Best Neonatal Jaundice Specialists Vancouver Near Me

1. BC Women’s Hospital - Vancouver

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BC Women’s Hospital
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Address: 4500 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3N1, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Mon

Telephone: +1 604-875-2424

Business type: Women's health clinic

BC Women’s Hospital: what do users think?
Paayge Antivist: Thank you to the lovely staff who helped me during my stay. 💖 my family is so grateful
Steve Kasica: Both of our kids were delivered here, 10/10 would recommend again.
Bonkowskiart: The staff are excellent and most of the facility seems nice but SWEET BABY MOSES! The arbutus wing is trash. 3rd world hospital conditions. Apparently at this hospital 70 % of births here are done by c-section those who endure that hardship go to a recovery ward in the tiniest rooms all ghetto trashed with violent toilets. New father's like me have to sleep on the floor and some of the rooms have windows into hallways?? Please rebuild this wing.
Samantha McIntosh: I had a procedure done here recently and the staff in the surgical unit were amazing. I was an anxious mess and they were all so friendly and made me feel so at ease. I’ve never seen a group of staff so calm that treat you like a human and not just a patient they need to get in and out. They also made sure I had the right next steps and medications I needed to be as pain-free as possible. I have absolutely zero complaints.
Gabrielle Cholette: The nursing staff is incredibly supportive and attentive. They were kind and informative. The Dr. was effective and very good at his job but a little bit cold. Overall, would highly recommend this clinic to other women.
mafe garmon: Kind Emergency staff , doctor, nurses and triage. Thanks
Obie O: Weird vibe
OneFiveThreeSixTwoFour VR6: Wonderful place to give birth however I've had 2 bad experiences during my first and third birth. I don't want to sound sexist but the first lady who was trying to give me an epidural in 2008, told me to sit still and shut up or she wont be able to give the epidural.. I was shaking in fear as it was my first birth at just 20 years old... the nurse handling my premature baby was very rough... very bad experience. 3rd birth in 2020, the doctor on call which was also a woman, wasn't compassionate at all. She was annoyed... and told me to go home as there was nothing she could do. I had an emergency c section 2 days later...... 1st lady was blonde, nurse was east Indian and the last was Chinese... I never liked Chinese doctors. No compassion or any bedside manners. (I am Chinese so I'm very aware of how our culture is despite what white people say)Anyways, I've held in my experience long enough and I feel much better.
Sergei Lenkov: I would say first that all the nurses and doctors were very professional and caring and this is the most important thing you are looking for when you and your partner are about to have a baby. Special thanks to nurse Ling for detailed explanation on how to properly do the breastfeeding to my wife! They also gave us an extra day to stay for my wife to recover from unplanned urgent surgery - made a difference. She was also provided with food and all necessities for her and our baby.The building itself is in good condition, all the equipment was modern and had everything that might be needed. You can also buy a meal and/or coffee at the cafeteria or buffet if you're hungry.The minor things to improve are a lack of place to sleep for father in the room (had to sleep on mattress on the floor - although I did not care after 24 hours of no sleep), waiting for anesthesia an hour extra cause anesthesiologists were busy and waiting for urgent surgery cause there was another more serious surgery going on (still my wife was constantly checked on her condition)...But all in all, everything went good and our experience was very positive and I would recommend the place for meeting with your baby!
