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1. Back2Normal Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinic in North Vancouver - North Vancouver City

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Back2Normal Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine Clinic in North Vancouver
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Address: 59- 935 Marine Dr Inside Capilano Mall, Marine Dr Main Floor, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1S3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-985-6662

Business type: Physical therapist

2. East Vancouver Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic - Vancouver

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East Vancouver Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic
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Address: 2696 Nootka St, Vancouver, BC V5M 3M5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-416-3699

Business type: Rehabilitation center

East Vancouver Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic: what do users think?
Maria Alejandra Saboya S: Fist time here and I loved it.Had my physiotherapy session with Justin to treat my right shoulder, he was very professional and helped me a lot with my pain. Already feeling so much better.Definitely coming back!
Kevin Aquino: I have been seeing Dr. Felix for my chiropractic needs for the past few years. I originally met him when he was downtown, but I’ve followed him to his new clinic at East Vancouver Sports & Rehab. The sessions always begin with a quick and thorough chat for Dr. Felix to understand my needs for the session – whether it’s for a tune up or specific area for treatment. My adjustments always leave me feeling light, refreshed and new. I highly recommend Dr. Felix for all your (sports) chiro needs.
Lesley Hemsworth: East Vancouver Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic (EVSRC) is excellent!I have been going to EVSRC over the past few months as part of my recovery following a motor vehicle accident. In that time, I have been working with an interprofessional team who collaborate to craft a personalized and complementary treatment plan.My team of experts includes:Kevin Dinh for Registered Massage Therapy - Kevin is a gem! He is a great listener who is passionate about what he does. His massages identify and target the areas of tension with precision and sensitivity.Dr. Félix Lascelles-Palys for Chiropractic treatments - Félix is the best chiropractor that I have ever been to! He listens well and he tailors his treatments to my comfort level. His techniques are highly effective, and I feel significant relief after each session. His approach is caring and trustworthy.Damian Herft for Kinesiology - Damian is a delight to work with! He clearly explains and demonstrates each exercise. He inspires confidence while being encouraging and motivating. I have levelled up quickly under Damian’s guidance.The front desk staff is communicative, welcoming, and always willing to answer any questions or concerns.I highly recommend EVRC! You will be in great hands. They offer a caring and comfortable client experience. They also liaise directly with ICBC on my behalf.As a bonus, it is near the SkyTrain and there is ample free parking on site.
Chelsea Goddard: I've been working with Kinesiologist Steph Jamieson on my recovery from a car accident in order to get back to dancing professionally and teaching dance full time. I highly recommend Steph to anyone who is coming back from any type of injury and needs to build back their strength.Steph is attentive and has a keen eye for detail in movement. She gives specific feedback in ways that are easy to understand and apply. As well as being incredibly knowledgeable about the body, she is also a very sensitive, kind, and empathetic listener. She has always been flexible with what I need on a given day, given that my injuries were so complex. I can tell that she truly cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to bring people back to what they love.I've also worked with physios Sam & Mila and massage therapist Kevin in the past on the same injuries. My whole recovery team at EVSRC has been exceptional, both in the practical and emotional elements of recovery. There's no doubt in my mind that I would recommend this clinic to anyone who needs support for their recovery. I would not be where I am today without them.
Justin Bull: I work with Stephanie Jamieson through EVRSC. She's fantastic. Kind, thoughtful, thorough and supportive. She helped me work through a challenging injury towards rediscovering strength and movement. Lovely and supportive location for this work. Thanks Steph and EVRSC.
Kelly Jean: Just over a year ago I started at East Van Sports Rehab with Stephanie Jamieson. I had been struggling with a back injury. Being an athlete for many years in my teens and twenties, I was astonished by the lack of understanding I have in regards to my body. Working with Stephanie has not only improved my pain, mobility and function, but it has also given my the confidence to trust that my body can continue to improve. Having a female kinesiologist has also been so helpful because she is able to understand my movement patterns and create some connection. Also, she has really supported me in understanding how important a females pelvic floor is in our daily movements!!
Monique Bazille: Friendly, Knowledgeableand Professional
Dave Mallinson: I have been seeing Steph Jamieson for the last 6 months, after getting an MRI on my knee which showed extensive damage. Steph has been great - helping me retrain my body to alleviate the stress on my knees. I have gone to a gym for more than 20 years but did so without basic understanding of how I move and what I need. Now I feel so much better equipped after learning numerous fundamental exercises which are all so helpful. My body feels significantly better today, I am very happy with the result. I feel like I am investing in myself.
robert ambardar: Had a couple of good sessions to rehab a knee injury with Chris Franks, who was great. After seeing my orthopedic surgeon I tried to book again for more physio but the availability calendar showed no appointments and was never updated. I called the office twice over a couple of weeks and was told I would get a call back with availability but no one ever called. Got tired of waiting and have switched clinics now, as I need to get my rehab going in order to play soccer again this season.
Viva Care: ACL reconstruction (quadricep graft) - Physio Justin Mazzei - Now 8 weeks post op... this review was due. A very genuine, nice, honest and a good physio. every week felt improvement and stronger. Strongly recommend the guy.- Sunny :)
Kevin Shoesmith: This clinic has a lot to offer. I’m an aging but active, life-long athlete. In the year I’ve been using the services here, I’ve been treated like you’d expect to be treated, and the results have been nothing short of excellent. Erik Torchia and Kevin Dinh have helped me, but I get the sense that the entire clinic is up to standard. Fully recommended.
Charles Guo: Very knowledgeable physiotherapy staff and skilled massage therapists. Justin helped me with my shoulders and quickly determined that my shoulder pain was not caused by inflammation, but rather due to mobility. It's been a slower process but shoulder mobility has been gradually improving. Front desk staff was also extremely helpful in setting up billing and insurance claims.
Michelle Green: Justin was an absolute legend. He worked with me to constantly adjust the treatment plan to meet my needs and help me reach my goals, and made every visit enjoyable. Stoked to say I'm back running again in time for the sunny weather. Thanks so much, Justin!
Hossein Hamedi: Justin Mazzei at EVSRC is incredibly knowledgable & professional. I’ve been coming to him for all my soccer injuries and oh man he has never let me down with the outcome. He’s very easy to talk to and listens carefully to pinpoint exactly what needs to be done. Nonetheless I trust his expertise in getting me back to playing the sport I love. I highly recommend Justin & his friendly colleagues to anyone!!
Michael Bettle: I had Samantha Smith as my physio for a knee injury while training for a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament. She was phenomenal. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She was able to get me healthy and competition ready. I was able to win gold and my knee felt bulletproof!
lisa page: I am a 56 year old female who has kept herself in what I think amazing shape. I've mountain biked raced with trainers and been in a couple car accidents had some physio there studied yoga for 20 years and nothing has healed me more than this clinic . All the doctors work with eachother to come up with the best possible solution for your body but my favourite is Mila Pavlovic. I work in film and one of the stunt ladies recommended this clinic and Ive never been happier.
Monika Bittel: After injuring my knee last summer, I started physiotherapy with Justin Mazzei in October 2021, after little improvement. The therapy, exercises, guidance and advice from Justin have been excellent. Justin listens. As my recovery progressed, Justin tailored his therapy and exercises to address lingering issues. The exercises not only stabilized my knee (and restored my confidence in my knee), they increased my balance and overall leg strength. I have been very pleased with Justin’s rehab therapy and would recommend him to anyone recovering from injuries and looking to resume their active life-style.
Annette Obrien: I recommend Justin Mazzei. I've been seeing Justin to treat a running related hamstring injury, and am seeing progress after several months of trying to solve the problem on my own. I wish I hadn't waited so long. Justin is an intuitive listener, always positive in his approach, and his exercises are challenging, functional and focused. Thank you Justin
bhavin gohel: This is my go to clinic for any rehab treatment, specifically for Physio and Massage. Justin Mazzei is my trusted physiotherapist who really takes time to understand your routine, history of your active lifestyle and suggests treatment based on that. He is very knowledgeable about various treatments and works on providing active mobility based treatment advice instead of quick fixes. He also follows up to check on your progress and recommends changes if needed. Highly recommend this place.
Assistant Kaelaw: Justin Mazzei at EVSRC has been treating the torn ligaments I have since mid April 2021. Fantastic progress each week, has given me confidence to be mobile and follows up with MRI reports and Orthopaedic surgeon visits. The facility is clean and follows all safety protocols which is important. Treatment and exercises have all been tailored to weekly progress. Highly recommend anyone needing physiotherapy to inquire here. As a patient, I find Justin to be caring, informed and goes that extra step to assist with recovery.Almost a year in we are fully mobile, going up and down stairs (there are 17 at work). No pain, lots of strength and conditioningwith the twice weekly sessions. I have had no surgery and super happy being in the care of this clinic and this physio.
Andres Reynoso: State of the art gym and top class coaches, it's a great place to be. I've been working with Matt for years, who referred me to Justin Mazzei for physio to get me back in the game. Justin is a super nice guy, always willing to answer questions and provide further insight. With each session there's been growth, I couldn't be happier with the progress.

