Best Rural Houses Weddings Vancouver Near Me

1. Cecil Green Park House - University Endowment Lands

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Cecil Green Park House
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Address: 6251 Cecil Green Park Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1X8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-822-6289

Business type: Event venue

Cecil Green Park House: what do users think?
Катерина Луценко: Wonderful place😍
Carissa Chapman: We had an incredible time at this venue. All of the staff were phenomenal and it was the perfect wedding venue for us.
Dëmin Photography (Wedding Photographer): I've had the pleasure of photographing several weddings at this stunning venue in Vancouver, and I can confidently say that it's one of the best choices for a memorable wedding day. The heritage house is brimming with character and offers ample space for both indoor ceremonies and receptions. Additionally, the lush green lawn provides a perfect backdrop for larger ceremonies, especially on sunny days. One of my favourite features of this venue is the upper deck, which provides a breathtaking view of the sunset and makes for an unforgettable photo spot. I'm always excited to return to this venue and capture beautiful memories for happy couples on their special day.
Charles Armstrong: A stunning yet intimate space, Cecil Green Park House was the perfect setting for our wedding reception. Thanks to all the helpful and friendly staff as well.
Derek M: We held a reception after a funeral at Cecil Green, and it was a very nice venue for such an occasion. UBC's Sage provided the catering, and everything went very smoothly and uneventfully. Having been to Cecil Green many times over the years, it is definitely an excellent venue for all sorts of occasions - weddings, social gatherings, other celebrations, and well even funeral receptions.
Lucas Herrenbrueck: 2022 wedding here. Beautiful venue - would highly recommend on that count. Communication with venue staff was fine.Docked a point for having Sage as the exclusive caterer - see my (3★) review of Sage on their page. That said, the wedding itself was wonderful. If you're prepared for a cost overrun and a bit of micromanaging (and I suppose you are if you're planning a wedding), I'd very much recommend Cecil Green, and I'd recommend them even more enthusiastically if they offered a choice of caterer.
Cherlyn Cortes-Manderson: “THAT'S THE BEST VENUE IN VANCOUVER”. This is what a long-time event planner told my friend when she told her my wedding was going to be at the Cecil Green Park House. And I believe that she was spot on. We loved getting married and celebrating with our loved ones in a beautiful home, and many of our guests spoke about how they felt as if they were a part of one big family in the intimate and gorgeous setting of the Yorkeen dining room. We planned our wedding during what should have been a very stressful period – amidst a pandemic with evolving restrictions. But it honestly never felt that stressful and this is partly because of Gordon, Gordon, Gordon! Gordon Purchase was our person! At the time, he was our event manager and he was always there to respond to our many questions, listen to our concerns and calm us down - in the kindest way. We were also very fortunate that Cecil Green is one of the few wedding venues in Vancouver with its own covered patio. Despite some light rain, we said our I do’s outside, with a view of the Salish Sea behind us. And due to restrictions at the time, dancing and mingling wasn’t permitted inside, but because of that large patio and park-like setting, we still had cocktail hour, a foosball table, air hockey and the realization of our dream – a karaoke dance party!(photos @georgiajohnstonphotography, decor @ellssirentals, florals @jorbelinaflowers)
Kim Johnson: Great wedding venue
Wendy Li: We had our wedding at Cecil Green on Aug 12, 2022 (booked in Jul 2021) and it was everything we wanted and more! The house and grounds speak for themselves, but are even more beautiful in person. We worked with Amber as our venue coordinator and she was SO professional, friendly, patient, and helpful--answering our many questions and working to ensure that all of our details were as we wanted. We weren't involved in behind-the-scenes on the day-of, but the on-site staff we interacted with were also professional, friendly, and helpful and everything went according to plan! All in all, a fantastic experience working with Cecil Green from beginning to end and would recommend to anyone who is considering having their wedding there!
Alison C: Excellent, quick service. My questions were answered very quickly, even during prime events season via email. The ventilation stayed under 800ppm (even in the washrooms) - meaning the space is well-ventilated (note that it goes up with more people in the space), and the risks for catching airborne diseases are lowered. Delicious food and professional service from the servers. 100% recommend.
Ian Whitehead: This past Friday night was my daughter’s wedding, held at Cecil Green.Please pass along my thanks to your team, as father of the bride, for setting up this absolutely flawless event, enjoyed by all.As a member of the UBC alumni myself, as were the bride and groom, I am truly thankful to you guys for what you do.The venue is stunning, the atmosphere was perfect, the staff were so pleasant. Just a superb event.Ian Whitehead
Karen Kinna: Beautiful for a wedding reception.
Sarah G: I recently had my wedding here and it was absolutely beautiful. It is one of those types of venues where the grounds and building is already stunning so not much extra decoration is even needed. I had the best time here and I know from guest feedback that everyone also said it was so beautiful. Thank you to Amber for helping us out with everything, along with navigating the challenges with covid and postponements as well!
Olof Premkumar: Beautiful place to have a wedding or personal functions .. with catering.
Mark Lange: Beautiful place to have a wedding
Shari O'Neill: Gorgeous inside
Jenelle M: Beautiful wedding venue.
Jaime Baumgartner: So beautiful!
Felicia Laron: Working with Amber and Nicole from Cecil Green Park House has been an absolute delight. Even with Covid restrictions and ever-changing rules, they were able to accommodate us and all of our guests to allow us to have our dream wedding. Suggestions were made when needed and their communication with us throughout the entire process was great. With small hiccups in our plans, such as "no outdoor music past 9pm" and "no dancing indoors", they were able to provide us with the venue the entire day to make room for this "deal breaker" aspect of our wedding. I would definitely recommend CGPH for your upcoming wedding or special event, as everyone was so accommodating, flexible, kind-hearted, and communicative.Thank you so much for everything you have done, Amber, Nicole, and the entire CGPH staff, for making our dream wedding our reality.
Alice de Crom: A beautiful venue! As a wedding vendor it’s one of my favourite spots in the city!
arnel sulit: Accept wedding occasion. Good place. Plants are always green.

