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1. Dr. Bassam A. Masri - Vancouver

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Dr. Bassam A. Masri
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Address: 2775 Laurel St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-875-5767

Business type: Orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Bassam A. Masri: what do users think?
Lawrence Billey: Just had a hip replacement by Doctor Masri at the UBC Hospital. I found Dr. Masri to be a doctor of few words but very accommodating when it came to my wishes as a patient. I am over weight and had a few restrictions that made it more difficult for him to do the operation. He agreed to meet these conditions and still do it. I only stayed one night in the hospital and went home the next day. The operation went very well and I am now healing and learning to walk normally with out pain. The care at the UBC hospital was excellent and Julie, Doctor Masri’s receptionist is an exceptional person who arranged everything so I could proceed with the operation and answered any concerns that I had. Hope none of you ever retire as we need good surgeons and receptionists.
Neil Collins: Today I am celebrating my fourth anniversary of my new knee.I can ski again. I can dance again. I can walk again. Pain free. Drug free.I shall be forever thankful to Dr Masri and his team for giving me back my mobility.His straightforward, skilled and honest approach was appreciated.The wait times are long... but the result was unequaled.Edit: 2022 - Adding a foto of my “special place”… that I can only get to again, thanks to Dr. Masri. ❤️Forever grateful. ❤️
Herbie Bhaloo: Dr. Masri did an excellent job on my hip. After his surgeries he stopped by in the hospital to see how I was doing.I'm going to ask him if he can do my knee surgery too
Monique Bakker: Had my knee replacement over 2 years ago still frozen. Saw the rehabilitation doctor and told surgeon cut half inch off to much off my leg. $2000 knee brace later and 2 years of physio and still not walking more than a block.
m c: Forever Grateful to Dr. Masri for being such an amazing Surgeon. No words to express the gift of having a pain free new hip joint. Thank you so very much!!❤🙏
Ron Brown: Bilateral knee replacement Feb 8, 2017, bone on bone. Knees are now amazing.
Jean Hamilton: Since 2014 I have had both knees (bilateral) and both hips replaced, after a lifetime of disability. For the first time in over 50 years I am pain free and completely mobile. (I was out shoveling snow this morning!) Dr Masri is brilliant and he has an amazing assistant in Melanie. If you are lucky enough to be referred to that clinic just be patient when stuck in long waits for your appointments. The results will be worth it.
Paula Kafka: Had a lot of issues with hip. Dr.Masri replaced hip and was amazing.
Marsha Maddess: Just had knee surgery May 24 with Dr. Basam Masri.Everything went extremely well.Feel like a million bucksThanks Dr. Masri
Tony Serge: My right knee is coming back to life ,i am walking straight again, the pain is way down and sixteen days after total knee replacement i like to say thanks to doctor Bas Masri for a great surgery and to the UBC staff that help me during the time at the hospital

2. Specialist Referral Clinic - Vancouver

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Specialist Referral Clinic
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Address: 555 W 12th Ave #121, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-737-7464