3. Ananta Wellness & Osteopathy - Vancouver

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45 reviews
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Ananta Wellness & Osteopathy
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Address: 3195 Granville St #106, Vancouver, BC V6H 3K2, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-732-8490

Business type: Osteopath

Ananta Wellness & Osteopathy: what do users think?
Andrea Barr: Becky supports my whooooole body, and has done so for years. She does craniosacral therapy in addition to manual work. She is a wizard and uncovers things that blow my mind. Can't imagine what this body (especially my back, with kyphosis/scoliosis) would be like without her.
Liam Koller: I have a very badly sprained ankle and I wanted to try Osteopathy to see if it could help. I had my first session with Andrea today and it was amazing! I have tried a bunch of physiotherapy and other alternative medicine and right away I knew I made the right choice choosing Andrea. Highly skilled. Looking forward to continued treatment :)
Catherine Chow: Professional and ver knowledgeable therapists. I've been their clients over 10 years. Highly recommended!!
Jacob Hertz: I have seen Kyla for two osteopathy treatments. They have been very helpful and I will definitely keep going. Kyla is professional, attentive, and great to chat with. I've recommended her to friends and family!
Krystal: My husband and I have been seeing Julien for over a year now and we NEVER regret it!! He's literally amazing!! Super nice, professional and really great at his work and healing your body. We call him The Bone Whisperer haha. We will never go anywhere else! :-)
Caroline Longford: Anouk was referred to me by my outstanding acupuncturist and has proved to be a most excellent osteopath, a field I knew nothing about previously. I highly recommend her. Very covid responsible establishment. The best I've seen.
Meaghan Fitzpatrick: Anouk is an absolutely phonemail osteopath. Can't recommend her enough! Her understanding and curiosity of the human body is unparalleled.
Michele Lyle: I would highly recommend Kyla for any cranial work needed. She is highly skilled, and a very talented therapist!
Leah P: The osteopaths at this clinic are amazing! They have been healing my body and are so knowledgeable 💕 the office is very relaxing and well kept also!
carmen chan: I'm lucky to have Jenn Hanson as my Osteopath for the past few years and I can't recommend her enough. She is knowledgeable, caring and with her gentle touch and guidance I always leave feeling better after an appointment. Best Osteopath in Vancouver!
Bindy Dulay: Life changing. Kyla is a gentle, intuitive practitioner and I recommend her wholeheartedly. My body is experiencing movement in places and ways previously stuck in injury. Feeling Blessed to Kyla's heart centered knowledge and practice.
Hank Hill: I had a great experience at Ananta. Kyla was especially awesome. She listened to my story, talked me through the treatment, and really helped with my neck/shoulder pain.There was also no pressure to sign up for a long and pricy schedule of further sessions. I’d highly recommend this place.
Gabriela DH: Great osteopathic clinic with reliable, effective, and professional services. Thank you for all the care you are consistently putting into all treatments! Much appreciated.
M D'K: If you're in need of the benefits of a colonic this place will make you feel comfortable
Hannah Mills: Julien is simply the best osteopath I’ve ever been treated by. The clinic is clean, warm and inviting. Easy online booking too. Highly recommend!
Dorothy Neufeld: Anouk is very insightful, attentive and professional. Highly recommend.
Tiphaine Maisonneuve: Julien is an excellent and knowledgeable professional. He put my body back on track in no time, targeting the right areas right away. Now it's just a matter of maintenance.Very satisfied.
Stephanie Tack: Helpful warm staff
Larry Peterson: Wonderful way to get healing started, and balance myself.
James Leard: I've been working with Sine for almost 6 months now and she is an amazing Osteopath. I always feel much better and lighter after a session. She is also very friendly, kind, compassionate, and easy to speak with. I work as a certified Emotion Code Practioner and I feel Osteopathy is one of the best complimentary therapies to the work I do. 😊
Stephanie Lamy: Great osteopathic clinic with a French speaking osteopath. Really good one

4. YOON CLINIC Integrative Pain & Rehabilitation - Burnaby

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101 reviews
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YOON CLINIC Integrative Pain & Rehabilitation
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Address: 5050 Kingsway Unit 401, Burnaby, BC V5H 4V7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-568-8253