2. Brock House Restaurant - Vancouver

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Brock House Restaurant
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Address: 3875 Point Grey Rd, Vancouver, BC V6R 1B3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-224-3317

Business type: Wedding venue

Brock House Restaurant: what do users think?
RJW L: My husband and I got married last year at Brock House. We got overcharged. They would lie about the alcohol consumption, I knew because I asked the coordinator on the same day of how many bottles left from what er ordered, but the management overbilled us way more than what we even ordered and wouldnt admit it.Service was poor. The salad was not fresh, crouton was soggy when served. Some of my guest said it did not worth it.I would definately not recommend Brock house. You also find no way to connect with the managers except for emails, which they took days and weeks to reply.
Dëmin Photography (Wedding Photographer): I've had the pleasure of photographing numerous weddings at Brock House Restaurant, and it remains one of my favourite venues in Vancouver. The stunning natural backdrop of mountains, ocean, and towering trees, coupled with the pristine evergreen lawn and easy access to the beach, make it an ideal location for any special occasion. Additionally, the elegant heritage building adds a touch of timeless charm to the setting.In terms of catering, I must say that the grilled salmon is among my top picks. It's always perfectly cooked and bursting with flavour, a true highlight of the menu. Overall, I highly recommend Brock House Restaurant for anyone seeking a picturesque, elegant, and memorable wedding venue.
Barbara Paul: What a stunning place to have a wedding! Our arrangements were looked after perfectly by the Brock house staff. The bride's room was a great place for everyone to get ready, and the house provided a lovely setting for the first photos. The big tree made a beautiful backdrop, along with the ocean and mountain view. When the service was over, servers were ready with punch while the guests mingled on the lawn. At noon, a delicious buffet lunch was provided and the tent looked beautiful. After postponing for Covid, it was wonderful to finally have our dream wedding. Thanks to all the Brock House staff who dealt so efficiently with all the arrangements and questions over the two year wait! Photos are by Hyperfocus photography.
Demian Mcrae: I got married here. Really nice venue with an outside area as well. In wetter colder times a tent can be set up, there is a really nice background for all the wedding pictures plus some nice indoor areas that look fantastic. Food and drink package was great and the best part was that all set up and clean up was taken care of by the staff, all that was needed was the decorating and then take down of that. It was totally worth it, we got married off season so it was cheaper that way.
Mara M Baltazhar: Excellent quality
Jeremy Fong: Perfect for weddings
Garry Robinson: Great wedding venue and food was amazing loved it
Vancouver Harp: Beautiful place for a wedding!’I love the breeze from the sea :)
WILLIAM REN: This is a great place for party event! The setting is wonderful. The food is delicious. The scenic view of sunset is awesome
Candice johnson: Salmon was cooked to perfection, unbeliestunning property, fantastic staff!
Michelle Morris: Brock House is a beautiful location. My criticisms are due to poor execution and post accounting administration. We learned the following the hard way. Now you don’t have to:Make note of the earliest access to the site (if having an early day meeting) is at 8:30am. But that doesn’t mean that they will have any staff there, or the building open at that time. It just means you can stand in the lawn at that time and wait for their staff to arrive. You can’t get into the building until 9am - that time is not just for the bridal room but the whole building.If you are planning your wedding there, have a good understanding of how many service staff they will have on that day. We found that the bar was often closed because the bartender was serving food at the tables so our guests could not be served by the bar.Be sure to confirm with the planner, that your guests can order drinks from the bar at their table or they will not be able to get any drinks like my guests. Our guests went thirsty.The servers are only allowed to fill wine glasses up to maybe 5oz and they are not allowed to leave the bottles on the tables when guests ask, and no server or coordinator will pass on that request to you if it does come up.Make sure you take photographs of the food and drinks, so you can compare with your final bill when it arrives. (I have photographs showing they did not put out the infused strawberry water, but they’re still charging me $50 for it anyways, and won’t respond to my inquiry).Make sure your plate numbers are what you asked for on your bill. They mentioned that two more plates were ordered at table #2 on the day but my guest list never changed and my guests at the table say no plates were ordered. The kitchen/chef overrules your photos and accounts.Make sure you know that the walls on the tent are fully down with only one door that faces the house open, restricting the flow from the tent to the lawn. At least they told me you can’t open those tent walls but that’s not what I see in all the photographs on Google of past weddings there.Make sure that even though they tell you the microphone is available in the tent for speeches you still need one if you don’t have a DJ.Make sure you create a rainy day floor plan as well as a sunny day floor plan. They won’t tell you to do this but if it’s a rainy day your plan will not be the same and they will make-up your floor plan without consultation.There are million of other issues that we encountered that they refused to acknowledge or respond to. So do realize that is their level of customer service on the back end.We had a beautiful wedding in spite of it all but it’s because we decided to think that way. When thinking too much about the execution and post accounting it can taint the day. However, it is a wonder that an establishment whose only job is to manage events like these doesn’t have these issues worked out and operates like a finely oiled machine.Good luck!
alexccccccccc: washroom very dirty
Bryan Young: Rock house
Debra St: My son was able to finally have his wedding after 2 years of Covid delays. We were sad that they couldn't have the ceremony outdoors as the rain just wouldn't stop. Heaters were fine with ceremony and dinner in the tent. Food was fantastic.
Heather: Absolutely ridiculous. Attended a wedding and was genuinely appalled by this place. Their lack of attention to detail, lack of willingness to compromise, and disturbed attitude, etc, was despicable. The amount of money versus what was actually supplied was embarrassing. Whoever intended this to be a magical place for people to celebrate their love should be mortified. A beautiful location and that’s it. I would not recommend this venue for anyone to get married.
Denys Goude: Lovely location for a wedding.
Shadi M: Jeremy was great at our wedding day. he and the rest of the staff made the day very special for us. The food was great and Brock house was very quick in responding to our emails and accomodate our requests . Thanks for making our wedding day stress free and fun
Kevin Shen: Fancy venue with ocean view.
C T: Beautiful ocean and city view. Old tradition restaurant for special events.
a t: Catered food was delicious
Danielle Douglas: We had our dream wedding at the Brock House Restaurant. The Brock House exceeded our expectations. Here are just a few reasons you should book your wedding at the Brock House:1. The views at the Brock House are incredible, our out of town guests were especially impressed - gorgeous sunset. This also meant that very little decor/florals were needed for the ceremony.2. Everyone we dealt with at the Brock House were kind and seemed to care about ensuring the wedding guests had a good time; service was excellent - always making sure guests glasses were full. They made sure there was enough staff so everything ran very smoothly.3. The food was also exceptional (particularly the sable fish and the late night mac and cheese), and exceeded the quality from our tasting.4. They accommodated different dietary restrictions - with even a meal for our guests who were gluten free and vegan.5. They were very flexible, willing to order in special wine for us.6. The tent is already decorated with chandeliers so it makes decor very easy. They have nice chairs so you don't need to rent others, they even printed off menus for own guests and have nice table numbers.7. The lead up to the wedding was relatively stressful given the ever-evolving public health orders; The Brock House was very transparent with us and provided lots of options in case the public health order wouldn't allow us to have the wedding we wanted.We are just so thankful we had our wedding at the Brock House and cannot recommend it enough!The photos below are by Scott Little photography.