marcos almeida: My wife arrived at the hospital pregnant (8 weeks), bleeding, and they told us there was no available ultrasound. Guess what? The doctor said:” the ultrasound team will call you through the next week and book a day for you to take the ultrasound.” This is unbelievable and unacceptable! Because she was bleeding on the weekend, we must wait until Monday. I’m wondering how this place which called itself a woman hospital, does not have an ultrasound for pregnant available for emergencies? It's reasonable and more than necessary an improvement for them.
Jasmine Carlson: I had day surgery today and every single staff member that I interacted with were so so lovely. I have never had such a calm time at the hospital, everyone really helped me not feel anxious in the slightest even having an IV in which is a huge phobia of mine went smoothly and didn’t cause me anxiety like it usually does. There was even a dog that came to say hi beforehand which was so great for calming any anxiety I was having. I had anxiety when I got to the hospital but by the time I went into the OR all of that anxiety was completely gone. 10/10 staff ☺️
Marcia Matchett: The best I have ever been treated and I finally feel Amazing after years of struggling.
Deniz Soykurum Çetin: I have had mammograms and biopsies at this hospital. The doctors, operators, nurses, and anyone working here is lovely and caring. They explain everything, they make you comfortable. Best care. Always grateful.
Gail Latowski: If you are just getting a Covid test and not pregnant or you don’t work in health care don’t go to this clinic. They will send you to 1290 Homer St. and now you have to pay for the test- $45. or $65. depending on what you are getting.
Megan: We received OUTSTANDING care, attention and guidance throughout the delivery of our first baby at BC Women's Hospital. Thank you to Dr. Rosengarten, Dr. Wong and all the maternity nurses and support staff. Absolutely fantastic health care teams at this hospital!
Enzo Guo: Great Doctors and Nurses, but the tiny parking stall is annoying, almost guaranteed door ding. I got a Tesla and I can tell people are being very careful but however I still got door ding on both side.
David Howell: I just wish I could give BC Women's Hospital 10/5 stars. The staff were down right incredible for the birth of our first child. Can't imagine that experience without them.
RobJamie Lee: We had an AMAZING experience delivering at BC Women's. This was our 2nd child but first time delivering at BCW. EVERY nurse we worked with were pleasant and professional. Everything was organized and we felt were were under the best care possible. We were also pleasantly surprised how good of the food was and how we get to pick what we'd like. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to stay at BCW this time. THANK YOU BC Women's and the entire team we are so grateful for you.
Kevin Cooper: My wife had 3 beautiful and healthy babies here and our experiences were absolutely wonderful and perfect. Especially considering babies 2 and 3 were twins! (Thank you, Dr. Blumenthal). Thumbs up!
Muffet: born here
Kim J: Please investigate well enough for the case, recent accident, the loss of 2 persons, a mom and baby.