Business type: Alternative medicine practitioner

YOON CLINIC Integrative Pain & Rehabilitation: what do users think?
Ngoc Yen Ha: The combo cupping and acupuncture is worth it. I usually get it done by Samuel. Because I do crazy long hours and physical work. Sam also added some stretches that helps with joints where you can't do by yourself. The clinic is very clean, has varieties services which I like versus than other clinic. I also had try the massages. The parking is kinda busy, but you can get refund at London drugs. I usually park at Metrotown mall instead for a nice short walk, and t n t shopping. It really made my days off relaxing as well.
Kat Kwan: Sam took his time to explain to me about acupuncture and cupping. He’s a very kind person and is very knowledgeable about his job. Saw improvements, my back is slowly healing. Very thankful to have Sam as my acupuncturist. I highly recommend Sam Lee for all the acupuncture and cupping services.
Lowella Lee: From the moment you walk in, you feel so welcomed here. They greet you warmly and are always on time with appointments.Sam Lee is one of the best practitioners I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. He treated me after I had a car accident and would work with me every week to pinpoint exactly what areas needed work and how to alleviate my pain. His acupuncture treatment worked wonders for my TMJ pain as well as in my shoulders and neck. Sam also is able to provide services such as cupping to release the tension in certain areas. He is well-versed in patient care and his skills, and is able to explain everything he’s doing in a clear and concise way.The clinic is also very on top of ICBC claims and I never had to worry about getting an approval for extension etc. with the well-run team here.I would recommend Yoon Clinic to anyone seeking similar services.
Marcia Antonio: My therapy was nice and successful, I recommend.
Herlie Kim McDonnell: Sam is very attentive to my needs, the weakness and numbness I felt on my arm went away. Never thought acupuncture would do wonders! I highly recommend!
Luis Valdivia Kirkland: Thanks to Yoon Clinic and Sam Lee I’ve been able to get much better with my health issue. Very friendly and professional staff. Sam is great! Very knowledgeable and empathetic.
Vivian Cheng: THE BEST acupuncture clinic! Dr. Yoon is professional, knowledgable, personable, and he really does care about you. I've been to a few acupuncture clinics before and Dr. Yoon & his team are unparalleled. I like the little bonus of having a heat lamp - a nice touch so that you're never cold during the treatment. Thanks Dr. Yoon!
kathy thai: The best place to go for acupuncture! Everyone is friendly and cares about the patients. Dr. Yook is so kind. She listens to your concerns and is attentive and communicative during the treatment. She's treated me and my grandmother for all sorts of pain. Neck, shoulder, hands, wrists, lower back, legs, etc. We always leave feeling better and more prepared to do other forms of supportive physical therapy.
Chelsey J: Great doctor with much knowledge. He’s very thorough and nice! Highly recommend this place if you want to improve your quality of life.
grace lim: Dr. Yoon is very friendly and knowledgable. He explains what he is doing and why very clearly for people with basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
Yen Ha: I had been doing acupuncture since my injures by 3 random acupuncturists. This one service is easy to book online. Dr. Yoon is very professional, constantly ask for follow up during processed on first visited. I like how this facility provide more alternative. So I booked 2nd appointment with acupuncture and cupping service. Am so impressed, you can feel differences of how it loosing up my muscle tension more than I ever felt.The reviews given here very helpful. I am glad I made the right choices coming here. Am glad the services option they provide is great too. Definitely a worth to try it if you haven't found a perfect combination services.
Kierstin Kim: I started to have my migraines after few business trips. At first I started to take muscle relax medication and massive pain killers, which knocked me out for days and only last for about a week. I decided to start acupuncture treatment as friend’s recommendation. I have had amazing experience with Dr Sung Soo Yoon. He has provided kindly service in professional manner, and he has proven himself very knowledgeable. Thank you Dr. Yoon for saving me from all the pains.
Rena Farrend: November 2021, I walked into Yoon Clinic with more pain in my lower back and leg than I could live with. Two months later to the day I had my last acupuncture treatment with Dr. Soo. Happily I say my pain and discomfort is about 20% of what it was before acupuncture. Dr. Soo suggested forms of exercise that have helped so far and will continue to in the future to relieve my pain further. The clinic atmosphere is professional and their two receptionists are lovely to deal with. Thank-you so much. I highly recommend Yoon Clinic.
Julia M: Dr.Yoon is an amazing person as well as doctor. He creates my treatment plans with such care and consideration. He is always very knowledgeable and kind. His staff are also very professional and awesome too! Highly recommend this office.👍👍👍
손승수: 친절한 의사선생님감사합니다
Jihye _: 허리가 안좋아서 친구 추천으로 갔는데, 선생님이 매우 친절하시고 꼼꼼하게 잘 치료해주셨습니다:)! 앞으로 안 아프기를 바라지만, 혹시라도 아픈일이 생기면 꼭 이 병원으로 올거같아요!
Alex Debelle: Really fantastic and knowledgeable doctor, helping a lot with my sinusitis and digestive issues, would highly recommend a visit
mi ho: The staff at YOON Clinic is amazing! Everyone is super friendly and genuine. Dr. Yoon was very knowledgeable and he walks you through every step of the way!I did acupuncture for my right arm pain and notice the difference instantly after first session.I highly recommend!
Jin Wang: Went there a couple month ago, Dr. Yoon helped me with the nerve & muscle pain that I suffered for the past year!! Everyone is so friendly in the clinic! Highly recommend!! :)
David Roth: I had been going to massage for months for treatment of back issues causing daily headaches without much resolve. My masseuse suggested I try acupuncture so I booked an appointment at Yoon Clinic. I’m now 2 months post treatment and I haven’t had a single headache since. Really quite amazing actually. It’s unfortunate this type of medicine isn’t the norm and more accepted in western countries (used in a staged approach). I’ll be going here for anything they say they can treat before I go to my family doc.
PEBBLES T.: I honestly have to say I’m really amazed. My first acupuncture session at another clinic left me very confused on whether my symptoms were being treated or not. The clinic that I had previously gone to had more of a focus on pushing me to agree to come to more sessions to treat a various amount of other ailments including digestion sleep anxiety skin etc which is not why I went to the clinic. I got my first treatment for my tendinitis at this other clinic, but I ended up being given a full body acupuncture and I left the place feeling like I was being sold more services than I really needed or wanted. Few weeks later I just feel a little bit better but nothing that would make me feel like it was worth my visit and I didn’t really think it was worth going back.I decided to give acupuncture a second try. I looked up various clinics. Dr. Yoon had really amazing reviews.When I had my initial visit with Dr. Yoon it was very apparent that this visit was gonna be very different. He actually took the time to explain to me what was going on with my arm. He also took the time to explain to me how the treatment he was going to apply was going to help me.I left feeling much more positive about acupuncture therapy. I’m so glad I gave acupuncture a second chance.

5. Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre - Vancouver

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210 reviews
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Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre
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Address: 1285 W Broadway #730, Vancouver, BC V6H 3X8, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-738-1012