3. Hart House Restaurant - Burnaby

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Hart House Restaurant
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Address: 6664 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby, BC V5E 4H3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-298-4278

Business type: Pacific Northwest restaurant (US)

Hart House Restaurant: what do users think?
Fenco Law: Cons: dead bugs on the walls and windows. Ruined appetiteFood: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
amalia vazquez botello: Un restaurante precioso y la comida buenísima, enhorabuena al CHEF 👨‍🍳
Carol Rowe: Went for the Mother's Day Brunch. Seating outside was spectacular, service was absolutely first rate. Unfortunately the buffet left much to be desired. The Brisket was tough and stringy, everything else was uninspired. I was expecting so much more.
James H Terre: chef's menu: a taste of the middle east (69) - grilled humboldt squid + ras el hanout braised lamb shank + walnut baklava / aaa beef tenderloin (62) / pan seared halibut (45) / seared duck breast (45)
Dave Louie: Food: 3/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Alain Loos: Très bonne cuisine italienneTerrasse très agréable et ombragée.
Nicole L: It’s gorgeous here. Service is great, food is fresh and tasty. The ingredients are fresh and high quality. Love here, have to come back soon.
Sandy Marantz: My husband and I had the duck. Not tender at all with two asparagus spears and mashed potatoes I believe. At $45.00 an entree the portions were very small. The manager did give us 50% off but very disappointing. It was my birthday dinner.
Taran Kaur: Food: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Gaile Guevara: Recommended dishes Salt Spring Island Mussels & Clams, Vegetable Risotto, Hart House BurgerMore
Richard Normand: What a wonderful time and meal spent with family. Thank you for your kind services.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Daniel Higginbottom: Nice open fireplaceFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Aaron Smith: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Yoo In Kim: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Cathy Lasell: It was the 1st time I went there for my birthday and it was beautiful except. I really believe that it should be a dress code because some of the people looked Scruffy. I think for birthday you should get free dessert.Vegetarian options: Pasta and mushroom
dave hartman: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Amanda Lynn: $450 dollars for "decent-ish" food. Came in with a 4-person family birthday dinner. All 4 of us got the $70 per person 3 course meal + drinks/wine. The most disappointing part of the meal was without a doubt the grilled Humbolt Squid starter - it was only 2 pieces of squid (no bigger than the size of my thumb each) on a bed of quinoa. Had we of gotten the starter alone it was $19..... Do not order it - its such a waste of money and the taste was basic and absolutely nothing special. Main course was leg of lamb - for this i would actually give it a 55 - the flavour was great, lamb was fall off the bone and the portion was an honest portion compared to the started & dessert. Dessert was baklava w/ ice cream and again very disappointed - the serving of the ice cream was no bigger than the size of a golf ball and the baklava was no bigger than 1/4th of your palm of your hand. I will never come back because at $450 dollars I could have had an amazing meal downtown at Hy's steakhouse or some extremely high end restaurant and would have had a solid meal with all the fixings. Sorry but I cant recommend this place nor would i ever come back.
Marcus Wang: Eating there it feels like you are at home. The staffs are very friendly they treat you well and they provide you good service and the food was delicious. By the way try their knuckle sandwich on their lunch menu it’s pretty good.
Sahar Kosari: This is a beautiful restaurant with gorgeous view of the Deer lake. Nice ambiance and very business oriented atmosphere.The food is pricey and the quality is average.
Dima Beresnev: Food: 3/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More

4. Stanley Park Pavilion - Vancouver

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Stanley Park Pavilion
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Address: 610 Pipeline Rd, Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-602-3088

Business type: Event venue

Stanley Park Pavilion: what do users think?
chloé fuchs: I love the burger here, so delicious and eating outside on the patio is great!
Michael Bailey: Nice venue, terrible acoustics in the room. Staff quite good as is the food.
Robert Henley: Nice quiet stop.
Kishan Geeganage: The Stanley Park Pavilion is a charming and historic venue located in the heart of Stanley Park. The building itself is stunning and features a beautifully restored ballroom and restaurant. The outdoor patio is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a picturesque view of the park. The food is delicious and reasonably priced, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. The venue is perfect for weddings, events, and other special occasions. However, parking can be challenging, and the pavilion can get busy during peak tourist season. Overall, the Stanley Park Pavilion is a lovely place to visit for a meal or event, and its stunning location in the park makes it a unique and memorable experience.
Joe Ousley: Such a beautiful stop surrounded by manicured gardens. The restaurant offers great views of the woods and gardens. The food was full of flavor and generous in portion. The butter chicken, fish & chips, and seafood chowder are all recommended. Even on a cold and rainy day, there was great beauty to be seen, and the gracious hospitality at the restaurant made for great memories.
Margueite Long: Absolutely beautiful. Such a fun walk.
Juan José Scillato: Excelente, más natural imposible
E: Ordered: House burger (5/5), w/ daily soup; cream of corn (4/5), Lois Lake steelhead salmon (5/5), apple crumble cake (4/5), blackberry iced tea mocktail (3/5), & double caesar cocktail (2/5).I really enjoyed the food here. The wagyu beef patty house burger is delicious. The soup could have used a little more flavour, but it wasn't bad. The salmon was cooked to perfection (not overdone, and the fish was delicate and moist). Apple crumble cake to be a little dry without the help of vanilla ice cream, and not enough caramel sauce/apples.The drinks were not the best, but they weren't the worst either. The blackberry ice tea mocktail i feel would have been better if fresh muddled blackberries were used, & personally, perhaps i would have preferred lemonade over ice tea... the caesar's flavour was lacking worchestershire sauce but we enjoyed the garnishes.
Kush N (mISs KUSHIE): Amazing staff, great venue!
Dëmin Photography (Wedding Photographer): As a wedding photographer, I have had the pleasure of shooting at numerous wedding venues in Vancouver, but Stanley Park Pavilion stands out on it's own. This boutique wedding venue is located in one of the most beautiful and sought-after locations in Vancouver and is truly a photographer's dream come true.The Stanley Park Pavilion is a stunning heritage venue that provides a magnificent outdoor ceremony space combined with first-class catering services and an attentive events team. The four unique spaces at Stanley Park Pavilion each offer a neutral color palette, which is perfect for any occasion. The natural light, high ceilings, and beautiful views overlooking the Stanley Park gardens make it an ideal location for wedding photography.The beautiful formal gardens and side lawn situated in front and beside Stanley Park Pavilion make for the perfect outdoor venue for any event. As a photographer, I can say that the outdoor venue provides an amazing backdrop for capturing beautiful moments and creating lasting memories.I would highly recommend this venue to any couple looking for an elegant and unique location to tie the knot. Overall, my experience at Stanley Park Pavilion was exceptional, and I cannot wait to shoot there again in the future.
Barbara Kitson: Had a great burger and a glass of wine, friendly staff
Violet Devera: An absolute nightmare dealing with the event management team at Stanley Park Pavilion. We had our wedding reception there on October 1, 2022. The most unprofessional group of people we had to work with for our wedding. Deceitfulness, extreme lack of communication, and blatant disrgard for any professionalism. What was supposed to be a fun and exciting time planning a wedding, Buket, Shawn, and Doug managed to turn into a traumatic event. A job well done.
Tracy Gosling: Had fun at the BMO St. Patrick's Day 5K Race 🏁 . They did a great job again!
Sajna Karim: Visited the location for the 74th indian republic day celebrations and loved the ambiance!! ❤️
Melissa Meng: This is really nice and quiet place to hold an event around 70 peoples , a lot parking lots, we are invited to participate Manulife Vitality seminar here, like environment,worthy to go. Suitable for small or middle party to be hold here.
Jared: Just went to a wedding here and had such a wonderful time.
Elena Pakalnis: The venue itself is absolutely stunning! The garden where the ceremony is held is gorgeous! The tearoom and ballroom is renovated and so classy! The food was exceptional !!! The bridal room is great and very handy. The acoustics are fantastic. Bartenders are amazing!We would 100 percent recommend Stanley Park Pavilion to host your wedding but please read below as prior to signing your contract I would ensure you make a special request to receive timely/clear communication.Advice for future brides and grooms:1) ask when you should expect to hear from them after booking your wedding2) ask for a point person that will remain consistent for the time leading up to your wedding3) stress the importance of sending the final invoice by the deadline4) ask for the excel document for the seating plan they expect you to follow well in advance (this is is a HUGE time saver as they have specific seating numbers you need to follow)
Adnan Khan: Restaurant
Charlotte Bell: Have your wedding here! I have been to 6 weddings recently and while all were absolutely lovely, it is my completely unbiased opinion that my son and daughter-in-law's wedding at the Stanley Park Pavilion was second to none! The venue itself is magnificent! From start to end, Buket and the entire team were extremely professional and delightful (they magically transformed the room where the ceremony was held into a cocktail reception in record timing)! And every single appetizer and item on the buffet was beyond delicious! I highly recommend this venue for a wedding!!!
Telma Fernandes: Very beautiful place!
Paul Mittermiller: Beautiful wedding venue