2. Dr Avash Jeet - Vancouver

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Dr Avash Jeet
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Address: 4480 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 3V4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-875-2135

Business type: Neonatal physician

3. Vancouver Breastfeeding Center - Vancouver

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Vancouver Breastfeeding Center
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Address: 750 W Broadway Suite 909, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4E2, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-738-1912

Business type: Medical clinic

Vancouver Breastfeeding Center: what do users think?
C C: The experience with Dr. Livingston and clinic was great. Glad we were able to get our tongue tied resolved. She is an expert at what she does and her guidance on BF is extremely helpful. Thanks for taking care of our little one Dr. Livingston!
carolina morley: I am so glad that my midwife referred me to the BF Center. Dr.Livingstone is VERY knowledgeable, professional and personable doctor.We had difficulties with breastfeeding and I was told my baby had tie tongue.I highly recommend going to the Center. She confirmed the diagnostic and did the cut. I strongly recommend Dr. Livingstone for a professional and accurate diagnostic.
Kapil Aggarwal: Dr Livingstone is a great treat to meet. What she does is far more complex and useful than rocket science. There are not many doctors like her.The best thing I liked about this clinic is that they try their best to help you. Every one is so friendly. You can rely on their care and expertise.
Erica Bloom: NO ONE AT THIS CLINIC IS A CERTIFIED IBCLC (an international certification for lactation consultants)I was referred to the Vancouver Breastfeeding clinic by my daughter’s paediatrician when she was 2 months old and I was having issues with her latch (among many other issues). After a phone conversation, Dr Livingstone thought my baby had a tongue tie based on my symptoms and our issues. I went in for an appt only to have Dr Livingstone tell me my baby’s chin is too small and she has a bit of an underbite (surprise surprise it looks like she tells everyone this based on the reviews). She helped adjust my positioning which did make the latch more comfortable.Fast forward 5 months, my baby is now 7.5 months old and still has issues with gas, reflux, sleep, slow weight gain, and we can only nurse in the one specific position Dr Livingstone helped us with which makes life pretty limited.I saw a chiropractor who recommended I see an IBCLC who immediately recognized my daughter’s tongue and lip tie. I have a consultation with Dr Chan in North Van to have her tongue and lip tie revised. The IBCLC I saw said that many many babies have missed oral ties because of this clinic. It’s really sad.
Nikolina Allison: We're so glad that we were referred to the BF Center. We saw Dr. Livingstone, she was absolutely wonderful. We had difficulties with BF, & lots of pain. I highly recommend going to the Center. My family doctor who no longer performs tongue tie procedures highly recommended Dr. Livingstone and the center to us for a professional and accurate diagnosis. If you're having any BF issues, whether latch or supply definitely get yourself an appointment!
kelsie edwards: *EDIT POST REPLY *Dr Livingstone unprofessionally overreached without knowledge of the situation in her response by informing me LCs cannot diagnose. I am fully aware of this and all other avenues were explored before WE decided it was best to seek a diagnosis from a pediatric dentist. YOU saw me for 10 minutes, LC had been there for me for endless support.Furthermore, in response to my review, "There is no scientific evidence to support invasive laser surgery for any breastfeeding challenges" was written. However this clinic will cut the ties...?......Positively, it very quick from referral to appointment date. On the other hand, I found my experience here to be quite unpersonable. I understand it's a job for them, but I prefer a friendlier approach, especially since most who seek this service are dealing with such complex, emotional journies.I, like many others who've reviewed this clinic, was told that my newborn had a small recessed chin, and that with a proper hold and some time to grow, things would improve. Unfortunately, the position I was shown, although successful for baby and latch, was very uncomfortable for my short arms and wrists, so I had to ditch that method.After a few consults with a local LC, I was referred to Dr. Jimmy Chan, pediatric dentist, who corrected her lip & tongue ties today. Latch has already improved.
Danna Kim: Was told baby doesn’t have a tongue tie but it ends up being she has a tongue tie and a lip tie and doctor Livingstone misdiagnosed it. I could have fixed it so long ago if I had known and the baby could have been drinking at the breast for more than two months now if it wasn’t for this incompetence from the doctor.
Manpreet K: Dr. Livingstone is the best!! I was constantly suffering during the initial weeks of my breastfeeding journey. I was misdiagnosed by two other doctors as having yeast infection, but when I visited Dr. Livingstone, she was able to find the root cause instantly. My baby has small jaw which was causing me all the pain and some other symptoms that were somewhat similar to yeast infection. I was able to find instant relief and pain free breastfeeding after learning the appropriate technique from Dr. Livingstone. I was almost at the verge of giving up breastfeeding, but thank God that I was able to get timely help from Dr. Livingstone. I got an appointment for next day after my family Dr. sent in the referral. The reception staff is also very kind and welcoming.