Business type: Physical therapy clinic

Specialist Referral Clinic: what do users think?
jordan bray: never returns calls. I was put on a year(+) long waiting list (b.s. as im a risk for colon cancer since i was a toddler) and when my appointment was eventually booked it came and went and nobody contacted me... I have been trying to get an appointment since and nothing. I'm furious with this useless operation.
Marge Urbani: Terrible!
JD Projects: this place never return calls or answer emails.
Mar Clanuzzi: This is an excellent clinic. Dr. Rod French was so caring and helpful with my husband's ganglion cyst and wrist arthritis. So thorough in his explanation. An amazing doctor. And the staff were courteous and helpful.
Corey Doell: After living in pain and fighting with the public system for 1.5 years on a botched hernia surgery the team at SRC and Cambie surgical repaired me. They are fast( 24 days start to finish) , efficient and increadible professionals to deal with. Called after to make sure I was OK. I would highly recommend them!
kami Ra: I visit my specialist after my torn 3 ligaments in soccer .Dr Saswah said no surgery I decided to get second opinion and I visit Dr day about month ago he told me come back in month they called me back after 10 days and arrange another visit I went back to Dr Day , like last time he was very kind and respectful and kindly exam me and he said keep going no surgery and again offer me follow up in 3 months for $550 this great man allowing me to visit him for 3 rd times ,what else I should expect ? Dr day thanks so much for your effort and honestly .Both times you spent more than enough time with my knee
CT M: After paying close to $1000 for a consult I can’t get them to call me back or Email after 6 attempts in 4 weeks. Waste of time and $ that I could be using to heal instead of get taken advantage of.
Breezie Lee: Wow! Excellent Service. Professional, kind, compassionate and very organized. I decided to see Dr. Alastair Younger regarding my ongoing issues with my right foot/ankle as I had an accident/surgery in Costa Rica nearly a year ago and have been in terrible ongoing pain. Dr.Younger is a leading foot/ankle surgeon, and I really wanted his opinion. And I was right! He was so patient and empathetic, he spent a significant amount of time going thru my MRI's, X-rays and all other medical reports. Plus, he examined my foot/ankle thoroughly and explained what he believed was going on. Furthermore, he reviewed all my options so I could make a decision on my recovery moving forward. I cannot recommend the Specialist Referral Clinic enough. The receptionist that I booked the appointment with, Evangeline was so sweet and extremely organized with my instructions for pre-xrays and other necessary documents in order to properly prepare for my consultation with Dr.Younger in advance. I highly recommend the Specialist Referral Clinic to anyone dealing with health concerns. It was the best decision I have made since I got home from Costa Rica and simply couldn't handle the pain anymore and needed answers. Our health is in our own hands! Listen to your body. THANK YOU Specialist Referral Clinic. I greatly appreciate everything you did for me.
M T: The service is mediocre.
A T: Extremely Unprofessional, Poor and Unethical management. It is Unbelievable how they treat their patients. They do Not care for their patients. They take advantage of the patients' desperation to see a doctor because of the waits in the public system. This is wrong. It is not worth the headache and stress . After three and half months of stress and frustration, I did not get any result. No patient should go through this. This is a private medical Clinic!! Act like a medical clinic. The office manager did not respond to patient's emails for weeks, either ignoring them or arguing back and forth about any routine patient questions. The only reason I endured the way I was treated by him for three and half months was because the doctor I needed to see only works at this private clinic. It was extremely negative and stressful experience to deal with this candidly unprofessional management. I did ask him repeatedly to speak to the director for over three months. He said that he conveyed my message. But, I was not given her email and she did not email or call me- a patient of their clinic !! She could take a few minutes to resolve this unnecessary nonsense issue which was created by her staff , which should not be an issues for any patient in the first place. I would have not written a review if the management/director had taken a few minutes to call the patient , listen to them and address the issues. This is simple Wrong. No patient should go through this headache.

3. Pacific Orthopedics and Sports medicine - North Vancouver City

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Pacific Orthopedics and Sports medicine
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Address: #213 &, 145 15th St W #214, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1R9, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +1 604-980-0504

Business type: Corporate office

4. Dr. Darius Viskontas - New Westminster

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Dr. Darius Viskontas
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Address: 233 Nelson's Ct Unit 403, New Westminster, BC V3L 0E4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-777-5577