5. Beach House Restaurant - West Vancouver

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1119 reviews
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Beach House Restaurant
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Address: 150 25th St, West Vancouver, BC V7V 4H8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-922-1414

Business type: Restaurant

Beach House Restaurant: what do users think?
Kyle Coons: Great location, view, vibes, drinks, and food. They know how to make a great cocktail and the food was delicious. The attention to detail was obvious. Would recommend. Mid-High price point, but good value.Wheelchair accessibility: Elevator and ramp access.
Salar Rahnavardi: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes SeafoodMore
Nikita H: Great Place. Loved the Calamari, the biscuits with butter and honeycomb. I had the catch of the day and the seasonal dessert was divine! Lovely outing and glad to have picked this place to celebrate.Food: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
elly kill: Had our wedding reception at the beach house and it was amazing. Great restaurant, excellent food, and awesome staffFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Harinder Singh Dhatt: Food and atmosphere was excellent for a late lunch on Tuesday. Recommend trying the sea bass, it was quite good! Staff was able to accommodate a wheelchair but we ordered 15 min before happy hour which is a little annoying, would have gotten 5 stars and a better tip since other diners who arrived just a few minutes after us were able to access the happy hour menu. Nevertheless, the food was excellent, and we shall be back.
Nancy Ho: I liken this to very high-end Cactus Club. Very chill vibes, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous, and the name Beach House really spot on. I feel like I’m on the East Coast or something while I’m hanging out here. Beautiful sunsets, really upscale food for really good prices, lots of happy hours (like multiple per day) so check out their deals. I wish I lived in West Vancouver so I could hang out here daily. Service is also impeccable!
steps: Really disappointed in the quality of the food, for the prices they charge you would expect decent food. The pasta dishes were dry and bland, ceasar salad average at best. Honestly I have had better food at Boston pizza for half the price. Views were great and service was good the kitchen needs to catch up.
Ted Bonazew: Enjoyed the ambiance and service was very good to say the least, the Asian chicken wings were absolutely great!! Everything apart from that the rest was mediocre at best. I ordered the "seafood pasta dish" which was the closest to what I was wanting "Seafood Linguini" is what I was really wanting but it fell far short!! I had to cook this a few days later to fullfil my craving for me and my wife!! (See photo) everything from scratch!!
Maryam Mahvelati: The only reason I’m giving this place two stars is because of the server. He was phenomenal.The hostess seemed very uninterested to be there. She kept yawning and there wasn’t a warm welcome to start.The other issue was that I was served the salmon dish without the sauce. I was told it would be coming. Had to tell someone again that I still haven’t received it half way through my meal. And by the time I received it, I was almost done my meal. No restaurant should serve a meal incomplete. No one seemed to care to apologize or address it either.
Chris Kattner: I'm not sure I went here
Antonio Celis: Understaff restaurant, poorly managed. Great viewsFood: 3/5|Service: 1/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Andrew McCallum: Last time my family was there we were a group of 6. When we paid, there was a "surcharge" because we were over 5 that they never informed us about. Because of that we ended up paying over 50% tip (for mediocre service and food) and only realized it after we drove away.Thought I'd give them another try but it now seems there is no way to book a rezo for 6 people. Website wont allow it and when you call the restuarant they send you to the website.It's a shame because it wouldnt take much for this restaurant to be amazing.
Vanessa Wedick: Would’ve loved to see more vegan options on the menu - so far it’s just the impossible burger. Otherwise, the drinks were amazing - I recommend the white wine sangria for a summer taste and the food came quickly!
Lawrence Leung: I have a disappointed dinner at the restaurant last weekend. I took the clams soup. It was warm. I ordered a ribeye steak and a sirloin steak. Both were warm and have numerous tendon. I have not visited the restaurant for many years. The restaurant used to have top quality food and nice atmosphere. The washroom was ok. It was one of the top restaurants in metro Vancouver. After last weekend visited, I am afraid that I have to look for other alternatives. When friends from out of town visits. I am afraid that I will sure looking for others.
V C: Not even worth for any star.We came here for lunch, had extremely bad service experiences ever.After sat for 10-15 mins, finally there was someone came offering water, took about another 20 mins for salad and main course ready.Waiter didn’t offer any share plate first of all, in between never came to check if we need anything. Only when its about to pay, he came with nice smile asking if everything ok for us?The skinny dark skin male manager? Came to take away our plates, i told him, it would be alot better if we could get 2 plates from the beginning, he replied “ YES! “ and walked away! !Without any thank you or apologies, just walk away~ what kind service is this! Waste $80 for lunch for getting this ride and ignored services.I would never ever come back to this restaurant anymore!
Michael Sullivan: Beautiful location and great family gave the thumbs up, thanks for making our occasion even more specialFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Aman Nijjer: One of my favorite spots for a date night or romantic night out. It's conveniently located right next to the pier with a beautiful view of ubc and downtown. I suppose I should mention the service, they've never disappointed. Last time we were there we had reservations for the patio which is covered with heaters but it ended up being overcast and a little chilly so we asked if we could sit inside by the bar and they had no problem moving us in to some much warmer seats, my wife was happy and u know what they say "happy wife, happy life" 😉 thanks guys.
Oliver Nowlin: This place horrible and thinks the pretentious vibe will cover up the lack of quality and service. I will never respect any restaurant that is so unfriendly to families, especially ones with young children. For being such a snobby restaurant they do not even have decent coffee. They basically have a Keurig machine in the back and drip coffee. They charge 5$ for a cup of tap soda water. Their ice tea is Nestea from the tap as well. Their burgers are purposely served well done because of some b*llshit health safety fear. Well I have had better burgers off a park grill covered in aluminum foil. The food took ridiculous long and we had 2 young children in our party and not even an apology from the staff. One plate was so hot it was either sitting on the pass under heaters forever or they threw it in the oven because the plate was smoldering when it reached the table. The other plates were ice cold. Wait staff was rude and unfriendly as well and in the end that is the biggest factor that sets any establishment apart from the rest. I would never again wasted my time on this bland over priced and unfriendly restaurant.
Brittany: An elevated beachside restaurant with an in-closed patio and beachside patio. Seafood, steak, burgers and salads, all ranges $$-$$$.50% of wine bottles on Wednesdays.
Megan Lindgren: Went here for brunch the other morning! Amazing food and our waitress was so lovely. By the end their machine wasn't working so they gifted us a lunch!Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More