Betty Dai: I had great experience with Dr. Livingstone who helped us tremendously. It turned out our baby had a tie tongue and we had no clue about. Dr. Livingstone diagnosed it within a few seconds we walked in and had it cut. The front desk lady is very helpful and friendly. Booked us the appointment right away. It has been about 10 days since we visited the clinic, now my baby is gaining weight and it’s much easier for me to breastfeed. Thank you so much for all you do!!!
Hannah: I had a great experience with Dr. Livingstone during these Covid times. She was kind, encouraging, and direct. She went out of her way to squeeze me into her schedule multiple times and would return phone calls the same day when I had questions or concerns. She gave me confidence in breastfeeding and my milk supply. I highly recommended her!!
Jiayi Z: Received tremendous help from Dr. Livingstone when I was struggling with nursing my baby. She is very direct and will cut to the chase - but very knowledgeable and she knows what she is talking about. We dealt with a plethora of issues for months...many times I wanted to call it quits and give up with breastfeeding but Dr. Livingstone gave solid advice and was able to guide me into successful breastfeeding.
A G: We are very grateful for the help we received from the Vancouver Breastfeeding Center.
Sheleigh Peers: I had a terrible experience with Dr Livingstone. She was rather rude on the call, didn't actually ask me any questions about what I was doing or what was happening, she just instantly said "you're holding him wrong" and that was her only advice. She was completely dismissive of any other questions I had and acted like I was wasting her time.My baby was having issues transfering milk and wasn't gaining weight well. I saw many doctors and nurses, if I was holding him wrong they would have noticed.I had strong suspicion that he had a lip tie that was causing the issue. When I asked Dr L if that could be the reason she said "lip ties are a lactation consultants fallacy"?!Well, many doctors and dentists would disagree! I finally was able to get it revised, and he instantly started nursing better and thus gaining weight. So much for it being a "fallacy"! How she could think lip ties don't exist or have an impact on nursing is beyond me.I had a friend who went to the clinic too and was told to give up because her baby's jaw and mouth were too small. I feel like this place should be called the Vancouver Bottle Feeding Clinic, because that seems to be where it gets you if you follow their advice!
Natalia E: Dr. Livingstone was awesome. Very direct and to the point, I love that! Helped my daughter and I with our issues even though I thought as a second time mom I kinda knew what's what, but obviously, I didn't. Highly recommend. She is a doctor with lots of experience!
Melissa Armstrong: Shocked that Dr Livingstone wasn’t wearing a mask in Sept during Covid! She was seeing multiple patients at once and didn’t wash her hands every time she came into our room. Her bedside manner could use some warmth and patience.Dr L was able to make latching painless (only when she did it) and at the expense of my baby screaming crying/and hot/red from frustration. As a first time mom, this totally turned me off my experience! Invest in a LC
Trevor H: My wife and I saw Dr. Livingstone to get some advice on breastfeeding for our second child as she was not nursing with the same effectiveness as our first. Her advice and techniques have been a lifesaver.She listened to our experiences, quickly assessed the issue and offered techniques that solved our painful latching problems. We left the clinic having learned much more than we expected and are confident that we will have success nursing our baby girl.If you need any help with nursing or latching it’s worth getting an appointment with Dr Livingstone.
Laurel Plewes: DO NOT go here if you can help it. I needed to go here to get a prescription of Domperidone and with that came judgement judgement judgement. I had dr. Lin and they had me pegged as having post partum depression. I did not. I just had a baby, was alone, and was having a difficult time so I would cry occationally. She would not let me ask a single question, talked over me, and when I tried to talk she shushed me.At one point she brought in a medical student and said " this patient here is the standard type of patient that you could see in your GP clinic and manage them there. This patient thought that breastfeeding would be easy and is frustrated that she has to work at this. These people just need a little encouragement and direction." ALL WRONG. My sister had low supply so I knew it might happen to me. I'm a peds nurse so I know breastfeeding is hard work. She got me all wrong.I wish there was another place to go to get support. Next time I will hire an external lacation consultant.
Coco L: Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this place is unsupportive based on all the comments I've read. Pretty much shamed me for thinking it's OK to have a plan B (formula) if my baby can't breast feed. I just nodded along to end the call as I didn't want to waste my time anymore. New moms should not be shamed for not being able to breast feed, and this place did exactly that. Quite disappointed.
Trevor “trew14” trew14: She called on time, that's about all she did well. I'm giving her 1 star but wish I could give none. Basically shamed us for having our son go to Child Care at 7 months old, and told us that babies don't socialize until they're 18 months old.
Mick Leung: The Dr was impatient with my wife, because we are first time parents and unfamiliar with breastfeeding. That's the reason why we visited, so why the lack of patience to us?Dr was not wearing a face mask during this time of covid pandemic, only wearing a face shield. I need you to wear a face mask to protect us, I don't know you and who you are exposed to.
Gillian Jack: Dr. Livingstone was lovely. She was very straightforward and to the point but not without compassion and care. She showed me how to improve my breastfeeding technique and made me feel confident going forward.