Business type: Naturopathic practitioner

Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre: what do users think?
Lisa: I had the pleasure of receiving both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic care for many years from Dr. Lawrence Chan and Dr. Karen Lam at Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre. Although it took me some time to write this review, I'm thrilled to finally share my experience.Upon entering the clinic, I immediately felt at ease and welcomed. Both Dr. Chan and Dr. Lam took the time to attentively listen to my concerns and understand my health history, which instilled confidence in their expertise. Their gentle yet effective treatments, including acupuncture and chiropractic care, were customized to my specific needs, and I noticed significant improvements in my overall health and well-being after just a few visits.One of the most admirable qualities of Dr. Chan and Dr. Lam is their extensive knowledge and willingness to explain the details of their treatments. They take a holistic approach to health and wellness, and their passion for their work truly shines through in every interaction.I highly recommend Dr. Lawrence Chan and Dr. Karen Lam to anyone seeking exceptional TCM and Naturopathic care. Their kindness, expertise, and unwavering dedication to their patients make them truly stand out in their field. If you're looking for healthcare providers who prioritize your wellbeing, look no further than Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre.
Ciaran Henderson: Hand down the best Naturopath I have consulted with. I have chronic lyme disease and recently had a case of vitamin b6 toxicity and Dr. Alex Chan has been amazing.I am a firm believer that working with a doctor is a two way street and Dr. Chan listens to everything I say and gives really good advice and recommendations for me.I would highly recommend this clinic.
tlee996: Great place especially if you are looking to see what vitamins you are low on. Only things is that the blood works is expensive and you have to wait 2 week for the results
L W: Reception is not good at all. They can't get things right and can't even do the basics of providing receipts when they are supposed to. They also have a really bad cancellation policy. They expect you to work within their terms and don't care about their customers or understand what a good customer experience is. They keep selling you supplements and you're not sure whether you even need it which is really not good...though you don't know what is really true. It takes a REALLY long time to get responses from the doctors and you have to continually chase them to get a response. The doctors are not specific when giving out info to clients which means you have to email them if you want answers and then wait and wait and wait and not get a response. Their cancellation policy is bad as you have to remember which sat they are closed. Sad as they are unwilling to listen to client feedback and change. really poor.
Gary McCuaig: I have been seeing Dr Chan for many years. I wish I could find a medical doctor who was even half as good !
Nancy M. Noso: Best place to go to get your health better!
Sinica H: I have had pretty bad gut issues for the past 5 years or so, which steadily worsened over time. The many family doctors and specialists were not helpful and made me feel more hopeless and upset about my situation.I have been seeing Dr. Taylor Green for a little over two years now (note I don’t write reviews too often unless an experience was either exceptionally positive or negative). Dr. Green and the team at integrative have been wonderful for me in my journey of healing my gut and starting work with me at a point where I was very distrustful towards health professionals. Dr. Green was always very kind and patient through the ups and downs of the process, and always attentive and validating of my concerns, as well as giving her expert guidance while taking my opinions into account. She always went above and beyond in terms of giving her care, attention and time. When some treatments didn’t work as expected initially, she was flexible and able to provide other avenues of treatment which turned out to be very effective! At first when I started going to see her I wasn’t sure how many sessions I would have mostly just due to cost. However, I quickly saw the high value of having a skilled and empathetic clinician such as Dr. Green in working through chronic health issues. My health hasn’t been in such a good place for years as it is now thanks to Dr. Green’s work with me. I am so thankful for her and that I chose integrative. Highly highly recommend this place.
Wendy Issa: My go to place for IV detox and great naturopathy treatments
coolman11013: They offer very unique treatments based on your individual needs and very informative about their services. Would highly recommend to all my family and friends
L. B.: Called the clinic to make an appointment, the receptionist was kind of short with me and said to email them. Then I emailed, and they gave me a phone number to call. I called during the times they indicated and no one picked up. I left a voicemail and was never called back. Very disappointed!
Angel W: This is one of the worst clinics if you actually want to improve your condition. I booked 3 months in advance just to see the doctor for July 2021. Right now it's November and I still haven't been able to see him for the second time because they are always fully booked months in advance. (I did book in advance but they cancelled my appointment on that day after waiting months because he was taking that day off all of a sudden).If you want to take 20 years to fix your condition, then feel free to come to this clinic. This clinic takes forever for anything and when I asked for a refund because I spent so much money without getting any feedback on my condition, they simply said that it's not possible. I'm not sure why they have such high reviews.
Tyler Lee: I called the clinic to make an appointment for a first time visit to see a Naturopath. The receptionist said she would email me the proper client forms. The forms never came. I had to make 3 phone calls to finally get the form emailed to me. The receptionist spelled my email wrong. Then I got home from work to hear a message stating - "if we don't receive your forms, your appointment will be cancelled." Very disorganized and poorly managed. If it takes 3 phone calls for me to get one email - what the heck is the problem! Not impressed!
Rita Moldovanos: I have received really great care here. I have seen a few naturalpaths here and they all have been great. They discovered some things with my health that no one else was able to. Highly recommend them.
N C: I am well from a medium-severe traumatic brain injury because of the help of Eric Posen and the exceptional teams of admin and pharmacy staff. Larry Chan is also excellent for knees, ankles, backs etc!Eric Posen is an internal medicine and brain injury and allergy expert.
Arleigh Fair: Been a client at integrative for 29 years, Doctor Posen has been unbelievable in his care giving over those yrs,He is retiring & I'm going to miss him greatly, All the best Eric.arleigh
Marisa P: Very happy with my IV treatment and Prp therapy for my hair loss. Friendly staff and great patient care !
Brita Unger: Dr. Katie Leah is absolutely amazing as a doctor and as a person. She is incredibly caring and kind and has made a huge impact on my life. I have dealt with awful migraines, TMJ pain, skin issues and very bad tinnitus for years. She has helped me so much with this I can't thank her enough!
Tammy Brimner: I have been seeing Dr. Katie Leah at Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre for a number of years now. The setting is serene and the staff are friendly.
Nova Tregaskis: I love this clinic so much. Dr Leah is an incredible naturopath. She has changed my life for the better with her treatments for my health and wellness. You won’t regret visiting here!
SH L: Thank you for following up with me.
Zana Mody: I booked an appointment with this clinic for naturopathic treatment with Dr.Chan based from all the good reviews - I got an appointment two months later than when I called, but I was okay with it due to covid-19 and all the medical processes taking time.However, a week before my scheduled appointment, I received a call and was charged for $50 for a missed appointment! I still have the email, and a voice message on my phone stating the original time that I had booked in advance two months ago. My partner was shocked too since he was there when I called the office to book the appointment originally and remembers it being scheduled not at the time the office charged me for.The appointment they "claimed I booked" was on a day I was scheduled to be away from Vancouver, so I would have never booked that time - their receptionist wrongly scheduled me for an appointment in their system and then charged me for their error.No where on their website does it state that you will be charged $50 for "missed appointments" i.e. scheduling errors by Integrative's staff.Terrible service and a disorganized reception that resulted in hidden fees for an error on their part. Stay away and go with a naturopathic office that knows how to use a calendar.

6. Body Works Sports Physiotherapy - North Vancouver City

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122 reviews
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Body Works Sports Physiotherapy
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Address: 233 W 1st St #420, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1B3, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-983-6616

Business type: Physical therapist

Body Works Sports Physiotherapy: what do users think?
roshan mistry: Mehernaaz's magic. Have been seeing her as and when I need to since years.
eric mitchell: Dalen helped me out on short notice before a trip. Great experience.
Aaron Gaze: friendly place, awesome job helping me out
Linda Aylesworth: Naz is the best!!!
Rob Williams: IMS is the only thing that has worked on lower back pain and Dalen is an excellent IMS care provider.
Roberta Worrall: Staff are incredible. Site is clean. Would recommend. Thank you!
Dag Furst: Naz knowledge is unquestionable and her treatment is well diagnosed and helpful. Her personality approach is warm and caring.
Elena Gleiberman: This was my first time trying physio for my recurring neck pain. Ryan Corkal did an excellent job of investigating the underlying issue, suggesting an alternative workstation setup, and recommending several exercises tailored to my needs. I went from not being able to turn my neck to having a full range of movement, along with having some additional lower back issues addressed. I was a bit intimidated by dry needling at first, but it did wonders to my shoulder pain. The front desk is great also, very polite and helpful. Highly recommend!
masoud varghan: The absolute best massage you could get in the entire world! Igor works miracles with his hands!!!
Roxana Rosado: Sarah is exceptionally knowledgeable and kind. She put my concerns at ease, answers all of my many questions, and provide the necessary tools and suggestions on how to improve my condition. Highly recommend!
John Stelfox: Dalen Friesen is an awesome Physiotherapist. He really knows the best treatment for me and I'm sure for the many patients he sees. The Staff at Body Works Sports Physio are courteous and knowledgeable and do their very best to make you feel welcome and comfortable
Lee Benson_Nanigishkung: great service and professionalism
Sean Millington: The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. I appreciated their diligent approach to care.
Justin Lee: Excellent physio clinic with great staff
Emily Holzman: I was referred to Ryan by my dentist and have been thoroughly impressed with his and the clinic’s professionalism and care. I would recommend them to others who are looking for physiotherapist services!
Erinn D: The staff are all professional, extremely knowledgeable, and attentive to their clients. Sarah Jane is particularly skilled at designing a program that focuses on both flexibility and strength, so that her clients are returned to peak fitness as soon as possible. I will definitely be recommending this practice to my fellow athletes.
Rob Boffard: Knowledgeable practitioners who listen carefully and get results.
jimmy stewart: We saw Sara Jane for treatment for my granddaughter’s Achilles tendon, which she had strained doing Capoeira. As an Ex- competitive gymnast, SJ brings years of experience to plan a comprehensive rehabilitation program. At the personal level, she is a cheerful friendly and caring practitioner who shows real concern for her patients. I was impressed with the clarity of the email follow up, listing videos to assist us in achieving the correct form of the rehab exercises, and SJ was always willing to answer any questions in a prompt manner. I have no hesitation in giving her, and Bodyworks my highest recommendation.
Grace Kelly Santos: Excellence in professionalism from the front desk to the physiotherapist.
Wendy Mcc: I am so impressed with Bodyworks and with my physio, Steve. He is professional, knowledgeable and was very effective with my joint and muscle issues after some injuries.
IanAnna V: Saw Ryan on short notice, good physio. Thank you