6. Hycroft Manor - Vancouver

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84 reviews
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Hycroft Manor
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Address: 1489 McRae Ave, Vancouver, BC V6H 1T7, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-731-4662

Business type: Heritage building

Hycroft Manor: what do users think?
Kate Tutty Creative - Photography: This venue is a breath taking location for weddings and elopements.
Jessica Rai: Yess
MANBIR RANDHAWA: If you are a vintage person then this place and ofcourse it’s membership is a must. As soon as I learnt about a membership option to enjoy this cozy mansion of good old days , I registered ( still waiting to hear back though but I am so excited after the tour of this property)It’s beautiful. It’s very warming. Staff is really really helpful and supportive. Small rooms for personal private meetings , in-house coffee service and a small library adds to its charm.It can be rented for weddings or photography or film shoot and the best part is those funds get used to maintain the house and the staff.Many different classes, events and games happen on regular basis for the club members.
Nicolas Martinez: Attended Christmas market at Hycroft. On site parking was full but easily found free on street parking in nearby roundabout.The choir in the living room was a treat.Also enjoyed a nice $10 glass of local gewurztraminer wine in the bar nook.It's a beautiful place and tastefully decorated for the holiday season.That said, $15 entrance is a hit steep considering most of the house is off limit for the event.Finally, food options can be much improved, as savoury food selection was very underwhelming ($8 for a small mainly focaccia sandwich bite), and no mulled wine.
Paige Tuttösí: We just had our wedding ceremony at Hycroft. The house and grounds a so beautiful and in the off season the rates are great! You get a good use of space and it is great because you need to bring so little of your own decor since the space is already beautifully decorated. They were very accommodating about adding catering fairly close to the wedding and Wesely was quick to respond and very helpful with giving us directions and help for our day of. Really recommend this beautiful venue.
Andrew & Riela Hay: One of the most beautiful/iconic wedding venues in Vancouver! So happy to have our ceremony here. Their event dates go quickly so don't wait if you want to have your special day at Hycroft!
Cristine Pequeras: Booked an appointment to see this place for my vow renewal next year they left us hanging. My husband and I just walked out they don't respect your time and it looks like a nursing home on the inside.
brent “B” johnston: Beautiful ambiance for the wedding we went to
Doug Rodbom: What a beautiful and historic experience , we just recently worked there and it is truly an amazing place!!
Jeshroom Christ - com: Amazing place 🍄❤️
Jaclyn Hu: 舉行婚禮的好地方, 地方雖然不夠大, 只能容納50-70人, 但很溫馨
Nita Young-Yee: We had an amazing wedding ceremony here. From day 1, Rebekah events manager, had been very attentive to us even during times after postponing from covid. She answered all my emails on a timely matter and believe me I had a bazillion questions. We are very happy with her. On rehearsal day, we met Weseley the wedding liaison, and she did an excellent job. She was helpful in helping us prepare for our day of ceremony. Even on the day we forgot our tea ceremony tea pot, she was able to let us use a set from Hycroft Manors. She gave us tips on how to do our tea ceremony because I did not even know what to do!! Even at the last minute we had unexpected guests coming to the ceremony, she was able to quickly grab chairs for the setup. She was amazing. Our experience here has been tremendous and I really recommend this place!
Conxeppt: Too many issues to name.From menu options.Staff hard to deal with and to get ahold of.Music and dancing is not allowed.Must connect with staff 3-4 times on the same topics.All dining furniture is rented.
Mick Singh: I've shot few weddings down here; lovely venue with lots of luxurious backdrops!
Sylvia Tsang: Such a beautiful place. We had our wedding here and the staff was so accommodating to our needs. Honestly the most gorgeous venue. Can't believe a place like this actually exists.
Tyler Young: Got married here and it was amazing. In particular, I found Wesely great to deal with and very accommodating. She was great, and i was very impressed with the results.Manor is beautiful, and with the xmas decor it really elevated the experience. Would highly recommend coming here for weddings!
Eszter Láng: Já
Ross Avena: Attended a wedding, it was a solemn place to celebrate a union, nice atmosphere, nice ambiance, clean and the service is excellent. I highly recommend this place to my friends!
Erika Enns: As a wedding officiant, I see lots of venues and this is one of my favourites! Everything is always so beautiful and staff are so kind and efficient. It's always a pleasure being there!
Bernice Yeung: Beautiful place to have a wedding.
Sheena SW: Hycroft Manor is so breathtaking that I felt like a real princess having our wedding there. Everything about the manor, I LOVE! Rebekah (event manager) was pleasant to deal with, very professional and welcoming. We didn't have any issues throughout the whole process. Our wedding day was magical and we felt very lucky as the weather was so perfect! Thank you so much!!