4. Vancouver General Hospital - Vancouver

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Vancouver General Hospital
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Address: Jim Pattison Pavilion, 899 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-875-4111

Business type: General hospital

Vancouver General Hospital: what do users think?
Jessica: I came in for a CT and found the two information desk staff to be incredibly rude when asked for directions and a face mask. I know health care workers are overworked and we are grateful for your service but.. Isn't the point of an information desk to provide information?
Assefa kebede: Excellent
David Jolivet: Easy to get around and nice staff.
Peter Clark: Busy
Ron Gallant: Easy to get around no stress
Marshall Miller: Great people 👏 👍 👌 fast service people are beautiful there 👏 may God bless them 🙏 they know what they are doing ty very much 😀 for all ur help I appreciate it
kathryn stewart: The medical teams at VGH are the best you can get. The care and attention they gave my son after his accident was top notch. We are forever grateful 🙏
Kevin Strome: I am currently in right now with an abscess in my throat and it has cause me a lot of pain and it’s been very hard to swallow I want to thank the nursing staff her for being very kind and very helpful and intuitive ion helping me figure out every way possible to take my pain meds SHOUT-OUT TO THE NIGHT STAFF AND DAY-So TAFF
nicole travassos: Clean,friendly staff covid friendly.
Jonine Rochacewich: I recently had ankle surgery, I spent three weeks on the orthopedic/trauma floor. The doctors and nursing staff were wonderful and professional, I know their jobs are especially challenging during Covid-19 and they work very hard. I cannot say the same for the two physiotherapists assigned to me; one was extremely rude with no bedside manner. Also, the hospital was not very clean. I realize the cleanliness could be a result of the hospital being short staffed.
brigitte cavanagh: Everything look fine. I had many small surgeries and 1 bigger, some nurses were not nice....but there is not much i can do about their staff.
Keith Johnstone: Well run. No hot water in some of the public washrooms tho
JOHN SHINNICK: This is a major component of Vancouver General Hospital.
Brenda Sachse: I can't thank the Doctors, Surgeons, and especially the Nursing Staff enough for the amazing work they do!

5. Daniel L. Metzger, MD - Vancouver

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Daniel L. Metzger, MD
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Address: 4480 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3V4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-875-2345

Business type: Endocrinologist

Daniel L. Metzger, MD: what do users think?
JJ: Dr Dan treated me from the time I was 2 years old... an amazing, caring, knowledgeable, considerate physician. With his help, I made it through, stronger and taller than they thought I could ever be. My whole family loved him. Perfect working with kids. Thank you Dr Dan. 3 Jessica Jane
Aaron M: A wonderful, caring, thoughtful and intelligent doctor who is so dedicated to his patients. I had Dr. metzger as my endocrinologist for 18 years from age 1 to 18. Visits and checkups were so awesome with him. I attribute so much of my good health later in life to the education he gave me as a kid. The time he puts into his patients and the work he does is truly exceptional. The staff whenever I went made our whole family feel so comfortable and went out of their way to make sure we had all the knowledge we needed to maintain my diabetes in great control.Thanks Dr. Metzger, I’ll never forget you.Aaron M
Lois Nahirney: We couldn't be more grateful for the smart, kind, funny care and support provided by Dr. Dan. Truly we could not have had a more amazing endocrinologist working with our son. Thank you.
ShineTrue777: Dr. Dan is not only an incredible doctor but one of the most kind and caring people I have ever had the honour of knowing. He is genuine and has an amazing method of connecting with his patients, even though he feels more like family to me. When I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 2 years old he helped me and my family take control of my disease. We would see him once a year and it was always a trip we looked forward to. Later on he connected me to a Diabetes Camp where I was able to bond with other kids who shared my illness. When I graduated from Children's Hospital it was bitter sweet, I only wish he could work with adults as well but if you or your child have the opportunity to see him, take it! Dr. Dan will change your whole outlook on care and make you smile while he does it. God bless him and all that he does for others! -A.S.