7. Caviar Skin Clinic Inc. - Vancouver

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63 reviews
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Caviar Skin Clinic Inc.
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Address: 1076 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2R9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 7:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-229-3777

Business type: Skin care clinic

Caviar Skin Clinic Inc.: what do users think?
Adelina Redman: Absolutely love this place, kind staff and overall great services.
Katie Chan: Initially went in for a Bye Bye Blemish but Adriana was able to assess my skin needs and recommended the Hydrafacial instead. Very happy with my experience - my skins feels so smooth and Adriana provided me helpful advice for longer term care that was considerate of my needs and budget.
sonica takhar: Amazing hospitality, and a wonderful atmosphere to be in to receive your treatments! Will be back again!
Natasha Reimer: Went back for my appointment . Not only was Dr. Amy amazing but I love how she’s make it feel like I’ve known her for years - I feel very heard by Dr Amy and she has a very natural touch technique that leaves me looking flawless every-time! Very impressed. I would recommend Dr. Amy to anyone.
Cannie Darvishi: dr noya has always been so considerate and helpful when it comes to finding what suits ur needs best. everyone here is so nice and makes ur visit so enjoyable plus i always get sm compliments on what i get done here from other ppl
Brittany Richmond: I’ve been getting lip fillers for about 10 years now, never in my life have I gone home and looked in the mirror and felt so completely in love with the results! Dr. Amy Wilson is by far the best I’ve ever injected with. Her technique for russian lips and sculpting is on point. She was meticulous and very understanding of my expectations. I’m extremely picky, I ask a lot of questions and double check things which is understandably difficult. Dr. Amy was patient and professional, along with the very friendly receptionists. Thank you, I’ve found my new favourite clinic in Vancover.
Hailey Jang: Dr.Taran is the best! She's super professional and super friendly. I got my lip filler from her and now I got the perfect lips that I always wanted! I got it from somewhere for my first lip filler and I wasn't really happy/satisfied but Dr. Taran knows exactly what I wanted and needed. I highly recommend if anyone needs fillers. She's the best.. 💓
Mem Johnson-Owl: Great experience with Dr.Amy!
darrelle griffiths: Such an amazing clinic. So talented. The staff is so kind and welcoming.Dr. Noya is extremely talented and knowledgeable. So glad I made the switch to Caviar Skin Clinic
M Lamza: Dr Noya is:An amazing injector ( I did lips )She is knowledgeableProfessionalSmart and quick and knows how to make you feel comfortable at her office.I have gone to many lip injectors and had to dissolve at least 2-3 times.She is smart and eager to learn different styles techniques and that shows passion to what she does. When you are up to date with your knowledge, you learn how to connect the dots in face rather than making things huge and bulky or over done. And she knows well how to do it.Thank you dr Noya ! I am sure I am back in two week to top it up a bit more as I feel that I don’t want to lose how beautiful my lips are now !!!Lots of heart - maya
hosai akbarzadeh: Love the service and the results!
Mak Smith: Nurse Taran is amazing she did such a good job on my lips and the environment is super chill and fun. Definitely coming back!❤️
Amrita Sharma: Dr. Noya was so gentle and sweet to me as this was my first time and I’m really scared of needles but she made it feel very easy and relaxing for me. Everyone was really generous even at front desk. Looking forward to my second appointment.
Aman Heer: Dr. Noya is absolutely phenomenal in everything that she does! She is very informative and has been doing my lips for 3 years now and they have been flawless.
Natalie Duffield: The most patient and gentle doctors! Amazing results every time. Cleans and beautiful facility as well.
Aero Jomram: Amazing first time filler experience. Dr Maya Kuczma did amazing and I will be coming back. :)
shadi adiban: Dr.Noya is amazing, I can’t be more happy with her service
Tamila Rakhimova: Thank you Dr. Amy for the great first session. I feel like I’m in good hands. Looking forward to improving my health with you.
kayla jang: Dr. Noya and sierra were amazing, first time getting my lips done was a bit nervous. They made me feel very secure and comfortable. Ended up with amazing results would definitely recommend
Chris Maclean: I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Amy and her team today. A Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in PRF hair treatment, and I can confidently say that she is one of the most skilled and passionate healthcare providers I have ever met.From the moment I arrived at the Caviar Skin Clinic, I was impressed with Dr. Amy's warm and welcoming demeanor. She took the time to explain the PRF treatment process to me in detail, and answered all of my questions thoroughly and patiently. She also made sure I was comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process.Dr. Amy's expertise in PRF treatment was evident from start to finish. She used the latest technology and techniques to provide me with the most effective treatment possible. She was attentive to every detail, ensuring that the treatment was tailored to my specific needs and concerns.I am truly grateful for the exceptional care she provided me and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in PRF or PRP treatments. I will be returning for a Sylfirm X treatment next time :)
Grace Gurney: Dr. Maya is a gem! Having been a few different places between both Toronto and Vancouver, I can confidently say Dr. Maya has had the best technique with lip fillers yet. I appreciate a more natural look and she has delivered exactly that. Ultimately, I recommend Dr. Maya and Caviar Skin Clinic.

8. Strength Through Motion - Richmond

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141 reviews
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Strength Through Motion
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Address: 2251 No 5 Rd #150, Richmond, BC V6X 2S8, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-630-8815

Business type: Chiropractor

Strength Through Motion: what do users think?
Harinder Hayer: Very pleasant and professional staff includes and accomplished acupuncturist, massage therapist, physiotherapist and chiropractor.I have used all with very good results.
Benjamin Niot: Thank you Dr. Michael Liang for fixing as much as possible my broken back, and giving me the advices that matter on what to do to help the healing. I couldn't walk when I got in, could almost walk on my way out, and the advice to keep moving and be active was followed by a lot of walks and the results appeared. My back unstuck itself gradually and the next day, I could stand up, walk and even drive.Thanks. I know you took a long time to fix me and I'm grateful, it worked.
King Chan: He did a good job.
andrea ortiz: Dr. Michael Liang is knowledgeable and aware of the details. He did a full examination and took the time to explain my pain and options of treatment. Highly recommend him.
Jess Chang: Cam and the team at STM is extremely kind and perfessional. I injured myself while snowboarding and not only were they able to fit me in and make sure I'm well taken care of. After my physio appointment, Cam fit me in to see Michael for a Chiro treatment. I went from not being able to move my neck to gaining a lot of my mobility back. Thank you!!
Ryan Hershberger: Great service. Helped me through countless problems. Great experience all around. Highly recommend.
Erica Tu: Cam is super chill and friendly but really knows his stuff! Left feeling so much better than when I went in. Thanks Cam!
Marty McKay: Great service, highly recommend. Appointments are always on time
Jeremy Nolasco: Started my ICBC treatments with physiotherapy. Cameron was amazing! He knew my injuries were still fresh so didn't try to over do it with modalities. Felt comfortable and relaxed. Can't wait for our next session.
Aurélien Fontova-Beccucci: Amazing clinic and services! Thank you very much to Justine and Cameron for your help!
Mari Sandra Avila: All of the Strength Through Motion team are sensational with dedicated and experienced professionals. I had my second experience with a professional chiropractor and I am speechless to describe Dr. Michael Liang.
fridon mirzaei: Knowledgeable and caring professional
John Ly: Jemery is one of the best rmt out there. Would recommend him to everyone. Very friendly and professional.
Nadia: Cam has been helping my mom with exercises to help relieve shoulder pains. In 2 weeks, there's been a lot of improvement. Couldn't have done it without Cam's help!!
Sophia Khan: I took my 81 year old mother in for her first massage therapy session ever. I had called the office to tell them my mom's situation and how she was in so much pain from having a very tight leg and back. They booked her in with Jenni for a massage session. From the get go the service was spectacular. Jenni met us at the door and was very kind and caring towards my moms situation. She gave us the time we needed to settle her in and allowed me to stay in the room as she was being treated since my mother is also hard of hearing. Jenni was very gentle and patient with my mom and overall my mother had a wonderful experience being her first time. I will definitely rebook again and I was very pleased with the treatment given. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.
anne s: Found this place on line and decided to try it out after a vehicular accident. I received treatment from Troy and he was very good and knowledgeable. He patiently explained to me how by body reacts to a trauma and how he can help me recover. I have always been skeptical on how kinesiology can help. But after one session with Troy, I was assured that this kind of help is perfect for my recovery.Cameron saw me after Troy, he was also very good and was already informed of my situation when I came in to see him, so the assessment time was shorter and he was able to proceed with the session immediately. I really appreciate how he went out of his way to work out my schedule with him so that it works perfectly coordinated with my sessions for Kinesiology with Troy. People in this place were very good and very professional.
rich baum: Be prepared, its no joke. They work you were the pain is to get to the root of the problem. Two sessions and 3rd booked already! Jeremy's the man, they just need 5 more of him!! Lol
Leigh Squarci: Zack is amazing. I have had shoulder pain for three years, and after seeing a lot of different professionals I had given up on ever getting it resolved. I went to Zack for a lower back issue and he asked me about my shoulder. He fixed my back AND the shoulder. I highly recommend him.
Irene Chu: After my first-ever chiropractor session, I felt like a new person. Even though the pain came back after a hour but it was way less intense. Now I just need to do the exercises recommended until next time. I would definitely recommend Dr. Liang to my friends.
Lisa Wroblewski: I had a great experience. Michael is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I felt very comfortable with him.
Chantel Anderson: Great experience. Professional, knowledgeable and easygoing. I will return, his expertise has truly helped!

