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1. Vancouver Table Tennis Club - Vancouver

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Vancouver Table Tennis Club
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Address: 3925 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4E5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-215-0288

Business type: Table tennis club

Vancouver Table Tennis Club: what do users think?
Latifah Brett: Said goodbye to our friend Susila who passed on Feb. 10th 2023
Xianzhao Huang: All tables are brandname ones like Butterfly or Joola. The wood floor bounce is not good enough. The player's level is generally upper-intermediate to high. It is best to come in a pair unless for training lessons.
Ethan yiu: Rly good coaches
Shahin Shahrad: The best table tennis club in Vancouver. High level coaches and players. So Friendly.
C Pérez: Visited this club briefly to see what it had to offer. There are 8 tables. The place felt small but with high ceilings. The bathroom was nice and cleaned. The lady at front counter was nice. They don't have dividers between tables so, not really good for multi ball training. The players were for the most part, advanced. The owner of this place seemed engaged.
Hiroshi Nani: Tournament this weekend. Both days of events that had around 1.5-2 hours of play time ended up lasting way longer. First day lasted 6 hours and the second day lasted almost 11 hours. So I had around 9 hours of waiting around...
Johnston Liu: Management kinda bad ngl
Timo: In 10 years of tabletennis Experiance the worst Club ive ever been to. This Club is a Business and Designed to make the owners Money and doesnt Care about the Players experience at allI Came to this Club to Play a Tournament for under 800 Rated Players and my sign up Email didnt Go through, so i couldnt participate unless Someone canceled. On the day of the Tournament Someone did Cancel and i was able to Play. After i won my group they wouldnt let me advance because im only third Seat and i won the group and the Person i subbed in for wouldnt have been able to become First place. So i was a little underated but everyone there was because the Club has His own Rating. And the Tournament was poorly Organized in General. They Played 7 different disiplines on 8 Tables so in the 10hours i Spend there i Played 3 Games that were best of 3 (so round about 30min Playtime). They kicked me Out and didnt even reimburse my entry fee.
Peter Le: Good players normally come Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3pm - 6pm
William JI: 孩子在这里训练。很不错
Stone Shi: 价格有点贵。。场地很大
David Bevilaqua: Great place
Cyrus Leung: The coaches are very nice and are committed to making you better at the game.
Af Sh: Great place to learn and play table tennis
HK Ocake “老餅”: Friendly atmosphere
Maj Haroon: Great place to play!!
Denis Flinn: Best table tennis I have ever seen in person, and it was just regular open hours. The staff are clueless, but it's a unique cultural experience.
Pedro Amato: Good crowd, good coaches
Tinder Dhillon: Nice
Mia Forbes: Hard time understanding the deal, but it seems like $20 per table for two players is the normal rate. When I asked for a group rate for a family reunion having some casual ping-pong fun next month, I was quoted $150 for three tables for two hours. Huh? Maybe I need to brush up on my Mandarin as well as my game.
Patience Wang: One of the few best Pingpong places that attracts Pingpong lovers of different cultural backgrounds though majority of the players are from Hongkong. I guess the famous world champion Zedong Zhuang who came from Hongkong to represent China set a good example to all Chinese, Cantonese or Mandarin speaking.

2. Greater Vancouver Table Tennis Club - Burnaby

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Greater Vancouver Table Tennis Club
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Address: 495 Sperling Ave, Burnaby, BC V5B 4H4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-298-8050

