gym, it is fun and engaging. Also helps develop a strong mental and self confidence. The instructors are very professional and inclusive.
Kyoko Horiguchi: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Judy: Positive:Communication,ProfessionalismI've learnt and improve myself not only physical but mental, best instructors! Who really cares and pay attention to you, eventhough I was a beginner in Karate, wrestling and jujitsu they really explained everything detailed. Sasha besto sensei thank you for introducing me into MW Osu!
Laith Alasoo: A definite must gym to go to. Sasha is an incredible trainer who really cares about your progress and your time at the gym. A few gyms that I've been to don't give the amount of care in terms of growth and progress, like this gym does. Great trainer, great atmosphere, and its helped me build confidence in myself in real world self defense situations!
Kaiden Alford: I've been training here for almost a year (karate and fighters class) and I can't recommend it enough. Sasha and the others have heart and spirit unlike anyone else I've trained with on my journey. Osu!
Tayná Sousa: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueHighly recommend MW. Amazing instructors and a family like atmosphere.

9. Personal Best Martial Arts - Port Coquitlam

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57 reviews
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Personal Best Martial Arts
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Address: 1647 Broadway St #124, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 2M8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-802-4377

Business type: Martial arts school

Personal Best Martial Arts: what do users think?
Kate Kozhevnikova: Kids love it!
Manh Le: All the instructors are awesome, my kids love to come here everytime, they enjoy the lessons and also the games here, I can see they are more confident. I really love to have them study here
Ryan Gooding: Great at fun and Discipline. And the instructors are great too.
Talia Young: Great team of senseis 🤩
Christina Zvicer: Such great program for kids!
charles bethell: Such a great activity and team!
Jordan Mayer: We had Personal Best Martial Arts run a program at our school for students in Kindergarten to Grade 5. The students had so much fun and got an incredible workout. Sensei Conor is a gifted instructor and my students were laughing & smiling throughout the entire session. If you are thinking of having Personal Best come to your school, I would highly recommend you sign up today!
Ssarah: Conor is great!
Irene Buitendach: These guys are excellent with the kids. We can really recommend them!
Fremont woo: Great classes and atmosphere for kids. The school is friendly and the instructors are very patient with the kids
Glynn McNeill: My son loves going to Personal Best. He's gotten stronger and more focused. Best is that his confidence has ballooned.
Albertus Buitendach: They are very good with the kids and the kids love it
Sobamushi D: My son can be very shy when he starts a new program. The teachers here are so fantastic with helping him come out of his shell and getting him involved in the class. They're patient, cheerful, and all around great with kids. If you have a shy kid and you want them to build some confidence, I highly recommend Personal Best!
Tim Harris: My son looks forward to every class! They are so good with him and encourage him every step.
Julie Lau: My 5 year old has lots of fun here. The sensei's are great at teaching discipline in a welcoming environment, never pressuring but will set clear rules and boundaries.
Altmar du Toit: The best Martial Arts DoJo in Vancouver! They are super great with the kids. Keep up the great work Master D and Sensei Conor.
John D: Great place to bring your kids. The instructors will help them learn discipline and develop their self confidence in a fun and safe setting. Classes are enjoyable to watch too.Thanks!
Justin: My son absolutely loves coming here. All of the Sensei’s are very interactive, professional and know how to make everything fun.
Kelvin Tam: Nice place and my kid loves it
Natallia K: Super!!! My child loves it.👍
Rebecca: Instructors are fantastic and given my daughter lots of confidence

10. Gracie Barra Vancouver - Vancouver

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92 reviews
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Gracie Barra Vancouver
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Address: 2440 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 778-865-8644