9. Holistic Mental Health - Holographic Kinetics Vancouver - Vancouver

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11 reviews
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Holistic Mental Health - Holographic Kinetics Vancouver
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Address: 1089 W Broadway Suite # 22, Vancouver, BC V6H 1E5, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 672-999-5933

Business type: Alternative medicine practitioner

Holistic Mental Health - Holographic Kinetics Vancouver: what do users think?
anne “annie”: When I began searching for deep healing methods to break lifelong patterns and beliefs I came across Holographic Kinetics. I contacted Ceth with questions and information about in person and surrogacy sessions. He was thorough in helping me understand the process. The results, after the first session were subtle and became evident in the following days. I used to be triggered by others' unhealed trauma and am no longer disturbed by them. My constant racing thoughts were cleared as they were not my own. In addition, I had generalized anxiety and the level went from unmanageable and frequent to non-existent. More importantly I genuinely feel more connected to spirit and my intuition is more clear. I praise Ceth's work to anyone willing to listen. He is funny, easy to talk to, and without judgement.
Bella Bella: Ceth is a very friendly and good Therapist.I realy feel comfortable with him. He helped me a lot. I had a lot of negative thoughts and feeling about myself because my childhood. I did in the past therapy but the deep feeling stayed with me. I was so unhappy. After I started holographic kinetics it changed everything. I do it now 3 months. Every week one time. Every week I feel better. I can let it go the past.I am impressed!
Deena: Holographic Kinetics was key to changing my life. The modality focusses on the impact of the event, addresses the root cause, and clears it so it no longer affects you.I made a commitment to go regularly (1 to 2 times a week) until I consciously felt habitual responses to life change, as my intent was to heal on a much more all-pervasive and deep level. The initial stages of healing were subtle at first. After a few sessions I could see glimpses of a lighter and freer life, but the bigger results and security in the life changes came after about three months of commitment to this modality. My constant being on edge or on alert feeling subsided more and more every day. I feel an inner calm that I had not ever experienced in my life.Ceth is committed to the empowerment of his clients. He is kind, holds space graciously and answers any questions. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the modality and how it can break cycles for true transformation, but Ceth can only assist you to the level you are ready to help and meet yourself. It is a liberating approach to healing.I feel grateful to have been introduced to Holographic Kinetics and Ceth. My hope is everyone who feels in a ‘rock bottom’ place finds their way to Holographic Kinetics as it heals the mind, body and spirit. The combination of HK as a modality and Ceth as a practitioner can only be described as magic.
David Ward: I wanted to try Holographic Kinetics for some specific physical health issues (asthma and digestion) that I had been having to deal with for years. I learned that there could be positive results from using this modality, and after becoming hopeless and frustrated and exhausting many other treatment options, including both conventional and non-conventional solutions, I had nothing to lose.After 6 sessions with Ceth, I can verify that these issues have healed. I have more energy, I sleep better, and function better overall. Psychological issues that I hadn’t considered also came up during sessions and have since been resolved, and I feel much, much lighter for it. It’s like huge energetic weights have been lifted.There’s no question in my mind that Ceth did some amazing work using this modality, and I would recommend him as a practitioner and the modality as a whole to anyone who is considering it in trying to heal physical or psychological issues. If you have persisted in spite of efforts to resolve these issues otherwise, you may be wonderfully surprised at the results from trying this out.-DW
Courtenay Webber: I have gone through life with innumerable nagging, negative habits and self-image issues that I yearned to be free from, but which I couldn’t quite figure out how to achieve on my own (in spite of learning all kinds of self-help and mindset techniques over the years). I approached this therapy with an open mind and, after a few months of semi-regular sessions, have learned a lot about myself and why I do the cockamamie things I do.The most notable result I can report has been the dissolution of a 20-year marijuana addiction, achieved in a few short sessions. After clearing this addiction, I no longer crave the substance or think about it. I always learn things about myself with each session, and it seems we unravel another layer of whatever is causing a given habit. I am very appreciative of Ceth’s generosity with his time and his evident passion for helping others with this simple, yet profound, modality. I recommend him to anyone ready to begin changing themselves for the better, and willing to give up what doesn’t serve them to welcome what does.
C O: Ceth is an amazing and compassionate practitioner. I have had 2 sessions with him now and both times he worked on my issues without judgement. My issues cleared in one session and I continue to be blown away by how POWERFUL this healing modality is. I always feel more clear, centred and grounded afterwards. Its always such an amazing experience. I would highly recommend having a session with Ceth no matter what kind of issues you have going on. Its life changing! :)
Tiffany Radovic: BEST MASSAGE EVER!I have had so many different massages in many different cities and this was the best! Ceth is open to communication throughout the massage which I love. He is strong and knows what he's doing. You can tell he is passionate about the body and bodywork. He takes his time and makes sure you feel comfortable and happy. Thanks, Ceth :D
monica drew: So glad I found Ceth and HK!My friend in Australia told me to try Holographic Kinetics and so I googled it to find a practitioner and I found Ceth instantly.I have now had 4 sessions with Ceth and can say this modality is phenomenal and Ceth is amazing. My first session I came in crying and Ceth was so sweet and gentle with me and really knew how to hold the space.Please try HK with Ceth, its non invasive, relaxing, easy and releases so many blocks and emotions.Since 4 weeks since meeting Ceth, I've noticed a clarity in who I am and what I want in life.Thanks Ceth!
Lorie Vecchio: I went in to see Ceth about several issues regarding career, friends and family. Although I couldn't quite articulate or identify what specifically was causing my anxiety, each session with Ceth brought increasing clarity and awareness. Although originally skeptical of HK, I am convinced of its benefits and strongly urge others to try it. Truly transformative.
Jessie Trotic: Using Holographic Kinetics has been life changing for me. My reality has been changing with the changes I make within myself, using this valuable therapeutic tool. All the issues I have worked on thus far no longer bother me. Most powerful method for healing mental health I have seen. Ceth is a very compassionate and efficient practitioner/facilitator of this work.
Sera: Ceth is professional, warm, kind, intuitive, focused, responsive, and an overall accomplished practitioner of this highly effective healing modality.
Cathy Hoffman: I was a classmate with Ceth for my first HK workshop. I know how valuable and amazing HK is and Ceth is a highly qualified practitioner. I have gone to him for my own HK sessions and I don't hesitate to recommend him to others. Having an HK session with Ceth during these ever changing, volatile times can be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.
Brandon Rimes: An intuitive guide on all levels and dimensions!Ceth is conscientious and thoroughly educated in his practice.With the warm hospitality of an innkeeper, he facilitates a comfortable and comprehensible session.Holographic Kinetics has yielded more insight and effected more positive change in my life than any other healing modality.
Jeanna Clifford: Holographic Kinetics has helped me and my family immensely. I have better bonds/relationships with my children and my son who was having some behavioral issues was cleared after one session.
Kristina Raqs (Magic of Motherhood): HK IS MAGIC! I recommend it to everyone!! I went to Ceth to deal with some on-going co-dependency issues and I was SUPER skeptical and nervous about the process. BUT soooooo surprised with my results.When I got to Ceth’s clinic; he was very relaxed and helped me to calm down and get ready for the session. He told me about the energy forces within that don’t want to leave and so they make a big fuss when they get ripped out of the hosts dimension. After some guidance, I was able to push through my hardcore skepticism to be open to allowing the process. It’s a peaceful process and Ceth is really fast at clearing problems. HE goes in with laser precision. The day after my HK session; I felt completely numb which he had warned me about before. A week later, I felt like a new person. My anxiety had completely left my body and I no longer felt the need to escape into partnerships or control others or project onto others. It was AMAZING. I booked more sessions with Ceth and my life has been transformed. I can’t recommend HK and Ceth enough. What I did in years of therapy, he did in one session.
Apolo Zamparelli: When I first heard about Holographic Kinetics, I was both intrigued and apprehensive – I resonated with a lot of what it was about, but also resistant to book a session.Upon receiving numerous sessions with Ceth, it’s been brought to my awareness that a lot of the pain and struggle that I have repeatedly encountered throughout life is due to traumatic or impactful events that locked in limiting beliefs about myself. Through Holographic Kinetics, I am able to let go of and change what does not serve me anymore.Ceth possesses a very reassuring and supportive demeanor. Even when i’ve shown up to a session not knowing exactly what I wanted to address, chatting with him was able to provide so much clarity.If you’re interested in booking a session or even just want more info, I say totally contact him.There is so much to this life :) Take advantage of the powerful opportunities to bring clarity to your life. I see HK as one great way.
Soleil Yongue: Ceth is a powerful being who has studied multiple different forms of healing. Through out his studies and experiences he gravitated towards HK because of how powerful the therapy is.HK shows the individual what their root problems are, and guides the spirit to close doors that arent helpful anymore.I've experienced two HK sessions, and words cannot explain how much healing I received. More healing with the HK than months of going to a therapist.Understanding your spirit can truly help everyone, and I hope one day everyone can have the chance to experience HK at least once.
Ember Rohlman: Discovering Holographic Kinetics has deeply transformed my life. After about 5 sessions everything we cleared was fully eradicated from my life. I highly recommend Ceth as a practitioner of Holographic Kinetics and the modality itself as a fast track to healing.Ceth is also a very talented Massage Therapist and I felt that he was able to take my intake and meet me with exactly what I needed and checked in with me throughout the process.I highly recommend Ceth for both Massage and Holographic Kinetics.