7. Brix and Mortar - Vancouver

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978 reviews
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Brix and Mortar
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Address: 1137 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5P6, Canada

Schedule: Opens at 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-915-9463

Business type: Restaurant

Brix and Mortar: what do users think?
Shawn Joseph: It's absolutely perfect for the time you don't mind splashing a bit extra $$$!The food was to die for. You have to get the burrata salad to start off with. The mains are up to you. However, for the dessert, I still dream about that vietnamese coffee creme brulee. It was the definition of heaven.Finally, the servers were awesome and fun to talk to. They treated you like they were your pals.
Jiajyun Wang: This restaurant is perfect for a romantic date. We were lucky to sit in the courtyard on the second floor, just like having a date in a beautiful garden. As for the food, we ordered shrimp and fried cauliflower salad for appetizers, and they were both stunning. The flavors were rich and delightful. The steak and chicken for the main course maintained the high standards of a great restaurant
MG: Food: 1/5|Service: 1/5|Atmosphere: 1/5More
Brandon Wadley: We ate here last week and randomly spotted it was featured in Yellowjackets S1 E4. The feed was great, service was on point, ambiance beautiful! We came for our honeymoon and they brought us champagne to toast!
Carter & Madison Hougen: The definition of fine dining. This place has a great atmosphere, wonderful staff, and excellent food! The beef tenderloin is the best meal I’ve ever had, with the barbecue shrimp to start. Delicious!
Benny Hao Bin Li: Brix and Mortar is a restaurant that offers a memorable culinary adventure, leaving a lasting impression on its guests. My dining experience at this establishment was a combination of impressive highlights and a few areas that could be improved upon.The ambiance at Brix and Mortar is undeniably charming. The interior design exudes elegance and sophistication, creating a welcoming atmosphere.The service provided by the staff (Savannah?) was attentive and courteous, ensuring that our needs were met throughout the evening. The servers were knowledgeable about the menu and offered insightful suggestions.However, there was a moment when I informed the waiter of a small hair on the ramen egg of the Ahi Tuna Salad (I think you can see it on the picture). Since I have already split the salad with my family members, I wasn't expecting anything other than a follow up. The waiter said "let me check with the kitchen", took away the egg, and never came back with an apology or any follow up.The menu at Brix and Mortar offers a diverse range of dishes, showcasing the creativity and skill of the culinary team. We ordered the Ahi Tuna Salad, Burrata Di Puglia, Wild Sockeye Salmon, Lamb Neck, and Steak. The flavors were generally well-balanced, and the presentation was visually appealing. All the dishes were exceptional aside from the Steak, which was satisfactory, but not outstanding. The cocktails we ordered (Stregarita, Sakura Blossom, and Basil Exposition) were delicious as well.Overall, Brix and Mortar is a restaurant that offers a memorable dining experience with its refined ambiance, attentive service, and creative menu. Although there were a few minor areas for improvement, the overall experience was enjoyable and left a positive impression.Atmosphere and Environment: 5/5 Lovely!Service: 4/5 Minor incident that had occured.Food: 4.5/5 All the dishes were great and exceeded expectations aside from the Steak.Drinks 4.5/5
Noah Rider: Food: 4/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More
Kevin Wendel: Attended a wedding here, It was a nice atmosphere and the food was good.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Rui Ni: Chosen this restaurant to celebrate birthday. Food is very tasty, great services, great decor and ambiance.
Lu Lu: (March 2023)It was my third visit.I’m always impressed with their beautiful and delicious food. Service was good too.(2023年3月)3度目の来店でしたが、今回もとても満足でした。盛り付けも綺麗で美味しい料理、店内の雰囲気も良くてサービスも良いです。(March 2022)This is my first visit here, but I am a big fan already. Everything is so delicious and nicely presented. We had dine our Vancouver festival dinner menu. We had TOFU PORK BELLY SALAD, ROCANA PORK CHOP, WILD LOCAL SOCKEYE SALMON, Panna Cotta and fruit sorbet. The pork chop and salmon tasted great, perfectly cooked. And the desserts are both really good too. The service was very attentive and good as well. We’ll definitely come back soon.2022年3月初めての来店でしたが、お気に入りのお店のひとつになりました。料理は全てとても美味しかったです。ダインアウトバンクーバーメニューをオーダーして、ポークベリーサラダ、ポークチョップ、サーモン、パンナコッタ、フルーツシャーベットを頂きましたが、特にポークチョップとサーモンがとても美味しかったです。デザートも甘すぎずすごく美味しかったです。お水を頻繁についでくれたりと、サービスもとてもよかったです。また近々他の料理を試しに行きたいと思います。
ZHX: they change their ingredients, worse than before
Jane Harrison: Went for happy hour and it's a good deal! $6.75 for good beer and a nice selection of delicious small plates for $10. Attentive staff. Sat outside and the patio and it was warm and cosy.Vegetarian options: Get the cauliflower salad!
Maruf Z: I had their lamb racks and it was A+!
DOCTOR Rangaves: Most amazing place! I love this place!
Deborah Hunt: Food was amazing. Service as well. Staff served us quickly as requested as we were headed to a concert. High recommendation.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Robert Zheng: Would Return.A refined establishment with a strong menu and excellent service.Tartare: One of the best I've had - strong mustard, creamy, tang, good chew, taste of steak still comes through. I like the carb as it is short and crumbly, adding good texture without scratching your mouth.Takes AMEX. Expect $60-$70pp.
Chey: Good food, but this place tries to be a little fancier than it actually is. Would be better if the atmosphere wasn't so uptight.Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 2/5 …More
Hasan Ahmed: Exceptional restaurant. Was visiting Vancouver for the week and was blown away by how amazing this restaurant is. I'm from Edmonton so maybe my standards are low; but who cares I had fun and had a great meal. Will definitely come back for more the next time I'm in town.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Erdenedari Bat-Ochir: I had a wonderful dining experience at this restaurant thanks to Mia's excellent service as hostess. She was welcoming and attentive throughout our meal, making sure we had everything we needed. The food was also delicious and the atmosphere was cozy. Highly recommend!
Khanduulga Munkhbold: Great happy hour, best cocktails in town, highly recommend.