6. CARE Program Women's Health Centre - Vancouver

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CARE Program Women's Health Centre
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Address: entrance 77, 4500 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3V5, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-875-2022

Business type: Women's health clinic

CARE Program Women's Health Centre: what do users think?
Melina Dii: Taryn, Lauren, resident, Dr Chang, counsellor, all of you who were involved today.From the bottom of my heart, thank you. ❤️
Anna: They performed an incomplete termination on me. Have been suffering for 2+ months now because of it.
harjot Sidhu: Staff is best you feel like you are out on vacation with friends even the consultant ladies are awesome they explain you everything at starting so good thanks everyone for your help
Nicole Day: I could not have asked for a better experience at CARE, the nurses, drs, counselors...everyone was fantastic and so kind, caring and compassionate. I was incredibly anxious for my procedure but everyone here made me feel SO safe. Even though I (think) I was the last patient of the day and they were about 2 hours delayed everyone was extremely empathetic and made me feel comfortable during my entire visit. I went to with concious sedation for my procedure and I hardly remember anything and it was completely painless, definitely recommend.
Tammy Zalischuck: My mom was treated terrible in the Fir rehab because she was off the street
Nina S: I would like to say thanks the staff of C.A.R.E. program. I was terrified and their doctors and nurses were caring and supportive. They answered on all my question and expanded to me the process. I really grateful.
Desiree Demchuck: Got my abortion yestrday ... the nurses here were so good to me very nice they made me feel safe I was scared at first cuz it was my first time but the ladies in the procedure room made me feel comfortable and relaxed .. they talked to me the whole time.. the procedure didn't even hurt . Thank u to the wonderful nurses and staff for taking care of me and the counselor lady for making me feel better 🙂
Christina Zeng: I was anxious about this appointment, but the sedation was not deep, just enough to make you comfortable, without pain, and stress free (almost like taking 1 - 2mg of Ativan, plus pain relief). The nurses here were reassuring and the procedure itself only took 5 minutes. Once it's over, you are able to rest for a few minutes on a bed, and then able to leave. They also provide a heating pad during the procedure to make you feel comfortable.They require you to fast for 6 hours (no food), and no drinking for 2 hours prior to the procedure. I would recommend booking your appointment first thing in the morning for this reason.
Bumblebee: The nurses at Care were kind, caring and efficient. I didn’t have to wait too long after I was checked in. Although, I was uncomfortable being in the same room as someone choosing to terminate a pregnancy. A separate program for pregnancy loss would be nice. The reason for the 3 stars is because I paged the on call doctor through the hospital because I was having severe pain and NO ONE CALLED ME BACK. How awful.
Laura Bechard: I booked and confirmed my appointment online. I carefully read the tab "Preparing" on the website prior to my appointment. Nowhere did it say I could not eat before. I was ready and they told me they could not proceed. The staff is very courteous but I was quite disappointed and stressed out after this. Now I have to wait another 10 days...
Raven McNeil: I love the accessibility of the service and the confidentiality. Very professional yet compassionate workers. Impressed with how eager each person was to assist in anyway they could.
Emily Woods: Seriously that was a lovely experience. Doctors and nurses were pleasant and I didn't feel judged in the slightest
Kikioxas: The staff here are amazing and made my experience feel seamless and acted with compassion and empathy. They do have a long wait time when you intially call them but please know that it is worth it and they will help you.
Andrea Amba: The staffs are amazing! They make sure that you feel safe, comfortable and you feel very safe. I forgot to do the survey they hand out to let them know how your service went but it was amazing. the nurses/doctors make sure you have all the information you need to know and they take very good care for you.
Nyny Ng: They put me on hold for almost an hour ... like Almost an hr ... crazy
Abby McKenzie: I've been sitting on hold for 58 minutes
Hazel Bell: I have nothing but deep sincere gratitude for the nurses, doctors and staff of the CARE Program. I received respectful and kind treatment while under their care. They provide an invaluable service for women and our community. Thank you.
Diamonds: This place saved me a huge amount of hassle in life. I am excited for my visits on June 1st & 2nd. I am scared to be put under sedation for my procedure, but also know their staff are friendly, cooperative & highly trained professionals. This visit is saving my life. And another life too. 3 thanks CARE program (:-Sabrina Proskow

7. Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre - Surrey

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Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre
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Address: 9750 140 St, Surrey, BC V3T 0G9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-582-4550

Business type: Surgical center

Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre: what do users think?
Kristina Baric: I recently had a small procedure done at the Outpatient centre and my experience was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm and friendly welcome by the receptionist. I only waited for about 30 minutes before I was escorted to the surgery centre.The nurses who prepared me for my procedure were extremely kind and caring. They took the time to explain what was going to happen and what I should expect. The IV was prepared carefully, and my nurse even gave me a warm blanket to help ease my nerves. I really appreciated the effort they put in to make me feel comfortable.I was feeling anxious about the procedure, but the friendly and caring environment put me at ease. I was sedated during the procedure, and when I woke up, I was feeling quite nauseous. The staff were quick to tuck me into a warm bed and let me rest until my family came to pick me up.I cannot thank the staff enough for taking such good care of me during my stay. I wish I could remember the name of the staff who worked on April 19th as I would love to acknowledge them personally, but I would like to thank everyone for making my experience so comfortable and smooth.Best,Kristina
GinjNinja firedup: Best Breast Health Clinic. Staff are amazing. Dr Janzen is the rockstar of the department, excellent beside manner. Surgical floor, pre-op, recovery & daycare staff are incredibly supportive & top notch at what they do. Jim Pattison Outpatient Surrey is the best place to be.
Don Sinclair: Every time I have had services done here the staff have been absolutely amazing in and out quicker than ordering a pizza it would be fantastic if other government services were one tenth as good as it is at Jim Pattison’s outpatient
Vimla Nascimento: I have been frequenting this medical facility every week for the past 3 weeks. Prior to that, I have been a couple times for my ultrasound. All my visits have been to medical imaging because of my pregnancy.There is no issues finding parking. The staffing have been very nice so far. During one of my earlier ultrasound they said it would take months to confirm the appointment but I got a call within 2 weeks. They always call to confirm the appointments and book my appointments very quickly.The staffing are a lot of veteran, older people which makes me feel very comfortable. I came from Toronto, Ontario and there first all digital hospital had many newer nurses and doctors and they lacked experience. So the fact they have elder more experienced and wise people makes me happy.There is always newer less experienced people and I appreciate that they pair them up with the veterans. I experienced that last week but I felt at ease knowing she had a veteran with her the entire time.This facility is usually on time with their appointments, which I appreciate. Most times you go for an appointment, you have to sit and wait for 30 minutes at least.I believe the only thing I didn't like too much was during my ultrasounds on the second floor, they didn't let my partner stay during the ultrasound. I even asked if they could at least turn the screen a bit towards me so I can see and they didn't even do that. They didn't explain anything either. Only one time we had a great doctor who explained and showed me everything in detail.Perhaps there's a good reason, but I began doing ultrasounds on the third floor and my husband is always allowed with me and the doctors show us the images as they see it and they explain everything to both of us.
Isaiah _B_: No professional standards whatsoever. Was sent an email with the date and time of my appointment, drove 1/2 hour, paid for parking, went up to the third floor and was told that they forgot to enter my appointment in the computer so I’m out of luck, gas, and money for parking. Zero consequences for their incompetence. (They did say ‘sorry’ but that really doesn’t mean anything in this day and age. Trudeau says sorry every time he’s embroiled in another scandal…like Chinese Communist Party election interference etc.) Leaves me with zero confidence in their ability or desire to help me. This is third world buffoonery at its worst.