10. Dr. Marcia Halajeski, Chiropractor - Vancouver

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152 reviews
new review
Dr. Marcia Halajeski, Chiropractor
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Address: 555 W Georgia St Suite 100, Vancouver, BC V6B 1Z6, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Tue

Telephone: +1 604-440-1725

Business type: Chiropractor

Dr. Marcia Halajeski, Chiropractor: what do users think?
gwen h: I truly can’t say enough good things about Dr. Marcia. I went to Marcia about some issues with tinnitus and my TMJ and she was very knowledgeable about the subject. I walked out of my first appointment feeling super relieved and after just a few weeks I noticed major improvements. Marcia is not only a great chiropractor but also a very welcoming and friendly person which makes every appointment so easy. She takes a lot of care in making sure you’re comfortable and informed throughout the adjustments. I highly, highly recommend!!
Maddie Dohm: I've been going to Dr. Marcia for almost a year and a half now. Prior to that, I had never been to a chiropractor. I originally went in with low back pain and wanted to improve my overall posture. The adjustments, recommendations to other healthcare professionals, and exercises I've been prescribed have been extremely valuable for me and I believe others can benefit from chiropractic care. Can't recommend Dr. Marcia enough!
Alex Webb: Marcia has been amazing to work with! She has really helped with my vertigo and back issues.I cannot recommend her more highly. She really listens and explains things thoroughly and after being told by other professionals there was nothing I can do for my vertigo, she has helped me make significant progress.Anyone looking for a great chiropractor, Marcia is a fantastic choice.
Arun Gautam: Marcia is extraordinary. She is so holistic that she peeps into not underlying physiological cause but almost observes on very subtle psychological, emotional and spiritual level. Highly recommended. ❤️
Aria Empakeris: I often tell people that once you see you good chiropractor, you can never go back. Nowadays, I don't just recommend that people go see a chiropractor, but I also immediately recommend that they see Marcia. Whether you're new to chiropractic care or a seasoned patient, she's an excellent fit. She's skilled in her profession (especially in TMJ care, which is such a relief!), but she's also a kind personality to lift your spirits during the day. She laughs at all my jokes (which aren't always the best), so I don't believe you can find a better person than that.
Vanessa Chan: Dr. Marcia is thoughtful, efficient, and a joy to work with.
Marlee Barber: I have been regularly treated by Marcia since this past summer and have seen a marked change in my overall health. I worked for years as a paramedic and had a number of chronic pain issues from injuries on the job. Marcia has been able to target the areas that were bothering me, and provide an immense amount of relief. Marcia is kind, extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to listen carefully to me while providing a holistic approach to my health concerns. I could not recommend Marcia more!
A H: I have been seeing Dr. Marcia for almost a year now. She is very knowledgeable, caring, and thorough.She's helped me with my pain and has taught me how to manage it.A++++ would get aligned again!
Ellen Judge: Dr. Halajeski has helped dramatically improve my quality of life over the past 6 months, I'm very grateful for the experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Halajeski to anyone, especially if you suffer from TMJ!
Meghan Bursiek: Dr Marcia's adjustments are precise & supportive. I never feel rushed in my follow-up appointments & Dr Marcia creates a nurturing experience. She answers my questions thoroughly & provides excellent home-care suggestions for between visits. Highly recommend!
sonia prasad: Marcia is an amazing chiropractor who takes the time to get to know her patients. She is very caring and provides excellent care. If it were not for her I would be in more pain from being on my feet from my car accident then I care to be in. I always feel welcomed and recommend her to anyone looking for a chiropractor.
Vincent Lo: Thank you Dr. Marcia!I have been going to Dr. Marcia for over 2 years now and the results has been extraordinary and very therapeutic. I have never been to a chiropractor before and my body was always tense, achy and uncomfortable. After I committed to healing my body with Dr. Marcia through chiropractic practices, my day-to-day life has been much more pleasant and my mind is more relaxed. I recommend chiropractic treatment to any one who suffers from poor posture from sitting too much, injuries from sports or any imbalances in their body. Dr. Marcia has been very informative and helpful. I absolutely recommend her!
Tais Horta: First time going to a Chiropractor and how the heck did I live 30 years without this!!! All jokes aside, Dr. Halajeski is extremely professional and patient. I am so glad she listened to all my concerns and aligned me back to “healthy” posture!!! My TMJ feels like new. Bonus: Easy location and fair rates. Highly recommend!
Stephanie Y: Marcia has been treating me for over a year and has significantly relieved what was previously day-to-day neck pain. Marcia is incredibly knowledgeable, takes the time to explain what is going on in my body and how to support it between treatments. Marcia is friendly, professional and efficient, and by far the best chiropractor I have seen.
Steven Szalontai: Dr. Marcia has been the only Chiropractor to make huge progress on my neck and shoulder issues that I have had for a long time. I have been seeing multiple Chiros in the past. I have been able to start playing volleyball, work out and do other competitive sports again. She really listens to what I have to say, is really easy to talk to and has an amazing understanding of how our bodies work. I couldn't recommend her more. Thank you Dr. Marcia Halajeski.
Sonam Khangura: There are not enough stars for Dr.Marcia. I have suffered from TMJ issues for years and have seen a couple chiropractors for help, not having any luck until I saw Dr. Marcia. I have recommended her to everyone in my life because she is so amazing. She is very attentive and kind and she truly cares about her patients wellbeing.
Zahra Pertiwi: I have been seeing Dr. Marcia for a year now and I love how amazing my treatments have been. My body has been very happy, I work out very often and work in a clinic environment where I have to stand all day, before doing treatments with Dr. Marcia I felt very tight and sometime would have migraines from it and now I don’t remember when the last time I had them. I have recommended many people to see Dr. Marcia and will continue to do so. She is very passionate and good at what she does, she is a godsend.