8. The Vancouver Club - Vancouver

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419 reviews
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The Vancouver Club
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Address: 915 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1C6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-685-9321

Business type: Social club

The Vancouver Club: what do users think?
Alison Ross: I spent a magical evening in this beautiful club. From the moment I walked through the doors, I felt welcome and at home.The long standing building has gorgeous modern accents resulting in a beautiful and comfortable blend of traditional and modernity. The wine list is exceptional and the food was heavenly. The staff went above and beyond to ensure I wanted for nothing and yet they were never intrusive. My guest room was nicely appointed and I was able to complete some work and rest well. Many thanks to all of you who made my visit so special. Vancouver Club, I shall return with friends!
Sheldon Lye: A most excellent experience with fine humans!!
Keshaw K. Sinha: Excellent
Dorice Trasolini: This is such a beautiful venueAll the banquet, dinner rooms are gorgeous and cosy. The administrative staff greets you upon arrival. This is a private member's club, I don't think it is open to the public. They have amazing tomato soup. I know, strange thing to comment on, but it is actually so delicious.
MyDentist Vancouver: Great ambiance, with very friendly staff. We were there for a business meeting and had a fantastic night. Food and the wine tasted great.
Shawna Thompson: Beautiful facility!
Christina Thoma: Staff could be friendlier and more professional otherwise it’s a beautiful building.
Natalia Rabin: Beautiful and very atmospheric! We had wine tasting organized in cooperation with IWFS. Very knowledgeable presenter!Would love to have a better lighting for color recognition, mic, and map handouts for the region
Richard: My wife and I recently had our wedding at Vancouver Club and I have nothing but fantastic things to say about this venue.The wedding planning process can be daunting, but with the wedding packages they provide, as well as the step by step coordination by the in house coordinator Mykhaylo we felt we were able to go into our dream wedding stress free.Mykhaylo really went out of his way to ensure that all the fine details of our wedding were discussed and executed in a way that was elegant and memorable. The service and team work is second to none, and you can tell that this venue is experienced in housing weddings that match the highest expectations from any couple.Timeless is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of this venue, and for that reason I will probably be recommending this place to my children 25 years from now.An amazing night that my wife and I will never forget!
Darlene Martin: Lovely surroundings and decorFun BC Wine Tasting 🍷
Randy Vancouver: Dinner guest of a member of this exquisite private club. Had steak tartar to start and Ribeye for main course in Dining room. Great service and food amidst a wonderful classic establishment. Vancouver Club still carries itself very well...
runny maan: Wonderful ambience…
adz hhh: Quite professional and understanding staff. Gurneet in particular was quite helpful.
Marko Mitrovic: The club has a long tradition.
Fazle Naqvi: Great charm
Rami Lalria: Great venue and amazing customer service.
Manny Gaber: It gives a glimpse of old glory with a twist of modern hospitality
Del S: Great venue. Excellent staff
Yolanda Santillan: Conocí una persona tan linda y educada. Un hombre de avanzada edad el cual tiene años de trabajar en ese lugar.siempe amable haciendo la vida más fácil a cualquier que se cruza en su camino. Se ve un lugar muy organizado y sus empleados muy cálidos. Instalaciones con buen mantenimiento y se encuentran en el corazón de Vancouver centro.
Ernest Chen: 經典建築,服務、食材,高級,高格調。
Rose Soderlund: The food was excellent as well as the service.

9. The Permanent Library Limited - Vancouver

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105 reviews
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The Permanent Library Limited
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Address: 330 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3K2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Business type: Event venue

The Permanent Library Limited: what do users think?
evgeniya makarova: Very atmospheric place! Great for events. Loved stained glass, flooring.
Jonathan Brower: This place is beautiful and ornate. Add some cool lighting and music (and natural wine tastings) and it turns into a lively party spot.
Estela Hsu: Breathtaking beautiful venue with great lighting and service.It’s redecorating from a bank long time before.
M Z: Great event venue !
Rhea D: It was an incredible space for an event. Absolutely beautiful.
Gaëtan Perrault: This is an old bank now converted to an event space and home for Internet Archive Canada. It's now "The Permanent Library" instead of "BC Permanent & Loan Company".It's still an event space and it's incredibly lovely and classy. Not just the old architecture, but lovely stained glass and top notch tiling everywhere. Even the restrooms are fancy.
Philipp Kundert: Very nice space for an event
L K: Nice venue
Sam Singla: A perfect venue for anything. I have been here twice and i am already in love with the place.. Recommend 5/5Really helpful staffA great view of the Harbour Centre Vancouver.You will find a cannabis 🌿🌿dispensary on the corner.A decent size of screen with a projector 📽️
Christine Keay: Photo credit: Page and Holmes
Christina Steinert: A beautiful building. I attended a wedding there. The staff and the service was great.
Alexander jose Franco perez: El permanent es un bonito lugar y también muy famoso en la serie de Riverdale conocida como el Pembroke dónde vivía la familia lodge
Mickael Maddison: The Permanent is a great location for business and social events and the uniqueness is great for filming too.
Vineet Singh: Clean space but may be a bit small. Parking can be tricky and adjacent area is a bit deprived.
Danielle Lowe: The Permanent participated in an instagram contest where they were offering a specified amount of time at the venue for a wedding. They received a great deal of exposure from participating in this contest.My sister won the wedding package, and paid for extra time at the venue for dinner and reception which was not part of the package. Then The Permanent cancelled my sister’s wedding with eleven days notice because they decided to begin renovations early.They received advertisement from this contest without honouring their commitment. They have put my sister and the other businesses who participated in the contest in a horrible situation. As you can imagine it is very difficult to find a new venue on such short notice, especially with the recent boom in weddings.All creative aspects of the wedding (dresses, decorations, etc.) were centred around the expectation that The Permanent would be the venue. Rather than looking forward to their wedding, the couple is scrambling at the last minute to find a new location.It is shameful the owners felt it was acceptable to cancel the venue on such short notice. Guests have booked reservations and flights according the the year+ plan of this event being held at the permanent. Caterers, florists, and other services have already been organized for this wedding. This selfish decision impacts many more people than just the couple.I would not recommend booking your wedding at a venue that is willing to leave you high and dry so close to your big moment. They didn’t even offer an alternative.
Brittany Andrejcin: We were due to fly in for a wedding booked at The Permanent Library from out of Province. Given this, we have flights and accommodation booked.Our friends had won a wedding package that included the Permanent as the venue, but they paid for extra time for dinner and the reception.They were contacted a month prior from the venue telling them they were raising the agreed upon rates, then CANCELLED their wedding venue 11 days before the event. After the unfortunate need to rebook due to the pandemic, what a shame to finally have a date to look forward to only to have it cancelled so last minute and have to scramble to find a new venue when everywhere is so booked up given the long hiatus the wedding industry had to take in 2020/2021.The fallout of this affects everyone, including guests that are now at risk of losing deposits and amounts paid on flights and accommodation if a new venue is unable to be secured in time. I really hope all money paid by our friends for the venue is fully returned. I noticed another guest of the wedding also left a review where the owner said nothing was paid. This is inaccurate and doesn't take into account the amount paid for the extra dinner time and reception. Beyond this, to have to scramble for venue with so little time before their date is a result of a terrible decision made by the Permanent.
Alexandra Lowe: I wish I could give 0 stars.This venue cancelled my sisters wedding with ten days notice. She has had the wedding booked for over a YEAR. Not only did the venue reach out to her to increase the hourly rate a month ago - after having the wedding booked for over a year. They then decided to do renovations to the building earlier than they had planned due to getting a building permit sooner than they'd hoped. So rather than do the renovations when they were planned, they cancelled all of the weddings planned up till their planned renovation date.DONT BOOK WITH THIS VENUE. Firstly, you should feel confident your venue will honor the agreed upon price, which this venue does not. Secondly, you should feel confident your venue will not cancel on you, where The Permanent will.Think about the challenges scrambling to book a wedding venue with ten days notice, then think about how you should choose a venue that is NOT The Permanent.
Shaun Rowsell: This wedding venue literally cancelled my friend’s wedding within ELEVEN days. Fifty people have been invited; meaning travel plans, accommodation, etc and now have to be informed that there will be no wedding to attend. This is the least professional and compassionate thing I have ever witnessed from a business. What was supposed to be the most special day of two people’s lives is now a stressful mess. Their reasoning? Renovations. Eleven days notice for random renovations. They should be ashamed of the way this has been handled and I would strongly advise anyone looking to book a wedding to steer clear of a venue who can cancel within eleven days. And keep in mind this is just their wedding - all others (including sooner and later weddings) have been spontaneously cancelled as well.
Emily León: I really did not know what this publication was about but I already saw that then I am going to give them 5 stars
Christine Richardson & Mack Keay: We recently got married at The Permanent. When going back and forth on a where to get married; Regina or Vancouver, we came across this venue. It is absolutely stunning; from the show stopping stain glass ceiling, tile work on the floor, to the features around the entire space.We got married during covid times and had to change our wedding plans a lot. We were fortunate to sneak it in while the guidelines were still 50. I was worried that the space would be too small downsizing from a 130 person to 45 but it wasn't! The space was filled beautifully and never once did I feel like the space felt empty.A lot of our guests commented on how amazing the space was and I couldn't agree more!
Jay Cree: Really cool venue. I'm glad my relative chose it for his wedding. It always great to see that there are people in our city still interested in preserving Vancouver's history. So many fascinating details throughout the venue.