Business type: Doctor

Dr. Darius Viskontas: what do users think?
randy mortensen: Son went there with serious ankle dislocation and fracture, he told us it was fine and would heal itself. Went to lions gate that weekend as it clearly was not right. They took x-rays and had us into surgery in 2 days and said would not have healed right. I'm sure he is a good surgeon but him and staff had a very laissez faire attitude for something that could have had really serious consequences. Get a second opinion if you go to this office.
Crisitan M: If you’re having surgery by Dr. Viskontas, consider yourself lucky. He’s a professional in every way. I have had two knee surgery with him and I am doing amazing. I feel fortunate to have had him for my two surgeries.
C K: I wish I found Dr Viskontas sooner! I highly recommend him, he actually cares about his patients, is so kind, honest and professional. In 2013 and only 15 years old I completely tore my ACL & pieces of cartilage, meniscus. My surgeon in Maple Ridge was not good.. and I have been suffering ever since then. I met Dr Viskontas in 2021 and he was the only surgeon / doctor you name it to find out what was still wrong with my knee! My meniscus was flipping and unflipping all this time which was causing my knee to lock. Dr V got me into surgery ASAP after meeting him. He got me in for a meniscus repair, he told me the risks that it may tare again but I wanted to try and fix it because i’m so young and so did he. The meniscus wasn’t stable a couple months after so then he removed it for me and here I am a year later finally getting my life back. Thank you Dr V for not giving up on me and finding out what was wrong!
Robin L: I am grateful Dr. Viskontas is my orthopaedic surgeon. He is an excellent and amazing surgeon. He did my right knee surgery in September 2021. He is patient and listens to my concerns. His assistant Laurie is also amazing and helpful and quick to respond to my concerns.CL
Cindy B: A broken wrist brought me to the Clinic to see Dr. Darius Viskontas. I was extremely impressed with the entire office staff from the receptionist onward. Very professional and when there was an issue with appointments being bumped they were very apologetic and it really wasn't an issue. I've not had a doctor apologize for being late ever!!! I was seen weekly and felt that my best interests were taken.I'm very impressed with this clinic and very impressed with Dr. Viskontas and would say consider yourself fortunate to be referred here.
Mario Varandas: Dr. Viskontas is a kind and professional surgeon who really cares about his patients.
Dawson: After a major car accident I had multiple injuries including tib/fib fracture in both legs and fractures in both hips that all required complex surgery. There was consideration to amputate right leg and Dr. Viskontas saved it. Incredibly skilled and very good at communicating.
Phil Murphy: Dr. Viskontas is one of the kindest, most knowledgeable orthopedic surgeons I have ever encountered. Orthopedic surgeons generally are notorious for being mean, abrupt, arrogant but he has the experience/skill of a surgeon and the personality of a pediatrician. You can't get any better than him. The lovely lady who works at reception (Caucasian lady with glasses - shoot I forget her name) is patient and very helpful despite being busy and bombarded with many ppl asking questions since shes right next to the door, and his residents are kind, patient, and knowledgeable. We were assisted by the lovely female physician with black rimmed glasses and Muslim scarf (I forget her name) - if I knew the name of her program director I would like to offer my compliments!
Tracy Slack-Sims: Dr Viskontas is amazing!!!
Krisitne Howe: Such a caring down to earth Doctor. He really listens to my concerns and that definitely earns my respect. Certainly grateful he is my orthopedic surgeon. Wouldn't change that for anyone else.
Tony Del: I have had two knee replacements ,and revision on an amputation all performed by Dr. Viskontas , he is a brilliant surgeon, I have total confidence in his care, and I highly recommend him as one the best and competent surgeons you could possible be fortunate to have ,and He also has a great TEAM, that works with him, always making sure I had the best care , THANK YOU for making it a positive recovery through these difficult and complicated surgeries
Steven King: I saw Dr. Viskontas after the wait period was toio long with my regular surgeon. He and his staff we're amazing. I was on the cancellation list and got in a couple weeks after seeing him. I had my right knee totally replaced and was back playing hockey 6 months later, It was a life saver for me. A big time saver was getting my MRI privately. It took 2 days.
Kyle Elliott: Darius treated my son and performed surgery on his broken humerus in October 2018. The care, treatment, and compassion we received from Darius was outstanding. I also recently saw Darius again for a broken calcaneus I suffered in a fall, and once again Darius was attentive, courteous and professional. The office always seems busy with many patients waiting to be seen. In both instances, with my son, and now myself, Darius took the time to answer any questions we had about our injury’s. Not at anytime did we feel rushed or feel ushered out of the room in order for them to quickly see other patients. Darius is really a caring Doctor that truly cares for the well being and health of his patients moving forward after their injury’s.
vvv: After 13 knee arthroscopies by other surgeons, Dr Viskontas did a total knee replacement. Best surgeon I have ever seen. It was a complex surgery and he did an excellent job. He was patient, polite and explained the entire process. He genuinely cared for me as a patient and the end results which were fabulous. Each and every follow up he was as pleasant as the first time I met him. I owe this man a lot and cannot thank him enough, too bad this calibre of surgeons are few and far between. Thanks Dr Viskontas !
Hitman Harnish: About 5 years ago, I had a multi-ligament knee injury which included my ACL, MCL, LCL, tibial fracture and meniscus tears. I had completely dislocated my knee from a dirt bike accident.After going to Langley Memorial, then over to Surrey Memorial, I ended up being referred to Dr. Viscontas at Royal Columbian. Because of the complexity of the injury, I was referred to Dr. Viscontas by Surrey Memorial's most senior orthopedic surgeon Dr.Jackson.During my first visit with Dr. Viscontis, it became clear that he was an expert in his field specializing in reconstruction. he is sought after by athletes who sustained severe knee injuries, including a BC Lions player who had a career-ending knee injury similar to mine.Dr. Viscontas was patient, he was informative, and he really set expectations clearly. Because of the complexity of my injury, there is a very high failure rate, in my case he had to book a second orthopedic surgeon Dr. Trevor Stone, who is also one of the top notch orthopedic surgeons in British ColumbiaAt this point I'm one of the lucky ones who found Dr.Viskontas.
Brad W: Broke my lower tib fib in 5 places. First surgery went unsuccessful with the first surgeon. After 8 months of discomfort I met Dr. V and had total trust in him. He had to re-do everything and did a fantastic job. This man gave me my life back. I am eternally grateful.
Paul Adams: Ok i have had many hip surgeries within the last 3 yrs. Dr Viskontas was the only Dr that agreed that I needed a full replacement. It has been 6 weeks since the replacement and all I can say is WOW this guy changed my life. I now have my life back even with not being fully recovered but my pain is finally subsiding and I can function somewhat normal. This man is by far one of the best Drs I have ever seen. I highly recommend Dr Viskontas to anyone that is in need of a miracle. He gave me my lifestyle back. 5 stars+ 5 more.
Ingrid Calibaba: Thanks to Dr Viskontas I completed a major physical training for my job the PARE today one year after my knee replacement. I have been pain free for a year and owe it all to dr Viskontas . Next goal grouse grind here I come thank Dr Viskontas for giving me my leg back
Julie Fanucchi: I don't have a single complaint about dr Viskontas! He's done 3 surgeries for me in the last 7 years. he was able piece me together after a terrible motor vehicle accident! 13 hours straight in the original surgery!
Mike D: Excellent work from an excellent doctor. I couldn't have been easy to put back together (I was in a serious accident), but he did a wonderful job. Good sense of humour, too, which is more important than some doctors realise.