Business type: Table tennis club

Greater Vancouver Table Tennis Club: what do users think?
班夫牛哥(温哥华): Awesome 👍🏻
Yola: My daughter has never played table tennis before. She started learning how to hold a table tennis racket in April this year. I registered my daughter for a group training class at GVTTC in July. After 3 months' learning, her improvement is unbelievable. If you want your child to learn table tennis with a strong foundation, I strongly recommend joining this club. Coach Wilson Zhang (张鹏) is a great coach and he was an Olympic athlete with high ranking in Canada. Learning the right way to play a sport in the first place is way easier than fixing it in the future.
Wayne Boyd: No response from the club. Perhaps they are closed down.
Teja S: People who are sitting at phone desk are so cheap and arrogant. Can’t help you answer any questions. Pls shut down when you can’t serve customers
jenny zh: This place makes me feel like home
Morteza Najafvand: Perfect light and table.
Stone Shi: 价格便宜,场地位置多。就是有鞋子要求比较高,有时候需要脱了鞋打球,比较累
Max Shlafman: Nice place to play pingpong. You can go with the kids
Munch: This is not so much a review but a little preamble for anyone looking to play here for the first time.Background on me, I have been playing here for the past 2 years and have trained with both coaches who work here, I've also participated in their tournaments and other events.If you are a beginner, the following concerns you the most so please pay attention.First things is the price, which is 7$ for non members. Even I would consider this a bit expensive, especially when it is a crowded afternoon when all the tables are occupied and you must wait and play at 20 min intervals. When you walk in, just go straight past the netting separating the coaches area and go towards the desk that is facing you a little bit back, that's were you pay and sign your name.Next, make sure to have your own racket. I for one always had my own, but I've heard that it is quite costly for a rental.If all the tables are full, don't just sit their and wait. Nobody will know that you are in queue. Get up and go the players playing at a table and ask them how long they will take, be polite and usually, they will be friendly, too.If you are not a person of East-Asian ethnic background, unfortunately their will be people who are prejudiced enough that may ask you to relinquish you table or treat you sub-par. Honestly, they can go **** themselves. Make sure to defend your case and when asked to give your table to others, just point to the people at the back who've been playing for an hour straight. If the coaches that are teaching comes, have a conversation with them and try and talk things through. Coach Chen and Zhang are good people but can come off as a bit aggressive and dismissive.Another thing are your shoes, make sure they don't leave marks and are suitable for indoor wear.Hopefully this helped, don't be discouraged if the first couple times are not the best since building a rapport with the people there is one of the ways that make your experience better.
Larry Lxw: Small room big society
C Pérez: I had the worse descrimination experience tonight- Mar 14/19. I only started playing ping pong and I'm terrible at it but that doesn't mean I don't have the right to play. My friend and I were singled out and discrimated against when a Chinese man asked us to give the table up every 20 minutes because it was busy which I understand but he didn't ask other Chinese players who were there hours before us. We were there for only an hour and we were asked to give the table up. Other men said we were too slow and we weren't playing ping pong. I can't believe that things like this still happening in this country. I don't recommend this place to anyone who is learning to play and more if you are a female and white . They don't deserve a single 🌟 but I am forced to give it.
Sam Tadros: Great place for table tennis club. Very good tables. Amazing professional flooring. But not many good players. Its a good place for beginners and intermediate players
Leo Siu: Good place
Goni Bm: Have classes for many level also has droppins pretty cheap great place
walt chang: Cozy and very friendly.
Hannah Beads: LOVE IT! Super fun way to kill time and gain a skill at the same time. I came in on a drop-in basis as a noobie and was given a free run-down by a coach on what I was doing right and wrong. Super fun, great staff.
Brother Oyster: My kid joined the Sunday afternoon beginner group lesson since the beginning of 2017. It suppose to be a 2 hour lesson but the coach teachs less than an hour in total for the whole group. My She is too busy handling other things than teaching. It would be lucky if a kid get 10 minutes of coaching from her in 2 hours. Also at the very beginning she will request your kids to buy the tennis racquet and t-shirt from her which cost $85. If I know this is how my kids would be treated I will definitely not let my kids learn table tennis here.
Cheng Alex: Nice place

3. North Shore Table Tennis Club - North Vancouver City

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North Shore Table Tennis Club
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Address: 1555 Forbes Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2Y4, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-209-7037

Business type: Sports school

North Shore Table Tennis Club: what do users think?
Emily Fa.: Amazing coach Mazen! He is very professional. I like how strict he is.
C Pérez: Excellent TT coaches to help bring your game to the next level. Good facility. Recommended!
Leon Yang: You can find a group of very good player here, the court is decent, in my opinion the admission is a little expensive.
Terra Bauer: What an amazing club. I had never tried Table Tennis before, and got hooked immediately. I'm currently recovering from a TBI and this has been beneficial to my hand eye coordination. The place is clean, easy to access with plenty of parking, and has incredibly talented coaches. The knowledge, patience, and energy the coaches have make this an fantastic place to learn and play regardless of your playing level.This year, Luba (the head coach) won B.C.’s Community Coach of the Year in the annual viaSport Coach of the Year awards!There is something for people of all playing abilities to do here. My kids have started to play as well (8 and 12 years old) and they both love it too!If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out! See you there!
Laurent Goldstein: Wonderful, spacious table tennis club with high quality tables, flooring and super friendly team. One of the best clubs I have been to, in North America.
David Clark-Wilson: Excellent experience, great people
Mike Dumler: This is a very friendly club that welcomes players of all abilities and backgrounds. I enjoy both the singles and doubles play during drop-in hours. The outstanding coaching the club offers has helped me improve my competitive level, and my enjoyment of table Tennis as both a sport and health benefiting activity.
Siavash Salamatian: Good amount of space and enough tables. Enough time to play and nice coaches.
Deli Dang: nice atmosphere and friendly staffs. they have a buzzer system that allows automatic player rotations.

4. Tiger PingPong - Richmond

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Tiger PingPong
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Address: Vancouver, BC V5P 2R6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: (888) 552-5259

Business type: Table tennis supply store

Tiger PingPong: what do users think?
Damjan Madjar: Probably one of the best customer service experiences I have EVER had! I truly think this company deserves SIX stars, not just five!
Yvan Lemieux: Un service proffessionnel ,un service à la clientèle sans égal. Très belle expérience d'achat avec Tiger ping pong .(5.5 sur 5)
Doo Yul Kim: Excellent customer service, fast shipping.
Laurie Krusky: Great table, very sturdy. Easy to open and fold up. Glad you had a video of how to put it together or we would have been lost.
Mark Rawling: Amazing fast customer service, also love the table!
Christian Sokola: They have amazing tables I love them so much!!!
G. K.: I didn't know much about Tiger PingPong, other than the fact that their tables are made in Germany. After a long phone call with their customer support, I've decided to take a shot and bought an indoor ping pong table. I've have had a Portland indoor for 3 months now and I am super happy with it - sturdy construction, anti glare 7/8" top, lockable wheels, accessory holders, etc. Not much else to say other than if you are looking for a great well-built ping pong table this is the right place for you.

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