Vanessa Mendoza: Dr. Marcia has been treating me for the last 2 years. I've seen her periodically--especially for recent sport injuries or for my mild scoliosis and I never regret seeing her. I am an active person especially involved in bike and board sports with significant risk for high speed physical impact, bone subluxations, tense compensatory muscles and ligament injury.I have seen Marcia within the last year for a bike accident where my rib had been displaced with the whiplash, and after a moment of adjustment I was able to breathe properly again from that moment on and weeks later. I'd never had the opportunity to say thank you to her for saving me that day despite seeing alternate modalities in treatment which were not as helpful as her chiropractic care and knowledge. (Thank you Marcia you're the best!)I also recently saw Marcia initially for back pain.I hadn't seen her in months, and in describing how I was doing, I mentioned that 6 weeks ago i'd injured my elbow skateboarding following a high impact dislocation and fine radial fracture but with no casting needed. She assessed me quickly, listened to all of my concerns in describing adhesions, scar tissue and that my wrist was stiff too. Marcia is SO INTELLIGENT and approachable and always surprises me!. Not only did she fix the current discomfort with my elbow and my wrist, and also adjusted my back which left me relaxed and calm with better posture. I had more range of motion within my arm instantly all within days after seeing her (which is critical in the route to recovery with physio measurements and indications of progress). These assessments with her background in understanding bone health/healing and injury assessment were so welcomed as I felt she knew exactly which stage I was at for safe adjustment.Marcia has a very client focused and caring approach, she's an excellent listener and not only do i feel comfortable sharing evidence based approaches/articles to care in which we both agree upon or (she already knows about), she offers extensive knowledge in her field and is an expert in applying a scientific and very holistic approach to care. I am so impressed by her demeanour, and support with pain from scoliosis as well, she is passionate in her career, professional, and truly cares about her clientele's well being (not to mention she also has a great sense of humour). Thank you Marcia for everything you've done for me in this journey. You are a Gem of a find!
Lissy Mitchell Salt: Whether this is your first visit to a Chiropractor or your second or third. Dr Marcia is amazing she makes you feel very comfortable and explains what she is doing. I cannot recommend her enough. As a healthcare professional myself i trust her to look after my patients and give them the care they need.
Marc Lanthier: Marcia is the real deal! She has helped me immensely, and truly restored my confidence in Chiro as a healing profession.After a year and a half of working online during the pandemic, I came in with a very stiff, crackity ol' neck and a considerable amount of tension. She set to work on adjusting me and was able to make a great deal of progress in a relatively short amount of time. She was also quick to recognize when my path of treatment had reached a natural end; she is not the kind of practitioner who wants to reel you in to a "life plan" of treatments.Beyond chiropractic, she also suggested in our first meeting together that I might have a B12 deficiency (turns out I did), and was able to address a long-standing TMJ issue that I have. She went far beyond the role of a standard chiropractor in sending me detailed information and exercises to do for my jaw, as well as provide me with the supplements I needed to address other health concerns like the B12.Marcia is a very skilled chiropractor, for one, but more than that, she is a dedicated and compassionate healer who will look at the bigger picture of your health concerns. Highly recommended!
Ramona Taylor: I have seen a few chiropractors in my almost 70 years. None of them can hold a candle to Dr Marcia. I have been seeing Dr Marcia for just over a year. When I first went to her I suffered from lower back pain, walking a couple of blocks was a painful experience.Since seeing Dr Marcia I can now walk over an hour without experiencing any lower back pain. Also I able to go through out my day without experiencing back pain.What sets Dr. Marcia aside from other chiropractors? It’s her loving energy, and her true desire to help others.Dr. Marcia is able to transfer her love and energy (through feeling’s of discomfort) to bring about the greatest amount of healing.I will be forever grateful that our paths have crossed and my search for a chiropractor has ended beyond my expectations.

11. Kibblewhite Douglas J Dr - Vancouver

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21 reviews
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Kibblewhite Douglas J Dr
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Address: 550 W Broadway unit 641, Vancouver, BC V5Z, Canada, Canada

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +1 604-688-5900

Business type: Doctor

12. Dr. Alexander Seal - Vancouver

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18 reviews
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Dr. Alexander Seal
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Address: 1200 Burrard St #808, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2C7, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-569-2895

Business type: Plastic surgeon

13. Olive Fertility Centre - Vancouver

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131 reviews
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Olive Fertility Centre
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Address: 555 W 12th Ave #300, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7, Canada

Schedule: Closing soon: 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-559-9950

Business type: Fertility clinic

14. Dr. Peter Lennox - Vancouver

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23 reviews
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Dr. Peter Lennox
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Address: 1000-777 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4J7, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-876-6552

Business type: Plastic surgeon

15. WELL Health - Hastings Sunrise Medical Clinic - Vancouver

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106 reviews
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WELL Health - Hastings Sunrise Medical Clinic
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Address: 2280 E Hastings St #102, Vancouver, BC V5L 1V4, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-253-3166

Business type: Walk-in clinic

16. The University of British Columbia - University Endowment Lands

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1542 reviews
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The University of British Columbia
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Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-822-2211

Business type: University

17. Port Moody Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic - Services - Port Moody

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21 reviews
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Port Moody Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic - Services
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Address: 2624 St Johns St, Port Moody, BC V3H 2B6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 8:30 PM

Telephone: +1 604-931-7122

Business type: Physical therapist

18. SkinONE - Plastic Surgeon Directed Skin and Laser Clinic - West Vancouver

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33 reviews
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SkinONE - Plastic Surgeon Directed Skin and Laser Clinic
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Address: 1555 Marine Dr Unit 210, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1H9, Canada

Schedule: Open until 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-281-4414

Business type: Skin care clinic

19. VCA Canada Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre - Vancouver

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290 reviews
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VCA Canada Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre
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Address: 2303 Alberta St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 4A7, Canada

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +1 604-879-3737

Business type: Emergency veterinarian service

20. Good Fortune Collective - Vancouver

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Good Fortune Collective
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Address: 402 W Pender St #211, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T6, Canada

Schedule: Open until 5:00 PM

Telephone: +1 604-345-7363

Business type: Advertising agency

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