5. Vancouver General Hospital - Vancouver

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Vancouver General Hospital
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Address: Jim Pattison Pavilion, 899 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-875-4111

Business type: General hospital

Vancouver General Hospital: what do users think?
Jessica: I came in for a CT and found the two information desk staff to be incredibly rude when asked for directions and a face mask. I know health care workers are overworked and we are grateful for your service but.. Isn't the point of an information desk to provide information?
Assefa kebede: Excellent
David Jolivet: Easy to get around and nice staff.
Peter Clark: Busy
Ron Gallant: Easy to get around no stress
Marshall Miller: Great people 👏 👍 👌 fast service people are beautiful there 👏 may God bless them 🙏 they know what they are doing ty very much 😀 for all ur help I appreciate it
kathryn stewart: The medical teams at VGH are the best you can get. The care and attention they gave my son after his accident was top notch. We are forever grateful 🙏
Kevin Strome: I am currently in right now with an abscess in my throat and it has cause me a lot of pain and it’s been very hard to swallow I want to thank the nursing staff her for being very kind and very helpful and intuitive ion helping me figure out every way possible to take my pain meds SHOUT-OUT TO THE NIGHT STAFF AND DAY-So TAFF
nicole travassos: Clean,friendly staff covid friendly.
Jonine Rochacewich: I recently had ankle surgery, I spent three weeks on the orthopedic/trauma floor. The doctors and nursing staff were wonderful and professional, I know their jobs are especially challenging during Covid-19 and they work very hard. I cannot say the same for the two physiotherapists assigned to me; one was extremely rude with no bedside manner. Also, the hospital was not very clean. I realize the cleanliness could be a result of the hospital being short staffed.
brigitte cavanagh: Everything look fine. I had many small surgeries and 1 bigger, some nurses were not nice....but there is not much i can do about their staff.
Keith Johnstone: Well run. No hot water in some of the public washrooms tho
JOHN SHINNICK: This is a major component of Vancouver General Hospital.
Brenda Sachse: I can't thank the Doctors, Surgeons, and especially the Nursing Staff enough for the amazing work they do!

6. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

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