10. John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse - Richmond

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173 reviews
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John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse
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Address: University of British Columbia, 7277 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1X5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-827-2011

Business type: Event venue

John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse: what do users think?
Oarrie Oliver: Great place for a wedding
Danny Grant: Stunning view of the mountains and skyline. A great venue for a wedding
Dëmin Photography (Wedding Photographer): I've had the pleasure of photographing several weddings at this breathtaking venue. The waterfront views are simply stunning, with the added bonus of sunsets, boats, and planes taking off in the background, providing endless opportunities for capturing great shots. The staff were consistently friendly and accommodating, making my job much easier. I can't wait for the opportunity to work there again!
saif rangwala: What a location!
Evelyn Kansy: Beautiful venue for holding events.
Mandeep Bhatti: Shot an engagement at this venue last week. The venue itself was beautiful. The scenic exterior is a bonus.
J C: Had the most memorable and beautiful ceremony & reception at the UBC Boathouse. Unique floating facility with fantastic water backdrop and attentive staff. Everything ran so smoothly and we had the most amazing day/night. Don't hesitate to book this venue!
Jashan Deol: Ubc boat house is one of my best place for parties, i have attended many events here and in all the events this place adds up more beauty and vibe for guests.View of cityscape looks mesmerizing from this place, evening parties are always more beautiful.A walkway from parking to entrance is another beautiful spot which take away everyone’s attention.We had decorated it with crafty and balloons for our events and it always worked out great.This place is also great for evening or morning time photoshoot. Sunset from this place looks very beautiful.I will add more photos later on to show the beauty of place.Also i forget to mention staff at ubc boathouse is very helpful and well managed.
Marijana Busch [Pavlovic]: John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse was an absolutely gorgeous venue for our September wedding. Shivani and the UBC boathouse team were great with organization and communication.
Charles Guo: Great venue for summer wedding ceremonies or other celebrations. On-site or their preferred caterers were well known in Richmond and would probably have been used regardless of their suggestions. Another plug for boywithaknife for being very accommodating.
J Chen: Came here for a friend's wedding and the place was gorgeous. All the staff were super friendly and helpful (I had a stroller and they carried it up the stairs for me so I didn't have to walk up and around two ramps).
Amanda Lade: We used the boathouse for our wedding ceremony and reception. It was such a beautiful space. The staff were super helpful and we got so many compliments on how beautiful the venue is. It’s also nice to have a plan B option for if it rains. Also the sunsets are GORGEOUS!! Great venue if you are looking for a late night as you can stay till 2:00!
Kris LeBerg: Family wedding. Absolutely gorgeous venue right on the river
Kimber Wolf: Beautiful sunsets
Rob Ellis: This is a beautiful venue right on the river. The sunsets here are exceptional. Unfortunately it is situated right under YVR flight path.
freyja hewlett: A beautiful venue, the weather was amazing! We managed to find it very easily when driving from our hotel, but someone else at the event mentioned it took them 45 minutes to get there from the Raddison (a 3minute drive). The weather was amazing though! It was also such an easy drive back to our hotel, not sure about the friends that mentioned it took them 45 minutes, but there were no issues with my journey. Maybe they needed to update their garmin, I told him he could probably get one for a good price at Costco, I’ve seen some really good ones there recently! Still can’t get over the amazing weather at this venue, highly recommend if you’re looking for a sunny event in the future!
Tanaya Shaw: The perfect venue for our wedding day! Nothing but great things to say about this incredible place. We couldn’t have been more pleased with our venue.
Hubert Courteau-Godmaire: Nice rowing conditions this morning
Raq: The staff here were so helpful and understanding when it came to wedding planning. Had our wedding here in April and we had SOOO many good comments in regards to the venue. Also did our photoshoot here and the pictures turned out ridiculously beautiful (Saved time going elsewhere). A hidden gem for Richmond with an excellent view. Your guest will honestly be blown away. Definitely worth it!
Alex Yip (Sanity): Great venue for a wedding. Except when you have to light candles because of the wind, lol.
Inderjit Sidhu: Jaikratsidhu

11. UBC Farm - University Endowment Lands

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59 reviews
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UBC Farm
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Address: 3461 Ross Drive, Vancouver, BC V6T 1W5, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Sat

Telephone: +1 604-822-5092

Business type: University department

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