Business type: Martial arts school

Gracie Barra Vancouver: what do users think?
Shadan Soloukian: The instructors are so wonderful, however the financial person makes charges that seems to be errors. Do your calculations always.
Harman Dhaliwal: This gym is impossible to end your membership with and has continued charging me for months, whenever I contact them they go silent. Can someone at the gym please care to explain this? And stop charging my account
Bianca-Lee Burgess: I highly recommend this Gracie Barra Vancouver to anyone looking to improve their skills or just starting out. The instructors are knowledgeable and make classes engaging. The school has a welcoming atmosphere with a strong sense of camaraderie among the students. As a current member, I can attest to its positive impact on my strength, flexibility, and confidence. It's also a great fit for families.
Gracie Barra Piemonte: You will have a 5 star experience in this great school. Number 1💪
CrossFit Chieri: Best School and best people!!!
Angelica Quiring: I signed up for jiu jitsu around October of 2021. The classes were fine. I'm writing this review because earlier this month, December 9 2022, Gracie Barra sent an email informing members of an increase to the monthly price for 2023. This was a significant increase of $15/month. I contacted Gracie Barra to let them know I was not in agreement with this new price. They informed me that according to the contract, they can update the membership with one month's notice and included an excerpt from the contract. It very clearly states Membership fees and models are subject to change upon 30 DAYS ADVANCE NOTICE. I pointed this out and informed them that they're in violation of the contract. Their math skills are quite concerning, as well as the blatant lack of awareness or concern to keep their end of the contract.All of this to say - Gracie Barra failed to provide the required notice. They are aware of their violation, but did not apologize to me. They only offered that I could continue at my current rate. I have no idea if they have come clean to other members whose contracts would have been violated as well due to this, so I want to post publicly to raise awareness.I have also put my membership on hold in the past, and I have to constantly watch my credit card payments, as they incorrectly charge for the membership, even when it's on hold and it's in writing.I have lost trust in the way Gracie Barra conducts their business. I have no interest in being part of a gym that violates their end of the agreement, and one where I have to constantly check for illegitimate charges. I have very serious concerns of the ethics with which they operate.
Stephen Epp: I started here at age 42, new to the sport. I am now hooked. I have three kids and work full time. I am super busy, but find a way to train 3 times a week. They have classes all the time. It is a safe and supportive environment and awesome place to learn. I am now 45 and pursuing my purple belt. I recommend this place to any and everybody.
Joe Wang: I took my boy there for a trail class with my close friend who have 2 boys training there. He loves it. He has tears in his eyes before we leave and asks another course right away. I would definitely register my boy if we are in the area. Highly recommended !
Nitish Sharma: Fraud fraud fraud. Would highly deter anyone from attending this location. When I first signed up, I was informed that there would be a requirement of 2 month notice to pause my account as my work schedule was gonna change in the new year. No problem. Gave them the two month notice in email as required, however I have been continually charged. Submitted a dispute with my bank who advised that with the information I provided them that these charges were fraudulent. I even provided them a copy of the contract that I signed and it was a clear cut decision. GB called me back and said that if I needed to completely cancel the account that I would need to pay a month cancellation fee, which makes no sense and was never mentioned in person or in any contract. Facility is nice I'll give them that. However, as mentioned by several other customers of their fraudulent ways, it seems this is an on going issue with this location. I strongly recommend anyone thinking of signing up here, to think twice and consider another gym. I've sent maybe about 6 emails asking for in writing why I was charged multiple times and for the managers contact information to speak with them, and all requests have been ignored. Save yourself any stress and do not attend GB!
Maneka Gopal: My son has been part of GB vancouver for almost 3years. He loves it, coaches, management, other students younger and older all becomes a family. Friendly and very devoted place.
Tamara Gopal: Gracie Barra has been a place I absolutely love going too! I went to another Brazilian Jujitsu place along Kingsway and it wasn’t the same as this place! I’ve been here for 4 months already and I never felt such a beautiful community to be apart of. No matter what level fitness you are, no matter what skill level you are this place is soo welcoming. I swear to you you’ll never regret coming here. It has change my life for the better :) if you don’t believe me come out and check the place out along main.
chloe bissillion: Gracie Barra is the best!! Great coaches and a great workout!!!
Nevaeh Wilson: I have learned so much at this gym! I’ve been here for 6 months, everyone is so nice and welcoming3I strongly suggest joining!
Liz Igonia: Professor Marcos is very patient and according to my daughter, "he helps us when we need help and is very silly and fun".
Michel Baril: You people like to sponsor corrupted newrapped the news come on what's a matter with you you got kids fight for your freedom breedom you make me sick unbelievable stop sponsoring global news.
Jeanne SBas: What a great place! And the whole staff is awesome. My son absolutely loves this place. Recommended for kids and adults!
E W: I have nothing but praise for the staff, professors and coaches at Gracie Barra Vancouver. When I first enrolled my five-year-old daughter full-time in the after-school jiu jitsu program, I was a bit concerned because she was so shy and timid but over the years, she has gained so much confidence and improved physically and mentally! I give the incredible team of staff here full credit as they are so dedicated, compassionate, and amazing with the kids. Highly recommended!!
Dorian LeVere: I love this place! Everyone here is so caring and kind. The bathrooms are clean the floor mats are clean. The kids really benefit from the values they teach in class. Gracie Barra Vancouver is like a great extended family you didn't know you had.
mau ramos: The best
Blair Mills: Great with kids
Doug Hill: An incredible sense of community and respect

11. DCS - Diaz Combat Sports - Vancouver

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200 reviews
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DCS - Diaz Combat Sports
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Address: 276 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1T7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-979-0709

Business type: Martial arts school


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15 reviews
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Address: 617 E 16th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 2V3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-644-8842

Business type: Martial arts school

13. Impact Krav Maga & Fitness - Vancouver

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6 reviews
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Impact Krav Maga & Fitness
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Address: 1805 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J 1Y5, Canada

Telephone: +1 778-235-4094

Business type: Self defense school

14. Posener's Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai - Vancouver

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56 reviews
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Posener's Pankration/MMA and Muay Thai
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Address: 3163 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5K2, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:45AM Sat

Telephone: +1 604-255-5344

Business type: Martial arts school

15. Gracie Barra Kitsilano - Vancouver

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28 reviews
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Gracie Barra Kitsilano
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Address: 3611 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6R 2B8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-722-5487

Business type: Martial arts school

16. Eastside Boxing Club - Vancouver

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46 reviews
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Eastside Boxing Club
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Address: 238 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1X5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-620-0480

Business type: Boxing gym

17. Boxerfit - Fitness & Personal Training - Vancouver

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43 reviews
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Boxerfit - Fitness & Personal Training
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Address: 1620 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3K1, Canada

Telephone: +1 778-558-9569

Business type: Physical fitness program

18. Gracie Barra New Westminster Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - New Westminster

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79 reviews
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Gracie Barra New Westminster Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
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Address: 482 E Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3L 3X5, Canada

Schedule: Reopens at 3:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-839-2838

Business type: Martial arts school


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Address: 3740 Chatham St #1, Richmond, BC V7E 2Z3, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 3:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-244-8842

Business type: Martial arts school

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