John: I called the general operator, I was hoping to get some assistance with an urgent matter. However, the woman who answered the phone was dismissive from the start, and she seemed irritated when I asked her a question. She spoke to me in a condescending and rude manner, and it was clear that she had no interest in helping me with my issue. I was shocked by her behavior, and I felt disrespected and frustrated by the entire interaction. 2023-03-08 noon
Ranjeet Bains: WORST SERVICE EVERCalled this morning but their reception staff doesn't even wants to listen and in a very grumpy mood.... Keep transferring my calls to the wrong department such as cleaning and maintenance service....I have screenshot of my call logs.Time is everything and who gave you a rights to ruin others time... They don't even deserve 1 star.... They deserve 0 and they need to attend classes of kindness and politeness... Their soul are dead and these kind of people are working in a hospital .....After this review, I believe they will change my urgent documents result into negative outcome.I must say that it's an understatement to say that this is the worst service possible.
B D: No discharge instructions post knee surgery. Especially keeping in mind, the surgery leaves patient strictly bed bound for 4 weeks. C'mon hcws can do better than this. At least do your job sincerely.
Yanxi zaoke: Happy new year!The breast team is friend and professional even thought they are busy on the 2nd floor.Thanks
joash krishna: Great service, lots of parking paid parking spaces which is well de-iced during snow and icy conditions.
MoneyMan N.: Excellent staff
Bernice Li: 5 stars for the imaging techs & staff @ each imaging corridor ( i had multiple tests). They were friendly & reassuring. Down to 3 stars due to the angry & rude check in window who yelled at a handful of us because the single, small sign was blocked by the crowd & nobody knew where to line up. She really missed the "above & beyond" welcoming scared, sick people to the floor.
Jennifer Allen: My 5.5 month old daughter has had to come in several times for bloodwork. Our last time there a few days ago she was given a crotchet teddy bear made by one of the lovely staff members. There were at least half a dozen teddy bears under the counter from what we could see. If I could give the staff 10 stars I would. Whoever is making those bears for the kids 100% needs a raise!!!
Ross Hipperson: Asked for a copy of my x-ray report . They said they couldn't gete oneThey are illegally keeping my medical file from me!
Kirsty: I went to the hospital for a lab test. I am very pleased with my experience. Hospital was clean. There were plenty of waiting area. I did not have to wait long and was taken right around my appointment time. The receptionist and lab staff were friendly. The test was also fast and smooth.
Herbert: Very important clinic for great services in the community
Karin Je: I had a full check-up before surgery at this close to home diagnostic centre. They had every conceivable test that was needed. Now, a few years later I called for some blood work to be done and a very helpful person scheduled a appointment. Honestly, I cannot think of a thing to complain about and have no hesitation in placing my life in your hands. Thanks Mr. Patterson AND our Ministry of Health.
jacob law: Have had nothing but a disturbing lack of care or treatment..little to no professionalism by any of the staff I have dealt with further more I would stay away from this facility unless you want to be lied to then be gasslighted with no acknowledgement of any wrong doing on the facility's end forget about your patience rights as soon as you walk thew the doors avoid this location if at all possible
Riddhi Pandya: unprofessional, rude and scammers.Dr. Roseneck staff called me 3 months ago for appointment and literally before one day of my appointment staff called me and cancel my appointment saying Doctor is sick. I am more sick than doctor I try to explain her but they are very rude and offering me appointment for later two months which is not exceptable. when I denied to take that she hung up on me.@drrosenek got the worst staff and services.
Al A: They do a Great job after patience coming out of hospitals

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Address: 223 Nelson's Ct, New Westminster, BC V3L 0E4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-525-3955

Business type: Doctor

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Kaotik Kaliediscope: Dr. Cieslak is a great internist! He asked questions that pertained to my affliction. Was very thorough with excellent bedside manner. I am very happy with what he suggested for treatment and I'm hoping to see some results in a week or 2. His medical office assistant was also very nice,friendly and knowledgeable. If you ever need to see an internet, see Dr. Cieslak super awesome man!

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